Pitch Perfect – Movie Review

hello and welcome to let the fletc we’re
gonna harmonized our entire review for you guys do ajke pala we do that on three hundred yeah and slams we’ve you know yet event like knowing about any kind of music and
doing this pop banking system you think it’s very
very helpful to enjoying it as i believe there is it’s very bad is it a little bit
different that completely around that night and i’ve seen this many carrabelle dr pet acapella college com is that and more of the end
time so with that so it’s based on a book by the key wrap him and uh… who wrote about uh… aquila
singers that oregon at virginia and it tells university overtly we have
in the group tax i was not a feels above further contacts with the uh… mail however but ups is called the
female their rivals at tufts very much the deal with this movie uh… is the jackson jails anti-oxidant
pablo that’s a good bet jacksonville areas it
would be awesome that would’ve been a holly firfer kids on campus by the way
to get me a lot i was so not all that i was named for
millions from the courtroom dot pretty that effective so but this is about the
articles saying is that a made-up university school of bartel darden
martin martin university uh… about that female group in the
mail group in the solar group but anyway not because apparently he interested in are and that you know
weeding out for market share movies leading up to sort of the big
competition but kendrick the stars is a sort of
uh… six-fold in she’s not interested just
one of the part of this i need to think she’s flat-out c as the number early on in that twilight movie striking distance for
more watchable but love elvis’ friend with benefits so it was sort of such a bottle of here
between the article groups that leads to the national competition and it’s a good
college movie in this life singing in your drawing for
the lovely protected they had the yes i was so so afterwards i really did i found
myself sort of at i was thinking objecting at this point and i think that
you don’t really stop smiling it’s fun it’s ordered really didn’t really seem to have much more wall of
lights but the little one moment worth a look
at us scale goldberger it become a typical
romance is of course there’s a guy in the mail group who want to add a cabinet
but then let within omitted selection of russia and the every odd within within a
second it uh… it’s which it was fun we get there have been taken tried conflict it’s an apartheid which was super contrive franklin actually thought
that i i kind of blood in america like that date that it wasn’t just sort of
only unlike the actress review for character reasons for not being open to
a relationship that i don’t know i don’t know i did that and
that’s why i mean it was decided that you know it was coming but closer to get to know that there are
any kind of a guy with a little bit of a script right like to talk about like
movie endings and you know traditionally happy endings and
there’s a little bit of a you know it’s a little bit subversive
times with with with the leaders of the world is that in the interest of a lot of great
american movie promises there is really great ensemble so it’s not just that there’s like one
twenty ga and you know then the grief the people trying to fix everybody
almost in this movie is pretty funny and you’ve got rebel wilson you’ve got to
almost kills the bill is a freelance and hannah made on that one person and any within a week and i i do not forgetting
i bet the plead for complete data and the silent
girl she them from the first organising a drink it and yes he had that i have a
very kind of and which he does top what he says it’s still you’ve all madonna i
think that what about in texas yet but that it is a judicial lot of
different sort of you can kind of cut away in some that anything will
happen from somebody else and you know uh… and then the music choices i think
a really kind of inspired whether they’re brilliant work terrible and
they’re all categories mary eclectic mix everything from like new dvd by blacks treatment actually is
like a cattle pop point the army it’s not like even base which is the
second ahead for deanna highway myself now satellite reac back and dreamy and canada call mine today
was a kid every possible however they make it and i know i i i i don’t know
sided bomb and so i don’t know a lot of the
socks but make irrelevant make like i was thinking i
wish i knew them a direct that that abbeville layer of flavor to this movie
and i think you know the body right but it did not sit still thought like a big
shit your regular when he stepped inside i had nodded as it myself over here
index it’s cheeky it’s activity she followed
with the very thing that they’re making ana they’re they’re so chili s about it and
i didn’t even try to schedule a time that is so much fun as much as they
return from there’s obviously an affection there and i felt like this
succeeds actually where a mighty wind fails a little bit as much
as i like that because of my team win like team of the folk singers too much
to release fewer movie where’s the swine there’s just a few steps that i think
that they can make people look tradition but they don’t really likes
from one of the bus the way it happened to my manliness and right that the diet
group is all troublemakers right and they’re clearly dishes stains that’s everything and we feel like
seeing girls and then i went into this thinking it’s gonna be justified in fall movie that i wasn’t you know i’d heard
that you’d really like that but i was like another like i don’t have to craft cash
and we didn’t know that method and love this movie and i know that used to
be a lot of guys out there there is a pharmacy this was a group of girls and
college and those people are fucking idiot
hasn’t truck and write a reserve larrabee acog
any candidate adorable as you know if i can add that if it ever since camp so
it’s nice to see her saying it will be admitted he knows he can define irony
here is that if you know our background his broadway background she never says at least in the movies as
other factional objects as how i can say is and i’m looking at right angles she
is symbolic of everybody else in the movie because they seem like in winner star these competition piled high school
movies or just regular high school movies everybody seems like they’re set
up to beat the cliche like the guys reducers it turns out may have a little that they’re not
solutions or you can see in a different world were all but one of them you might
be might be better and get on the good guy who’s got
especially pleasent and this is he he joins the group doesn’t he’s not corrupted by national
states genuine guy and that the other women i really love redhead i thought
less than anywhere else in the spring usually around and there’s a lot of fun
stuff going on with a lot of depth like even things that i think people may not notice like there seems whenever for instance there
in that caught in that part and they’re somebody talking i don’t know if you
guys carcass like early on in the movie there’s like ten people also lenient
running around us or closer right right and that i found that there was an
overwhelming just like you know ever known to man the film which is a retired
if they’re having to do this these this back-and-forth between where the
churches every time the cut and a convict thirsty people just holding candles that
i have a little later seen in the park again that there’ll just running in a
circle again catholic and the you know off calibers
is a sort of thing the light was sort of an issue up whenever there was a global
terms of the goals of the year campus and they’re literally like fleeing one
of our representatives popping up at work but at this time but not the
portraits are you know their critical of the by the time you go tacit overseer
like i was sure like you to join the which in turn the
bills will be the having every although a bit need mighty wind yes
iraqi maricopa county with john michael higgins elizabeth thanks right here villagers shiite she optioned the book
national identity and access into her where statements that they have instruct you to review this article was
despicable supplement are dropped that detective vannatter and and feel like it administer anthony probably a lot of
hollywood liberals are most lines of equal so it’s pretty much the where one
of my family talks about mister yeltsin and to reaffirm that the other two
separate and the director of admission of a face i’m
not ngos also do not intend to do and i thought they could not and i was you
know you you you feel you are not being generous and i don’t have to reach out
and making it super easy for you kristen dot are admitted in nineteen ninety one ten
aol that have said this is that we are allot contest then the tornado monitor
it and it is not an average it’s just a measure of people that like
this isn’t there are some leaders out there some asshole icalendar to break up the
crowd we saw with which is a regular crowd broad and civilians civilians and
i think that what they thought as they were having they wanted to applaud
various moments for the road trip so yes it’s mid-atlantic seventy one
that you can ignore them and i think ask to be having gone the policy is a crowd
pleaser issues that crap uh… tan bondi demanding to be but you have a good time

