NEVER Pay Full Price For These 13 Items (Shop SMART And Save Money)

NEVER Pay Full Price For These 13 Items (Shop SMART And Save Money)

NEVER Pay Full Price For These 13 Items (Shop
SMART And Save Money) [0:00:00]
[Music] So, I’m flying to Palm Springs realized
that I forgot my shades, and in the Denver Airport, I paid almost $400 for these sunglasses.
In today’s video, I’m talking about clothing and accessories you should never pay full
price for. Now, to be fair these are Maui Jim’s. These
are great shades. I’ve worn them probably over a hundred times. But, the issue here
is the markup on sunglasses. And, that’s the first item on this list, we’re talking
a 1000% on average. Now, of course there are going to be online
retailers that cut out the middleman, [coughs] enemy. When you’re buying for retail, and
by that I mean you’ve got the retailer who’s actually selling it to you, you may be got
a distributor who worked with the retailer, and then you’ve got the manufacturer.
Understand, each of these people need to get a piece of the pie. They need to make money.
$360, let’s go back maybe $180 from the distributor and let’s go down to maybe $18
to the manufacturer. Look at that markup there $18 to $360, that’s a 2000% markup.
First up, to getting a better deal, don’t be in a hurry. Me, I was in an airport in
Denver heading to Palm Springs, I needed shades. Yeah, I got – I paid full price.
Step number two. Do your online price comparison. But, here’s the thing, most people think
they know what they’re doing when they’re shopping online, but they don’t. So, first
up you want to understand exactly what are the names of the sunglasses, not just the
name that’s commonly referred to by the manufacturer, but what’s the actual SKU
number. You can find this information. You can search
for that information and all of a sudden, you’re going to get a more accurate representation
of what’s actually out there. Because sometimes the manufacturer somebody puts it up there,
but they don’t realize, oh, there is a fancy Hawaiian name for this type of sunglasses.
No. What they do know is, okay, I’ve got the number here. That’s how they list it
and all of a sudden you can find some really good deals.
Another thing you want to look for is the range in prices. Many manufacturers they’re
going to do a pretty good job of controlling the distribution and being very clear you
cannot sell this for below this price point. But, there are going to be other companies,
maybe Ray Ban that actually have a wide range of prices.
The point being, when you see a range in prices, this should tell you that manufacturers allow
the distributors to have discounts and therefore, you want to be watching for them.
Now, the question is how do you make it easy to always get the best deal online, to always
get that best discount? The answer, gents, Shoptagr, the sponsor of
today’s video and I’ve talked about this company before because I love what they’re
doing. They make it easy, they are your personal shopper when it goes to buying things online
and always making sure you get the best deal. Here’s how it works, guys. First, download
the free app to your phone or computer. Next, start to shop online. Go to your favorite
stores, find your favorite items, and put them into your wish list.
Simple? Yeah. And, here’s what makes Shoptagr amazing because as soon as you put that item
into your wish list, when you go to checkout, guess what? They automatically find the best
discount code, the best deal for you. And, let’s talk about that wish list. You
can shop at over 4,000 stores. Yeah, you can go to Amazon, you can go to eBay, you can
go to Nordstrom. You can put all of these into the same wish list organized in one place.
And, this is my favorite part, you can set it so that you’re only notified when items
go on sale or maybe you like item, it’s on sale, but it’s not in stock. You can
actually get a notification for that. If it’s going to be low in stock, you can get a notification
or if it’s not in your size, you can get a notification when they’ve got the item
that you want at the price you want to pay. It’s incredibly simple, guys. What are waiting
for? Use the link down in the description. Go grab Shoptagr. They’ve got a new and
improved version you want to go grab. It’s absolutely free, works on all your devices,
and it’s going to save you money. Next on the list, let’s talk jewelry. And,
yes, I’m including watches as jewelry, but we’re also talking about rings, we’re
talking about necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks. Anything made from a precious metal.
