My Crazy Family | Relatable ? A cartoon vlog by Antik Mahmud

My Crazy Family | Relatable ? A cartoon vlog by Antik Mahmud

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Antik’s Mom: Still no. Neighbour: Did he get a scholarship from abroad?
Antik’s Mom: No, dear.
Neighbour: Then? Antik’s Mom: My son has studied today!! Antik: Dad! Didn’t you say if i got admitted into a public university you’ll get me married with the girl of my choice? Antik’s Dad: Yeah, I did.
Antik: And, I got admitted into BUP.. Antik’s Dad: Yeah you did. So, who’s your…. Antik’s Dad: Oh, WoW.. Neighbour: How do you pressure your son to study? Mine dosen’t even want to study a bit. Antik’s Mom: What are you saying? I don’t pressure him at all. I left everything to him. Antik’s Mom: Will you take some Mashed Antik? Girlfriend: You’re poor. You don’t have any money at all. I’m breaking up with you. Ex-Girlfriend: What’s the case! How did he get this rich so suddenly? Antik’s Sis: ‘Cause, his main spending reason has left him . [Ba-dum-tss] Antik’s Mom: The neighbour’s son has a score of CPGA 4. Can’t you be like him a little? Antik’s Mom: The neighbour’s daughter isn’t stuck to her phone all the time. Can’t you be like her a little? Antik’s Mom: The neighbour took his new wife on a vacation. Antik’s Mom: Can’t you be….
Antik’s Dad: The neighbour’s new wife is his second marriage. Should I be like him a little? Should I? Antik’s Mom: I can’t understand the menu of this place. Antik: Mom, may I order? Mom: Do you serve Nun-Bread here?
Waiter: No, ma’am. Antik: Mom, may I?
Antik’s Mom: Kacchi Biriyani?
Waiter: No, ma’am. Antik’s Mom: You serve Dosa right? The food with that hard chewy bread. Waiter: Ma’am.. Antik’s Mom: Good grief! Such a big resturant and they serve nothing.*mocks* Do you even Serve? Waiter: Ma’am this is a Pizza place. We serve pizza if you want.. Antik: Trust me, this woman is not related to me. I don’t know her. Antik’s Dad: Antik, didn’t they publish your results? Antik: They did. Th-They didn’t. I-I mean they’ll. Antik: The thing is that, I couldn’t show expected performance in mathe.. Antik’s Dad: You failed math again, right? Antik: F-F-Fail! No, No! Why would I fail? Basically the story is, I am retaking the exam. I mean, retake is like, you know we get another chance to prove ourselves, to prove our quality.. Antik’s Dad: You failed math. Antik: Okay, I did. Antik’s Mom: All the day wasting time on cartoon & youtube and not studying. Antik’s Mom: *mocks* He’s the boyfriend of Meena. Do you wannabe a clown when you grow up? Neighbour: Antik’s Mom!! Your son has become so famous! That day, I saw a video he made about Meena’s BF or something. I was very entertained. Antik’s Mom: Yeah. What should I say! All the credit goes to me. How could he have done all these if I didn’t give birth to him? And his drawing skills have been passed down from me. Ha-Ha! Antik: You had a crush on the boy and even confessed it with courage. Then where is the problem? Antik’s Sis: Ashik said my face is hideous. He said my face is like mashed pot potato. He said my face is like mashed potato. Antik: WHAT! How dare he! How could he say this? Antik’s Sis: No. Basically, he said that I look exactly like you.

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  2. actually,,, jst a little bit disappointed. bcz this video is not so fuuny and also the content is so confusing and boring😅. i like ur all videos bt except this one😅

  3. So you've a younger sister…
    Who basically criticized you…
    I can feel you, bro…
    I've a younger brother, it's even worst

  4. Boss aj aktu kom bepar na….next time fataiye diben asha kori…best of luck bro….love this channel

  5. অঅঅঅঅঅঅঅঅছামমমমমমম…..মানে awesome আর কি। শাহরিন।

  6. টু বি অনেস্ট রেস্টুরেন্টের পার্টটা পুরা মিলে গেছে।।

  7. Oh! Wow!!
    Antik ভাইয়া আমার ফটো মার্চেন্ডাইজি মডেল হিসেবে দিছে!😪

  8. মিনার বয়ফ্রেন্ড…😂😂😂….আন্টির যা এক্সপ্রেশন ছিল না…জোশশশশশশশশ

  9. পাশের বাসার ভাইয়ের নতুন বউ তার সেকেন্ড বিয়া
    হই একটু ওর মতো 😂😂😂

  10. To be honest.. Among your all videos this is my least fav..asha kori aro taratari joss ekta video pabo.. Best wishes❤️

  11. ভাই, অনেকদিন পর পর ভিডিও আপলোড দেন, একটু বড় ভিডিও বানাইয়েন। দেখতে না দেখতেই শেষ হয়ে যায়। 🙁

  12. আমিও এরকম অনেক situation e পড়েছিলাম । কিন্তু খাওয়ার টেবিলে একসাথে বসলে সব ভুলে যাই।

  13. faltu sim skitto….. Phn vora raksi…kintu bachara k use kora hoi naa…net pack vlo dai naa…aga vlo ditoo….
    Antik vai ar kotha suna skitto kinla…
    হোগা মারা খাবেন… সাবধান হন আর অন্যকেও সাবধান করুন

  14. ভাই আমি অনেক আগে থেকেই skitto use। এদের নেটওয়ার্ক অনেক খারাপ। online game খেলা যায় না শান্তিতে। ফালতু নেটওয়ার্ক 😒😒😒

  15. Brother why you stopped lip syncing ?

    Your earlier videos were more qualityful and detailed !!! Your recent videos are being less detailed (personal opinion)

    Just add more details like your earlier animations…..
    This videos was like a slideshow to me 😔

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