One DRAWING, Three STYLES - Exploring my Art Style

One DRAWING, Three STYLES – Exploring my Art Style

hi everyone so this video is going to be a style video but it's gonna be different from the other ones I've made where I'm just kind of like talking about finding your style and this one is gonna be me actually experimenting with my rendering style and when I say rendering what I mean is the way you actually resolve a piece so drawing style is one thing you know like having simplistic eyes simple hair little details within the shapes very liner heavy sort of style that's that's one thing your drawing style but there's another one that's how you actually paint things or draw things or render them or resolve them so basically like how you color and how you shade and everything like that so in this video I'm gonna be taking this sketch which is actually I'm a sketch for a sticker for my patrons for this month but I like the sketch and I want to experiment with it three different ways my rendering style so one of them I'm gonna try to make it how I normally do things and then I'm gonna make two versions of it where I try to approach things a little bit differently or use different media so I would highly encourage you to also try doing this I've been on a watercolor kick lately I always use watercolor for everything but I've been very into the same sort of routine because I've been really enjoying it but I want to kind of like actively try to do something different today so I'll have three different versions of how I render something I always like to explore new things and try new stuff with my art I've been kind of defaulting to watercolor and my usual routine so I want to kind of explore a little bit today and just give myself the freedom to do some things that I haven't done in a while or do something different or maybe discover a new sort of technique because I always feel like there's something there there's something there's a way I want to draw and it's just out of reach and I can never quite grasp it but I'm sure a lot of people feel this way and the way to grasp it is to try to find it I guess and look for it sometimes it find you but you the actual sticker design for my patient's will probably have a different color palette that what I'm gonna do and there isn't really necessarily a normal way I do things what I mean is like the way I have been doing it lately I usually like to wet the page first just to kind of make it a little bit damp so the colors appear a little bit softer in the beginning let's use my bigger brush if I want her hair to be blue I'm so excited I'm getting new watercolors soon okay so blue for her hair let's just drop it in not being too afraid has it's a experiment I really love pinkish orange colors I guess that's coral my hand has been kind of sore today so it's nice to do water color cuz water color doesn't make my hand hurt I think the birds could be a bright blue man I wish I had a lighter blue doing something purely with water color can take so much longer but you can look cooler so I think I definitely want to try that here or at least less pencil than what I would normally use the masking tape feels sticky so that's pretty much one way of how I render things how I paint things it's a little bit rough around the edges but it kind of gives you an idea of how I usually do things and I'm excited to move on to another one where I'm gonna try some new stuff or stuff that I don't normally do maybe I'll do a lot of pencil heavy stuff for this so oh and also this has ink splatters on it because this was kind of a scrap piece of watercolor paper so so the way I want to start this one is I kind of want to lay down the lightest wash of the basic colors and then I'm gonna go in with some pencil on top I by no means ever want to do something with just pencil because I just can't I can't do that it's too much it hurts my hand and I just don't enjoy it but I like to kind of start things out with pencil and just use it to get some energetic lines going and then maybe going with some pastel what our color I really like including geometric sort of lines in it like hatching that can kind of be like in shapes I'm gonna add another watercolor wash make the hair more blue just added some more watercolor on top of it and I'm going to dry it now the colors aren't going to be exactly the same from one to another I'm kind of trying to make them as similar as I can just cuz I'm using different media so this is more of a like hatching lying sort of approach that I always mean to do more and I just never do it's kind of easy to muddy it up doing it this way I don't want to use some pastel pastel is really nice as messy as it is it's a good tool so if I wanted like some pink in the hair I could lightly just just add a little bit it's kind of hard to control though so it's kind of like a mix of soft and hard edges in watercolor I wonder if the watercolor would help blend this out of it or just water maybe a little maybe on her skin too because it needs to be a little bit smoother so far I do prefer this one better but I think I definitely overdid it with this one also because it's more heavily using pencil I tend to muddy things up really quickly I mean use pencils so this one isn't probably what I do and this isn't exactly what I had in mind so I might do a redo of this I'm not sure so I'm going to start a third option this one I want to make it really soft as opposed to this one with a lot of lines and I just don't not big fan of that one like I just said um but I want this one to be softer think the best way to make this kind of soft is to also start with watercolor some rendering styles are sort of dependent on the type of colors used but I'm kind of trying to make all the colors look the same so it's mostly just I guess the types of colors and shadows used I think I need to go a bit heavier on the color so that I don't have to do multiple washes so I'm going to try to do that I'm trying to make this one very watery very bleeds into each other and then we got to try to do the softest lines on top and not do anything too harsh so I think it's okay every time something doesn't turn out especially if it's a video I can't stop thinking about it I'm trying to not get too worked up about this because even though it's not exactly what I want it's not terrible it's just what I know not to do like I learned things from that that I will remember to not make like those mistakes again in future pieces where I want to be a bit more experimental so trying to not let it bother me and just move on to this one and if I really want to I can do a third experiment but I don't know if I will if you need to lift cover color out of areas just drag your brush and go in and take it out I'm trying to make the background color blend in with everything and whenever it's kind of very wet like this you can go in there there comes a window there's a window where you can add things and it won't move color and push it and make this ugly splotch there's a window where you can add in more color and I won't do that but once it starts to dry a little bit and you're adding down color that's wetter than what's below it and it just kind of messes everything up so I'm gonna try to add in little bits of color while I still can just little modifications try to take out color I think the key here will be leaving it alone and not going in and adding layers and layers of stuff I just want to let it be I say that now but will I do that will I do that I do not know this water color definitely granulates of it I don't mind that actually but I wish it would stayed this color when it dried but that doesn't happen it always dulls down a lot I'm wondering if the new water colors I'm getting will be different I'm kind of excited to try a different brand so I think I might to do two washes in total and I'm gonna try not to I'm gonna do lines but they're gonna be soft colors so basically I've been doing three different ways of me trying to render something but using sort of basically the same materials you can do a lot of different things with the same materials okay so that's a nice base for everything and I think everything going forward I want to make it wet on wet so I'm gonna try to wet areas before I add the color you just kind of drop the color in where you want it to be go nice and slow and take my time not that I don't take my time but this is another level of taking my time I kind of like this approach it takes a bit of restraints on my part but I like the way it's looking it's like very watercolor II I've done it of course needs some more definition in some areas and I plan to do that with either really thin dark brush which I should probably should do my hand is not feeling very precise right now it's like shaking when I try to get the smaller details I think it's time for a little bit of pencil I'm gonna try to be very apply it very gingerly so I think what's important if you're going to be doing mainly just wet on wet and very limited washes is to make sure you put down bright and dark enough colors because this doesn't have a lot of contrast to it so I'm probably gonna have to go back in and add to some which might ruin it and I'm afraid to do that and I don't know if I want to yeah the contrast is definitely helping as much as I like it all pastel like this this color can be a nice one to kind of bring some life back I also gotta fix the way this blends into this so it's getting close to being done I think it needs just a couple of dark lines here and there I'm glad I actually was able to do something that looks a bit different than the other ones so that's all three rendering styles I think overall I do prefer this one but I think this has potential it just is a little bit washed out compared to the other ones on my thumb is covered in paint this was kind of a neat experiment I'm not really loving this one and after doing these three I really feel like I need to push it more and find other ways of rendering and I don't really like the white gel pen on most of these I wish I could take it off but that's fine so I really hope you found this interesting I hope and inspired you to also try out different ways of using your materials so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you at my next video you