So, with jewelry, we’re going to see markups of like 200% to over 2000%. Why such a range?
Well, this is interesting. When it comes to custom pieces, actually the markup is going
to be much lower. Because if you think about it if it’s a custom one of a kind piece,
they put a lot of time and effort into it, but they’re not going to be selling it at
mass, but oftentimes it’s the custom pieces which they’re going to make the least amount
of money on. And, understand that a 100% to 200% markup
is perfectly fine for a business that wants to stay in business. If they’re actually
getting less than that, it’s hard to make a living if you’re not getting a 100% or
200% markup. But, the 1000%, the 2000%, what type of pieces are we talking about here?
These are going to be pieces that are mass produced and they’re oftentimes going to
be made from the precious stones or you know that they’re going to have diamonds, they’re
going to have rubies. They’re going to maybe have cufflinks that, yeah, they have little
skulls. They’re pretty popular, but you’ve got little rubies right in the eyes. Something
like that very unique, but actually kind of mass manufactured with the precious stones,
I would expect the markup of about 1000%. [0:04:58]
And, having said that, let’s dig a little bit deeper into watches. So, again, if it’s
made from precious materials, this one white gold, you’re going to find that actually
you can get discounts on it even if it’s a Rolex which for a lot of people Rolex on
the sports on the metal ones, you’re not going to get them at a discount because there’s
a high demand. If there’s a high demand if they know it’s
going to fly off, then oftentimes the retailer, he actually has strength there and he’s
not – he’s going to sell it at the price that he can get it at. But, if those higher-ends
when you’ve got a gold Rolex, and unless, again, there’s a huge demand for it, they’re
actually going to come down in price, they’re going to play with that.
Now, what if it’s a brand that isn’t maybe have a strong or it doesn’t have a status
symbol like Rolex which most watches don’t? Then, in that case you will be able to see
10%, 20%, 30%, sometimes 50% discounts. Where are you going to see that 50% discount? You’re
going to look on the gray market. What is the gray market? The gray market is
when this is something where they acquire the watch from maybe a distributor. He’s
got it there just not moving. So, he sells them to another distributor who isn’t being
held to the same let’s say rules that the manufacturer would have that particular distributor.
So, because they did this, all of a sudden the gray market, you’re going to find it’s
the warranty that you’re not going to get. It really just comes down to warranty and
do you trust where you’re buying it. Next up, let’s talk suits, a markup of 100%
to 1000%. Where are we going to see 1000%? Those are going to be the fashion suits. They’re
very cheaply made and they’re in fashion maybe for a year or two and it’s all about
the speed of the buying. Here’s the issue with fashion suits. Even
if you were to get them at a huge discount, oftentimes the only reason you’re getting
them at a discount is because they’re no longer in fashion. So, be very careful with
spending any money on fashion forward suits, oftentimes you can tell because they got super
skinny lapels, super wide lapels. They’re just playing on trends, and that’s what
you want to be careful of with suits. Now, what about the suits in the 400%, 500%
markup? These are oftentimes going to be sold by the big discount retailers or the box stores
or even menswear stores. And this is a normal markup for them when they sell it at full
price. Again, if you’ve got a wedding that’s
coming up and you need that suit in two weeks, you’re probably going to pay the full price.
Get it tailored make it look good on you and then wear it a hundred times and you’ll
eventually get your money’s worth out of it.
But, if you’ve got time if you can wait, that’s when you want to look for the deal
especially at the box stores. I found a lot of times that they’ve got these suits, yeah,
have a markup of 500%, but it’s still is a great quality suit from a well-known manufacturer
and all of a sudden they’ve got a seasonal discount. Plus, the stores having its once
a year I don’t know 25%, 40% off everything. Plus, if you were to get their credit card
in, you know, store, you get another 25% off. Now, what are we going to see at the 100%
markup? This is going to be in my opinion most custom manufacturers. We’re not talking
the big ones, I’m talking more like mom and pop custom manufacturer, bespoke. For
bespoke, you need to pay, don’t ask for a discount. It’s just it’s insulting especially
from a true artist. But, custom. Custom is about a 200% to 300%
markup. And, here, you will see some discounts, but they won’t go too far. Why? Especially
on the first order, and the reason being is if they mess it up, what would they do with
the suit? They can’t resell it. It’s a complete loss for them. So, there needs to
be a bit of buffer built in so that they’ve got margin to actually run a business.
