NW Deaf Arts Festival 2018: THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS

NW Deaf Arts Festival 2018: THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS

Three, two, one… ♫ Kevin Robinson – Rock For You ♫ (Heavy, pounding rock beat) Hello my name is Myles and I am the founder of CymaSpace. We have many people involved in this project from varied backgrounds. They are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing. They are all somewhere on the deaf or hearing spectrum and everyone is included! I’m Deaf. I’m Hard-of-Hearing. I’m Deaf. I’m hearing. I’m Deaf. I’m deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. I’m Deaf-Blind. So what is the NW Deaf Arts Festival all about? Headlining national artists! Awesome Interpreters / Deaf-Blind Interpreters! Open Captioning! Sound Visualizations! It’s family friendly! Community Inventions! There will also be a 21+ adult evening show. Deaf & Hearing allies coming together! Where is the event? At Mississippi Studios. It’s on June 16th 2018. I founded this event because I struggled to find opportunities for Deaf artists, like myself who wish to be included. We need your support! Everyone: Come on! Join us!

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  1. Love it xxso brilliant ..wishing you all a wonderful event I am sure it will be a great success …xxx

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