Pet Portrait with Pan Pastels and Old Art Flips

Pet Portrait with Pan Pastels and Old Art Flips

hey guys let me fix my camera okay hmm Kenny Ashley Julie hi melody hope you're feeling both of you Kenny and Melanie help you're both feeling better Catherine be gray Picone yeah hi Joe there's Terry I can always already tell he'll get me some cold juice for my throat guys hang on I gotta do my good morning cherry hi Bonnie [Laughter] let's see here let me turn up my volume I just I never get tired of that hi Darla nano Trisha dawn I'm trying to make sure and I just set this out here so that the light would I mean so that the thumbnail would be you know okay so I'm picked a I picked a random Instagram well I mean I picked from people I follow obviously but I picked a random pet off of Instagram to draw today with pan pastels hi Shirley and if the person comes in if I see the person here that this pet belongs to otherwise we'll let you know later in the in the show so I've started sketching it out let me keep kind of sketch and while we're chatting here I'll show you the picture too but I her names on there I don't want the name to show it right away oh you're welcome you're welcome Katherine you're welcome hi Lynn working and lurking that's the best working and lurking so yeah I started I'm looking at a picture right up here I'll show you all the picture two and a little bit I'm getting you know just kind of getting it ready for the pastels this needs a little bump right there hi Katrina my siren siren I think you're one of the people I need to add your address yes I do I'm sure you gave it to me before siren I cannot find there's about five four people five people I do not have your address siren you're one of them so if you could email me your address because I have little art treat for you hmm I just sent out about 25 um art treats and I got about five people here that I don't have your address okay do you eat here do you need my email or do you have it here and again you might have said it to me I always try to check my spam folder but yeah okay let me put a check by your name that I told you oh and I got something else to tell y'all about the bells I'll wait till we get more people in here thanks everybody for the thumbs up already okay Terry I'm hi Kimberly hi Susie Pamela Darla I'm sure I'm missing some people um I I try to catch everybody as they come and go but you know I'm gonna miss people hmm yeah I hope your Oh kandi I love you and I hope you and melody both are feeling better okay this needs to come in more than right there it's more like yes this comes down to the face right your baby said hi Emma hi Emma hi my love say hi to the kids I am uh hi dragon Katrina mitts anybody else let me real quick guys let me go get some cold juice cuz I can tell my I need for my voice and I try to remember to bring you there we go mmm sometimes coffees the best sometimes the cold juice okay so let's see hi scoops dawn so yeah if I see the person that that I'm doing this pet portrait off random off of Instagram she doesn't come in all the time so she may or may not be here but I'll tell you who's for it later so yeah the gray end of the hair hi Nia Nana Kim do you read my since you Chan yes I did scoops and Jana and I have a little different take on I haven't had a chance to answer you back um I don't really want to say here because I don't we're talking about dubious documents Scoob sent me what she thinks is an answer and I think you have one word just trip one two words in the wrong place and but it could be me and Janet could be but I don't we don't think so because we have a we kind of know why ours is right but there is there is that question of one of the words not fitting by the numerical by the numerical code in the back so we had that problem too the same problem you had scoob's with one of the words not seeming to fit there hi Janet Janet weird I was just kind of trying to hint to scooby about her email that we talked about yeah Jen and I already discussed it and and we just think that you just got your you're almost there but we think you have one word just transposed I mean two of the words you need to switch two of the words we think and we have we have a reason for that being so but that that code in the back there is one there is one that we had hard time too and we're still kind of like hmm yeah so all right let me go ahead and tweet guys let me tweet will get crack-a-lackin' thanks everybody that's been watching the my coloring catch ups I'm gonna do some art book ketchups I'm gonna do I'm gonna do some I'm gonna do a lot of ketchup and maybe some mustard all right let's see coffee and art in the morning live was my little coffee cup there we go linked in profile cover the morning live link in profile okay hi Sharon I know dairy probably Hootie are you off tonight I love that picture of you at work with the dog that was so cute I don't I didn't save it but it was really cutely hooting and speaking of pictures I got to show this one real quick my mom's been working let me get a mom here mom's been working let me turn down the light I do all these things okay so mom's been working in world of flowers by Johanna Basford there's world of flowers that's just a book she showed me them because I don't have this book so she showed me the book and then here's the picture she's working on so far it really looks good you're not gonna see the color but there you go so there's mom's mom's working on this let's go this way so yeah there's there's what mom's working on yes there are books I don't have Terry hi dad hi hi God okay well good thanks for stopping in there I got I got happy mail coming to you got a big stack of happy mail going out today so yeah you're in there yeah she does Darla she colors pretty she's she's just mom's a girly girl mom's a girly girl hi Lynette hmm so we're going to be I'm sketchy now let me show you the I don't want you to see her name because I want that to be a surprise in case she comes in so here's what I'm gonna do today she's she posted this picture on Instagram and that's what I have such down here and that's what we're gonna work on today get a little smaller there and I'm gonna do it in pan pastels I picked all the colors that I thought I might need of course I have all my other ones right here in case I need them so got it kind of sketched out and it will be it will be in pan pastels and color pencils mmm there's my little box of tools and and I use these these sponges for a palette I'm still hoping that Bernadette will invent those for us let me just get some of these maybe I don't know if I'm anything a little I need my um kneaded eraser to do cleanups hi Suze by missing any but up okay so does anybody know whose cat this is whose cat is this I just saw her so that's why I'm asking whose cat could this be yes yes Muffy so I picked you off Instagram to do our portrait so yeah as long as it turns out I'll send it to you you can give it to your daughter and son you know whichever I know it's your grand Kitty so you can keep it or give it to them just sent the email I don't know whose cat but their view oh okay siren thank you hmm let me turn my computer just a little more so I can see it easy so yeah I just picked random I pick random people that you know that I at least follow on Instagram and every now and then maybe once a month or so do a pet portrait just do you know for me it's more practice with the pan pastels because you know they're cut they're new to me you know I have done a few color book pages with them hi Denise so I've done I'm gonna few of you guys as animals all right so I think we're gonna go ahead and get started here I'm gonna go ahead and zoom in a little bit more remember if you'll have questions hi Joe TV I need to post more pics of our miss brother no I love seeing everybody's pets I mean you know that's about all I follow is art and some pets I don't I don't follow you know on Instagram anyway on Instagram I try to keep it as much about art as possible with a few pet you know few pictures of my cats but I you know that's what I usually keep it I keep it artsy over on IG hmm so yeah I haven't post I did finish if y'all were watching and we'll talk about later if I don't talk about it today maybe Wednesday I did finish the one of the Beatles ice if y'all saw my – you'll have to watch them guys don't you gotta watch my my calorie book catch ups that are an hour long they have to do well for me to continue do my don't want to do them if nobody's watching so y'all have to watch my color book ketchups they're only an hour I mean compared to what we do here three or four hours that's nothing I'm Vicki so yeah so it's Muffy Kate's a cat well her grand cat I guess to put my signature page can I use your name off an envelope to put on a yacht I'll give you use my name jump on my address on a Galena okay so alright so a couple things I will started sitting out my thank yous for the month from the mid from the end of December because I've already sent out December so a couple in the December into mid-january so I sent out about 20 20 I don't know over 20 I thank yous with little art treats you know for you guys that support the channel so thank you so much but I have about five people I already saw I already siren is already sending me hers but these are people that do not have your address if you sent it to me I didn't get it so if you'll Reece in Janice Johnson Mary Shepherd Linda slow Joe slow Joe Lisa Welch April Searfoss I have do not have your addresses if you guys want I thank you art tree that sounds like but it's like a cat treat I need your addresses so I got sirens no sirens hit me hurt so those are the ones that I mean ok something else that I found out I was watching some artists this weekend and come to find out and y'all can pass this information along to other channels too when you click the notification bell I never noticed this when you click the notification bell just one time it says you will get most notification y'all test it out right now in my channel uh you know unclick the Bell and re-click the Bell you will see it says get most notifications if you unclick it and click it again you will get all notifications you need to click and unclick the Bell until you see and it usually takes two to three times until you see all notifications otherwise you will only get some notifications I did not know that because a couple of the are just over the weekend it weren't Kenny okay yeah a couple artists over the weekend we're having issues that their notification there you know that people follow them with the bell and nobody was getting notifications well Terry I know but if I post up if I post a video if I post a coloring ketchup an artbook ketchup it's not part of you know I could post those random so if you want to know if I've posted a video ring the bell and you'll get notification that I have uploaded a video or that I'm live but ya say everybody's saying it worked so you do that with everybody you follow every time you go to someone's channel or you watch someone's video that you follow do that two or three times to make sure that you are getting notifications from the people that you follow I don't know when that happened I know right Janet so do that with all the people you follow tell everybody else you know about that that they need to click and unclick the Bell maybe three times so that you'll get the full notification of all all you have to do it until it says all otherwise it'll be most right so yeah okay so I'm glad y'all are doing it yeah it worked okay good okay I mean most of you are here show up on my usual show because you know y'all just know I stream every Monday and Wednesday and the occasional Friday but if you don't if you don't if you didn't know that you may not get like other uploads so alright so there's that little tip for you guys alright so now let me move my pencils over alright so the paper I'm using here is the stripe Marton tan mixed-media it's exactly like the Strathmore tone tan sketchbook paper except it's thicker okay card stock quality or thickness well I didn't know either so I just found out yeah it's working for you guys um hmm yeah I just found out this weekend when a couple artists we're talking about it when they didn't get notifications okay so I'm gonna listen to him in a little more here that looks pretty good right about there all right so I'm gonna start again I picked out here's my pencils I'm sketching with I think I got enough here to start with oh wait wait before I get started let me show you this Bonnie syndrome why sent me a bunch of pencils a nice little card a nice little note and look Shakespeare these are the Weir's I guess I don't know what that is Vani is it like from it's like a thick linen it's like a thick linen um fabric that she cut me out a couple of Shakespeare's I love that well um it could be like a duck cloth if that's kind of what it feels like duck cloth yeah