My 25 Years of Research on Indian Mind Sciences

Namaste! It’s important for my movement that you please subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends. My involvement started when IIT Kharagpur sent Infinity Foundation a grant proposal to celebrate their 50th anniversary. This happened 17/19 years ago. They were looking for funds to host conferences. After looking through all the topics, I found mind sciences to be the most interesting one. As I looked into the details I realized there was only western thoughts being discussed and not a single panel on Indian psychology or Indian mind sciences. I reverted to them saying I’m happy to fund the mind sciences provided there be at least one panel on Indian mind science theory. I received an upsetting reply which stated they were scientists not political people or chauvinists. They do not believe in Indian Mind Psychology. I have still kept a copy of that. Maybe this person joining the faculty should glance over the copy and see it now. Hence I did what I had to. I knew that these people would be excited if some westerner spoke about Indian Mind Sciences. I went to Bob Thurman, who practices Buddhism. He is my friend from Columbia. I also talked with a gentleman from Cambridge who wrote a book on Patanjali Yogasutra. I also knew a Sri Aurobindo follower practicing psychiatry in New York. I contacted one kundalini practitioner too. Like this I got a hold of 4-5 westerners. I asked them to go and do a panel on Indian mind sciences and requested them to mention about sources which are in Sanskrit, emphasizing on the practices taught by their guru and how they teach it in the west. They sent me their abstracts. I submitted these to IIT Kharagpur saying this is the kind of panel we should have. Since they were westerners it was accepted immediately. They received a standing ovation. Kundan reminded me yesterday that he was one of the person who got funded from there. After that event we started receiving a lot of proposals from all over Indian Universities like Kerala, Pondicherry to mention a few. Everyone wanted to host these westerners to talk about mind sciences. Because, westerners add credibility to the source. That was how I got into this. We funded many programs over the years which dealt with Indian psychology, mind sciences. Eventually I got into it as a scholar doing my own research. The subject I am talking about is a part of a book I am writing. This is just an overview on Indian contributions to the mind sciences and how the Indian mind science is appropriated by the west which re-frames and re-characterizes it into their own terminology. It is a major project that has been going on. It is part of digestion of Indian civilization into Western civilization. It’s like the analogy I had given. A tiger likes a prey, it could be a goat or a deer. After consuming it, whatever part it likes it gets digested to become part of the tiger’s cells whereas the rejected parts are discarded. So the tiger is stronger but the deer is gone forever. Digestion is different from appropriation. Appropriation can be done with respect without distorting or harming. But it becomes a problem only if you appropriate and re-characterize it, hiding the sources. You change the meaning in some subtle way in order to accommodate the original. Examples range from Jung to Ken Wilber and others. After removing what wont’t fit they recharacterize and remap it into a new vocabulary of their own. They call it their universal discovery and re-export it in India. Indians gladly accepted as it has received validation from Americans. Hence the authenticity of the tradition is lost. I have been studying this pattern in many domains over the past 20-25 years. From linguistics to Botany, it is everywhere. Currently I am focusing on getting my books out on Indian mind sciences which is often ignored. This process that I am going to look at has been going out for long time but early 1900 Ferdinand Saussure, a French scholar, created a framework called Structuralism and is considered the father of it. Later there was post structuralism which became postmodernism. The origin of postmodernism is from Saussure times onward. However, Saussure himself was a Sanskrit scholar with PhD in Panini grammar. He is certainly knowledgeable and took the idea of Vak. The four levels of Vak are Vaikhiri -which is external speech, Madhyama- which is internal speech Pashyanti- which is on deeper subconscious or unconscious level transcending the conceptual mind, and Para- which is collective and universal consciousness. In order to secularize it, he maps the other three except Para into his vocabulary and calls it Structuralism. A lot has been written on this. Professor Kapil Kapoor even wrote a book regarding this. This is an example of digesting something, but not completely. You delete whatever idea won’t fit. This process of filtering goes on, taking something only accepting the filtrate discarding everything else and reformulating it into your own vocabulary leading to denial of the source. It’s a common pattern. Hence the traditions have been mined. The India traditions is a victim of such mining expedition in the field of