Painting with Gouache – Mail Art – Make a Card Monday #283

– [Kristina] Hi everyone, Kristina here, welcome to another Make
a Card Monday video. Today's video is going to be more about the envelope than the card. I needed to do an envelope to
go with my mail art rainbow over at Instagram. If you're interested in
seeing lots of mail art, I am not sharing a video
with them most of the time, but you can see all the
envelopes over at Instagram, so, there's a link down below
in the video description to my Instagram account. Anyway, within the rainbow
of all my mail art envelopes, I'm in the middle of green, and I needed to create a
green envelope for today, so I thought, why not incorporate that into my weekly Monday video? Gonna be using the Daisy Bouquet stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. This came out a couple months ago. And I'm going to create
a really simple card, and then a little bit more
of an involved envelope, with some lettering on it. So I'm gonna start out with the card. Using a five by seven envelope, so first I'm going to cut my card stock so that it's for a five by seven card. Got two pieces here, apparently. So I'm going to cut this down to 10 inches, and then seven inches this direction. So then I can fold it in half, and it will be the perfect size for a five by seven card. Have my Scor-Buddy here, from Scor-Pal, and I'll just score this at five inches. Turn this to make sure it goes all the way to that end there. All right, and I'm gonna do
a little bit of stamping. Like I said before, this is
going to be a very simple card since I wanna spend a little
more time on the envelope. So, I'm just gonna do
really simple stamping. Gonna take this single daisy stamp, kind of right in the center a little bit. I'm gonna have a greeting,
a sentiment right there, so I just want this one right there. And I'm stamping that in
VersaFine Onyx Black ink. And then I'm going to
put this "hello there" off to the side. Stamping that in the same ink. And before I put my Misti tool away, I'm gonna go ahead and
stamp the envelope as well. So, this is a green
envelope from Paper Source. It's five by seven. And I'm going to be stamping on this side right here, and have it kinda go off the end. So I'm gonna put it up
here in this top corner, and I'm going to use the really large image with all of those flowers on it. And just gonna have it
be like right there. So I'm only getting about, I don't know, 3/4 of an image. In fact, I'm gonna have to
have this come out a little bit so that it fits. And I'm going to use
Antique Linen Distress Ink, because I'm going to try, gonna try a little bit of
no-line coloring on this, and I'm gonna be using
some gouache paints, so I'm gonna try to do a very, very thin light layer of gouache, since this is not watercolor paper. Gonna try to make it work. All right, gonna stamp this one more time just so I have a really good impression. Going to be working on this palette from Art Impressions today, and I have this set of 12 gouache colors, which I've used the white, so I have a separate tube of this white that's a little bit bigger. I'm mostly just going to
use this lemon yellow, little bit for the center of the flowers. Actually maybe I'll use this ochre. Mm, I think I will use the ochre. So the yellow ochre, I've got white, and then I think I'll
use just a little bit of the ivory black, just to tint a little bit of that white so I can get some shading on the petals. But basically I wanna use this
paint really, really thick. I don't wanna add a ton of water to it, because this isn't watercolor paper, I don't wanna overwhelm the
paper with a bunch of moisture. So, this is fairly dangerous, using not watercolor paper for this. I usually advise everyone watching me to use only watercolor paper
with watercolor paints, just because it is so hard to make sure you don't overwhelm the paper. But I'm gonna try it today. It would probably be easier to
do this with acrylic paints, but I don't have any acrylic paints, so, we're improvising today. (laughs) All right, I'm going to start with the center of the flowers. And the main difference between gouache and regular watercolor is that the paint is more opaque. You know, I think I will
do that lemon yellow. I'm not liking how brown this is turning. Think that'll look really
good on top of that. But I might use that brown to shade the yellow areas on the flowers. So I'm not gonna be super careful when I'm painting these for now, I just wanna get the color on there. And then I can come in
later and do a little bit of the detail. And i'm only adding enough
water to the gouache to make it so I can paint with it. I don't want a ton of
extra moisture beyond that, so just a tiny bit of water. The thing that's really cool about gouache is that if I go over
any areas by accident, I can go over the top with, you know, whatever I'd missed. (laughs) All right, I do like the idea
of having a little bit of this brown shade, maybe
just around the edges, just a little bit. And maybe in the center. I kinda like that idea. All right, so I'm gonna get a good puddle of this white gouache going. I don't wanna add a ton of water, 'cause I don't wanna
lose all of the opacity, but I also wanna make sure
that I have the opportunity to add a little bit of shading. So, in fact I'm gonna move this off so I have a place to rest my hand, and i'm only going to paint every other petal for now, because I don't want to lose
all the lines completely. And then I won't know what I'm painting. Gonna add a little bit of that, I've added a little bit of the black. Here, let me get this on camera for you. I added a little bit of
the black to create a gray, and I'm going to just add in a little bit of shading on the petals. I don't wanna add a ton of
detail, just a little bit. Just adding like little strokes coming out from
the center of the flower. Okay, so, that's generally
how I'm going to paint all of these flowers. Gonna do kind of every other petal, and then add a little bit of shading, then I'll go back in and add
more shading as I go along. And I'm gonna keep
continuing the painting. I will catch up with you at the end. (peaceful music) All right, there is the envelope, looks like I got a little spot up here, but that should be covered
by my postage stamps. So now I'm gonna move on to the card, and I'm going to do very simple colored pencil coloring on the card. I'm using a Faber Pastel
Polychromos pencil, and I'm just gonna go over
all of these petals in white. I'm not being really super precise, I'm just putting the color down. Adding a yellow to this center area, and I'm also doing a nice
green shade for the stem. This is a really easy coloring. All right, I'm taking a gray shade, and I'm just going to add
a little bit of shading on the petals that are
underneath the other petals, or like right up against the center. I just wanna add just a
little bit of shading. It's gonna really pack a punch when it's just a little bit
of shading on such a simple coloring of the rest of the image. And I'm going to take my white pencil, and I'm just going to do a little line down one side of the stem. That's just gonna give it a
little bit of a highlight. And the last thing to
do to finish this card, like I said, this is gonna be
a super, super simple card, is I'm going to take a, let's see, a number 10 Gelly Roll pen, and a ruler, and just add a
border along the outside edge. All right, I'm going to pencil
in the recipient's address. Today's envelope is
going to Jessica Smith. Thank you so much, Jessica, for allowing me to use your
mailing address on an envelope. I appreciate it so, so much. (peaceful music) So, just like the card, I'm actually going to
go around the outer edge and add a white border. I think it'll look really, really nice just set off the edges of the envelope. All right, and all I need
now is postage up here. I like to use a water brush to wet the back of these postage stamps that need moisture to adhere. And then I get the
perfect amount on there, and I don't have to
make a mess or anything. And there is the card and
envelope set for today. Hope you guys enjoyed, I kinda wanted to explore using gouache painting that set of flowers,
I think it turned out great. Really messy painting,
nothing too particular, just a bit time-consuming, so take your time, you can totally do it. Thank you so much for watching today. All of my supplies that I
use are listed down below in the video description
with links to online stores. I appreciate it when you
shop through those links. And if you wanna see even
more projects like this, with mail art, let me
know down in the comments. Let me know if you wanna see more ideas for how to decorate envelopes. And don't forget to
check out my Instagram. I'm doing lots and lots of
envelopes over there, so, thank you so much for watching today. Onscreen I've got three more
videos for you to check out. These are all going to be
videos featuring mail art or envelope designs. Once again, thank you so
much for watching today. I appreciate you guys so, so much, and you make it possible
for me to do this every day, so I really wanna let you guys know that I'm grateful for you guys tuning in. Thanks so much for watching, and I'll see you guys in the next video.