77 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect – Movie Review”

  1. Why is Ben on the other side, did he loose his job? I hate change.

    And guys should be allowed to bring in MP3 so when these people start singing you can tune out to some good music and just start at the chick moving around. Cause that's pretty much the only way i would be able to go through these chicks singing No Diggity… Not listening to them sing it.

  2. you guys are idiots for not seeing college girls singing… fuck you, I'd rather watch paint dry then have my ears expose to shitty ass pop songs, especially when their Rihanna songs.

  3. Now if it all was real live then I'd dig it big time but like this it's not cool. I can find this material everywhere on the net. Give me something real special or don't bother.


  4. the fact that you're comparing Pitch Perfect and Looper makes you look really dumb. movies aren't meant to be compared to others… you take them for what they are.

  5. Fucking Glee has raped everyone's mind.

    We need more physicist and mathematicians, not fucking singers.

    Fucking rape this world.

  6. There's a place in this world for scientists, and there's a place in this world for the arts. I'm pretty sure they can all co-exist.

  7. Annoying music, lame comedy. I do not understand the praise this movie is getting, it didn't even work on the audience I saw it with. :/

  8. The slur you used doesn't harm anyone on this forum..it only shows that you appear uncomfortable around gay people…..which is, well…not childish given that even children are not uncomfortable around others dissimilar to them…..you seme like an old man from the south…..a person who has been sheltered and have never met anyone who is gay (maybe even a person who is of ethnic minority).

    When it comes to "rape", like George Carlin said, anything can be funny, but its about context.

