Raven Wrecks the Invisible Jet | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

Raven Wrecks the Invisible Jet | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network

there’s something
I always wanted to do. (CLEARS THROAT) (DEEP VOICE) Assembled in
the mighty Hall of Justice are
the world’s greatest heroes. The Flash! The fastest
person on Earth, but needs
to improve her endurance. (COUGHING) Batman! He always
tells you his name,
so there’s no confusion! -I’m Batman.
-Wonder Woman! -She’s got
bracelets, and a rope!
-And yogurt. The Martian Manhunter!
Watch out, men! Get back here,
you mans! And Green Lantern!
Almost as cool as Cyborg! Who should
totally be a member of the
Justice League one day… Evil-doers beware! These guys are doing
things! Everywhere! With their underwear
on the outside! Phew! Okay. Let’s get to
our vehicles. We’ve got
superheroes to save! (ENERGY PULSATING) So, we all get our
own vehicles? Cool! (PLANES TINKLING) Ooh, I can’t wait to try out
Wonder Woman’s invisible jet! -(HATCH SEALS)
-Okay, let’s see here. Uh… How do I… Hmm.
-Oops… -Umm… Maybe this one?
-Oh! Yikes. Okay, okay. -I’ve got it now! I think…
-Oops, sorry! -(PLANE CRASHING)
-I, uh… Oh! One second… -(PLANE CRASHING)
-(STRUGGLING) Whoa… (DUST SETTLING) Heh. That wasn’t right… (PLANES SIZZLING) I… Guess we’ll
ride with you, then… Everyone squeeze in. (ALL STRAINING) ROBIN: (STRAINING)
Okay. Let’s go. (ENERGY PULSATING)

100 thoughts on “Raven Wrecks the Invisible Jet | Teen Titans Go! | Cartoon Network”

  1. question: i know why Batman needs a plane and the Invisible Jet is canon for Wonder Woman, but why would Flash (who at his best can get from A to B in minutes tops), Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter need a plane? especially considering a natural power for the latter two is FLIGHT

  2. Wow I like this costume of reven,Robin,star fire beast boy and this robbot so bat I don't no what's name of the robbot

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  5. Did A Bad Job Because He Just Canโ€™t Put Everything In Wonder Womenโ€™s Jet Invisible Cause Then Raven Canโ€™t See What Are The Conterels Of Wonder Womenโ€™s Invisible Jet!

  6. Where is Aquaman where is red tornado where is green arrow where is superman where is captain Adam where is Adam where is dr.fate where is zatara

  7. Evil doers beware! These guys are doing things! Everywhere! With their underwear on the outside!

  8. Raven: (cute voice tone) Oops. Hmm maybe this one? Oh yikes… ok ok. Iโ€™ve got it know, I think.. oops heh sorry ugh I uh whoa one second! (Nervous giggle) That wasnโ€™t right๐Ÿ˜“

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