43 thoughts on “Polymath-plumber makes unique furniture & artifacts from waste”

  1. I grew up with the mindset of everything being hard to do.
    I heard this many times
    – your stupid
    – he’s gonna fail
    – we don’t want his help
    – I “can’t”

    With help and my own desire I changed my thinking. I am not a college grad. I highly encourage education. I more so encourage a positive way of thinking. I am going to share a few skills I bring to the table
    – cook
    – barber
    – wood working – rustic furniture
    – graphic design
    – plumbing
    – irrigation
    – sales

    I am extremely thankful for the University Of Youtube. It has helped me refine my skills and has develope new ideas.
    Growing up I was my worst enemy. Most of my low self esteem was very mental. I see this person on this small clip and I’m amazed on how much he has learned. He’s very creative and talented. He’s fearless. I am so moved on what the mind can do.

  2. How does he deal with noise and exhaust pollution. Clever and smart, but probably bad on his lungs!

  3. Agood example of a great cretive designer, just proving tat formal educaion is really nothing but a hinder for a true genious. This video also shows that class as understood by communists is an irrelevant term in describing stepping over social barriers… Anyway, it's a pity i don't like his aesthetics. of course that's personal. nevertheless i think as we live in a highly impersonal and from-the-nature-disconnected-world these extreme minimalistic industrial design type projects leave me with a kind of MAD MAX postapocaliptic feel. I wish more would create complex beaty without clutter, natural maerials even if reused with tectile humanitic/biocentric feel using an abundance of naturalforms and approaches. To sum it up: grea job, lovely to see it (even if it's not my way of hinking), keep up the good work colleague!!! thanks Kirsten for showing this!!!!

  4. Was wondering the purpose or how each design creation could be applied and/or function in practical terms and advantage this gentleman… First, he needs to come out so that his genius could perhaps be utilized on a larger scale and reach those thinkers who would ideally think of avenues to take this man to the next level… Very interesting capture of this man's individuality…
    Thank you.

  5. How do you find these people Kirsten? I am deeply moved by his fearlessness, creativity & childlike curiosity. The things he said really struck a chord with me. I’m inspired to keep at my art projects. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. i think he should add some heavy curtains, so if he would want to he could "define" rooms. but first of all, he would get rid of that horrible echo. thats the only think i dont like about his place.

  7. wow. imagine looking for a good plumber. there are three in your area. one build hit own house, ON HIS FKN OWN! i think i know who you gonna call.

  8. Using a cow butcher knife to kill a chicken. George Wu. ARCHITECT, A.I.A., NCARB 2019-3-22 Being a plumber is the best trade for you.

  9. Artifacts? I'm an archaeologist, 99% of what we dub as artifacts are literally just junk people have left behind. I see the poetry in this, however.

  10. love this episode, This guy is unstoppable because he is so passionate about what he does! Your spanish is great and his doggs are to cute, keep producing these great videos for us.

  11. Eres pura inspiracion para todos los que tenemos inquietudes. Solo ver tu obra te deja ese sabor de boca que te hace pensar que todos somos capaces de hacer cosas mágicas como las que tu haces. Soy de valencia y me haces sentir orgulloso al tener un talento tan genial tan cerca. Eres un ejemplo a seguir y tienes todo mi respeto.

  12. An amazing designer! People who retain their child like wonder are the builders of dreams.

    Thanks for spotlighting this unique man.

  13. and who intends to live under a bridge? artists are always touted as unique individuals however I find many of them odd…

  14. What a beautiful creative guy, a really thrilling approach to life . Great little film and very inspiring.

  15. The thing that school should push and doesn't is that it's there to teach you how to learn , not fill your head with algebra and geography and warped history, just as he says to be curious. As a kid I was into everything to do with making and was Lucky to go to an academy that taught woodworking, metal working, technical drawing, sailing, typing cooking and sewing. That sort of education no longer exists.

  16. Yet another Genius who didn't finish school ! you begin to Wonder how many should follow instead of getting their heads stuffed full of irrelevent unuseable rubish

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