Next up, we’ve got sweaters, 300% to 500% markup. When are you going to find the best
deal? Obviously early summer. Now, we can’t all be shopping for sweaters in early summer,
fall is right upon us, so how are you going to find a good deal now? In my opinion, shopping
online. When you go into stores, this is where, again,
at the retail is you’re going to see the highest markup, 500%. Yes, that sweater that
cost $100 really cost them $20 and that’s to get it actually delivered to the store.
Now, here in a few months, they’re going to mark it down. And so, you’ll pay the
most in stores, but you’ll also get the best deals.
A lot of online retailers, they’re willing to actually sit on that inventory. It’s
the stores though, again, in the spring time in the early summer, they want to get rid
of the stuff. They wanted to get off the shelves they got the new stuff coming in, and that’s
when you can get the best deals. But, if you need to buy a sweater right now, I would look
online with those online retailers, they usually only markup about 200% to 250% maybe 300%,
so it’s a better deal. Next up, we’ve got outerwear, 300% to about
800% markup. At the lower end, you’re going to see custom pieces, you’re going to see
pieces that are actually bespoke, so don’t expect much of a discount there. They’ve
got to be able to make their money. The thing with outerwear, and this is rarely
discounted the reason being is when you need it, you need it. So, it’s one of those things
they’ve got a bit of leverage and oftentimes it’s difficult to find something that actually
fits and looks good on you. That’s why I recommend when it comes to outerwear, you’ve
got this on your list, you know what you want. Okay, I wanted something in tan. I wanted
to make sure it fit me. I actually found this in an airport. I absolutely
love the fit. Love, you know, just worked well for me, and I paid a bit of a premium
for it. Maybe I got like a 10% or 20% discount. You could find that pretty regularly.
[0:10:06] And, this is another thing, always ask for
the discount. There’s oftentimes a manager there. They can find something for you. And,
if you’re not asking for the discount when you’re buying at a store, you’re really
just leaving money on the table. Now, when it comes to looking for those deals
online, I think that, you know, this is something it’s a mixed bag because, again, those online
retailers, they’re just going to store it. And, it’s really in the stores where you’re
going to find the best deals those ones that are marked up and why – or somebody – why
are they charging 800%? Because that’s where you’re going to see designer outerwear.
So, Tom Ford is going to be marked-up considerably. And, do you also going to get with that markup?
Unique styles. If you want something that’s got maybe, you know, a contrasting stitch
in it or you want, you know, a particular type of button or something like that, well,
you could actually add it yourself or you’ll pay designer prices.
Gloves, we all need them. Markup, about 300% to 600%. So, again, look off season, your
hand size is not going to change. I grabbed these each of these at 50% off and, yeah,
they’re not the most stylish gloves, but I can tell you that I’m going to use them.
Make sure to grab them at that discounted deal.
Again, online, you can occasionally find some deals for stores that actually – and this
is when you will see some really good deals online. Whenever it’s a storefront and they’re
actually selling through a store, they’ll oftentimes apply the same discount in the
stores to their online. But, if they’re 100% online, again, they realized that it’s
just better to keep this in stock. Rarely are you going to see a discount online I think
of gloves of more than like 40%, unless they’ve got a retail presence.