yeah very cool right so now I got my Mona Lisa and Shakespeare especially since I'm gonna working on my monks mail and writing so now that i've got i've got my Monalisa for inspiration in the art and then I've got Shakespeare for my inspiration for the writing so thanks Lonni I'm gonna put a line of I hang it one up next to my Mona Lisa so I know right and then she sent me a bunch of pencils and particularly the Chinese white the Derwent drawing Chinese white and then she just sent me a bunch of prisoners in white some peach colors you know because I do portraits what else is here yeah peach lots of peaches light peach and dark peach and then a couple of whites and ginger root that gender is if you if you want a good blending tool for your portraits ginger ginger root people Heisey Lee Shirley yeah cat arsenide Kathryn I'm looking to make sure I try to catch your Zoey so she sent me a bunch of flesh colors and then she sent me Chinese white she said that this works better than anything even better than prismacolor white so far I've never found anything that works better than white Prisma not the not the whole bees not the Loom YZ not the Polly's nothing works better than a prismacolor white but Vani Vani swears by this hi zero gravity how you doing hi dawn Denis remember guys if you want to talk to me or say anything to me put it in caps I won't think you're yelling at me so yeah let me see here okay now is it oily I don't know if is it an oil-based what is Chinese white seems like this is are these oil-based not that it matters but you know if I'm thinking about going over it with pastel I want to make sure that let me put these in my skin tones thank you so much wrong yellow go Shakespeare's hmm who makes the pencil Sharon it's Derwent Derwent drying Chinese white onion only another pieces let me get it slap a scratch paper from Sue's this is from Sue's when she sent me this little this was the before the well before I had heard about the tone tan mixed-media Sousa sent me this tone blue I think the Derwent are in Chinese white is even more opaque it is wax by okay yeah look at that this is my white here it is more opaque look at that guys no no if you bill itself can you tell the top one is more opaque the Chinese white hmm um yeah I have the Lummi I have the Lummi white melody and it's good don't get me wrong none of them are bad maybe it's just that I'm used to blending with the Prisma that I like it so much you know but yeah so once I'm gonna do a little test here vani hard over here let's see here [Laughter] it does it does uh still blend I was wondering if it would blend it does blend Oh Bonnie might found a new uh new pencil I like I'll have to play with it you know because I don't know yeah but look at that that's a nice blend guys if the Chinese white Derwent Chinese wife the other thing bought Prisma white four five five dollars Oh eight prisoners oh okay I was gonna share it you bought one prismo wait for five dollars you need to go to another store but I see you got eight of them yeah yeah the prisoners run about a dollar and a quarter to up to two dollars depending where you get them [Laughter] yeah like it Bonnie I might have to pick up a few more of these babies and look it's not it's not needing sharpening yet it's it's real solid I mean the lead are the pigment is very solid yeah very impressive indeed [Laughter] and see the other pens see I'm testing how many layers I can get on top of it and how many how many times I can blend it's not getting waxy yet so yes I know she said it to me to test and then she sent me all those you know skin tones cuz she knows I do portraits so yeah guys that's that's nice to know yeah okay I will be leaving that out I might I might try to use it on here we'll see they run a dollar 73 you ticklish oh okay Bri that's that's not much you know difference in the Prisma okay so we are gonna start on Muffy's kitty cat and I'm gonna stay about here for now maybe I'll zoom in when I start doing pencil right now I'm just going to do both coats of base coats of pan pastels here right so I got all my I picked the colors like that I would need I might need others but you know this is the ones that I look like where the colors of the cat it's gonna chair up a little here and oh yeah here we go I just cleaned my tools off on a paper towel and you really I mean I don't know I can't see buying anything else that possibly doesn't work as as the pan pastel tools when they're not that expensive and you know you're gonna get good results with the pan pastel there are only 24 tote Oh there are there other Chinese colors I mean called this one's called Chinese white but are there other ones like that fawni or is this you know are they all difficult what kind of what kind of set are you talking about what comes in the Derwent drawing hygiene don't drop this gene on the way to the kitchen okay I'll have to look that up okay all right thanks thanks Ronny thanks for that 24 colors Oh Melanie thank you I will go look that up I will go look that up all right so let's go ahead and start again I have a sponge here one of the the pan pastel sponges and I use it as a palette that's not my idea that was Shelly what's her name uh uh uh what's her name the pan pastel girl not Selene um yeah one of y'all will tell me but anyway I saw her using these sponges as a palette and so I'm still after Bernadette to make a larger one so that we can use it to for palette to blend on she'll Dean Thank You Sheldon Thank You Jenny all right so I'm gonna go ahead and start um start down here I'm gonna storm the ears and you just kind of swipe it and just it picks up so much pigment all right so I'm gonna put some I'm gonna start with it needs a little more pink I think I'll start the pink I'm just I'm just gonna base coat here I gotta try to stay in camera so if anybody has anybody here gone and watched the videos that I did with just the recorded videos that I've done the Momo girl music and then I did too of the Yellow Submarine beetles so yeah I just want to if y'all if y'all like them you know I'll do more I'm putting a little him and get the white so I got I'm using like like the peach well I'll tell you the colors that's why this one is burnt sienna tint and this one is permanent red tint so there's like the true colors with white added you did comment yeah I mean yeah some of y'all like Therese I know you commented you did okay because I want to make sure that y'all like it if you you know because you know I don't want to do it for nothing you know if y'all don't watch them I mean I do have a lot of comments and especially on the Momo girl I mean on where I showed the morphia books on morphia books you guys really did a lot of comments on that what you want me to see done in the morphe book so I know the morphia book ones that was uh that was popular so yeah we'll see how it goes here and yeah I'm just gonna take my time Oh Thank You Denise watch them thank you thanks guys you like the new series Bonnie you haven't seen the second Beatles yeah okay yeah that's where I finish it up well I um I almost finished it up enough that I could stop you know at an hour and I will show you the piece probably on Wednesday it is finished but I'm gonna wait till Wednesday's show so y'all can go watch the videos Oh terrible okay so let's see let me clean off my tool here just to I want just right here I'm just going right over my sketch right over the top because you remember guys I will be using pencil on top of the pastel I'll probably have to go down and spray it out sucks I spray it outside right so I'll probably have to go spray it so I'm just going to block it in here so yeah you let suggestion on the second field oh thanks Susie I haven't seen the comments from that video yet and I've got to go answer I'm making a list I'm making a list of all the ones that you guys say you want to want done in morphia and also the other thing that I mentioned on the video is I want to do art book demos and like art book ketchups so we'll be doing I want to do that as well out of my work to put my two cents and all of anything all Thank You RiRi thank you you could consider a portrait in that lineup – just saying here's the thing about my portraits my commissioned portraits unless unless it's somebody that says you know most of my most of my portrait commissions are not people that are like part of our chin our group they're people that want me to do their kids or grandkids the goldrush guys the you know and they're not they're not here they don't watch the show and so I I don't I don't like to do portraits now pets I don't mind so much the pets but people grandchildren I don't like to do those without permission I like that the person that I'm doing the portrait for is the first one that sees it you know well I don't really do non portraits Lonnie unless it's like like a fan art like my yo Darrell or you know on walking dead guys or something fan art you know I can do a fan art one doing a pet now Katherine and I can't the thing about those now guys I'd have to do those on the show here I cannot do this in one hour remember my my like ketchup videos I want them to stay I try to keep them at 45 minutes that's almost impossible and finding I almost have to do I almost have to have them at least an hour so yeah but I can't do one of these in an hour there's just no way so it has to be something you know yeah fan art Vani yeah it would have to be you know cuz I don't like to do like I said when someone Commission's me to do you know their family member I like them to be the first one to see it not do it on streem although you know a couple people have let me you know or a set is fine but I'm just kind of going over my sketch here okay also your sketchy wants to sketch it well I do Barney I do draw you know on the art scroll you know animals and stuff like that I would like to see another tutorial out of the coloring art books okay yeah Jennifer I do have plans for that I do want to do some more demos I can probably do those smaller demos what she's talking about guys are like he's these books here the secret to coloring Jennifer Zimmerman and Helen Ellis Tain's colorist special effects where we have done we've done a couple demos I just have this washi tape tin here or we've done a couple demos out of these books these I could probably do you know in an hour you know some of these here okay so that's color special effects and then this one's a secret of coloring and Jennifer Zimmerman I do have an well at least wanted her color books so here's the eye that we did let's let me move over here's the eye we did demo from this and and what I try to do is I try to follow the steps even though there's some things I could skip that I want to just you know I try to force myself to follow the steps so that y'all can see how to follow a tutorial you know a demo and so there's lots of different things in the in these books that we could do that we could do demos of right so the I do want to do some of these and that these could be done in an hour so okay a chair back up here okay so again guys if you have any questions put in caps alright I think I'm gonna start on the eyes now the pupils and the eyes and the details although I do have where's my little pointy tool here clean this off on the paper towel mmm in a case y'all want to see this is what I'm working from right here this is the what's his name Muffy I forgot what's his name or her name so I can put a name to it alright so I'm gonna start by these are the colors that I got for the eyes here juju okay juju or is Julie Julie that's probably that's how you say it in French right and then juju for short jewel is it jewels and you call them juju or is it jewels you know some French accent okay so I'm gonna start with the these are the colors I got dairy lid yellow shade and yellow ochre shade those are the colors that I got for the eyes now most of the detail will be done in pencil but I'm gonna go ahead and turn that I shouldn't turn those over on top yeah if you're looking at your your your pan pastels don't flip them over on top of your okay so I am going to just go ahead and put the base cut most of this will be done with pencil but I thought I'd try to do as much as I could with the pan pastels you know but even with this being the smallest tool you know you only can get so small with these and I know what people have asked me why don't you use pastel pencils to do the detail rather than like prismacolor for the day do you use polychromos I think most of the people that do these pet ports or do portraits and use pencils you polychromos I could use either one you know Polly's Thank You piccola yeah give me some thumbs up thanks guys they asked why don't use pencil pastels because some people do that as well I don't like the scratchiness of the pastel pencils I've used them for a couple of things when I have to but I don't like the feel I've never like to feel a cha that's