Power of Love Story | Cartoons about Animation

Wow, a beautiful butterfly! Come play with me. Where are you going? Mari? Where are you my princess? I think I’m lost. Who is this girl? She hurt a lot and needs treatment. Thank you. I’m Adrien. Where is your house? I can’t remember except my name. Would you like this? I’m Luka. Good people came to adopt you. I’m from a knight’s house. I hope you come to my house. Luka. I’m from the magician’s house. Will you come to my house, Adrien? My maid is coming. You’re a maid from today. Chat blanc has appeared again. Thank you! Do you want delicious fish? ‘I saw her somewhere…’ Blah blah…. I will take the most beautiful thing in this house. – Chat blanc. What is the most beautiful thing in this house? There are many expensive things in my house. Or is it me? Mari. Yes, lady. Mari, hire a knight to protect my house. Yes, lady. Where is the guild? ‘Uh? That lady is …’ Hello. I’m Lady Lila’s maid. I’m looking for a knight to protect her house. Chat blanc is coming tonight. If you don’t mind me asking.. Do you know the orphanage? Are you the knight? Yes. It is an honor to meet you. Lady. Mari, you clean the kitchen. Clean the wagon. Blah blah.. You grew so beautiful. It’s hard. But I did it all. The moon is pretty today. The cat I saw in the morning. Cute. Do you want this? Hello, lady. Don’t be scared. Do you remember me? I saw you before… Are you Adrien? I’m glad to see you again. Do you want to come along? No. I have so many things to do. Well, then. I’ll give robots as a gift to Lila. Cool! Is it Chat Blanc? What is he saying to Mari? Uh? Is Chat Blanc Adrien? Luka, he’s not an enemy. Mari!! Mari!! Where are you! There’s nothing missing at home. What is the most beautiful thing? That robot…The name is Mari.

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