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  1. haz un vídeo hablando en español, se que antes los hacias, pero me gusta mas tu voz en español!! (amo tus ilustraciones! <3)

  2. me agrada muchísimo saber que no soy la única que se emociona hablando de borradores y papel xD

    im glad that im not the only one how is exited to tallk about ereasers and paper xD

  3. Creo en parte que todos los apasionados al arte somos unos loquillos por los materiales, amo que hagas review o muestras de lo que usas y lo describas U (por los pocos videos que he llegado a ver, justamente buscando sobre materiales ahaha)!!! Por cierto. Has llegado a probar los kneaded eraser o limpiatipos? Son como una goma y recogen la mina del lápiz, a mi me gusta mucho porque así no tengo que luchar con los residuos que dejan las otras gomas x_D Saludos <3

  4. Hi Fran! I love your videos. I want to start painting though, I suck at watercolors do you have any tutorial suggestions! I love your style its very inspiring! 🙂

  5. You are the only one who can make me laugh out loud watching an art supplies video. It is so comforting to watch and listen to your voice….you could be talking about erasers for 2 hours and Id listen to every minute of it 🙂

  6. Oh and – here is a link to your red ink on Amazon 🙂 I would ha e gotten it for ylu and se t it, but then I found it online *yey https://www.amazon.de/ROHRERS-Antiktusche-Bordeaux-100-Glasflakon/dp/B006GBU3BS

  7. hi! i'm 14 and i guess you won't read this but..
    I really love your drawings and illustrations.. I haven't been watching your videos very long but your advice is great and i even decided to try to work with markers after watching your video on promarkers. i purchased them and i love them.. you inspire me so much and i thought i should write this so you know how amazing and appreciated you are 🙂 you are one of my favourite illustrators on youtube.. and i usually don't take the time to do this but yeah c:

    i really hope you read.

  8. maybe out of the topic, but i want to share with the others how much you inspire me and also that you inspire me endlessly to illustrate in my own way. Thanks to you, i've realised that there is no wrong style and i can do my art, my way, my style and no one can be bothered because this is the way life and art works.
    (and i'm sorry for my poor english, but i havn't practised in years – unfortunately literally – and speaking czech is not the best way to share my interests, because no one except czech people understand. so i guess i have a lot to practise. 😉 btw- here is my ig, feel free to not join, i'm just turning crazy to feel that there is an opportuinity, that you could take a look… https://www.instagram.com/jehlou_a_niti/)

  9. I wanna try being more friendly to the environment and animals with my art supplies could u perhaps make a video about it fran? you seem to know a bit about it at least c:

  10. Leuchtturm is german for lighthouse. If you want to know how it's pronunced correctly you can try and type it into google translator it says it in a correct way 😉 greetings from germany <3

  11. hey Fran! I'm learning to use watercolor lately (it's so much more convenient for me to use markers) and your videos been super helpful! 💛

  12. Hola Fran, pudieras hacer un review de acuarelas "Sonnet studio – nevskaya palitra" son unas acuarelas rusas, super baratas (24 colores por 20 dolares en ebay) y que no son muy conocidas y que a pesar que yo en mi ignorancia amateur las encuentro suuuuper concentradas la gente suele recomendar W&N. Yo tengo un set de W&N parecido al tuyo y la verdad es que lo encuentro bien palido al lado de estas rusas, me encantaria tener tu opinion 🙂 gracias !!!

  13. Hi and thank you for your videos, they are really enjoyable.
    I would be curious to see what you think of the Winsor and Newton pigment markers, I have never used them myself because they cost an arm and I feel weird about them (doubts+envy+curiosity+doubts) but maybe W&N can send you a sample so that you can try it :))

  14. Fraan, hay una goma marca faber castell, que es como una especie de plasticina pegajosa, es como moldeable de color gris, creo que se llama art eraser, si pudieras hacer un review y compararla con la que usas seria bacaan :D. Pd: saludoos, amo tus videoos 😍

  15. no se si sigues teniendo problemas con los borradores, pero usar una brocha o escobetilla para retirar los residuos de la goma es lo mejor, porque no involucras la grasita o suciedad de tus manos =)

  16. waahh hace tiempo que no veía tus vídeos y quiero decir que tu acento inglés está mucho mas fuerte jajaja me encanta! un abrazo a la distancia desde chilito ❤

  17. Your work is so CUTE!!!! Super Kawaii! Haven't explored much with new art supplies. Definitely going to try new stuff now!