why it took me so long to try pan pastels cuz I thought they'd be chalky and dry like regular pastels I do not like the feel of dry chalk I just don't like it you know it's not pleasant to do for me now most people don't care you know they love doing it so then bother them but it does bother me so that's why I took me so long these pan pastels cuz I thought they're gonna be chalky and dry like regular but they're not they're different they're different then I'll thank you Kat and hi by the way they are different than regular pastels they feel different they're smooth they're creamy they're not exactly oily but they have some formulation to them that makes them not dry okay so let's keep going here all right so I'm Beckham eyes here so now I'm gonna use the darker just for the top up here it's not enough it's not much different really I'd have to get a pencil to get it really dark okay so let me clean my little tool off here I'm gonna put a little pink in his nose I'm gonna add a little bit of Brown to that needs to be it have a little bit more shade again most of this detail being a pencil all right so I think that's a start no let's get a little more pink kind of carries down to as little muzzle there just a little further all right now I'm gonna base so if you look at close out his skin well you probably won't tell the color here but you see underneath underneath the brown fur it's cream it's a cream color underneath the fur so I'm gonna put a base of the cream first and then put the dark on top okay and all those little individual hairs those kind of things I'll put in with pencil alright I want to know oh thanks guys all right so will he fix my little tool here these these these particular ones wear out faster cuz they're very pointy and thin so yeah so you buy them in packs like this alrighty so I'm gonna start with the base of the cream color here underneath just as a face and y'all gonna remember guys now I'm new to these pan pastels there you have only done a few color book pages and two or three portrait no pets so you know I'm still learning I'm still learning them go you know got its there's a learning curve to any new material right okay same thing for over here he's kind of stripy right in here and again his he's dark over here cuz his skin is his fur is dark over here but you got to put the skin you know whatever's underneath damn something like that space them in my pastel but Ollie can look at the moment no they're not well you know you say they're not I say they're expensive but at the same time one pan pastel is about the same as a Copic so hi Galina one you know this is about the same price as one Copic they're about the same so you know if you're if you like kopecks and you're buying them up and collecting them up one or two or five at a time well you can do the same thing with pan pastels blick sells them individually but you can buy them in sets like there's a portrait set and a skin set and if you are gonna do like try them out and maybe use them in your color book like Momo girls or something you know where there's big faces in the color book I would get the skin tones you know get the skin tones or I don't remember it's called skin tones or portrait but there's like six or eight in there and you'll start with that hmm okay so there's a start now I want to let me pick out a few of the just start picking out some of the let me make that a little bigger the tiny little darks around the eyes and you know in in the eyes and stuff that'll be I'll do all that pretty much with pencil so right now I'm just gonna pick out some of that something it's where the darkest darks are but this isn't as dark as it will get but these are the darkest darks where the darkest darks are I should say so just start building up and blending maybe the landscape pack is welcome yeah it just depends on what you want to do what you want to do with them you know if you're you know most people want to start with skin tones because that in coloring that is so it's so nice to be able to blend with color with faces with pan pastels welcome back Jean Jean from the kitchen and again around the eyes I'm gonna do pencil and obviously I'm not going to do every little hair you know but I'm trying to get as much done in you know three hours as we can so happy Monday everybody and then before you spray it with any kind of fixative make sure that you like right here I got a little bit of a smudge you want to make sure that you get all that off before you spray it because then you're gonna set it kopecks I like both Suzy and they're so different I can't it's like apples in Orange County really kopecks with pan pastels so I can't anyway I think that's something that you're just going to depend on what you like to work with because I like them both the reason I use I'm trying to learn the pan pastels probably more than the kopecks is because of my portrait aspect right because I can use the pan pastels in my portraits and I don't use I don't do marker portraits I use my markers for like illustration and color books but I don't do Pam I don't do markers in portraits so I can't really say that that one's better by gracelynn hi and bye thanks for stopping in okay so there's a nice little start now I'm gonna just I'm not gonna spray yet if I start running my hand through or something that I'll see if I need to go spray it but for now I am going to work on the eyes [Laughter] all right we'll start with these oh wait no cheatsheet color – I'm just picking out the power doing this Alma we're doing this with you guys here okay so there we're gonna start with this to get a black yeah okay so let's start with these colors it's Muffy Kate's grand kitty ha ha ha ha juju yeah I picked it off Instagram I'm just trying to do that every now and then pick a random pick a random pet off of Instagram – do you didn't yet mention – not like yeah I don't I don't like it Leah I don't like fixative but I am using it because you have to I just take it outside and air it out as much as I can I found that the final fixative the Grumbach our final fixative is less smelly or longer it's not as long lasting as the workable fixative the workable fixative the odor seems to linger on the final fixative it doesn't seem to linger as much yeah I don't like the smell of it but you have to spray oh good surely good ok alright so I'm gonna start with the eyeballs we'll start with the eyeballs okay and I need my little sharp nose I got my little pencil sharpeners here in the little ball all right so I'm gonna start with the pupils here do you all want me to zoom in y'all tell me I'm trying to I want it to be close enough maybe a little closer I don't know the problem was zooming in too much is then I have to make sure I'm under camera I have to keep you know make sure I stay under camera okay everybody likes to see the eyes being done so we'll work with that I thought about this on when I watched one of my videos back so okay let's see how that's going there I watch one of the videos back and I'm constantly pushing my supplies as I my pencil I said I bet that irritates people I mean not that I'm doing it but I bet if it was like if they were if they were doing something and and you know having to do that all the time but I don't ever think about it it's funny because you know now if it rolls in my way then I'll put something there but most the time I'm just shoving it over it doesn't really it doesn't really bother me to have them my supplies like rolling around in my way I just kind of move them over [Laughter] just like I do take my time on the eyes you know eyes and on people there are certain things that really make help you to make it look like the person one of the main things is the corners of the mouth if you can get the corners of the mouth the eyebrows there's certain things if you can get right on a person portrait it just it just makes it look right brush and pencil has workable and final fixative is now brush and pencil has workable fixes nontox is that a company brush and pencil is that a company body the plastic prisoner trades you keep me just I'm using from oh yeah I use I have to silverware trays this one has most of my portrait colors in it and then I have this one that has my other colors in it right purples and pinks reds yellow oranges greens blues I mean they get mixed up every now and then and I'll just kind of have to sort them every now and then and then I just got random rights blacks a couple of you know Derwent blender in there and I don't know other just whatever and there but if I'm using if I'm using them like I can't pull these I can't put these in the tray and then put them back in here and then pull it out every time I use it because this is all in my way you know Oh Thank You Denise you know I enjoy it you have to like what you do if you don't like doing it you're not going to take the time to practice and get good at it you know you have to like it so that you practice I'm just trying to make sure I get the shape right here this sounds kind of a little angle there oh let me use my Chinese white let me sharpen it's gotta get nice and sharp these my Chinese white Bonnie sent me and then in the slate blue here brush and pencil company products are fabulous virtually oh those two and non-toxic yeah I got one um spectra fix but it's a pump I can't get used to the pop it's splatter I mean I'm just I can't I'm not proficient in using the pump spray but this one is non-toxic milk casein formula all natural odor free but I can't do the pump okay siren thank you thanks so much hmm yeah yeah it's just different from the era so I'm just used to the aerosol but again it is the smell Russian pencils are spray cans I'm good okay Bonnie I'll have to look for that brush and pencil okay let me write that down brush and pencil spray pencil fix it to brother thank you hi Dilbert Delbert's daughter good morning welcome I don't know Janet are you gonna work are you gonna work on the scavenger hunt today janet comes on right after me Jean I don't know if you coming on at 4 oh okay thanks Bonnie that's sweet which do you wish they said is best between pastel pencil before he's um this say I use the same one Shirley I use the final fixative the Grumbach or final fixative spray I use it in between final in-between I use the same one I don't know if you're supposed to but I do okay um what are you gonna work on today gene gene comes on at for Janet comes on at 1:00 okay let's give me two cracka lackin here okay so I'm putting a blue shadow in the in the eye in the white of the eye here and there's also a blue and white shadow as a reflection in his eye here so I'm going to put some of that in you don't see any white at all in this eye and you only see the white in the corner of this one that's all you see um Bosse hasn't talked Eileen as I told you I what you're gonna do when I try what patty tried yesterday because it's really messy what did patty do Janet I didn't see it what did patty do that's really messy um okay so gene says she has no idea but it's mixed media Monday our journal yay and gene go back to well I'm not going to tell you what to do but it was so cool when you were doing your mixed media art journals with music themes with lyric themes I love that that's try and if you do if you do another mixed media um journal that that has a lyric theme show your old book gene would you please show your old book again with all your song lyrics journal pages I haven't seen Eileen this morning that's early for her though yeah yeah because it's so cool it's so cool all right so now I'm gonna go let me go with the white you get in here with the white highlight here this is where the highlight is it's kind of like it almost looks like a shooting star okay and then there's one up here now the white highlights like this one right here even the white any white pencil over the top of anything else it's not gonna be like really really bright white now this right here that's plenty white or down here and like right down here that's gonna be plenty white but this one right there that highlight is like bright white so I'll take my POSCO on that I'll take my pasta on this one nothing's brighter than a pasta right that one this highlight needs to be bright white and maybe just the very inside of the bright like that okay so what I'm doing that for now is so that if I if I color this in with black pencil I'm not going to get that white on top so I'm kind of putting that on first and then it has a little bit it's almost like a blue gray just a little bit of a blue gray kind of shadow around the people there I'm just gonna go ahead and put that on there it probably won't show up very much but I can see it now I'm gonna go in here with black and again if I get if I mess up this highlight here I'll just go back and go over it again with pasta mmm look I I try to keep glancing over to make sure that I try to catch all the chat his eyes are just so big and yellow