PENCIL PALOOZA!! | Mystery Art Supplies | Premier Paletteful Packs Unboxing

Today we’re gonna be opening up the (slightly squished) August Paletteful Packs Box! let’s find out what’s inside and
make some art with it! ♪ oh hey! branding. it’s like uh what is that felt? pencil
case nothing fancy it’ll definitely work for its intended purpose the art
alternatives woodless pencil set how many boxes? the packaging!? there is a little
tin box with six pencils a 2B, 4B, and 2 6B’s – so Two 2B’s and four not 2B’s we have two these blending stumps this what they look like outside of the
packaging… … we have some lime green maggots and I see a bunch of pencils this is the
2B Wolff’s carbon Royal Sovereign pencil I’m going to assume it looks alittle charcoaly though we have a 6b, B, and 4b those pencils PENCIL PALOOZA! [reading]
“these are considered by many artists to be the finest drawing and sketching pencils available” Wow these pencils are actually made of carbon so they are supposed to have
“a fine grain and a consistent texture” the next pencil is the Generals layout
extra black number 5 5 5 this looks like a regular pencil after looking at all
those and then you see this lead it’s like a completely different color oh
this is actually a water soluble pencil it’s the All-Stabilo multi-surface
graphite pencil the last pencil in here is the generals drafting pencil which I
think it’s basically just pencil right? “2B graphite lead, great for sketching”
bladdy blah blah “retails for 81 cents” I should be putting stuff in here
(come back) we have a bunch of erasers! we have the Staedtler Mars
plastic eraser, have a black art eraser as well as my pride and joy a kneaded
eraser ❤ if we can move some of these little
maggots we get this full-size pad of the stipple texture drawing paper Oh woah
that that’s actually kind of interesting let’s see if I can focus in on this tch, yeah right but it sounds like paper so here we have all their supplies August
Paletteful packs box, aptly calling it the Pencil Palooza! 2B is honestly one of
my favorite leads personally, these are the fancy pencils this is the 6b 4B 2b and the B alright not too impressed with our fancy pencils here I feel like one
of the things I read was that it’s not supposed to like have white spots but I
think that’s the paper all right you see the difference when you use a smooth
paper versus our little bumpy skin textured paper here here’s the normal
pencil okay I kind of prefer that it doesn’t smush in like the fancy pencils
did Our water-soluble Stabilo I just noticed its got a little Swan yeah I think it’s a swan, mean it could be…no it really couldn’t be anything else could it? try that out with a
little water it gets darker and then obviously smudges around kind of the
same thing with the carbon alright but not so much with our little normal
pencil next up the Generals layout extra black
ooh I like this it’s kind of like a mix between the fancy pencil and a normal
pencil — if we try out the woodless pencils you know they’re woodless
because they shiny with this pencil you can see that there’s a graphite (well
this one it’s carbon in there) and then there’s the wood barrel that goes on the
outside these there is no wood you can actually draw when it’s this dull and
you can also use the side of it like this if it was flatter but you can
draw with every part of it except it’s just like a shiny acrylic kind of
coating just so you don’t get graphite all over your hands and obviously we can
sharpen these (oh that’s messy) graphite goes it everywhere that is all of the
pencils yep yep all seems to work pretty good my
experience with eracers is they all kind of work same except for kneaded
erasers they’re magical aww cute!! it opens there is a little pull tab and then the little lid pops off but I guess what’s
cool about this one is if you’re erasing a lot of graphite [blows eraser shavings away] you won’t see it staining your eraser this one has that tab too! [blows eraser shavings] yep erases but then you get like a
little dirty and then our kneaded eraser if you don’t already know so what I love
about kneaded erasers, you can bend them you can knead them, you can play with them,
you can sculpt with them, and you can erase with them now they don’t erase as
well as some other eracers but there’s a trade-off in that there’s no see I
didn’t have to blow any little eraser shavings anywhere so they worked really
nice if you were like me and you like drawing your sketchbook on your bed and
you don’t want to sleep in eraser shavings this is a good eraser for that when sketching I like to leave a little bit of my old sketch behind so I know
what not to do and like further my drawing so it works perfectly for like
my process and that’s why I like them it doesn’t even want to let go it’s hugging
me it loves me too I’m just gonna sketch some stuff out this
paper is definitely something that I need to get used to doesn’t quite feel
like normal paper I also really like drawing with pen I think it helps you
formulate shapes but pencils are just so classic you can erase them you can make
some really nice-looking stuff honestly I like a lot of art supplies pencils and
pens are just two of them alright we got a little character here I don’t know if
you can maybe see the texture of the paper now see the little dots? it’s not just
the lead doing that that’s actually the paper Paletteful packs actually includes
four prompt words one for each week of the month so if we look at this guy we
have week one still-life week two heroes and villains week three the year 3000 and
week four: summer those all feel completely different I want to do
Still Life, I feel like I have a funny joke for that but it might not work we’ll see I’m gonna switch to these pencils I am notorious for just finding one art
supply that I like and sticking with it I’m gonna move to the
blending stump maybe and blend out the cheek just try and use all these art
supplies together and see how they interact they’re mostly all the same
thing so I’m not entirely sure if I’ll learn anything new
ah see that’s how a pencil normally sharpens doesn’t spew graphit–what’da’heck?
