Papercut collection & Papercut artwork prints (ACEOs)

Hi, welcome back. A while ago, I shared a
video about a lot of afforable ways to store papercuts. I thought it would be fun to share
my whole papercut collection which isn’t that big right now but these are some I have made
over the years. The first one is a lovely owl on top a pile of books. Owls often symbolise
wisdom and mystery which I think this piece shows. It’s a miniature one, it’s
a bit smaller than my palm. I used 110 gsm paper from a sketchbook so it’s a bit yellow
now, it has been sitting on my desk for a long time which is why I now seal the
papercuts in these bags. In the next bag, I have a lovely mandala. If you’re subscribed to my channel, you might
have seen that I posted the whole timelapse that
shows the process of cutting it. There are also two mini flowers, only 5 cm in diameter.
These are from a different video as well, there were three flowers but I used one of
them in my art journal. All of these are delicate and it’s amazing to hold them in your hand.
I loved cutting all of them. Continuing with miniatures, these are five
landmarks which were a challenge to cut. As I knew I would film the video of cutting them,
I used three simple silhouettes and two detailed templates so that everyone
can find something for themselves. The templates are available for download over at my blog
for free if you’re interested. The last piece, a girl sitting on the moon
is from a different project, but it’s so tiny that I wanted to keep it together with other
miniatures. Speaking of which, these
are the last miniatures, I promise, I have some frames as well. I like to use these for
scrapbooking and art journaling, but I’m keeping them stored until I find a place for them.
Just like the flowers, their size is around 5 cm. I took all of these bags at random but
now I see these are all free templates in a row. The lady cameo was added a while ago,
It’s still relatively simple and easy to cut. The next one is my first negative papercut
with a simple sentiment and flowers. The flowers are extremely easy to
cut out but the letters are challenging. This would look great with infills or on the front
of a card. I have two more mandalas, they look a bit similar at first glance but then
it’s easier to see how different they are. One has a spiky border while the other one
resembles feathers. There is a lot of curved lines to cut out here so it took
a lot of time to produce these, probably more than four hours for each of these. One of my favorites is the ship papercut,
it’s detailed and intricate. I tried to stay true to the template
with a few improvisations. It’s small and looks great on dark blue or navy blue background.
The next papercut is in French. I posted a photo of an ACEO of this papercut,
but with infills and the English version of the saying. I think this one looks better,
especially without the infills as I always like to keep things simple. For all
travellers out there and those who love to explore the world this is the perfect saying
and papercut to remind you of it. I drew a few things that are associated with
travelling, such as a suitcase, globe, compass and hourglass. The next papercut is the most
popular one, a ballet dancer/ballerina surrounded by butterflies.
It’s an oval papercut and even though I’m not sure why so many people enjoy it so much,
I’m glad they do. The next one is associated with spring, I first made a 1.5 cm papercut
pendant and later turned it into a template to cut out a full size papercut. The pendant
isn’t as detailed, of course, but it is very similar. Here I used a 120 gsm pearlescent
white paper so it’s very shimmery and there’s no need for infills. Last of all, my anchor
papercut is what I started with, it’s my first template ever which you can probably see
as it’s not as detailed and intricate as other pieces. Still, I love it and it’s also very
popular. Now that you’ve seen my collection, I had a few ACEO prints on hand so I
thought why not show them. I took a photo of the papercuts, did some editing on my laptop,
added a background and printed them in ACEO size. I store them in plastic pockets to
protect them from dust and water. Some of these are resealable, others have an open
top but I haven’t had any problems with the prints. Many of them haven’t been shown as
a part of the collection since I don’t have them anymore,
I gave them away but I do have a few prints left. It’s a great way to present your papercuts
in a different way and I often use the prints as gift tags or a gift bag for small jewellery
or treats. It’s fun to use papercuts for other things, not just as wall decorations. I hope
you’ll give paper cutting a try and if you have any questions or comments
(or would like to share photos of your collection), please leave them below or over at my Facebook
page. Thank you for joining me.

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