Hats, 200% to over 600%. Now, if the company only sells hats, they’re not going to give
as many discounts because they are set up for this, they’ll just put this into the
back room. But, if it’s a company that they’ve got just like three hats and the season is
gone, these things are going to discount like no other. We’re talking 70%, 80%, 90% off
on some of these hats. So, if you like something, maybe talk to somebody
who works there because here’s the thing is that when people see a 90%, 80% off, it’s
going to fly off the shelves. So, use the hidden tactic of actually maybe putting it
on hold for some stores will hide for a solid week. You’re traveling, you want to put
this hat and then whenever it goes on a deep discount, you’ve got the hat that you wanted
in your style and, hey, yeah, you bought it the summer ahead of time, but you know that
this is a classic trilby, it’s going to look great on you because you already tried
it on and, hey, it was reserved for you. Socks and shoes, 200% to 1000% markup. Again,
the low-end is actually going to be custom made shoes; high-end, designer shoes or seasonal
shoes. And, again, just like I’ve talked about throughout this video, you can find
some amazing deals in retailers. This right here, it’s got perforated leather. When
this went out of season, I’m over in Ukraine, I saw this I grabbed them and they were like
80% off. Now, socks I think are interesting because
you know that you’re always going to need socks. And you probably should be replacing
your socks every six months because they usually get those micro holes. I know mine do because
I wear them around the house. So, when it comes to like this one, no show,
I’m always stocking up. And, again, you can find these 50% off. If you need something
immediately, online is great for getting 20% to 30% to maybe sometimes it’s 40% off.
But, if you want to get the best deals, it’s going to still be in stores.
Fragrances, no surprise here, 400% to 4000% markup on certain fragrances and a lot of
the cost is actually the bottle. But, here’s an interesting thing about fragrances is do
you actually want to go for those huge discounts you see online? You got to be careful, there
are counterfeit fragrances. Now, there are sometimes you can get a legit
high-quality fragrance at a discounted price. I have a friend who get some Creed at 50%
off, but I think it was a sampler. I don’t know how he got that. The point is, make sure
it’s through somebody that you trust. Summer shorts, swimwear, polo shirts, 400%
to 800% markup easily. Again, designer brands you can sometimes see pushing that going beyond
it, but in general you know 500%, 600% is going to be average. The great thing here,
very seasonal, but it is something swimwear you’ll see a lot of times they don’t discount
as much because it doesn’t turn as hard when it comes to fashion trends. So, it is
something they can oftentimes sell the last season’s look.
Now, when it comes to regular classic shorts, we’re talking, you know, the khaki the gray
kind, again, those they will pull back and you’re not going to see, but like maybe
40%, sometimes 50% discounts in the stores, but not so much online.
Now, when it comes to polos, these actually do change with the seasons especially with
patterns and even some of the vibrant different colors. So, this is something where you can’t
find legitimate actually great deals for high-end even designer ones, sometimes 70% off. I recommend
if you’re going to be looking at stores, sometimes maybe like TJ Maxx here in the United
States has some actually really good deals. So, what video to watch next? How about all
my online and retail shopping hacks in one video? In this video, I talked about the clothing
and I talked lightly about some of the hacks, but I cover all of them in this video right
here. So, go check it out, so that you can save money online.
[0:15:08] End of audio

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  16. The first step in getting the best deals for the best quality items, is to learn about quality brands. Make a list of the items that you would have in your wardrobe. Many of which would be the ‘staples’ or ‘essentials’. Then make sure you know what sizes from various brands fit you. Be cheeky. Have the gall to visit the stores and try things on, even if you don’t buy. Or, failing that, you may have to bite down on the sour pill of paying full price in order to get the right size, then go for discount in future. The latter scenario is rare one. Then you just need to have the patience to wait for the time when the items go on sale, whether it be on eBay, Mr Porter, the brand website, or wherever else. If we are dealing with a young man in his twenties who doesn’t have a lot of money, he can accumulate everything he would need in a great quality wardrobe over a 5 year period. After that, he can add one or two pieces every year to either heighten the quality of his wardrobe or simply replace what has become worn out. If you buy top quality, and you reach that ‘complete wardrobe,' you will soon find that you hardly need to buy anything. Your gear will keep on lasting and looking great.

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