science through Indology, religious studies. Sometimes even our present Gurus market and present our knowledge in a way that is accepted en masses. They compromise and westernize the ideas in the spirit of good intentions without realizing the distortion it causes. I give a lot of examples in my work using colorful diagrams and flowchart. I’m unable to show the flowchart. Indians have lost a lot of its civilizational ecosystem. We were once producers of knowledge. We had Nalanda, Takshashila. People all across the globe came to us for knowledge. Now we have become consumers of other’s knowledge rather than being producers. An exporter once, we are now importers and consumers of knowledge. There is a discourse going on about the knowledge which we started but neither producing nor consuming it. We are onlookers observing the daily affairs on a certain field with very little clue that it has a lot to do with our heritage. I come across a lot of people who are blissfully unaware so I try to make them aware. There is something in our heritage that is lost, forgotten. It’s worrisome and needs revival. However, the attitude is not very conducive to that. I’m going to apply the general comments about digestion of mind sciences specifically. Swami Vivekananda made a huge impact on western thought, philosophy, psychology and on William James. William James is considered one of the founding fathers of western psychology. People don’t mention he hosted Swami Vivekananda when Swami went to Harvard. James was the chair of philosophy department at that time. The psychology department was under it. James and Vivekananda were very close, he even hosted Swami at his house. William James also knew a couple of scholarly Buddhists in Harvard at that time. Naturally, he didn’t develop all the ideas on his own. There was a lot of other influence and correspondence. At Harvard there is a separate building called the William James library. I went there to get access to the Vivekananda era of James’s life. I got access to a special archive and though there was a lot of material, these are not available ordinarily, you need permission. This librarian was friendly. She searched everything using sophisticated search techniques and found nothing. The word Vivekananda was not in the catalogue in the William James library. I asked ‘how can it be’ because William James brought Vivekananda. After a while they clarified that the Vivekananda part of William James was removed and given to the Ramakrishna Mission. It can be found there. It seemed very strange. In Ramakrishna Mission, there was an internal politics between the Boston Ramakrishna Mission and the Santa Barbara Vedanta society. Each asked me to go to the other one. Eventually, I never got access to it. This is very strange but there are secondary reports archived that I would love to get hold of. Vivekananda’s impact was also on people like Aldous Huxley, Nicolas Tesla, one of the most eminent physicist at that time. The impact of some of these towering Indian individual’s has been huge. I want to jump forward to talk about Carl Jung. Before that I’d mention that even Freud had an Indian influence. Most people do not know this. People say there is no explicit mention in his collected work. I found a scholar who emphasizes that Freud had correspondence with other western thinkers. At that time Western thinkers were well-versed in Indian psychology, understood the Indian thought and nature of the mind. Since Freud was in dialogue with scholars who studied Indian theory indirectly he drew inspiration from there. These are not mentioned in Freud’s collection of works. You find them in the collected works of these other people. Like Freud is in correspondence with X, you find them only in the complete works of X. It is so strange, that I’m trying to dig up more about it. Back to Jung. I have a table of Indian construct and the corresponding Jungian construct. Atman is Self, Sanskar is Memory Seeds, Karmic Imprints and Patterns which he calls Archetypes. Collective Unconsciousness and Chit is taken from Yogchara Storehouse consciousness idea and Sankhya respectively. The Cosmic Ritam in Vedas becomes his Synchronicity. There is a whole mapping of his vocabulary. Certain words like Mandala, Chakra, Kundalini is kept as it is. I want to explain a diagram which I can’t put up. Imagine a workspace where you have a table and you are trying to put some jigsaw puzzle together. So I imagine to be in Jung’s workplace where he is putting his theory together. He has to keep three influences in his mind outside the workspace. One is the Indian thought he wants to appropriate. There is a stack of things called Indian thought and he is picking only what he wants to appropriate while not acknowledging other thoughts. Second influence is, he wants to be empirical so that he can be seen as a scientist. Empirical means he wants to say he has done this inner exercise himself. The third influence is very interesting, he wants to be a Christian compliant. Throughout his life he had discussion with Christian bishops to assure his theory is not anti-Christianity, but compatible with Christianity. Hence he came up with his ideas from Indian