green okay something I'm gonna go with the colors of eye iris I have been taking all your tips and tricks for a little well things thanks to me well I hope they're helpful I mean let's you know I am all about getting people going on their art get your star to get you go and get you trying I'm all about that can you we're gonna feather this all out around the eyes but you got to get it all based in you mmm it looks a little just you can't want to see the green mmm there you go hmm sure about that coloring it's pretty good it always changes the color in my hands but I'd rather have it right here even then take the lighter green a little bit of that in there little bit of yellow I'm human right put that white and then go back over that one oh okay so I need that black or any white I need a marker I mean my Sharpie pen it's not quite dark enough even the black pencil I need it blacker yet nice crisp pupil there it needs to come down just a little bit more olive oil nice and sharp I'm not will get chair I'm concentrating here and get these eyes really well use whatever works be nice sharp edge I'll use a I'll use my Sharpie pen not a mark it's a marker it's a pen it's just blacker than the black within the pencil nice big pupils there's a start my kitten is lying on my chest and watching oh my gosh guys right Thank You Louise thanks guys all right hmm right there's a good start right there except I do you want this a little brighter right there I'll fix that up in a little bit I'm gonna just stand away from that for just a minute yeah we'll go back to my black pencil sharpening let's go around this know how tedious this is I don't want to call it boring but you know tedious to watch but like to do these every now and then just to mix it up you know oh thank you I said your cats named Lucifer oh my gosh all right now I'm gonna go back and where's my where's my new here my new ID Chinese white from Bonnie I'm gonna play with this today all right my dark brown so I just kind of go from part to part I don't really have a plan per se I mean I like it eyes done because that's kind of like makes them kind of come to life right and slop in there I don't like to rush it I tried to rush melodies and we did hers and I rushed it so much I didn't like it the end I had to redo it I want to want to rush it too much because I want to like it the first time but if I'm not happy with it I you know I just redid melodies I'm there because I didn't like it so I gave her both of them I gave her the one I didn't like and the one that I liked but I don't wanna have to do these twice every time because I I rush right all right let's see here I keep picking up the white and going back and forth between the Prisma and Chinese white just pick it up whichever one right so I'm gonna go ahead and get just give this a little bit more sharp it kind of brings out a little bit more of this green just taking my time we really get those eyes the way I want them I don't know the colors not showing up very well very well the green okay see how I smudge that right there this is what I'm talking about you got to be careful especially before you spray it okay I dream innit well they're coming along this a minute okay now I'm gonna have to get a little paint in there not liking that even the marker cuz I'm gonna put a little bit of blue well that was way much I'm not liking the I can see the pin I'm gonna go in here with the I mean I can see the pin marks I'm not liking it it's before tiny your eyes but I think these pupils are too big these pupils are too big to do a pin with a Sharpie pen cuz it's show I can see it I can see the marks and I don't want to see the marks so I'm going to pin I'm gonna paint it nice and black so you can use whatever I use whatever works I'm not looking at chat for me no guys okay oh thanks Kappa haha oh no it's not seeing as much detail as I'm seeing like I can just see a pin scratch you know where it scratches the paper I can see that you can't see that on camera [Applause] all right yeah let's see we move down here to the nose for a minute Oh oh yeah she did like them both yeah yeah she did like them both and I didn't mind doing it don't get me wrong I didn't mind doing it for melody I'm just saying I didn't I didn't like the way the first one came out so I had to do it over so often there all I know I just that's okay melody you don't know all y'all y'all do so much you know for everybody in all the channels you know we all go from channel channel we're always helping each other and so you know when you can do something back for somebody why is this one kind of being crumbly for me and in a minute when I start working more just trying to block it all in nicely buffering yeah if you're buffering trying to lower it from 1080 to 720 and if you see if you see the little word the word live is there's a little red dot a little light a red light next to the word live if it's not lit up red click it and it will catch you up and don't forget guys remember what I said earlier about the the bell the notification bell and tell everybody about this if you just follow somebody and click the bell once it'll say notify me of most of their videos you have to turn it off and on off and on maybe three times until you see where it says all notifications so unless it says all notifications you probably won't get all notifications I you know y'all are here because you know I stream every Monday and Wednesday but you know I'm doing more random videos recorded videos if you want to know when those happen you know make sure that it says all yeah you have to you have to sometimes click that bail two or three times on and off on and up I saw a couple artists talking about that over the weekend so I don't know when that happened or what but yeah okay I want to do next I want to go back to a little more pan pastel maybe maybe some of the dark grayish blue I'm gonna have to mix these colors let's turn this over so I got both sides here and I'm gonna put some of the gray well anything what color it is it's Payne's gray extra dark don't turn it over on and then some of the darker Brown and I'm gonna mix those two mix those two to get some of this fur here the darker fur then it's gonna be a little bit more brand I think and I just want to start picking out picking out more of the to get it based in before I go in there with pencil Halloween Jan I was wondering what y'all are gonna do today [Laughter] just keep picking out little areas I'm not talking much kind of concentrating guys I want to make sure I concentrate it's like you're padding in oh thank you it's just not very it's not very the colors not quite there we go it's a little better it's a little bit I don't know maybe I need to pop it up a little collegey that you get my sketch you know the the paper I'll put this on here and then I can prop it up a little with too much but maybe just just enough to take off the I don't know if that even makes a difference but maybe a little color wise yeah it's Muffy Kate's cat hmm her grand cat okay let's come back over here erase that right there just gonna get it based in here and this is gonna fade out you know so I'm just gonna kind of this is just just you know its neck right here and then his you know part of his body I'm just gonna get enough in there just to indicate all right let me get my eraser here these smudges I probably should go spray it was probably what I should do should i spray it there's another smudge up there you got a smudgy business keep it as clean as you can all right so let's see what else don't up do you want to get a little bit more of this golden miss in the eye let me get a smaller and I know it looks just like a makeup eyeshadow thing but it's really not it's different whatever they make these whenever they make these tools out of it's not it's different then just need a little bit more of this yellow-green it's more node if I go back in there with my black on my iris I mean on the pupil very tiny it's hard to get in there without being at the pencil all thanks guys I'm gonna get there all right now do I want to go spray it let's go back to my Chinese light from Bonnie look what we're practicing with this all right ears really high you might have to get a little bit of a pasca once it's very bright and that light for the lights hitting his ear it's gotta be very bright remember when it was wide as I can get it the lighter there the pencils is not this before I'd is this pasca I don't think anything's as bodies of pasta now some of it it kind of fades into a lighter white down here so I can go ahead and use the pencil along this edge but those beers have really stand out I want that edge on there with that edge can already looks all things all right just a constant it's like a dance just go back and forth between different uh parts okay next I think I should go spray it actually I think I need a spray let's make sure I get some of these specific stripes you turn it over here and look at it upside down okay so I'm going to turn it upside down and I'm gonna look at my picture here's here's the picture right here I'm going from and I'm gonna turn it upside down and I'm gonna set it over here to the side and just check all the proportions check everything that I can I'll just prop it up right here on my little pencil case thing I mean on my little tool cage I'm gonna set it right here and I'm gonna look it over and see what I need to fix there's a shadow from it there we go and I'm gonna see what I can look at and see what needs to be fixed so you get everything the whole thing about propping it up on the book everything rolls up underneath there we go alright so now let's get here so we'll do this for a few minutes guys upside down start picking out more fur and edges and everything when you do it upside down you can see everything because you're trying to draw what you see not what you think you see so if you turn it upside down you will be able to tell anyway you will be able to see anything that needs fixing any proportions that aren't right colors that need to be lighter or darker you'll see all that when you turn it upside down and unless you do it you can't you can't get it well though well how does that matter it oh it matters won't dark around there miss my darkness rolled away so it is it's on purpose that it's upside down so any questions or anything I'm trying to Dedes yeah I'm here yeah you can use a mirror to for me if that cut throws me off if a mirror throws me off I mean you can check it you can check it that way but trying to work doing it like I'm doing here trying to do that with a mirrored image I can't it throws me off I'd rather just be upside down then I'm not even thinking about I'm not thinking about oh this is the cat this is his ear that I'm just looking for shape color and all that I'm not I'm not it doesn't throw me off like it does when it's a mirror image but I know that's another technique to do now you know use a mirror to check you forgot about that hi Kathy I only used it with murals because of the size Oh okay Deb yeah yeah murals that's another thing I don't really do any more murals is that that is that's um that's a lot of work murals come here honey what's up are you getting ready to go out I'm okay gonna go mail all my goodies out to the girls print it off to the most beautiful pictures of you you did yes my goodness yeah just stop in your tracks to look at him when were they taken 30 years ago I'm good I'm drinking my cheese thank you love you he's a keeper guys he's a keeper I'm just kind of shading in some areas here [Laughter] Pizza no we had pizza a few days ago we usually have pizza once every week we can have my virgos trying to put them up right yeah I know guys but you know it's part of it is you know just look away if it's making you dizzy just look away I'll call you back when we're caught up [Laughter] but this is how you this is how you can make sure it's all correct I want to show you everything that you can do you know if you want to draw something doesn't have to be this compliment you know you don't have to do a full-on portrait to UM to check your work you know and I'm still not getting every little ther exact if I was going to do a full you know if I was gonna do every exact hair as much as I possibly could I'd be working on this thing for more than three hours okay I'm trying to get as much I'm trying to get this done or as fairly close to being done in three hours now I probably won't finish it but I'll get close you know get will get a lot done but again if I wanted to really if I was doing this as a commission there's no way I would be doing it in three hours but I'm doing it for you guys just to you know just to give y'all you know some something back I don't that's all so I'm trying to pick out some of the darker four lines here now when you're doing this let me give you another hint when you're doing this and you should probably do it more than just