21 thoughts on “One DRAWING, Three STYLES – Exploring my Art Style”

  1. Hi Jel! I love your videos! Your such an inspiration! I have a video idea! Can you do a video when you show what things you do when your going to warm up? Like tips on how you do that and what you do! It would be intresting! 💕 sorry for my english im swedish 🇸🇪💗 have a good day!

  2. Love, love your videos! Your art style is refreshing and unique – your work inspires me to create more art! I have a request for a video too – I'd love to start printing my own vinyl stickers at home. What's your process? What tools do you use? I'd love to see that video!!

    EDIT: Just kidding! You've already made one of those videos! <3 Going to go watch it now!

  3. I really like the second one! I know it's supposed to be softer, but I like the colors and the contrast between them! They're all amazing though!

  4. You say pencil hurts your hands and it looks like you have a very firm grip. Maybe I am just seeing wrong or maybe it was because your hand hurt but maybe something to work on? I also do hand stretches before starting to draw and it helps a lot. Also when I get stiff and tense up I'll do some throughout the day.

    Great video though 🙂
    Sorry for unwanted advice

  5. I found this concept super interesting and it made me learn a lot of things than you ! I just love it and beg for others episodes !^^

  6. don't be so hard on your self on that second one, i think it looks cool and bold for watercolor almost pop art like

  7. Jelarts do you or would you create an avatar for me to use on social media? If so what would you charge? If not do you know someone that would? I would send several pics.

  8. Honestly out of the three I think I like the second one the best which is funny, I don’t feel like you made much or any mistakes on the second, I really like the way you draw things, your drawings are always so simple yet very colourful, and I really like that about ur style, anyway bye Jel

  9. excellent video.I really enjoyed watching it.
    Continue please.I follow your channel.
    I would definitely be glad about it if you support me as well 🙏 🙂 ❤&✌

  10. Actually I think that by every video *every once in a while * you're developing your beautiful style but in tiny details 🙂 ! + that's one of the goals of Art experiment, I was having this idea swimming in my head but never do it :)!. maybe I'll try it along with your video. Thanks for posting and take care, have a good day 🌼💛!

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