thought, making it scientific and presenting it in a Christian friendly way in order to get acceptance. He tried to portray a scientific interpretation of Christianity, where Indian thought is the resource provider. In the next diagram, I fill this circle called Jungian workspace. Using the outside influences he has built a theory. I got a diagram of things he get from Indian thought. How he maps them into a new vocabulary making it compatible with scientific and Christian paradigm. Being sandwiched in these three influences, he wants to derive the maximum from Indian thought but pass it as science and also as a new interpretation of Christianity. In a nutshell he accepts only the lower five chakras. He rejects the top 2 chakras because it talks about transcendence which cannot be made fit with Christianity. The unity consciousness is rejected since it cannot be reconciled with the Bible either. The idea, state of unity of Atman and Brahman is also rejected simply because it won’t fit. He rejects Reincarnation though, towards the end of his life he wanted to reconsider it. Reincarnation was disposed because it can’t fit Christianity. Further he accepts Collective Karma, not Individual Karma. His idea of Karma is the process of continuing to do something which is going to affect all of us but no one individually, because Reincarnation of Individual Jevataman does not fit the Bible model. I do not know why he changed his mind later in his life. Maybe he figured Reincarnation is better than landing up in hell. So that’s the option I pick to come back to Earth. However I do not know if that was the case. He does not accept Samadhi. Nor does he accept the Egoless Transcendent State. Whatever in the traditional Indian Yogic culture he does not agree with, he labels them as hallucinations. He believes whatever the Yogis say is not scientifically valid. Because, his benchmark to judge, is in accordance of him achieving it. He doesn’t take anything from face value as his concern is to develop a system which is compatible with Christianity. Otherwise it won’t be good for him. I have many flow charts on his limiting factors. He limits and defines his knowledge to his own Yogic experience and achievements. He is constrained by Western Science’s premises. He wants to fit the model into a Christian system. These three constraints made him eliminate things like Reincarnation, Human Transcendence beyond Archetypes, Egoless state, and Samadhi. He also concludes, Yoga shouldn’t be practiced by Westerners. It’s dangerous. Only westerners like him are qualified to practice yoga and then come up with a new yoga for westerners. He mentions on multiple occasion that Indian yoga isn’t safe for them. What Indians do is sound in Indian culture, but not in theirs. He invariably becomes the middleman of yoga, figuring it out, choosing a few things from it, and reconfiguring it, for you to practice it. His influence is huge. Sometimes people ask me not to worry about Jungian ideas. As they are mostly psychologists in the West doing other things. Even though there is no direct influence of a particular person, their thoughts are morphed into other ideologies. Today we do not search for Jungians. However there were erroneous conferences held. A rich widow hosted a series of conferences in Switzerland. She was passionate about bringing Indian thought into the west. While Jung was teaching Kundalini Yoga at summer institutes in the 1930s, lecturing about Chakras and other stuff as mentioned in the title of his lecture found in his collected works. Lecturing on these things in this conference led him to get it published in a prestigious manner. Bollingen Foundation was created to publish Jung’s work. It contains around 30 such volumes. It is now being printed by the Princeton University. Jung’s alumni are notable people like Joseph Campbell, Martin Boober, Alliardi from University of Chicago. Paul Raiden Ritz Daviz, the Sanskrit Buddhist scholars. Paul Tillich, an important Christian theologians of his time, Hendrik Zimmer etc. Though these people are not Jungians, they learned from Jung and are famous in their respective school of thoughts. He influenced many school of thoughts. Hence it is not fair to take away credits from Indian thoughts because there are less Jungians around. For example, Joseph Campbell’s whole mythology and ideas are derived from his teacher Jung. He was one the most prominent student of Jung. He morphed it into something new. Today this has changed to ideas used by Devdutt Pattanaik, and Wendy Doniger among other people. As obvious, the influence goes through other people like a pipeline effect. One of the channels through which Indian thought became important in the West, is through Jung. Another is Freud among many others. I have a chart on Sri Aurobindo’s impact. There are four such major channels. One is California Institute of Integral Studies. Second is Michael Murphy and Esalen. Third is Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute. The fourth is unfortunately a controversial topic. It is many of Sri Aurobindo’s own follower in India itself. They are a little bit mixed up in these things. There exists a Human Potential Movement