thought a fly landed on the tip of this The Wolff’s Carbon doesn’t like drawing on top of
the graphite that I’ve already put down it’s that same problem I had with the
pastels I don’t know if it’s the same problem but it feels the same so we have
to draw like outside of it or at least when I do my drawing I need to make sure
I use these first cuz they don’t seem to like playing around with the other art
supplies here nice 2b yeah this is what I’m used to I tried to make it look like it
was tucked in Tada! See this guy this is a basically a mechanical eraser
it extends when you push on this end and you get a very nice skinny little fine
point eraser so you can use this to get those highlights back if you’ve gone a
little overboard – now we have to come up with like what our ideas going to be if
I do want to use that prompt word of still life , I have this idea where it’ll be
like a character kind of like posing because still life obviously is when you
like set up a few objects and then you draw them but I feel like it’d be
hilarious to do a little spin on that and have like a character being really
really stiff it’s literally posing and looking really stiff and awkward huh
maybe something like this yeah so like you know when you do like it awkward and
you just look weird I dunno its so hard to describe kind of like when you’re doing
like ‘I’m a little teapot’ it’s kind of what’s coming to mind but not quite
touching your hip here like it’d be comfortable but like sort of just
hovering over it basically trying to capture as awkward a pose as possible
without making it look like it was an accident so like I’m gonna try and pull this leg downa little just so it’s a little bit awkward what if this leg is like pointing
this way? oh that looks so weird it doesn’t look awkward enough what if we
grab this leg and like pull it up like this? hilarious and maybe we can put like
a really awkward smile I’m not sure what an awkward haircut
would be I’m good just give them a mullet
maybe if we pull the arms down a little this is probably just gonna end up
looking like I don’t know how to pose a character but I’m willing to take that
risk if we can make it look like they’re sweating like they’re really trying to
stick out this pose and not move we’ll see that’s too bouncy you definitely
have to leave at least one foot flat on the ground that might be it I don’t know let’s see if we can find something else though the other option
is just draw a character completely stiff like they’ve seen a ghost so this
might actually be harder than it looks basically symmetrical cuz I
naturally just want to give it a little motion here’s another option what am I
even doing?? see if I can use this stuff for anything not really this one is kind of speaking to me I
like the way it’s leaning forward so there’s like expression to it but it’s
also weird and stiff like the elbows are almost all 90-degree angles on this next
page here, now which pencil do I want to stick with because these carbon pencils
don’t seem to work on top of the graphite but that might be a good place
to start let’s start with a b – I’m gonna draw pretty big (okay I just don’t like this
pencil) oh well I’m gonna do it anyway theyre looking a bit this way their
shoulders are right here just trying to figure out where all the
elements are going on the page you don’t need to be too exact not quite touching I’ll try to make them cute because they’re gonna look stupid either way and
they deserve it mullet mm-hmm and then this hand I had
coming out this way I’m kind of like breaking all my drawing rules right nooow let’s try to bring some like form and
shape to this now that I’ve figured out that the character does fit on the page all right so in this new sketch if we can hurt to the old sketch my characters
like leaning forward more and this one’s not so now this leg does not make sense
so I’m either going to have to erase it or change everything up so I’m gonna
find erasing it first just lightly see if we can fix what we messed up I don’t know that doesn’t hmmm…. the old character is definitely leaning over more – I’ll have to pull this leg backwards a
little bit more just gonna make it look a little less awkward….. no that still
looks awkward what am I talking about it’s losing a lot of what I liked about
that sketch it’s not as loose while still trying to be ‘still’ draw the whole
body again this is where a Kneaded eracer is really handy because we erase it like this and we’ll still be able to see our old sketch underneath so we know
what not to do you basically just need to turn their body and lean them a
little bit more forward raise some of those lines we don’t need anymore
