Woohoo! It’s the Avengers’ year end party!! This is gonna be fun!! I love parties!! Hey guys! How’s it going? Erm..Erm…Oh hey!! You guys are all bugs, right? You’are Su-BUG-heroes? see what I did there? Su-BUG-heroes~~ Get it? Now stop bugging us… Oh hello, Steve… Sorry pal. Captains only. Oh okay… I..I.. was gonna go take a leak anyway.. Go on..don’t mind me… Exclusively for heroes with metal suit, thank you. Aww man… No magical power, no talk! C’mon… Why the long face, buddy? Oh..hi Aquaman… What’s up…I’m fine, don’t worry about it. I know how you’re feeling now. I myself is ignored for the longest time too… Really? We’re both ignored by everyone, despite all the great things we do. We’ve got no respect from the community. All I have is the ocean, and the creatures in it. I know what it’s like to be lonely… what it’s like to miss the human touch. It’s okay, dude. I’m no better than you. Don’t be sad… But unlike you! I’ve got a solo movie!! It is full of action, explosions and babes! And the sequel is coming soon!

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