started by Michael Murphy, followed by Ken Wilber which is originally an Aurobindonian movement reincarnated in another form. His ideas of consciousness studies has been appropriated, which turned into many things in this cognitive science area. I have a very iconic photograph which I wish I could show. There the founder, Haridas Choudhary of California Institute of Integral Studies, was with other people. He was an ardent follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Institute was set up explicitly. The goal of the Institute was to spread Sri Aurobindo’s knowledge in the West. Though it was the primarily goal, it followed another tangential path after Haridas Choudhary’s death. Ralph Metzner succeeded him. He was into drug culture and mysticism. He was a scholar on psychadaleia and mysticism. He had a significant impact on the California Institute of Integral Studies. However the biggest impact was done by the person after him, Robert McDermott. He replaces Sri Aurobindo as a central figure with Jung and Rudolf Steiner, an anthroposophist. Sri Aurobindo’s photograph was removed from the institute. Then Joseph Subbiondo presided over the Institute and took it into further other directions. He introduced Angana Chatterji who started to accuse Indian Culture of Human Rights Violence. The Institute began with a positive portrayal of India which exported the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo, ended up in the hands of people who characterize the Indian thought as a nightmare for humans. While all the positive things are being attributed and replaced by thoughts of Jung, Ken Wilber, anthropomorphism and other western models. It is very sad. In my book I’m doing a case study on all the intermediary individuals, institutions, schools of thought and funding agencies who are responsible for this export of knowledge from India to the West. Another case is when Michael Murphy started Esalen. Michael Murphy is great figure in California. He was a follower of Sri Aurobindo and wrote books on those ideas. Gradually he mixes his own idea into it and modified it. While Esalen still exists, it no longer has the same character it used to have. In the 60’s a lot of important western figures would explore the institute and experiment fearlessly as they wanted unlike in other western academy where you had a code of conduct. Normally you cannot wish to try drugs to see its reaction and try to achieve the same state via meditation. You are not permitted to do such wild things. But Esalen was a private Institute and you could do anything there. A lot of Indian ideas which were dangerous enough to ruin one’s academic reputation were tested here. Experimentation on Tantra, and sex were going on. There was an ongoing engagement between Indians and Americans who visited India, learn new things, bring them back and thus making it a great incubator of ideas. The famous names which were the product of Esalen are Andrew Weil, alternate healer. Dean Ornish, physician and researcher on mind, body is an important person on this space today like Andrew Weil. They are from the early Esalen era. Arnold Toynbee, historian, Paul Tillich, theologian Joseph Campbell, Abraham Maslow, Steven Leberge, all of them had immersed themselves in Esalen. Also biologist Rupert Sheldrake. Michael Murphy’s book “The future of the body” was taken from Sri Aurobindo’s idea of evolution. Gary Zukav, renowned author on consciousness also borrowed such ideas. I am studying Ken Wilber in details. There is a 300 pages volume only on Wilber’s appropriation of Sri Aurobindo of what he got right and accepted. Ideas he disguised, what he acknowledged and what he did not. I compare point by point. I show a quote of Sri Aurobindo and the corresponding idea from Wilber to compare them. It shows what he got right, what he got wrong and what he tries to hide. Ken Wilber is an iconic figure who has plotted levels of human consciousness, at various level and named them arrogantly as Wilber 1, Wilber 2, Wilber 3, Wilber 4, Wilber 5. In Wilber 1, he is a student studying Sri Aurobindo, Madhyamika Buddhism, tantra and Kashmir Shaivism cultivating them as his source. In Wilber 2 he claims to have superseded Sri Aurobindo. He creates a flow chart where he shows himself at a certain level of consciousness while others like Sri Aurobindo are below him. Wilber 3 is gone way beyond. Now he is finding serious faults with what Sri Aurobindo said. Hence the process of digestion starts. Another person I am looking at in a lot of detail is … I’m also looking into the influential legacy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Deepak Chopra and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar lived in his ashram as young students for many years. Most people do not know this but they both looked after him and were his closest associates and disciples. From a science background, Herb Benson from Harvard was studying the transcendental meditation using TM meditators as subjects for scientific measurement. He published the results what meditation can do for you without stating his study of transcendental meditation. He claimed to have developed a technique called relaxation