33 thoughts on “Original Zodiac Artwork by Alyssa Trahan”

  1. I actually bawled while u read the taurus painting because it touched a nerve. where as I am a taurus. I love this video on so many levels. it really opens up something in my mind when listening to it.

  2. Ask I think that the sea goat was a misunderstood historical depiction of something else or something extinct like dragons/dinosaurs. Or maybe it was a sea dwelling Viking with scales armor and horned helmet. And you mean authoritarian not authoritative. I’m just trying to help you communicate more effectively cuz you are second guessing your words n I wish you didn’t do that little tipping on yourself thing. Your too cool for that. <:)

  3. Also after seeing the colors you chose. You might wanna look into possibly being a tetrachromad . I picked some crazy colors kinda. Or maybe it’s just a. Stronger third eye thing than mine n stuff

  4. Automatically saw libra drowning in emotions and personal conflict but still trying to remain calm and smiling. Maybe my situation influenced that interpretation πŸ™ƒ

  5. I just discovered something and i dont know who else to ask, cus ur the best person at interpreting astrology that i know of… me and my sister have all the houses in the exact same signs, and we were born two years apart. Just that fact is crazy but there’s more.. all of our houses are in its opposite signs (the opposite sign of their ruling sign). So the fifth is in Aquarius, seventh is in Aries, tenth in cancer etc. What does this mean??

  6. Aquarius is the best one and I'm not just saying that because I'm an Aquarius. Virgo as an honorable mention not just saying that because I'm a Virgo rising either lol.

    I did like the colors in the Cancer one too and I have 0 significant placements there so yeah…

  7. I've thought about leaving you a comment for a while but didn't want to sound creepy. I've studied astrology for a long time and realised a couple years back that I was born the same day and year as yourself. I have a Gemini asc though. Anyway, I came across this video today and It made me smile because I'm an artist too. Your Sagittarius painting was easily my favourite but I especially enjoyed how you talked about your work. <3 best wishes

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