Painting with the CHEAPEST oil paints I could find

Painting with the CHEAPEST oil paints I could find

hi for today's video I am going to be painting at the cheapest oil paint set I could find in this cosmic 3 house it's cheap and here about the pink like I think I've picked believer today let's get started orange this doesn't feel like oil paint it's not perfection today oh that's Matson that's purple actually no I need pink that's a nice you know typically in painting you do have two types of yellows I'm going to go back you have a lemon yellow and you have like a KTM yellow and the KTM tends to have a bit more of a tap orange vibrant tone to it that time to be I was actually really good to have her mixing starting to go a bit past their date when it brought like this part yellow stuff form around it some of that oh this one had a big air pocket in it so it's really happy I'm going out the colors out there now we go for the burn it's done that thing sometimes you get like a nice rich brown and then you get from reddish-brown not let the reddish Browns bad red red it looks a bit like an ivory black anyway I'm being picky overall I'd say it's pretty good let's sketch this out and here we go starting with his face and placing the darker tones here first because I wanted to look shadowed I realize I probably go into more complicated piece that I shouldn't really spades the first thing I noticed when using them is that they don't spread very easily the best way I can describe it is it's like I'm gonna scratch the color into the canvas if it blends a bit well when you first place it but it appears to dry a lot quicker and then why proper oil paints and gives off this chalky effect to me it kind of resembles pastels and I'm not very good at working with pastels I'm reading less details to start out because I just want to get the general colors down first and I am painting a lemur today this is based on one I saw my local – I tend to go to my zoo for inspiration and the animal pieces because they have it simple solution and I tend to just go with my sketchbook and sketch the animals so it's a lot of fun working with these pages of bit funny to me because I don't think I've ever worked with cheaper oil paints before I have worked with cheap acrylics and often they'll pick the cheaper acrylics over the fine art ones I just like it I like the craft acrylic paint and sometimes by other artists and things I'd take it pokes find out for that but I just like the craft acrylic paints I like how they cover a lot of space and they're not too hard to blend they're easy to mix if it's more for fun and pleasure I'd always recommend the cheaper ones they do work just as well that being said cheaper paint does tend to be a bit less vibrant doesn't hold this color as well when it dries more often than not it is very runny and not heavy body and texture so for a proper piece it does require more layers and the texture the pink makes harder to spread which out of all of those that's the one I'm struggling with here it's a bit hard to see that because this is sped up quite a bit though I have slowed it down for my novel right normally I'm just down 30 seconds so I'm already going on two minutes cool the idea behind this piece is the Lemur is poking out behind a tree with this tree I'm having it so the bark looks like it's gone off in a few areas and the paint it's starting to chalk up a bit I really need a mix of linseed oil or something in it say get a spread butter but we're just going to paint today before adding more details on him I'm gonna do the background for the background I'm gonna paint it penny bolt if you don't know that is it's a mixture of pink blue and purple but a bit heavier on the blue and the clouds I'm doing strawberry clouds and I do like making clouds of oil paint it is it's so easy I just I can't describe how easy this so for the clouds I am using pink and yellow tones and some darker purple tones kind of matching the tones in the tree here and the tones on his highlights and then I'm trying to add some hair details to him but the paint underneath has dried quite a bit for oil heat and therefore doing fine hair details it's just not gonna happen not gonna happen as much as I'd like it to we're gonna paint a wood board and for good times you just mix white and cream and brown and streak them together don't go to very low you want that streak to come through then repeating the words and labor in life in case people can't tell if the lemur and just think it's a demon creature cuz that's the face its kind of makin but it's okay it's alright add a little scratched and lemur graphic and I'd say we're about that I've enjoyed doing this but I do think I'm gonna go over this with my proper well paint and they can look a lot better but for the videos purpose this is why I've done this is what I've achieved yeah so that was me pinky with some really cheap it'll get it better I just do have my own paints that I do like once I use like on this one I'm very like I do have my golden pin giveaway so please leave a nice comment down below and I will see you guys again sometimes I don't know what day I keep messing up my days just know that one day during the week there will be a video I'm shooting for Monday's right now but any support helps just just know I'm not very reliable okay okay bye my size five

39 thoughts on “Painting with the CHEAPEST oil paints I could find”

  1. I’m new at oil painting do I have to use mediums or oils with the paint or can I use it on it’s own ??

  2. Jamie you are so amazingly talented! It shows through your unique ability to adapt to any new supplies or techniques. I really adore the work that you do, thank you for inspiring so many like me ❤️

  3. How long do you let you oil paintings dry before you varnish them? I am going to start working with oils soon – buying the Bob Ross set cause Bob is LIFE – and I've heard anywhere from 1 month to 8-12 months.

  4. Love it! Can you do a vidoe about painting clouds in oil? They're so pretty, I'd never guess that they're easy!

  5. This is amazing! I love Lemurs so it's really cool that you did one and made it look so good ❤❤❤
    I always struggle with getting oil paint to spread so I was wondering if you had any tips

  6. Your skills are so inspiring! I will be starting a new project & I love to binge watch your videos before each project to get painting lessons. Thank you!

  7. LOL. loved the “lemurlife” board—want one for my house hahahah.
    your intro was so cute! and love the little voiceover ☺️

  8. Please please please do a sketchbook tour showing your figure studies and sketches from the zoo! ❤️

  9. Please show the Lemur painting again when you have gone over it, I'm interested to see the difference as I already think this is amazing!

  10. Jamie: I’m just gonna see how this goes and whether or not I have enough paint.

    Me: Ugh, same! Biggest worry.

    Jamie: I think that’s my main worry.

    #ArtistProblems 😆

    Edit: I also love the cheap acrylic paints too!! It’s so much easier to work with because it’s so much thinner and more opaque.
    Artist grade acrylic paint is great too.. just takes way longer to get where I want it. 😆

  11. Jamie, you are so good at what you do. And you seem to really enjoy it, which makes us really enjoy watching you. And this video really proves that you are able to produce art with out buying really expencive paint. It makes me hopeful for myself.

  12. But when you use the craft paint it won’t last for years and years even after you seal it. I used cheaper paint when I first began and now they have patches in it and all a yellow tone. It doesn’t have the stuff in it like the better brands that makes it archival and last a long time. So I wouldn’t sell someone a painting with cheap paint because they’re not going to get their moneys worth.

  13. This is actually really inspiring, because it shows that even though I can't afford high quality paints and stuff if I practice & practice I can still make something awesome!

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