response. It was the same exact procedure. The relaxation response manual and TM manual were same. You can practice it for 20 minutes a day with a mantra. He obviously does not have a Vedic mantra. He has formed one of his own kind, where you pronounce one instead of OM or your beej mantra. He affirms it has the same effect though he hasn’t conducted any experiments on people practicing his technique. He secretly observed people practicing transcendental meditation, although he doesn’t openly says so. Thereby he validates his theory of relaxation response in a strange way to become a big shot in Harvard. He starts The Mind Body Institute, which they recently closed down. In all probability he is in his 90’s now if he is still alive. He turned over all his notes and books when he left. There were a large number of boxes. Harvard Library is creating a special Herb Benson archive using those information which he handed over to them. They announced that the archive is open to scholars on a special permission as it contains lot of private stuff. Of course this got me going. I wanted to study it and find out things – find out what was in it. They wouldn’t have given me permission. I approached a young enterprising Indian neuroscientist at Duke University. He offered to help me. We gave him a grant while he received the permission. As a neuroscientist and a student he looked very innocent. He was very interested in learning all the contents. He used to carry an iPhone. The librarian gave him the rules of copying only 20 pages per box in a day. A form has to be filled and a dollar was charged. There were numerous boxes. You can’t just keep copying everything because it is tiresome and some of it was color-coded. Family consent was necessary for few boxes as it was private. But they left him alone. He was smart enough to click photos using his iPhone and mailed it to me. I asked my secretary to print them. I finally had few thousand pages of Benson’s archive. And it was very insightful. Herb Benson got funding from Prince Charles among other places. He wrote a letter to Prince Charles saying he is discovering the deepest secrets on the east to elevate the western civilization to another level of consciousness. He had gone to India looking for various sadhus and gurus in the mountain to do scientific measurements on them. He is repackaging this transcendental meditation as something of his own. In this way Herb Benson became a hotshot. I can just write a whole book on such people like Herb Benson but that is just too much work to be produced. I think I’m the only one who is trying to condense the materials I have about these individuals. No one else seems to be doing it. I have rented a garage which is filled with such boxes. I find something interesting every time I collect such material. I know somebody would need it hence I invest in getting access to such information. I have a lot of material. I’m more than happy to offer internship to anyone interested. Or become a research assistant and help me in sorting all that material. We also have Stephan Laberge from Stanford who patented a technique called lucid dreaming, for which he has trademark copyright, which actually is Yoga Nidra. In 1990s I used to attend consciousness studies conference in Tucson, Arizona. I used to be upset since they always used to talk about some new thing they had developed. Some new advancement in psychology. I knew its root were in India but they wouldn’t mention it. Stephen Laberge and I had a meal together where I told him about Yoga Nidra. He became very defensive but eventually gave in saying he learnt it from his guru in Rishikesh. He tried to show me his picture in order to impress me. I asked him why he isn’t vocal about his views publicly. Privately he was telling me all this but publicly he found it embarrassing. He gave a very common western answer justifying his actions. He is convinced people will accept Yoga Nidra if he says so as he is from Stanford. It would be more credible and more popular. It’s like a thief saying I will take your jewelry because it looks better on me. The diamonds wouldn’t look real on you. People will not think the diamond is real. So I am doing a favor by stealing from you. A few institutes in Europe and USA are doing research on lucid dreaming and training people. One of the students of this lucid dreaming started his own movement He conducted experiments with the US Army during the Iraq war to show that Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, can be treated effectively with lucid dreaming. The therapy was very effective. The US Army conducted trials where they gave different opportunities to treat PTSD. On basis of the results lucid dreaming was concluded the best treatment for this disorder. This man got a multimillion dollar contract from the US Army and was credited as the scientist to have found a cure of PTSD. It’s actually Yoga Nidra which is curing PTSD. But that’s not what how it’s mentioned. These examples are not Google searches, I have had intimate encounters with such people. I have spent a lot of my energy to dig deep. I met them and spent time with them to understand all this. Templeton Foundation