like when I'm doing it right here when you're drawing it when you're first sketching it out when you're first sketching it out when you are and then periodically throughout you want to do this not just like at the end because if you wait till the very end to do this then it's gonna be played to correct things you won't be able to correct things right so you need to do this periodically throughout the piece and then when you're doing it if you see something's wrong do your best to fix it and and and that means like all right so for instance mmm let's see right here this could come in just a little bit more it may not seem like it should do that I think oh no that can't be right that can't be there you wouldn't have that big thing there there but it is it is what's actual you can't just say like make it up and wish although I wish that nostril wasn't so tiny I'm gonna make it bigger well you can make it bigger but it's not that look like the nostril you know what I mean so you've got to just grapple with the idea that some things are not gonna seem right to you it's not gonna seem right and I don't want to forget his whiskers either it's not gonna seem right to you when you do this and it's like oh well that can't be right well it probably is and it's just that your eye wants to believe something else right I wants to believe something else so I'm just kind of sketching in where the fur is and you go back and forth between the pastels and the pencil down in here it's a little darker by Muffy okay all right you're welcome make sure email me your address Muffy so I can send it to you okay email me your address if you don't mind if you want it all right let's see down in here we've got longer fur I'm just trying to find it all more along this edge here and then right in here it's really dark and I'm trying to go in the direction of the fur – okay so there's a start let me go to his little muzzle here and there's a little muzzle and his little mouth you need to look right here this is all white down in here this would be the shading okay there's there's a good start and again I'll turn it back over again when I want closer let's see what one more thing right here this little edge right here needs to come out just a little bit more there okay so there's a start now I'm gonna turn it back over dude who is his name alright so let me turn it back over for you guys so here's what I'm working on here we go that's what we got so far okay drop the pencil all right now yeah we're gonna go back to the pastels for a minute then I'm gonna go out and spray my go out spray it and then we can work on it more okay I see something I musta do you also have the reference photo yes I did have the reference photo upside down zero I sure did has a reference photo right next to me upside down okay now let's see I want to pick out a couple little extra white hairs right in here just like I know where they are they'll probably end up being kind of covered up and I'll have to go back and do them again but I want to pick out my nice bright white hairs it's just easier to follow in here then I'll pipe over with pastel and smoothing back out and everything anyway okay so I've got a little bit more dark behind here before I can put in those hairs I've got my little edge there let's keep going on my edge what white in there and like this small right I'm just gonna kind of draw me lying here I where I want more white hair right in there this is all going to be wider okay plus cos worked great for the bright whites it's gonna be right in here right in there right in here I'm just kind of indicating where I need brighter whites I can get some with pastel some with summer pasta some with pencil this is going to be right in here it's gonna be wider again I'm trying to get this done and you know about three hours cats out there wanting inna can definitely not come in with the pastels all right let me get a little more to my white here I think I'm gonna change no no where's that little piece I'll just use this one let's clean this off bring things all right let's go back in here with some white here and then I'm gonna go spray it I hear you mal but you cannot come in baby girl sorry this means more Brown in there I'm just gonna get all these extra bright white areas as much as I can I'm just talking out loud like what'd I miss to myself oh my guess much of the of the pastel as I can before I go in there with more pencil and everything else then I'm gonna go spray it this is all very very bright white I mean I can almost get paint out and do that which I wanted to go back to he need a little pink and brown now I'm gonna go back over to this side I'm gonna put some Brown and some pink it's a little more Brown no pink almost pure pink right yeah look sorry guys I got a little off-camera they're brown pink I'm gonna have to go smack on the door she's gonna tear up my carpet she wants in so bad but she cannot come in on doing pastels y'all saw what happened before she had red yellow and blue tail and aside for ya for some weeks alright let's go back down to the pink just a little bit of pink right down hmm and now it's not showing up very colorful guys there's more color in it then boo boo says mama my tail needs a touch yeah yeah our tail needs a touch-up all right all right so something like that all right we're getting the based in there pretty well all right let me go in here with a little more mm it's almost like honey to these two colors need the Sienna and the brown it's coming in between those two let's test this just kind of get me giving it more just a little detail at a time these little tiger stripes up in his forehead there you don't seem tedious to you guys to watch this because I just kind of have to keep going back and forth back and forth till I get it like I want it when you spray with a fixative are the pastels lock yes they're locked Madonna they're locked I can add more on top which is what I'm going to do you can add more on top but you can't erase it like right now I can take an eraser in there and erase things let me maybe I'll do a little test with that here to show you but you can't once you fix it it well with the fight I use a final fixative I'm not sure if you use a workable fixative if you'll be able to erase any maybe okay that's pretty good flora I think I can go fixative it now but I'm gonna make sure and erase any crumbs or anything around and then I'll get any back in here with more detail all right well no no I think I'll do one more thing real quick where's mine clean off my tool here you just wipe it off on the just wipe it off on a pay paper towel cleans it okay you can wash them too oh good good okay so I'm gonna go back in here with the white it's not gonna be as bright as it needs to be but I just want to make sure I have as much and I can and that's probably as bright as it's gonna get with the pastel okay all right now let me take my eraser my needed erase let me clean it yeah no I don't do speeded-up videos on something I just don't do speeded-up videos but nothing does anything wrong with it but you know people get the idea that it's you can do it that fast you just can't okay so I want to make sure there's no stray smudges anywhere like down here my hands are dirty I need to wash my hands okay so let me show you for an example let me take my needle my electric eraser to show you okay and this is this is brown paper so it's not going to show up as much as if it was white paper but you can get in there and erase can y'all see that let me go like right next to it just so you can see like here's where I did that eraser right there I'm gonna go right here just so you can see what lifts off see how it lifts it right off but you can't do that after you sprayed it you it won't erase so if there's anything you want to get rid of anything like that you want to do it like right here I'm gonna try to get rid of a little bit of this edge here it's a little tall okay and maybe a little bit on the edge of his face right there okay I'm gonna go down spray it take a quick break there's a little more smudge right here I think I just did that you can see I mean you can't probably see but I can see when there's finger smudges or you know anything like that you just want to get rid of all that before you go spray it so I'm gonna go outside on the porch spray it take a quick break maybe get my coffee going and yeah I'll be right back okay yeah alright so there we go let me show you again let's assume in about the same size so see it's a little flash there we go it's a little flashed out but there's the shape of it but there's the color of it but anyway so there's what we're working on she's got huge ears see see the ears there see how they're gonna have a nice bright white light around them I wanted to make sure and capture that and same thing for his muzzle this muzzle is very bright we haven't got that bright yet but I probably will pull out some paint I'll probably get some white paint on that muzzle okay so I'm just gonna leave this here maybe we'll see the pastels there this is the paper I'm using there we go hi Laura alright so I'm gonna go down sprite give me a couple minutes where's my uh here we go what I want what I said coffee and juice right I usually put Andy up there but today we'll do that alright give me a couple minutes guys I'll be right back I'm gonna take a coffee cup the cats are snack sprayed it I'm just sitting here watching it made my coffee which will take a couple minutes to brew it's my blanket I sit on then we're back okay you think going on huh Thanks alright so let's go ahead it's been sprayed I can smell it but I'm gonna move all the okay it all goes up under here when I prop it up okay there we go huh all right up downstairs everything a little organized here all the pencils on one side the pastels on the other all right let's go back okay now let me turn my picture back on here see where we left off all right now now help me out okay let's see do I want to paint or pot okay I want to put some paint I might go with some white paint see I'll use whatever on it yeah whatever it's going to work got my little bit of black paint here let's get a little bit of white thanks guys all right that's kind of I'm gonna be through stick through so this is just a little little thing I'm doing for Muffy Kate all right and it's not because it's hers because I know if not that I didn't mind doing it for her but it's just that I go through my Instagram every now and then I'm gonna go ahead and do some white paint I go through my Instagram and pick out an animal you know that I'd like to do on our show and that's how I hope that's how I get picked something's gonna go along the edges where the bright white fur is it's really bright in here I don't want to forget the whiskers either sometimes I forget the whiskers we won't forget the respir see just get a little more blocked in to go on top of sure yes it does I know especially way to I do is nose that's very pure white right there yeah I'll go in here with pencil and do more detail I'm trying to get as much done as we can in our three out three to four hours it's almost 11:00 you've been here about two hours I'm just gonna pick it out there I'm gonna go back on top of it with pencil or add more shading a detail but I'm just kind of picking out some of the brighter whites I could do this with the pasta too but I just I like using a brush it's less line II you know when you use the pasta which is fine around the eyes but you know to make it kind of flowy fur like this it's just better to do it with a brush because it's less exact and you don't want it to like lines right so all this is very white under here it's a little bit of blue shadow in there but even if I go over it with this I can still go back in there with blue because remember you can do pencil on top you can do pencil on top of paint acrylic paint he's not too furry under there and like real he's not like a Persian up under there but you can see a little bit of fluff yeah like that and then right in here there's some and you know I just kind of whatever it's gonna work at the time like I think I know maybe that's not quite bright enough so I'm glad some pain or I need an edge around the I need an edge around the eyes so let me get out the pasta you know I'm just whatever whatever I think is gonna work alright so now when I get down here and his um muzzle here you make it a little bigger so I could see okay so here it's very bright right here I mean it's like pure white you don't even have to see any shadows just gonna soften it like that very dry brush not is the highly no paint on here very dry brush I don't know what let me adjust my lighting again guys I haven't done that for a while that's pretty good that's going on with Connie that's just uh congratulation Connie and I or Allah just saw you there I'm sure I'm missing some people and Andrea are you talking about a group or something Andrea let