  9. I feel like the number score from WTF gets a lot of hate, but like….I've never said to myself "I'll see this movie as long as it's >7.0". Listen to the analysis, see if it sounds like something you'd like, and stop the review before the numbers if you're going to get all butthurt if it doesn't match your exact expectations. Notice how they always give an individual number before the average? That's because it's subjective, jackasses.

  10. yes it does……when you write "Fag" as an insult…yes……don't be ignorant…..but the rest of your comment I agreed with…..it is the context of how the word is used…..even if you use the word "Fag"….it depends on the context….Bill Maher uses it now and then as a joke…usually to demean and criticize people who actually use the word to hurt the gay community…context, its very important

  11. My point though is that a lot more critics will review the film after it comes out, not to mention the audience (which can have a very different opinion)

  12. You know I caught myself saying "when is this fucking Glee fad gonna die!" but then I realized Glee probably replaced the previously obnoxious fad… As you were WTF.

  13. 90% on RT just means 90% of critics rated it 60+ so they're still in accordance with the majority of critics


  14. These critics have lost their minds. They were harsh on The Dark Knight Rises, but they praise Pitch Perfect. TDKR took chances. I can't say that about Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect is likable , but it is very predictable -with no depth ( Bring It On with singing) . After seeing this movie, trust me, you will forget it. Anna Kendrick is the most talented young thespian from those lousy Twilight films, but she gives the same performances in all her movies. She doesn't the wild critical acclaim.

  15. the people in the movie theater applauded when fat amy busted out turn the beat around, I've never seen that happen outside of an opening night for like Harry Potter or something with an equal avid fanbase haha she totally deserved it though, that scene was amazing!

  16. Rotten Tomatoes tells us how many critics liked the movie, not their Rating. If we use the same method for WTF, it would be Looper 93% RT / 100% WTF

  17. I'm not entirely sure about this. As someone who was super hyped for Looper, and went into Pitch Perfect thinking it would be "okay," I've gotta say I think Pitch Perfect played it off better than Looper.

  18. I sing in a classical genre Uni. choir and I'm a Geology(going to Master in volcanology!) major, so what does that make me? 😀 Love music/science! There is some element of art in science and vice versa…

  19. I would have given it a 10 if Benji would have done a magic trick at finals. I are disappoint! But I agree 9 is what I give it 😀

  20. American's you guys are Crazy. How in the blue Hell was this some amazing movie? I have seen Glee episodes better than this movie. e,g "Blame it on the Alcohol" episode. You guys are harsh on movies like Looper. The Artist, War Horse and Shame. Yet you praise this formulaic average movie.

  21. yea that meant that 93% of reviewers gave it a positive score. If everyone gave looper a 5.1/10 score, it's rotten tomatoes score would be 100%. So that means 27% of critics hated pitch perfect but those who loved it absolutely loved it.

  22. Seriously has anyone read the CC? It's so far away from what is being said that it almost becomes a separate mockery of what's actually being said!

  23. am I the only one who was bothered by the fact that Anna Kendrick's character had total chemistry with the radio dj boss guy an nothing ever happened 😀 weird dead end plot

  24. This movie sorta pisses me off. I think the main character represents a lot wrong with the music industry right now. You can't just get a laptop and make generic dance music and think you're all fantastic. The fact that one of her inspirations was david guetta also made me no longer like her character at all. I also remember the part where she's at a sing off and starts rapping. I get that she's supposed to be a unique kewl outsider, but the fact that she didn't realise it was a singoff just made her seem ignorant. Another scene that pissed me off was when the guy that liked anna kendrick was talking about film soundtracks, and he said generic shit like star wars, breakfast club and E.T. At least say bladerunner or something, the writers really missed a character development opportunity there and just seemed to want to put in references young girls would get, because reference filled humour is so abused today (don't watch gilmore girls. Ever.) I"d rate it maybe a 4. Left a bad taste in my mouth, like if you've somehow read this whole comment.

  25. I'm posting from two years in the future (I'm from August 2014), so I find Christy's "Kendrick doesn't really sing in her movies" retroactively ironic.  She'll be playing the lead in three high-profile musicals coming out in the next year – Pitch Perfect 2, Into the Woods, and The Last Five Years.

    There's also a throwaway gag in Up in the Air that has Tony nominated Kendrick singing karaoke badly in a hotel bar. 

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