  18. Can you talk about how to make clean lines? (Or if you have already can you tell me in which video?) love your videos :3

  19. porque a mi en la U no me dejaban usar goma, no podía ni llevarla. Que eso era un insulto ( me siento confundida) 🙁

  20. I found out this a week ago that the Windsor and newton watercolour paints aren't vegan or vegetarian, so I will have to use up what's left so I won't waste money and I will find a cruelty free brand that is good 😊. I want to cry 😭

  21. Creo que lo que haces es algo poco comercial, es decir, a diferencia de otro youtubers tú no estás haciendo challengers o metíendote cosas por agujeros y comiendo caca para juntar más suscriptores, lo tuyo es más sutil y elegante, y la verdad es que puede que tu público sea limitado ya que somos pocos los obsesivos que nos gusta tocar y oler papel, y luego además ver vídeos de gente tocando y oliendo papel, pero aunque no seas popular o comercial, creo que lo que haces es muy importante y para mí significa mucho y me inspira a crear, gracias Fran por tu trabajo

  22. lol, we have the same last name (in real life, mine is Meneses) and I just subscribed ! I love your art style so much

  23. Love you for so many reasons….but being vegan and applying it to your art makes me love you much more!

  24. Estoy trabajando en mis cositas y nada más pongo tus videos para escucharte hablar, eres una inspiración Fran <3

  25. Hi Fran, I've found your channel just a week ago and I really love it. All of your videos I watched so for are helping me a lot now that I decided to follow my own illustration journey because although I've been an art director for a long time and did things that made me happy, illustration is what I really love and that's what I want for life. Also I saw in another video that you print your own prints and I wanna ask what printer you use. Thanks for all 😀

  26. HOLY BUTTS. You're an artist AND you're vegan. I'm extra glad I came across your channel. You're so cool.

  27. I'm exactly the same with my brushes! I've always preferred synthetic brushes especially since I went cruelty free, but even before I made that decision I'd preferred synthetic brushes, I just find they give really nice lines when I'm inking

  28. Hi Fran, I wanted to ask you how do you use the red pencil? Do you erase the red lines after you paint with markers? Doesn't it smudge the marker?

  29. Omg yes! So glad to hear that you're vegan. I also am one and it's really helpful to know what paintbrushes you like. ❤️

  30. Thank you for all the great info & showing things in action. Looking at the Leuchtturm sketchbooks, what gsm works best with the markers & watercolour you work with?

  31. I love your videos ~ I'll never get bored of you and how excited you get over good paper and good erasers 😂👌

  32. Not sure if this has already been asked, but, What type of sharpener do you use for drawing pencil and also colored pencils?

  33. ok, here I go: L-O-I-SH-T-turm…como se lo pronunciara en espanol. EU = OI, so leu= loi…en este caso CH= SH (como en schuuuuuuuusssssssss) y la T, loisht, bien clarito y despues viene Turm. Remember eu=oi, por eso Europa, se pronuncia oiropa. Suena chistoso, pero despues se acostumbra uno 😉

  34. love your videos! <3 I would rename this one though to something like "Fran's Un-pronounceable Art Supplies" 😀 and add some colors like Holbine Imidazolone Yellow and Isoindolinone Yellow to the list 😀

  35. I love seeing your videos talking about your art supplies,cause I'm a stationery junkie. Talking about erasers it's not boring to me,I love trying even that haha. My all time favourite eraser is the staedtler mars plastic. I totally recommend it. But I want to try the one you showed. Y no se porque te hablo en inglés jajaja será que al oirte ahora siempre hablando en inglés se me olvida que tu lengua es el español.

  36. al fin encuentro alguien (o alguienes) tan raros como yo que les gusta hablar de papel y gomas de borrar sin aburrirse lol todos somos raros ahora

  37. check this out.. all my art supplies are now vegan.. I had to say goodbye to some of my favourite watercolours but..
    It's worht it for the animals.. I got some holbiens.
    and canson paper.. no animal glue

  38. i have a WOPEX staedtler pencil, it's made of recycled material as an added bonus to the pleasant rubbery feel of holding it 🙂

  39. I can't stop laughing. Love your video style. You are so kind and inspirational! And your personality! 🤔🤣😁 I feel like we could be besties! lol. thanks a bunch.

  40. I feel your pain with the expensive art supplies! In Australia the col-erase pencils are $60 and everything shipping is so expensive 🙁

  41. Hi! I'm from Mexico, I'm based in CDMX and I'm an illustrator too. I enjoy a lot your videos and also I use them to practice my english 'cause I understand perfectly your pronunciation, maybe because you're form Chile, aren't you? I love your work. Thanks for sharing your step process in your videos, I'd like to do the same. Take a look to my channel if you want! I have some videos about comics (in spanish)

  42. Hola Fran!! podrías probar las acuarelas St. Petersburg? quisiera saber tu opinión!! Saludos!!

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