me let me scroll back I've missed it trying to see what group y'all are talking about me my Connie I don't know what group you're talking about Andrea Andrea so how do you say me oh no what do I do here oh I didn't mean to turn on AOL squeeze that oh sorry guys I accidentally click something it's not easy to click on the at the sidebar we're talking about sharing coloring pages well thanks Denise I'm just kind of still I'd still feel like I'm in the blocking in stage because I just keep going back and forth to different parts here alright let's go back up in his ears now look for a bit right there on the edge of the ears and then inside the ears inside the ears there there's long put those in yet alright let me go back to my pink my renesis raspberry no henna let's go to my henna here so I'm gonna put in a little more henna I'm gonna want that edge a little bit darker right in here I'm just talking out loud as I go guys and then a little bit more pinky peach that's not wide enough anything of those peaches if that's fine kind of blend this out because I want to put those hairs in let me go to the other one let's see what else I need to do over here okay little bit of blend with the pinky peach because the white hairs are what's gonna make this stand out let's get these ears done let's get the ears and knocked out alright let me go in here with a little bit of the brown and the pink mix just a little bit more over the top of my pencil just kind of going back and forth till I get it or not like it to look like because then I'm going to go in here with some white long hairs and again guys when I'm completely done with all this I'll end up spraying it again okay it's okay Saul thanks guys alright I'll be going here and we're doing here at the pasta because here's where I do want and I could do this with maybe I should do it with paint just to show you all right let me go in here with that's not quite thin let me get a thinner brush okay so what I do for some long hair I'm gonna pick some of this up I'll put it in my hand so I can get nice long thin and I can see how much pain and no it looks weird but I can see how much pain I can see the brush I can roll the brush okay so when you want to do see if I can do this without turning the page it's not quite and unique just a tiny bit of water for the water let's just get a little bit wetter just a little flow nice is a little thicker patch right there will patch a hairs and the rest are coming something like that I Sharon Alf Sharon out okay so that looks kind of good now there's a few little hairs here well just a few little long hairs right in there it just needs a little bit more patchiness right there you go just a couple wait up not to me like that okay this one you hold my water in my hand no more paint do more water he's got one long eyebrow hair he's got one more over here should probably wait till the very end to do this but I want to show y'all where they're going thanks yeah yeah give me a thumbs up guys I appreciate it all right now before I go in here I want to get in you with a little bit of blue cuz that's kind of a shadowy color here I just want a little bit of shadow in here before going here with any more white tiny tiny bit of height like a brown muddy news it peachie bring home more pink together further up and that was there just a little bit don't have to gonna be I'm gonna go back in here with some a little bit more paint a little bit more water it depends on a theorem if you feel more comfortable with a paintbrush or if you feel more comfortable with like a pin like then you can use pasca but you don't want to make mmm sorry the thing about the pasta is you've got to be careful not to make it look too like a draw like a line with the paintbrush you can kind of soften it easier blend it a little easier then you can with the pasta right sorry guys I haven't been looking at chap the pike about five minutes okay so this little nostril here so it just depends on if you feel comfortable with a brush more than a pen and most the time I do and I'm just you know if you just picked the pasta because it's just like right there and easy okay let's get this here okay I don't want to do the whiskers on this side yet because I'm not done with this so I don't want to put whiskers on top of that yet cuz then I have to try to go around the whiskers right but on this side there's nothing over here so I can go ahead and do these whiskers let's see here okay and they'll be whiskers on this side too but I've got to finish this because the whiskers are going over that right okay so let me stop on that go back to and you get a baby wipe for my hand they want to go back into some pencil down this [Applause] all right so now what's getting here with some pencils more pencils I should say all right over here with the paint move the pastels all right let me get in here with let's start with the gray and dark brown let's get a nice and sharp I'm just taking my time guys I mean I could rush it a little more but I don't really want to I'm kind of just enjoying doing it nice and slow okay so now I'm gonna start doing individual little hairs any black teeth there's some darker than you might have been here some really dark stripes he's got these tiger-stripe forehead don't want to make sure I keep it soft too and if you want to soften it anymore then take your take your pastel and you know get in there and soften any areas that you want extra soft I'm doing it okay though I'm happy with it so far so I don't really need to do that right now but you can so that the hairs look don't look too spiky you want them to stay soft looking right so if you do it with the pencil it gets too spiky and soften it with the pastel right hi-oh Rika is it you'll Rica where are you from you little Rica where those colors my hand Oh black sepia and warm grey 70% and I'm just kind of almost you kind of do this like you wanna make sure you go in the direction of the fur like if it's going this way go that way if it's going up go you know whatever way the direction of the fur but I'm also just kind of doing soft little slicks I'm not if you want to soften it anymore then go in there with your pastels and soften edges but you want to keep it pretty soft and again turn it over upside down if you're not sure smell school here just soften this just deliver didn't here's the beginning of you did you draw the cat or did you try said I drew it I'm barely I don't draw much I don't sketch out much I do mostly with the pastel there's not much to it you can see at the beginning I was finishing up the sketch at the beginning there's not a lot to I don't start with much you know kind of like almost just kind of outline their eyes and I don't draw all the fur and all that I do all that as I go do all this as I go but I've shown you guys how to do grids tracing what other methods have we done it's been a while since we've done any portrait examples but I've shown different ways if you don't think you can draw how you can get it down on paper if you don't want to draw it you can grid trace it sketch it there's lots you know it's been a while since we've done a portrait tutorial if you will he's very short hair cat so I'm trying to keep it very short little strokes here little stubs little can't feel like I'm doing on a beard you know I draw men's beards and portraits they're old they're they'll probably be back close to four years and remember guys back when we were doing you you stream the quality of those videos is not going to be this quality the quality that these are they were high-resolution but they weren't HD so just FYI okay so why didn't here I think I'll go back to I don't let me go home see it was just a little bit of white in here it's a little bit more wide in there I'm just want to kind of get a few little hairs in there just a little bit simple right here it's a couple right there we pick out let me pick out a few of these hairs but we did Darcy Darcy UK we did Jin Jin oz in Australia we did her granddaughter and a couple I think one I think one I had you grid it one I gave you the outline and another one I forget we had two or three different techniques when we did portraits I still want to do a little bit more around the thighs there yes I'm just I'm taking my time guys cuz you know he's a tiger cat he's got lots of different colors you know all in in can let's come over here and again I could get the paintbrush back out again right back to my dark brown hope you're enjoying it I mean I don't do these you know very often try to do them every other month or every you know month or so do a you know portrait or not i think i'll i know i've shown you almost you know some of the portraits that i have fan art and stuff because if it's a commission you can go see a lot of them people have allowed me to post on facebook not everybody does I mean I've done some I've done some deceased people's portraits that they didn't want on social media so those aren't that you know those won't be there so I've quite a few portraits that I've done people that passed and you know they won't be on social media but I have a lot of them that are on Facebook in my facebook album I have a pet portrait I have a people portrait I fan art I'm a gold rush guys and I don't even have all those because I've sold some of those to the gold rush crews so I don't even have all the gold rush certain look like and regen oh good okay I'm gonna soften it a little more with some pastel but I want to just try to get in as much fur and stuff as I can here and I don't want to get too ahead of myself because these these hairs are not long hairs so they're there I mean I've just got to kind of just do tiny little strokes because they're not it's not a long hair cat if you start doing you know long it'll it'll look like a Persian or something and I don't want it to look like that he's got stubby little you know fur so I just want to keep keep working on it but anyway I'll pull some of my portraits out that I do have in my portfolio but some of my favorites and best I don't have any more but you can see them over on Facebook in the Facebook album okay so now when I go right over the top is something that Wyatt put a little bit of gray in there – I'm trying to get all the you know the darker hairs and he's almost striped on his neck see this needs to come no oh I'm low battery hang on guys I'm gonna plug in my iPad hang on I go go get the cord well you know what let me just see when they got on my phone where's my son I've got it on my son let me just go on my phone so yeah I'll just I'll just go off my phone see that there we go all right where was I how do you capture it all thank you yeah it's I'm not gonna say it's a masterpiece but you know for a couple hours couple hours work that's you know that's that's what I'm trying to do here you know like I said if I was doing this for a commission I would spend many more hours but I just can't do that here I mean you know three four hours is about what we have here to work with all right so let's just sharpen that up right there all right back to my little brown little brown fur strokes here sharpening and I'm gonna soften this up with pastel but I want to get these little stubby fur in here nice and sharp I do need to get up under here so I can put those whiskers I'm gonna move more on my phone it's smaller these hairs are a little longer down here but not a lot these are these are longer softer but these are a little bit longer but not much so I kind of want this just to fade out here same for back in here I just want a couple little hairs to make it look like it's kind of fading out he's a soft edge okay do you – okay oh thank you Janice yeah well I haven't you know people I wanted to send art out to that you know supported me in the last month and there's a few people let me tell y'all again who I did not have so now I got Janice Soares my list I don't know I can't find it right now okay so Janice she got she got my notice and siren so I still need so that I can put fur on top of it a little bit they're not exactly the dots for where the whiskers come out it's kind of like almost just like a line just like a little bit of indication little bit more in his face right there when you slip do cats have lips my mother-in-law we said yes cats have your lips that's pretty good over on that side okay so I'm going to go ahead and get my right you know white here just something that just a little alright let's see where else I can salsa now do I have enough done it's hard to it's hard for me to use the phone because I've got it there's mom's picture again it's hard for me to you know I've got to keep doing this you know with what it's my iPad I can just sit there and so that's something just myself in here please I just too much they're just a little lips and eyelashes yeah they have I know they have eyelashes going here and just kind of a few little soft means on the edges you can go back in there