is one of the largest funding agencies and organizer of Science and Religion interface events. I’ll be talking about this. Infinity Foundation funded the first Science and Religion program at University of California, Santa Barbara in the 90s. It was in the campus and there was a Buddhist person a student of Robert Thurman. We decided to teach Dharma, traditions and Science in order to observe the relationship between them. Suddenly, Templeton Foundation hijacked that program by offering ten times more money to the university. Robert was replaced by their own team and took over all the classes on science and religion. The knowledge he had been disseminating was remapped onto a Christian framework, which became the science and religion program. I was upset and wrote about it publicly. Then I was received an offer of collaboration from them. They were just trying to make me happy, since I had information against them. They are a multimillion dollar enterprise which a budget much larger than mine. They convinced Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, to hold a science and religion conference around 2001-03. They wanted me to tag along for credibility as they were just an American company with limited credibility and I didn’t have that kind of money. They asked me to give a little insight so that they could make it sound like a grand collaborative project. I agreed to it on the one condition that I would have say in the content and whom we are inviting. We had a decent conference together. Eventually I realized they tried to appropriate a lot of people. They used me to identify and select who are the smart people were. I selected some people. I didn’t realize that they will go an offer them money and take them. I did a conference at Woodstock, New York, with Tibet House on Indic studies and consciousness. One Templeton fellow innocently requested if he could attend it. He said he only wanted to sit and learn. I couldn’t say no. I left for my lunch break and after my break when I arrived I noticed that he had put on display all the various Templeton Foundation grants available using collapsible tables. 15000 dollars a year, 50,000 dollars a year, 100,000 dollars a year. All our people walked towards him. Soon after that event, many of the people that I had nurtured painstakingly disappeared. They were drawn by the hefty Templeton grants. They have huge money. I have publicly talked about many of them earlier. One of them was getting funded to write a book on Indian psychology. He switched to Templeton and we lost the link with him. These are serious hijacking activities. People must be aware of this. Anyway, continuing Buddhism is a different kind of a source for western appropriation since they acknowledge Buddhism more openly unlike Hinduism. It’s not weird. It’s cool. They acknowledge things they get from Buddhism but soon after they get a lot out of it, they start changing tracks. Then the process of modification starts based on what they want to keep and what they want to modify. My Buddhism influence on the west is 4 volumes. The draft is around 12 – 13 hundred pages total. It’s not very clearly written and needs improvements. I’m looking for assistance in order to improve. First volume is The influence on western philosophy. Second is psychology – theoretical models of mind and Buddhist influences. The third is empirical research which is actively going on in order to determine what their meditation can offer. The fourth is on Clinical Therapies being developed from Buddhism, which is also a movement. Jon-Kabat Zinn is a personality of Buddhism appropriation. He coined the term mindfulness. When you study the technique you will see that it revolves around emptying your mind and not filling it. But unless you practice it, the word mindful in the English vocabulary translates to thinking about something. But the actual technique is not making you think of anything. The technique of vipassna is made into mindfulness meditation by them. It’s moulded further as stress reduction management which is further away from the original purpose as stress reduction is a by-product. The essence of Vipassana is lost. Jon Kabat Zinn being a doctor put a lot of Buddhist practices through the rigor of the American medical system and copyrighted and patented proprietary treatment for diabetes among other things. The pharmaceutical industry benefited from it. Buddhist technique has been transformed into a dialectical behavior therapy. The first pioneers who developed this credited it so Buddhist teachings. They were honest enough to admit the Buddhist roots. However, their students did not attribute any of the knowledge to Buddhism. Further the next generation of students clearly had no idea where it came from. Particularly Buddhist psychology has had immense influence in the West. I had a close encounter with eminent French neuroscientist Francisco Varrella. He was ordained as a Tibetan monk by Dalai Lama. He had a professional career in biology and neuroscience leading him to invent terms for Buddhist phenomena like autopoiesis, the embodied mind, neurophenomenology and so on. I met him at this Tucson conference. We were stranded at the