ONE PIECE Chapter 965: The Kurozumi Clan Conspiracy | Review

Chapter 965
What is it with these wholesome chapters at the moment? With every new chapter, it gets
clearer and clearer that this flashback really works as a standalone story arc with a main
protagonist, a main opponent, an epic journey and everything else a great story needs. This
story is basically what One Piece would have been like if Oda had wanted to turn One Piece
into a single-volume story. And how did that work out? But in all seriousness, while every
of these chapters obviously works especially well, since we already know so much about
the story world of One Piece and its characters, if you go back to the start of the flashback
and pretend you don´t know nothing about it, it still works perfectly from a storytelling
perspective. The hero is introduced with a clear desire: Seeing the world. He has a moral
need: Learning how to take responsibility and save his country. And we have his allies
and opponents, that in some shape or form are a variation to that theme. There are more
elements in this, that explain why this arc works so well in isolation. But what makes
it even better of course is the fact that we already have an extensive amount of background
knowledge about many of the people and places involved. And knowing how legendary the likes
of Whitebeard and Roger truly are, raises the stakes of the entire sequence immensely.
While I have been complaining that I would have liked to see more focus on the scabbards,
with the way the flashback is playing out now, I take that statement back. Because in
the presence of characters like Whitebeard, Roger and Co, Oden really is the only logical
choice as a focus and main character of this story, if you don´t want your hero to sink
into irrelevance next to these other legends. Enough rumbling now however, let´s get into
this awesome chapter full of adventure and intrigue.
This chapter is split into two parts. One focusing on Oden, Whitebeard and Roger and
one focusing on Orochi. And since both are so impactful, it´s hard to say which one
is supposed to be the subplot here. Chapter 965 of One Piece is out. And I guess
we start off with the continuation of Oden´s journey. As always, I can´t wait to hear
your thoughts on this one. So make sure to let me know in the comments. Also, if you
enjoy this type of video, consider giving it a thumbs up and hitting the subscribe button.
While learning more and more about the world of One Piece, Oden seems to be more interested
in Geography than Tekking. While studying a ridiculously undetailed map of the world,
Toki reveals to us, that as expected she has roots in Wano. Even though she has never been
there before. I really can´t wait to get a small glimpse of her past and of the void
century from her. However, she seems to have finally found the purpose of her time travels
in Oden and we get the possibly shortest love story of all time between the two. Because
literally 5 panels later we already see Momo being born on board of the Whitebeard Pirate´s
ship. We see Whitebeard himself finally splitting up his crew into divisions, when it starts
getting too big. And Oden is named as the second division commander and therefore Ace´s
predecessor. His reaction to having to take responsibility however shows us just how adverse
Oden is to leadership. This will have to be the main point of development for his character
in this flashback: Learning how to take responsibility for his country and his people and how to
use his power for the sake of others. Then we actually get to see a young Blackbeard
joining the crew. And even though we don´t get to see any further interactions from him
in this chapter, it is already great to see that he and Oden actually got to meet. It
is pretty much impossible to say at this point if he is only a kid or actually already harbors
his dark thoughts and plans. I guess he most likely does. However, I am very certain we
will be getting an entire flashback for Blackbeard once it is time for Luffy´s final battle
against him. I´m sure there is a lot to learn there as well. Finally, we make another jump
in time into the fourth year of Oden traveling with Whitebeard. The crew witnesses all animals,
including sea kings, fleeing from an island we know just to well: Rusukaina. Where Luffy
was trained by Rayleigh. And we now also know how Rayleigh knew about the island. Because
he is there. With Roger and their crew. And my god, how badass is that last panel? Rayleigh
and Roger are looking absolutely brutal in here. But we also see a fishman in the background,
that I don´t think we have ever seen before. And he also looks like a beast. Of course,
we also have Buggy and Shanks there, who seem to appear in almost every other chapter now.
And I am starting to suspect that Buggy might play a much bigger role towards the end of
the story than I thought possible for a long time. AND we have Scopper Gaban, who I hope
everyone is now convinced is NOT Denjiro haha. And I think it is pretty fair to speculate
that this will be the time when Oden joins up with Roger to travel to Raftel. And also,
no doubt, that Toki will have her hands in that decision. I am fairly certain that she
will be aware of Roger´s importance. And speaking of Roger: Even though his sickness
seems to be quite advanced at this point, he seems to be in very good shape and in even
better spirit. You can tell that Rayleigh is quite concerned about his captain´s health,
but Roger just seems to enjoy his life to the fullest. I really can´t wait to see all
these monsters coming together in the next few chapters.
But now it´s time to get to the other plot in this chapter, which might not contain as
much bare-chested manliness and childbirth, but instead delivers us intrigues and mystery.
We see Sukiyaki on his deathbed surrounded by the remaining four Daimyo, with one looking
so much like Zoro, that it´s not even subtle. Sukiyaki has decided to make Orochi the substitute
ruler of Wano while Oden is away. Naturally, Yasu immediately gets suspicious of Orochi,
who reveals his family name for the first time. Because as it turns out that the Kurozumi
clan used to be a Daimyo family as well that used to reigned over Kuri. However, the clan
was later disbanded by the Shogun for attempting to take the power over Wano. And we finally
get a backstory and motivation for Orochi. As it turns out, Orochi was raised by his
grandmother, a witch-like character that told Orochi about how his grandfather assassinated
the other Daimyos and attempted to overthrow the Kozuki. In the end he failed and was forced
to take his own life. It is interesting to note that the old woman gives a strikingly
similar speech to the one Doflamingo gave about justice and how the ones in power ultimately
decide what is right and what is wrong. And on another interesting note: All of the families
in power have the Japanese character for Moon in their name, except the Kurozumi clan. And
it is also important to mention that one of the daimyo families is the Amatsuki clan.
In other words, Toki´s clan. Not only does this suggest once gain the importance of the
moon, but also shows us that Toki´s clan still continued to this day. The old woman
then reveals something even more confusing: The power of Mr. 2´s Mane Mane fruit. Which
once again raises a whole lot of questions in my mind. She seems to be the true mastermind
behind Orochi´s betrayal and guides him the way of how to topple the Shogun and take the
position of Shogun for himself. As we suspected, joining Yasu was all part of the plan. But
what we didn´t know, was how close Orochi actually managed to get to Oden. So much so
that Oden called him his younger brother and he even was the one to introduce him to his
father. He was the one responsible for giving the Shogun his medicine, which in turn made
it easy for him to poison him. As it turns out however, the old woman had also taken
the identify of Sukiyaki´s advisor. And I seriously wonder, what the hell happened to
her. She must have died at some point, since her devil fruit belongs now to someone else.
Unless of course Mr. 2 is not who he says he is. Tough that would feel very contrary
to his character so far. But I think it is astounding how Orochi was manipulated into
taking power by this old and bitter woman. She planned everything and even gave Orochi
his devil fruit. And at this point I truly wonder, how everything will play out. Because
Oden will become Shogun, so Orochi will have to relinquish his power at some point and
then take it back. I can´t wait to see how this all unfolds.
All in all, guys, this chapter was filled with so much incredible stuff, I can´t wait
to see all of your thoughts and theories on this. So, make sure to share your thoughts.
And if you enjoyed this video don´t forget to like it, share it and smash that subscribe
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