These are strong enemy characters “The gate is in trouble””crack” and they come in Black?
-I really like black With Manga friends you can talk about manga all you like
– yeah true “Who is this, I can’t understand him” “He’s creepy” and will be pushed away Hello
-Konnichiwa Too normal Today, Keisuke Ide, or Ide Keisuke? Ide Keisuke is here
-Nice to meet you! As you can see
-I’m drawing manga What type of manga? This is a comedy. Japanese mafia… Japanese mafia comedy Is that a common genre? I wonder. Not so common..
-Aren’t you the first? Possibly the first The theme is a mainly shoujo manga This is the main Yakuza part but mixed with that are these pages The shoujo manga part So it’s the love story part?
-Yes It’s actually a love comedy Quite a…heavy love comedy
-Sure is It’s a love comedy but someone is being… At first glance it looks like Yakuza manga but the girl manga pops up as well I’m more familiar with this one Oxalis
-It was serialized in a magazine called Young Jump. These are tankobons Amazing. Within an action scene, the romantic scenes pop in all of a sudden? No, this is actually quite a historical drama. A lot of death from the start That’s what that’s like When you wanted to be a manga artist, did you read a lot of war mangas? Well I’ve always liked the Japanese history a lot and I also like the art of swordplay So I thought one day when I draw a manga, I wanted to draw a character in history There is something called the “Manga Shakespeare” abroad Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet etc.
-Oh I see It’s like the classics made into manga. But these stories did actually happen? Well it’s fiction based on a true story. Of course it’s fiction based on real story I have an older sister, and with her influence, the first manga I read was a girl’s comic That is why this combination was born!
-Yes That sweaty hard boiled drama combined with shiny sweet girl’s manga That’s what I was making It’s the same with this but, I’m basically doing what i want to do into a manga What I am curious is, for the manga with mafia in it, did you draw it because it is popular? Actually I don’t think it’s popular I see I see How much can you draw just just what you like? As a business, shouldn’t you draw something which is popular, or not? On the business aspect, this manga should have Yakuza, the Japanese mafia on it The magazine is called Manga Goraku Special This magazine is for middle aged men I thought of a manga of a high school delinquent Like a head of bike gang A delinquent fighting for a girl or something But for that magazine, when I put a high school kid, they would see him as a little kid Seeing from an adult Since the readers are adults, high school kids, but for Yakuzas The standard of evil should be higher
-I see On the business side, looking at the color of the magazine, the Yakuza was taken up Those that are trying to create their own manga Rather than copying what is trendy for that publisher, You bring the style you are good at Will they say, “maybe your style is not popular, but if you change it this way, you will be a hit”? I feel like maybe that’s possibly a good way to do it If you make something which is popular in that magazine, everyone’s work will be similar So in that case, each person should bring what they want to draw and adjust to the magazine a little bit In that way, the individual manga will be different and good Yes, and the part you are good at can be shown as well If that is changed, there is no meaning in creating If you try too much to make something which the publisher will like then everybody will end up bringing the same kind of thing Of course you have to think of the tone of that magazine and you must also think of the target readers of that magazine, but in the end, if it is interesting it’s good right? As a style, there are similarities between this manga and this manga but kind of scene do you like drawing the most? I guess these really flashy scenes are really fun to draw This is in the middle of the story but what is it? These are all strong enemies They are attacking “The wall is about to give away””crack””Boom” Ok, they are in So much ink
-Yeah really like it that way Too much white on the makes me nervous I really like to draw dangerous looking faces Something like this Scary What I think a lot about your manga is how you draw the eyes It looks like the character is really desperate I do probably put a lot into the eyes The inner corner of the eyes look much darker When you squint your eyes, you get wrinkles here When there is shadow there, making it black makes it more dynamic Nice Amazing You like action scenes? I guess I do One reason why I was able to get on a weekly magazine was by luck Back then, the Sengoku era became a trend in Japan The timing was just right for the trend since what I wanted to do matched That’s one reason it worked It worked because you had skill! For me, I was always awful at studying history I wasn’t good at memorizing things For me, I’m not so into history as a subject either So you just found a interesting story so you drew it? What is not on the school text is more fun I wasn’t expanding my knowledge to get good grades but to find out there was something fun in history “There was someone really cool back then” I liked to imagine that
