Questions & Answers - Degree in Architecture #ArchitectureUCH

Questions & Answers – Degree in Architecture #ArchitectureUCH

hi hello my name is nacho I am the Dean of architecture and also teacher during their degree and if you to answer a question or to try to solve some of their doubts okay so let's go Kirtland a man from Qatar he said what are the conditions to apply this and tell your detector with us okay first of all you can access our university from any country that's murder what is your nationality is your country that's not the problem so we can come with us not depending on your country okay the first thing secondly we don't have any note to a different we can have any admission set so if you don't have to be afraid of that it's free in that in that way we prefer to meet you to have a personal interview with you and then realize you're really interested to the studio architecture and you're really interested to the sea with us okay we value people and illusion that they have to do these kind of things we prefer to think that people is much more important than numbers okay presto it's so clear I don't don't be afraid in that way okay next question and you go for it from Switzerland and he said can we prepare ourselves from the emission test they have said before we'll have a mission test but we have just a personal interview so then you can provide this interview thinking about why do you want to study architecture and why you want to study architecture with all those are the most important questions that we need to know and then if you want to prepare something just prepare these two questions let's dissipate the work okay next thing a bit from rock and you have two questions firstly in what language are the CDs don't okay all of our courses are in English full English okay so you know or in Spain or or or our teachers speaks English also in Spanish but the subjects are everything the subject everything is in each okay and rest of things like activities lectures Treves and other things you can find here in our university everything will be in English okay so if you speak English perfect if you speak Spanish will help you to improve your English but you need to speak English so good nerd to be able to study with us okay next thing the next question up here again is a degree recognized in Europe on rock yes it is of course our dearest has full recognition for international recognition and then in any country it is recognized in countries that is not at the beginning it's possible to make it official without any problems okay nowadays we have aluminum excellence working from Europe South America Asia and also in maracanã has enough problems stored with our title so it just result you have open the doors of every country you all to be an architect okay so any problem okay next girl from Zimbabwe and Giovanni from Italy as I'm already the same they asked for the recommendation they need to apply to your narrative diversity okay for increase regarding documentation for admission you must contact for or with our international relations office and we will provide you all the information about the admission process you need to know okay so I cannot answer about all the documents and duties but you can contact with our international office and they will be ready to us to ensure a healthy okay again the problem with the commentation just up then okay nexus vana from India well please and yeah is there any scholarship available to meet my financial aid okay we have some general scholarships in collaboration with the university and also in collaboration with a degree of architecture but they are collaborative scholars it in the language service at a channel or in the communication department of the school but they can be an economic aid but they don't cover all the cost of the course okay you just help not the full cost of the course again when you will be here you can ask me again and I will help you to find how to get this kind of scholarships okay next one Matthew from UK what does it mean five plus one year what does news okay I think it's I can do it quick solution about that that means that the curriculum has two parts okay if you studied five years okay of our our architectural degree you will get degree that allows you to work for a mass spectral studio as an architect but you have all of the skills to sing your own voice okay so you can work for our be or medium architectural studio but you can be the owner our visit to sing your own project then later with the master in architecture of the following year you acquire the total competences of the Arctic being able to see in your own projects okay is the full recognition of of competences architect with this 65 plus one okay yes with the first five years you can work as an architect in our 90 degress to you with other manor okay that's fine that way next one's a lien from france when do we start to do our own voice okay nice person okay price is very important to to be in contact with architecture every day every time so because of that from first course you have your one subject main introduction to architecture then you will begin to analyze the most important aspects or place in the world it's important for us to discover the investor detector at the beginning and then in second course you will have your first potential project subjects in which you will be able to design them and project your own building by your own intentions okay because of that I am sure that you will enjoy doing such from the first day because architecture will leave you in the classrooms from the first day I'm sure okay thank you tune in for the patient nice okay I'm the last one max from Sweden doing travel visiting architecture during our studios for sure of course this is the main thing for us to visit real architecture with you during the degrees we have organised two trips per year so in the first semester we are going to be in Spain and to be sure espanish architecture here and in second semester we are going to visit the architecture with your own wall this year for example year last year and we're going to Barcelona and the per semester to visit the main works of bar so on then I'm definitely mister we have been visiting France and Switzerland you're analyzing jar detector as we have to this in the university here then very nice too with students and check what they have learned in the classroom but real in the real life okay so for us this is the most important thing so next year we are going to visit Madrid and Berlin and we're planning to visit the next year's new countries like Denver or to those equal region and States Japan and also it's paining for sure because that we want to visit the world with Eunice covered cultures and architecture ultimatum okay this is the most important in processes you have set to really live the real architecture not only in the school also in this own place in order to understand it okay well then there's not more question so it's all for now I hope I helped you and I can keep here waiting for more questions so if you have any doubt please contact us I will be ready to continue talking with you in order to solve new questions and moved out I hope we can be each other soon in our University we're playing pleased to be with you here and if you have any question as I have said please contact us we'll be waiting for you here okay thank you very much and see you soon bye

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