with some more paint or more tiny details I want to but right now I'm just using the pastel to make soft little soft edges here and there let's go down here and it's a little bit in the furrow down here let's just indicate a little bit in there that there's a little bit of white in here you keep it thin though the sister-in-law is texting I'm on a group family I'm on Sony Group family text and and that's what she's texting okay let's see where I need to get a little bit more posture right in there okay you do these whiskers some water and paint right here what's my ending time today no twelve that's a five minutes do you want me to do something death after I'm gonna work a little bit more on this and then what I'm gonna do is I'll show you some of my other portraits and things that I've done beside happily that's one thing I'd say when you get little at one we keep it very thin maybe enough I'm not trying to duplicate every uh every Little Miss scared that I want and that's what London oh thanks Beth Jesus beautiful okay so now is got like one or two more little eyebrow hairs yes we can go in and just do a few little touch-ups keep it soft though you guys I'll be back in there with the pan pastels again softening and that could be here all day I could literally do this all day long I'm trying I'm trying to make it kind of you know a couple hours what kind of paper it's the it's this this Strathmore tone tan mixed-media it's like cardstock wait okay let's go back over here on his back few extras yeah I gotta keep it gotta do extra no everything has to be extra I loved it when that was a popular saying and all the kids were saying you're so extra I love that I thought that was a cool I mean it was so descriptive you know I mean when you said that's so you got your so extra it just you knew exactly okay okay that's with his face again d can you show the portrait where you can see the selfie stick reflected in our eyes yeah sure will these are little tiny Aries now I'm wanting to make sure I got everything here I go on it for a commission and why is there let's go cook them all right there Moochie were there few more over here not ready to call it done guys sold Muffy's daughter granddaughter son whichever one this belongs to if this is her grand cat you all know we have grand animals you know grand pets okay alright let me um you see that little game you stop right in here my hand here went to grab a bite and when I came back [Laughter] alright so let's see here you'll sign it over here I like it to be non of peanuts alright there's a little smudge right there so let's just kind of cover that okay alright so I think I'll sign it right over here if I over here it's two stands out too much I like to sign things small so No all right let's back out no thanks for Cola let's back out now he was a little crooked – girl there we go goodbye zoom in one that's good so there we go guys we all think thanks here I'll show you the picture again I'll have to show it on my phone cuz iPad thanks guys so yeah send that to miss Muffy yeah well it's okay for two and a half hours for two and a half hours yeah hi Kenneth oh thank you thanks so much guys alright let me um let me uh I don't know let's get that out of the tank there I found on the way you pick up a little bit here and I'll show you some of my other drawings so again I propped it up a little this is the mixed tone tan mixed-media more pencils just the cameras inside get it straight there we go okay let's move everything out of the way here let me get let me get a baby wipe and kind of get the loose I'll spray it again don't forget um you know I'm doing the I'm doing the extra ketchup videos if there's something you want to see this I'll just find up throwing away let me you know what let me just go and take this this off here it's completely full of chalk or pastel fresh sheet thanks Janet all right now pencils pencils okay there we go there we go okay all right um these are these are some of my here can't show you all but these are some of my um portraits and other things my inktober z– alright let's see let me get out oh here's here's what my first pan pastel and pencil this was a hydrangea this was one of my first attempts at pan pastel and pencil right there that's I'm here alright so let's see here guys let's get out get out my I'll do a flip for you here's the one with the here's the girl with the selfie stick in her eye okay so I'll show you some of the alright let me move first off let me move the cat cuz he's not been sprayed so I want to get him out of the way because he's not sprayed yet so and I'll show you these and if Janet wants to come on early we'll go okay so this is hmm this was my first attempt I think it was my first first attempt at paying pastels and pencil so colors a little yeah doctor okay so let's see here go through them so this was the girl with the selfie stick in her eyes she's holding a selfie stick sorry guys I'm trying to get this so it's good coloring that's pretty good right there this one was from 2015 so these are where if you want to find people to draw go join the sketchy app now I gotta admit I haven't been doing them for probably a year but if you want a place to go to get faces I'm gonna go to my sketchy here and and people put what they do is they post pictures of themselves where's my sketchy yet okay it's SKT chy that's what it looks like and then people oppose things for you to draw let me see here they'll post pictures of themselves all kinds of pictures of themselves for you to draw and what happens is is when you draw them when you draw them you upload them right on top of the picture that they gave you so this is a picture that I looked at here's what I do I actually drew her when I was at jury duty I drew her a Jerry duty a couple years ago and so anyway when you upload your picture it's superimposes on top of your reference material does that make sense so it's just all it is is a bunch of people to draw here's all the different ones that I've drawn so these are all and I've got most of them here I'll show them to you and so what you do is like this guy here okay here's his rest there's what I looked at so that's the picture he posted of himself then I drew him and uploaded it right on top and that cool so if you want people to draw go to sketchy and it's free you know so yeah okay so let me go back to show you and so anyway what I'm saying is she was on sketchy well let me see if I can show you her picture let's see she's now some people do end up taking their pictures down for whatever reason they don't they take them down I and then your picture is still there but they're your references behind where she here she is okay so here's the picture there and there's there's the girl right there and if you look you can see we can enlarge as well I can't do it but anyway that that's my reference girl right there yeah I'm it cool so there's use this one let's see should I see maybe got zooming in one here okay oh so I'm gonna flip through and show you some of my different things I've done this is one of the guys from gold where I mean from Oak Island I got the other guys from Oak Island in here too similar let me see I'll here's all my gold rush guys I'll save those for a minute I'll put him with the gold rush guys alright so let me go back to someone like here's my fan art this is a work in progress right here from two of the little dogs follow-on on Instagram I gotta finish that up okay so here I have smaller ones and then I have larger ones so let me go let me show you do this so these are five by size and these are all done on the tone tan paper this is five and a half eight and a half eight and a half yeah eight and a half by five and a half this size I missed something there Elaine I don't know do you know request please more flowers of pan pastels yeah I play you know there's just so many hours right you know okay so here's that here's that one guys talk about that I did I did her at jury duty I just took I just took my app and drew her Wow I actually got a couple Commission's off of sitting and drawing during others too I did this one and another one when I was on jury duty I think was two weeks so I mean not during any trials I don't mean I was doing this during any this was like in the waiting process when you're waiting to be called and all that that's when I was drawing us I wasn't drawing during any trials or anything okay all right so let me show you the smaller ones first [Laughter] that's her hair and up here she's holding her hat on with their hand up there and this is our Packer die that's Packard died when she had long red hair pinkish hair and these are just different ones front Lea Tilton just a little there from sketchy it's a tattoo artist this is just left over from this ones left over from one of my inktober sister woman Darcy somebody posted a picture of their dog these are from 2014-2015 I like her eyes it's just all different and they're not very they're not I didn't spend hours on these I didn't spend like portrait time right it's supposed to be sketchy I probably did all these in I don't know not much more than an hour I'd say probably this guy only posted half of his face I like her eyes there's the one that I showed you on the thanks guys I like her too this is Dave Gaskin he's uh he's a UK artist he was on sketchy and so I thought I drew drew his picture from sketchy different friends there's there's Jay there's a PG Jamie and she had a purpose thing our hair okay so there's some of the smaller ones and these here's one more and these are some of the larger ones I've shown these a gazillion times guys but these are oh nine and a half by eleven eleven what is the size here nine by nine by twelve there's one of my daughter Denise one of my daughter Annie this is barb Owen son there's another one of my daughter Annie I missed your cue and anybody else pop it in Oh y'all mind seeing him again okay I like her eyes sorry guys it's a little monster you know cuz I'm going slipping so fast there's so many this is the other one I did during jury jury duty did him during jury duty I really like her I like the sea the sky is reflected in her goggles up there I gotta kind of hold it right here so it doesn't change scholar or change lighting just blank papers here and then here's another one of the dogs off of Instagram so that's all in there so these are mostly off of sketchy and I just keep them all in different plastic thing oh here's our Mark Crilley this was a challenge that we did from mark early we do the mushrooms out of his book you know his rib his what was it called realistic something that's another one we should pull back out this is from the Mark Crilley book we did it that we did a video on that I keep them all in plastic just in different sized plastic sleeves all right then here's Glenn when Glenn bit the dust on walking dead so I never got I had a whole bunch I wanted to draw about all the walking dead characters but when Glenn yeah Glenn rest in peace cliff I quit walking watching Walking Dead at Glen Owen cases there's Daryl sterile like his beard those Daryl ok so here's some of my other fan art there's Spock young and old doc Nichelle Nichols different into some different I have some different authors and Miss several reasons ok this is a sketchy this I don't know why some of these I don't know why he's he's the he's the owner of sketchy I think he is now I don't know I haven't kept up with it here is Shannon green miss Vicki be see these should these should be in there with my other stuff Omar Sharif Charlton Heston Robert Mitchum I like this one Wow right sues that was in it for me there's huh if you watch any of the History Channel I follow these guys talk to I haven't talked to them for a while yeah another Sean Sean Connery and then here's some of my my cosplayers Yaya Han Catwoman Johan this is miss tell so some of these you might these are some of my youtubers I started drawing I for a while there I was drawing youtubers will Terry gasp ah this is the one this this right here this is the this is what we did with the grid this was the grid what do you call it portrait demo we did Darcy you which I haven't seen her for a long time she was she went back to art school and I haven't seen her in a long time anyway Darcy UK we did her with a grid question Tommy Lee Jones there's Bailey Jay Dutton Apple this one this is the other one that was a this was a class and on this one I posted the outline I posted an outline for you to follow this one is Gina's his granddaughter and this is from 2015 probably early 2015 and this we did this as a demo Anthony Quinn I'd love to do Anthony corn yeah and then this was a dog that from a Twitter guy in Sweden that I follow his dog passed away and I just did a quick sketch this isn't really this was just like literally it was quick he is dog passed away and he was going off Twitter so I and I never did hear back from him anyway I did