Pokemon Stand-Up ►PastryArchy Cartoon (EP04)

Pokemon Stand-Up ►PastryArchy Cartoon (EP04)

[Music] hello Atlanta I’m one of the lesser
known pokemons i’m PrickItchU that’s pronounced prick itch you my pokemon
trainer Ass Ketchup couldn’t be here tonight to support me at my first open
mic stand up he is always busy playing with his pokie balls
speaking of genders genders these days are just like the twin towers there used
to be two of them but now it’s a really sensitive subject
my girlfriend is mentally retarded or if you want to be politically correct a
feminist. the difference between a feminist and suicide vest is at least
one does something when it is triggered pika-pika the key to making a feminist dislike you
is to have a penis what do you call a feminist government? A
DickHaterShip what do you call a letter from a
feminist? Hate mail. pika! what did the feminist woman get her
family for Christmas? bigger litter box and a brand new
scratching post. which came first feminism or ugly women?
Women may have an opinion too
it’s just a shame nobody cares what it! I finally figured out the difference between a feminist and a lesbian.
feminists make shitty porn/ Pika Pika. how can you tell you are in a feminist
bookshop? there is no humor section. why did the feminists cross the road?
to complain about sexism to the men who
are building the road they say your woman’s work is never done.
maybe that’s why they get paid less thank you! you’ve been! great pika-pika! [Music] pika pika shut the hell up pika pika.

11 thoughts on “Pokemon Stand-Up ►PastryArchy Cartoon (EP04)”

  1. First…The thrush spread anus to penis eh? The T Shirt would trigger some Wendy's customers: how about Screw Pastryarchy instead? Or Target Pastry Archery. I could not get the feminist govt gag.

  2. yeah dont know what language the others speak i understood quite fine ? maybe they have difficulty in listening ? great vid as always canadian mgtow

  3. Gettin me a Pastryarchy T shirt, just to let them know it was the pastryarchy and gravity holding them down all these years. Brilliant

  4. Press the CC button (bottom right side of the video) to see subtitles if you cannot hear PrickItchU's voice well. He was castrated as a child to keep his legendary singing voice from deepening after puberty.

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  6. Funny stuff. I understood perfectly. I have an animated channel that makes fun of NPCs, Manginas, and the left in general if you want to check it out. I subbed you

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