Oil Painting Time Lapse | Tiny Paintings On Agate Slices

Oil Painting Time Lapse | Tiny Paintings On Agate Slices

hi everyone and thank you for joining me for this oil painting time-lapse I have a few oil paintings on this video for you actually I recently purchased some slices of agate on Amazon for the purpose of painting them I think agate is a type of quartz or similar to quartz so please correct me if I'm wrong but basically I'm painting on rocks well painting on rocks today I saw them and thought ooh that's pretty and then I bought them so now we're gonna paint on them i sanded each slice before painting on it with a gritty sandpaper though it's really hard to scratch up the surface of a rock using just sandpaper and it required a lot of effort on my end but it's worth it to give the surface a bit more tooth for the paint to grab onto even if on a molecular level I'd say it's better than nothing but next time I'm gonna get a sandpaper with way more grit I really like the idea of painting on natural elements so painting on agate seemed like an interesting idea the first painting I did was a tiny moonlit landscape the paint applies so smoothly if you use glass pallets for oil painting that's basically how it feels it applies the same way to the surface as it does to the glass which is a very smooth and more slippery kind of application versus canvases and wood panels which feel more dry because of their texture and their absorbent all of these paintings are also done all at prima also known as wet-on-wet meaning I did not layer like I normally do I just finished them in one sitting which I hardly ever do in my oil paintings I always layer so this was an interesting challenge but I think for such a smooth surface like this all a prima worked really well maybe I will try layering future agate paintings but all the ones that you see in this video were done wet on wet the next painting I created was an I I love painting eyes that is no secret if you've been around here on my channel for a while and I'm self-aware trust me I'm always making sarcastic commentary about how totally unique and original it is and you know what screw it I like painting eyes I'm gonna paint eyes just deal with it okay just bear with me also I forgot to mention but the real time step by step moonlit landscape painting demonstration is available on my patreon and so is the demonstration for this I am painting here for anyone who wants to see how it was created in real time along with my entire thought process along the way those two demonstrations are on patreon painting eyelashes always freaks me out especially when I'm painting a la prima because if you screw up it's kind of a mess to try and fix when I work with layers I wait for a layer of paint to dry before moving on and painting further so if I mess up I can easily just wipe it off but with Allah prema not so much there's still ways that you can correct it but you're kind of limited there once you place that dark paint down so yeah painting the eyelashes was scary next painting I did was a lip study in all my portraits the subject always has a more natural look and I thought it would be fun to create the effect of shine and gloss and like a more bright saturated lipstick with light reflecting off of it so that's what I did here the beginning of these agate paintings are way jankier than my other paintings I feel like they just look so much worse but then you just build on it and it gets better but for some reason I feel like these beginnings were worse than like other surfaces I don't know why maybe it's just me I didn't realize my camera died towards the end here so I didn't actually capture the full process where I did the final touch-ups but here is the finished painting then I painted another eye because because yeah this time a darker colored eye it's actually my eye it's my own eye and with different lighting something else I tried to do with these agate slices is to match the painting to the color of the agate so I chose the pieces that were a similar tone to the colors in the rock or I picked a color that's complementary to the color in the painting like the lips painting making these tiny paintings was actually a lot of fun there's a lot less pressure and it's less overwhelming because they're so small and I think if you are learning how to paint and you're afraid of wasting your paint try making really small paintings for practice it obviously doesn't have to be on rocks you can use canvas paper and it's so much more cost-effective like you get a whole pad with multiple sheets and you can chop them up into small pieces and you don't feel as bad if you mess up and make something you don't like you get to practice all the same skills but on a smaller scale so yeah I recommend using canvas paper because you can just slice them up and you don't feel intimidated by a huge canvas or like you're gonna waste the canvas or your paint I also painted another little landscape onto one of my blue agate pieces but I didn't film that one so I apologize but here it is and so yeah these are my little paintings that I made on agate slices these are the results of my experiment I'm actually still working on more of these paintings as we speak there's so much fun and all of these are currently available in my art store and for so much less than what my originals usually cost because they're so little but yeah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this painting time-lapse be sure to subscribe if you'd like to see more art from me I've really been trying to be more active on here again and I really missed you guys so thank you so much for watching and thank you so much to all of you who bought something from my art store Callie and I have been packaging all of your orders with love and clearly she does most of the work as you can see I have an updated art studio and plant tour coming soon but I want to know if you guys want those two combined in one video or a separate video for the art studio tour in a separate video for the plant please let me know what you prefer whatever your thoughts are in the comments I'd love to hear from you I'm wishing you all a beautiful and inspiring day and I hope to see you in my next video bye guys

48 thoughts on “Oil Painting Time Lapse | Tiny Paintings On Agate Slices”

  1. Hi!
    I'm always painting on glass or agate with oil paints. Instead of sanding down the surface, I use a clear gesso. Works way better than sanding. (:

  2. I swear she's so perfect. She's so good, pretty and she seems so nice. OH AND HER VOICE IS SOOO ENTERTAINING idk why

  3. You inspired me to paint in oils but it has to be said that you also inspire me to try keeping plants again. I've always managed to kill plants in the past. But now I've successfully kept a spider plant alive the last year woohoo and I've not got a peace Lilly in my bedroom. I plan to get more plants for all over my house 😊 your plants look so awesome in your studio T x

  4. Absolutely brilliant. I paint on rocks too. I’m loving how painting has helped my mental health. Picking up my brushes, seeing paint on my fingers and the whole process is my key to poor mental health FREEDOM. xxx

  5. Separate videos please! So you can get to tell us stories for each plant and behaviors you have observed, and tips on how to keep them healthy in doors! Excited for future content!

  6. “on rocks” and the Rock shows up hahahahahaha omg I’m dying.. amazing as usual keep killing ‘em girl 🌸

  7. This is so inspiring and relaxing. I love miniature paintings. I also really love the eye ones. Eyes are so unique and breathtaking.

  8. The amount of joy you bring whenever you upload especially THIS often is unfathomable ! I absolutely love you and your work, and definitely do a combined room tour, can’t wait☺️☺️❤️

  9. Agate is a type of microcrystalline quartz formed when silica-containing groundwater seeps into a cavity of a rock. The different colored bands are formed because the groundwater has different compositions and impurities. So you were right 🙂

  10. sweetie, i colored 11 adult
    coloring book pictures –
    on POSH ATHEIST channel-
    video 50, if u wud like to see.:)

  11. Do two separate videos . Thank u for all your videos I learned how to prime canvases bc of u 🙂 tho it’s so much work so I might just buy preprimed in the future

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