NERMAI ♥ Honesty ★ Kathu Tamil Cartoon story for children

Honesty What is that? Smell of a fish I don’t find anything It’s there, I think It might be somewhere here Alas! A kingfisher Oh! It was from here, I had searched everywhere Half for me and half for Kittu Sister… Hai! It’s a fish.. Yeah! Did you like it Yes! You are so good Did you catch this fish… Yes,I have caught it for you Is it? I have an idea… Shall take this fish
show it to all… I will be proud, when I say that
I have caught this fish myself Kittu…
shall I show this fish to all No…no I will return soon… Come fast… Up… up…. Kathu is coming Wow! It’s a fish! Mama…. Mama…. From where did you get this fish I caught it myself You are only a kitten,
not a kingfisher to catch fish Don’t make fun of me, I caught it from the pond From the pond! How? I gently stepped into the water… Then? Then I stood still in the water… Then came a fish… Then..? I jumped at once to catch it… Wow! You are smart… I will go and tell to Appu now Kathu, from where did
you get this fish I caught it myself You caught it? Yea! Did you catch this fish from water? I swam along to catch this fish You are smart, really Our Robin is coming, Is it a fish? From where did you get it? I caught it from the pond Why you are not wet then? Oh! It all dried soon! Kathu..Robin…
come fast A little kingfisher is
crying over there Is it, let’s go and see It’s hungry, that’s why it’s crying Where is your mother? She has gone to get me fish The one she caught earlier
was lost somewhere My goodness! Take this fish… Its right, Kathu can catch a fish again Yea…yea… My mama is here,
my mama is coming.. I got a fish… This is the one
that has fallenfrom my beak Who gave it to you? Its me Nice kitty, from where did you get it? From the grass… I am going home… Kathu… Nobody should talk to me… Kathu… stop there my kitty… I have given back the fish, then why did they laugh still? You are a good kitty smart Thats why you have
given back the fish See, for that I am going to give
a reward for you A reward? Yes, take this fish… Hai… let me give this to Kittu

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