actually this eraser doesn’t even seem to erase this carbon all that well do I like this better? do I like this better? do I like this better? our beautiful mullet move over to this smudger here for the cheekies no now she looks
really embarrassed it was definitely pushing me outside of
my comfort zone and I’m kind of enjoying the challenge it’s like trying to draw
something stiff without it looking….. stiff that’s not…uh..i dunno who what if we put her in
like yoga gear like it’s her first time trying to do yoga
she bought a whole new outfit just for it once I get this hand straightened out
then we can start working on adding tones to everything and making sure
there’s nice contrast and a variety of the tones just awkward enough alright let’s move into adding some
tones so I’d like like the clothes to be a lot darker than the rest of this – maybe these?
color this in and push really really hard that’s right it doesn’t stick to
the graphite golly okay we’ll see how we can work with this smudger helps with
this [smudging, scratching sounds] I seem to need to be a little darker right there go ahead and start
filling this in now it’s not gonna work awesome cuz I did put the graphite over
this let’s see if we can make this a little bit lighter I’m gonna do that and
then smudge it let’s try and make the leggings then even later oh wait okay I
want this middle section to be white or the outer section? probably the outer
section makes more sense let’s add some carbon to these inner-section of the
leggings this seem to darken when I adds a blending stump just use what’s left to
color in this area now I want this section here so this
will be white these little lines there and this I want to be gray so maybe I’ll
use the water soluble one fill those in and then add water fill that in one
solid color I just need it to be a little lighter than the rest I’d like these
white bits to pop so I would like the skin to be just a little bit darker here
so let’s see if I can just add water as it is and see if that darkens it up then
we can still add like shading on top of that — I think once you add water
it’s not going to be erasable so hopefully I’m doing this in the right
order definitely grab that eraser and
lightening this up even more she looks like Shamu! and darken up the hair as
much as possible I did put that graphite there so this is not quite working with the dark
pigment I really really want wonder if i erase maybe and then go over that area again that’s working better there we go we found a solution I have a blending stump
and fill in all those little white areas blending!! blend blend blend try using a
white gel pen see if we can use it for some finer details definitely not as
fine a point as my mechanical pencil just feel like I can’t get very fine
details and I feel like I’m drawing rather large compared to how I usually draw and
with my mechanical pencil my point 5 lead I can give a lot more details than
this and it erases better than these I am I’m really not a fan of these
schmancy fancy pencils that what did it say?
let me quote it correctly: “considered by many artists to be the finest drawing
and sketching pencils available” noooo don’t need these schmancy pantsy pencils and you definitely can’t mix these pencils with graphite pencils
because they don’t work on top of them just seems like there’s too many
limitations if it’s a rating between woo hoo and poopoo
– I give it a poopoo [laughs] it’s kind of interesting testing out new pencils that
I’ve never used before and seeing how they work together and things like that
but definitely enjoy my actually I just had to buy more by 0.5 millimeter, 2B
hardness it was like $2 for all this – it came with 3 packs I feel like it draws
light for when you’re like sketching and then you can go in with the fine points
and darken up the lines and it works really really nice for that but even though
they’re not my cup of tea they’re definitely art supplies that I’ve seen a
lot of different artists use but I think as an artist and you grow you learn
what art supplies you like to use the best and what works the best for your
art process and these schmancy pencils are not for me do want to thank you guys
for watching I also want to thank Paletteful for sending me this box to try
out and to share with you guys I’ll also be giving away these art supplies so
there’ll be a link in the description for the giveaway where I’ll pass these
art supplies on to one of you Thank You Guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next
week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! ♪

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