– I see For techniques, did you go to schools? During elementary school I was drawing a manga like everyone else called Booger Man And I went to a Manga college after graduating from university I received some awards while in that college Good How much skill do you think you improved after you went to that manga college? I guess since I didn’t know how to draw manga In that sense I learned how to create manga What is something you can only do in school? When you look around, there is always someone drawing manga Oh that is right You can also get advice immediately from pro manga artist or teachers If you have any doubts you don’t have to lag on to it, you can solve it instantly That’s nice Comparing drawing manga on your own at home and when you have someone around you drawing, The kind of manga you draw would be be completely different You feel pressured when you see someone else is really good Maybe that same person is thinking about me as well
– ah so true When you want to become a manga artist there are invisible rivals all over the place You just can’t see them But when you go to such schools you see them everywhere You may lose your motivation there, or maybe the opposite too! You may feel like “I’m not gonna lose to that person there” I think it’s great. You can talk to them about manga For core manga talk between manga artists, you really have to love manga to do so That is so true You’d get that strange look from others “Oh no he’s weird” and pushed away Even if you don’t become a pro manga artist, it’s great to have a place to experience that Funny. You can make friends You can make friends who you don’t have to hold back your passion from You really want that. That’s why we watch these videos right? When I go to my high school or university reunion, I just hide myself I would act as a normal person Not good Even though I want to talk so much A place for people with similar hobbies Even if someone comes and says they like manga and want to talk about it I’d still probably hold back I still have my doubts If I start, I might drive you away In a college where they teach manga, you feel you can talk Rather, you really should talk Holding back is a waste of time I really wanted to try going there Sounds fun
-Well, we have free trial every Saturday! You don’t have to enroll. Please come -Even foreigners?
-Please come For a person who speaks this much Japanese, you have no problem We have periodical foreign student course as well Please tell us the link later Oh really? ok I’ll have it posted (edit: link below) Young Magazine sold on 7th of October ( 2019) At the same from Dojitsu through Kodansha Comic Days I am doing a original script and draft and the artist who will draw is going to be recruited from the general public So as many people as possibly, please apply. It’s like, please help us! So if there is anyone who is willing to draw for us, I hope you would apply The genre is again History/Science Fiction/Comedy It’s written in the application but Oda Nobunaga Time Leap Gag That is a theme of this crazy manga If you like drawing comedic manga I hope you would try out and apply for it. That sounds really fun This Oxalis comic can be bought in book stores and Amazon?
– yes English version?
-No English version yet The physical comic book is hard to get now so but it’s sold on e-books like Kindle as well so please check it out This, “Oxalis” (okizarisu no hata) can be bought at Amazon and such This one is currently still serialized The magazine is
-Goraku Special It’s still being published so you can read it Please take a look Do you have Twitter?
-Yes It’s using my real name Ide Keisuke It’s @sukeikei Please take a look I’m saying silly things all the time Do you post drawings as well?
-Yes, I do Since this one on the magazine, I’m drawing digitally so The name, draft, line art and the finished one is posted on Twitter I thought I’d have to do something like that I am often posting pictures Even when you post in Japanese, they have the auto translation now Oh that is right Just by clicking, it becomes English But then again, I use strange Japanese That function may not work I’m saying “So-de-gesu” “So de gesu”, It’s like “It’s like that” -I don’t understand
-So sorry Will the translate function work? Let’s make some videos together!
– Yes! Thank you very much Please subscribe to the channel Please check the playlist for more Ide Keisuke videos

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