that so there's some of my just random some of its fan art some of it and then here is some of my gold rush and I don't have all of them like I said I've sold some of them this guy's from Oak Island these guys are from these are from a gold brush here's Parker's dog this Parkers dog from Gold Rush I'm just Dave so anyway I'll just flip if you don't watch the show then you won't know who they are well thanks cat and paste so yeah these are the guys from gold rush this Parker yeah you can see you know draw draw a lot and most of what I do now I do for you guys is Rick there's the father and son here a Tony and Monica this was the picture I did when grandpa passed away goldrush grandpa when he Parker's grandfather I did this tribute for him and that was in 2016 this was the tribute page picture I did for for him this was this was early this is when Parker was real young like the first year of Parker now I didn't this is 2014 but he I drew from pictures that when he was younger than when he who actually was when I did it and then Todd wanted me to draw him with Reagan with the flag so that's Reagan and the flag another one a Rick Todd son so these are all just different Gold Rush guys they're little flashed out guys sorry mm okay I did he he commissioned me to do his own portrait of him just himself Derek so he he commissioned me to do just himself there and then there's the he was on he did was a host of the dirt for a while Christo was was one of the producers of the first few seasons then here's my Oak Island guy VOC island brothers so thanks thanks sandy I've shown these so many times guys if I think oh my gosh not again the portraits pretty much I think the only other thing I really have in here is my inktober I'm done like inktober now for four years I'll show you why I'll show you my favorite ito one year 2016 so I did it 15 16 17 and 18 so I've done inktober for four years I'll show you these real quick and then we'll go this was my favorite ones I started doing I think it was Celtic knots and and reptiles I think that's what my theme I try to give myself a theme every year but then I ran out of reptiles so I started doing Halloween because it's in October so then I started doing owls and mice and rats and you know other things but it started out it's this year started out with reptiles and Celtic knots and every page had to have it this inks plot on it and they're all in this is the shape I starting with and then they all had to have an ink spot so I'll show you these real quick they will go and thanks guys for all the thumbs up oh my gosh a hundred thumbs up thank you guys oh my gosh thanks so much guys 2018 you haven't seen the cat's asses the cats in calligraphy the one I did this past October yet they're a long Instagram guys all these are on Instagram everything I've shown you is probably on Instagram they're all on Instagram okay so yeah so I think they're all in order we'll see yeah so this was day one I think yeah and this is day two I did a I did a covered page okay so then I wanted to make sure I have these ink spots this one I did rain like running down like a rain forest but I wanted them all to have Celtic knots and some kind of reptiles until I ran out of reptile by grey thanks give some sleep well you can show your entire sketch hall thanks Sam yes oh sweet I could watch you I could watch those hair oh my gosh if you have not seen color and chat with Sammy do pencil hair she had rainbow hair she all colors oh my gosh Cassie Herrera air demos okay so then I did turtle and and Celtic knot and of course like I said this format with inks plots that was my my parameters I gave myself frog I just had so much fun with these this was my favorite year of inktober Akimoto i think this was a komodo dragon or a giant or i've zoomed it on a lizard i can't remember but yeah so the lizard and then the Cobra Cobra snake this is one of those iguanas that have the curly tail and the tongue and it looked too like a party favor so I gave my party hat on a snail and the little snails crawling along the edge and see everything's got these ink blots in some form and this is the and I know I haven't written down I oh my gosh I never can remember it somebody put this in here what does this come again I mean I've done it in color I've done a phone case or iam uh as act axial axial toll exit oh is that what it is accent Oh a little the little translucent pink sea creature that's what that is that's a LOF tall ox a lot oh thank you ELISA axolotl [Laughter] then here's a little bat and see I'd like to look at his little teeth does it be cute like him so did a bat and again I was trying to keep with a kill I know guys now this guy's one of those lizards that has this big thrill on it but it I wanted to do it so it looked like he was kind of coming at you with with his tail turning into this celtic knot but it looks like his body's on top of its head it just did it this one this one was my fail for the month this was my inktober I still like him I put a mustache on him in there I like him but I didn't like the way the frill you know the person who's supposed to be like coming at you but anyway so I like his little claws and his low mana button anybody so I like it but I didn't like the way that happened okay so he was a crocodile crocodile big Splott turned it made it into a tree this one was I think the Komodo dragon and I tried to make his all his scales to be the Linate but he explained it was because I know right that was my fail that was the monthly fail and so slots in spots there and again the Celtic nodding in as part of his skin here was one and I've done this in my I've done this technique in my abandoned books a couple of times and it's a mirror it's not really a mirror I guess you call it a mirror it's a reverse it's exactly the same either way I even signed it both sides so it's the same here as it is here so it's a reversible if you will so yeah that's that one then here's the horn toad we used to have that play with these in Texas when we were kids is flat little horn toads yeah there's that there's the there's the inks claws the end of his tongue you know he's Pike got him a bug in there smashed a bug and then his turtle and then I just ran out of reptiles so I then I went into an owl cause it you know it's in it's in October so I thought well let's go let's go Halloween here so yeah so then I did did the Celtic knot with the owl oh well we did get another lizard and oh we got a couple more things okay so this is one of those lizards that runs you know in the desert you see them running that's one of those lizards then here's a dinosaur bones dinosaur bones cracking out of an egg with the cracked world up here this is one Pangaea you know broke up so there's a dinosaur the the extinction of the dinosaur ful cut all right so anyway there's his bones then I did a lunar moth that's at Luna or lunar luna moth or lunar moth anyway the moon moth turn the axle on turn let me go back to him where is he hang on let me turn in turn them how like upside down is that what you mean you want me to turn in hi hi there lemon acts a lot oh is that what you turn him I know what you mean to turn oh you mean the other one that's the one that's a duplicate you know a mirror you want me to turn that one this one Blizzard's oh the one I didn't lie oh okay let's go back to that one here this one turn him upside down how he looks really weird it's all upside down well I don't know if you can get anything out of that but that's not right okay then cat the cat the rat he he caught himself something under that paw and did a little bit of spiderweb in the corner and then a little spider right there so then we started getting into Halloween his butt shaking so there's the rat the cat and the spider then this one was pumpkins with ink it's got the you know the pin and nib and the in it the eyes are inca paint jars ink bottles guys are enjoying bottles and yes I just did some little pumpkins then did Dracula's castle and a little bat another splat you can still see some of my blue blue line there cuz I drew some of these are a lot of these I think I drew on on stream so you can still see my blue pencil under there okay so there's the castle and a bat there so here's my PO and the Raven holding another ink pen with a spot of ink over there there's my PO there's my dragon buy my ink breathing dragon stead of fire-breathing its ink breathing here my gargoyles there's no gargoyles and there's I made them to look like stone oh thank you you're the best dude so there's my stone gargoyles talking to each other having a little conversation okay and I always say ask people what they think this is now I know most of you already know a lot of people say it's a volcano but it's not it is the Wicked Witch of the West all that's left is her hat so there's the there's the Wicked Witch melted yeah and then here's my Skelly crow mask le crow yeah see ya Christine you're right there's my Skelly crow I like him then here's the cemetery or graveyard whichever one you want to call it well let's take greg gard your mother my mother-in-law is goes my graveyards a cemetery okay mom anyway that's the the graveyard in the creepy tree here's the spider in his web and he's the inks plot see everyone's got the ink spot well thanks Vani there's the there's the ink spot and then they'll finally you have to have you have to have welcome the Great Pumpkin this is you know because this was last day of October it is on Halloween Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown so yeah so those were my that was my inktober in 2016 so I did 15 16 17 and 18 so we've done four I've done it for four years but this was my favorites these were my favorites so anyway guys I'm gonna go ahead and head out we've been here two three and a half hours let me get my cat back over here to show you the project this is what we did I pulled this off of Instagram it's Muffy Muffy Cates grand cat so I will send it to her so you know ya did that did that pulled it off Instagram so I hope y'all liked the show oh thanks gene yeah thanks guys I hope y'all enjoyed it so I'm gonna head on out Oh Janet might come on really she usually comes on wine y'all might be able to trick her head her into coming on early thanks for all the thumbs up guys and hi dot I'm sure I'm missing some people Jerry I said hi to mr. Q zero gravity Lisa anybody else I missed thanks guys oh hi CB your CB Joan I know I missed a lot you guys Pamela Denise Kenneth and everybody else that came by today Kia thanks hi Katrina Thank You Laura thanks so much guys so we'll see over at Janet's and then gene at four so J if you don't want to put your links in Janet comes on at wine unless you can get her to come on early gene comes on it for and these are Eastern Standard times the musical scrap or she's gonna go back I hope that she's gonna go back to working on her mixed-media lyrical song mixed-media journal so I angel is or Lisette you Orla yeah okay yeah and of course guys if you click the three dots on anybody oh let me remind you one more time on the Bell y'all to pass this along to anybody that streams or uploads videos on the Bell if if if you click the Bell one time it's going to tell you to notify you occasionally you have to click it on click it off click it on click it off two maybe three times until you see where it says all notifications you want the Bell information when you click it to say all notifications that's why some people are not getting their notifications they've clicked the Bell one time and so it only gives you some of the notifications so click it on click it off click it on until you see all notifications and do that with everybody you follow every time you go to a stream every time you watch somebody's video that you are wanting notifications for click that bale off and on off and on 2 or 3 times ok just so y'all know tell everybody else that too because people are not getting their notifications so ok guys thanks so much we will see you on hump day Wednesday and in other people's streams and and thanks again for watching my color book cachi or coloring ketchups i'm gonna do art book ketchups coloring ketchups and i'm trying to keep those videos under an hour so thanks guys for supporting those as well ok see you later thanks again and hugs piccola bye guys

13 thoughts on “Pet Portrait with Pan Pastels and Old Art Flips”

  1. Hi! Beautiful job! I am still a learning colourist and was wondering are pan pastels good for backgrounds and large spaces in colouring books? I am looking for a smoother texture for an overall coverage for large white spaces that to me pencils don't do well (or I just haven't figured out how to make them do that yet). The art store nearest me has got these in and I am curious. Thank you!

  2. Omg i set my alarm so i wouldnt miss you. need me some live dede time and slept straight threw the whole thing


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