32 thoughts on “Painting with Gouache – Mail Art – Make a Card Monday #283”

  1. STUNNING!!!!! envelope design. What a wonderful gift for the recipient. I’m sure she will be thrilled. I know I would! 👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Beautiful card & envelope!!! Two questions. Did you put a piece of paper inside the envelope when you were painting, to help it not to seep through to the back? Also, what kind of eraser do you use to erase your address lines when you’re done? Thanks! 😁

  3. Such a beautiful card and envelope. Thanks for sharing. Yes I enjoy watching mail art video because you do such a great job. I get a lot of my inspiration from watching your video. I like the colored envelope because I always stick to white envelope but now this video has given me some ideas to try colored envelope.

  4. Those flowers came to life with your shading! Love your mail art! Never get enough! So good! 💕🙋‍♀️

  5. Well, WOW! You certainly nailed the moisture content on non-watercolor paper. Jessica will cherish this!

  6. Wow, love the look of gouache, this envelope is gorgeous! I do love seeing envelope ideas and hope you do more with guoache! I got some white guoache and have been mixing it with my traditional water colors, works out great and saves $ 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for explaining what gouache really means. Previously I had only seen white and thought if it more as similar to the stain remover paint for walls, like bullseye for example. I can certainly see why a person might need these in their arsenal of paints. Lovely as always. How would I go about adding my name to your list of recipients for card art? I would love to frame one of your pieces for the wall in my craft room. 💞

  8. You are such an incredible artist & crafter, Kristina! I so enjoy watching you create and IMHO, so professionally made that it adds another element to the overall experience. Thank you, dear!

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