Tucson airport because our flight was cancelled on account of bad weather and we had a lot of time to talk. I asked him the reason of his reluctance to say he is actually teaching and researching Buddhism. He answered back explaining the business dynamics of a western scientist adding credibility to the Buddhist teachings. Whereas if Buddhist teaches it nobody will believe it. He argued that he was doing a favor to the Buddhists. I further enquired about the number of neurophenomenology practitioners he had produced who can create the same effect as Tibetan Buddhist and why does he only use Tibetan Buddhist practitioners as his research tool. I continued saying If you have developed neurophenomenology technique then you must have a clinic where you must start teaching it and measure the progress of neurophenomenologists as your research data. He was dumbfounded. He honestly expressed his inability to experimentally reproduce the theoretical framework called neurophenomenology. Since they aren’t practitioners of it, they do not understand the value of it if acknowledging it. He decided to be more vocal about it but unfortunately passed away a few months later to cancer. He died of cancer. He was a good friend and a decent fellow. I lost a friend. Mind Life Institute was developed by someone in the 1980s. It was a top site for American scientist in the field of Medical Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics and so on, funded heavily. They met Dalai Lama’s associate once a year for several weeks. They as westerners were picking the brain measurements of Tibetans and then discussing it and presenting papers They are really appropriating and mining the Buddhist Tibetans. Whenever I have criticized They revert by saying we are not hiding our intentions from them and it can be bi-directional. They can learn our knowledge and appropriate just like we do. I tell them that they neither have the money nor an army of scholars like you do. Those who are traveling across the globe to enhance Tibetan Buddhism from your study. They are poor people. You pick their stuff more easily than they can yours. They understand there is one directional asymmetry of power. Power asymmetry leads to benefit the one who have more resources. Naturally they can learn more and take advantage of it. But the reverse is not true. Mind Life institute is just a project of mining, processing Buddhism into a field of mind sciences for the West. There are mind sciences conference every year. They have a good marketing strategy, organizing conference every year. Everything is shifting towards cognitive western science with little to with Dharma or Buddhism in general. I met Evan Thompson, Francisco Varela’s top student. He is a young man. After Varela’s death Thompson continued his work. Just as any first generation appropriator he was a little respectful, loyal to his guru and acknowledged him when asked. He was respectful. He then teaches a new set of westerners. Over the years gradually each generation has less acknowledgement of the source. Eventually they want to own it up. Now Evan Thompson says he isn’t sure if his teacher, Francisco Varela took ideas from Buddhism. All he knows he has learnt it from him. Evan Thompson is a Christian and is mapping these learning into Christianity in a big way. He has written a lot of bestselling books on self, no-self, waking, dreaming and other ideas. I will talk about the very serious movement of distorting Buddhism. Owen Flanagan is a cognitive neuroscientist at Duke University who is the guide of the young fellow who collected the notes of Herb Benson. He is the boss. I got to know him from that friend of mine. Owen Flanagan of Duke University is one of the world authorities in certain models of neuroscience. He is a potential Nobel Prize nominee. He is kind of big league. He is developing something called secular Buddhism. In other words he is removing things from Buddhism which science cannot accommodate thereby claim those things never existed in Buddhism. They are removing ideas like Karma and Reincarnation in order to secularize Buddhism They completely want to remove concepts of the nature of self as they cannot fit it in their model. Stephen Batchelor is a British also involved in naturalizing Buddhism. The previous person was American. Batchelor has been practicing Buddhism, since the age of 18 years. He stayed in Dharamsala for a decade. Married there. Suddenly he shifted his loyalty. He teaches naturalized Buddhism. He claims that original natural Buddhism taught by Buddha did not mention karma and incarnation. Some Brahmins added it later. Karma, Reincarnation is seen as a Brahmin interpolation. These fellows assert they are restoring back the original Buddhism. That is their excuse. Then there are Sam Harris and people like that. Then I have a table of Indian terms, translators, new terms and terms and sources which have completely disappeared. New texts are been created with a mixture of authenticity and inauthenticity. These have become the origin. The difference between Buddhism’s acceptance in the Eastern nations of Japan, China and south-east Asia and Western nations must be understood. The East acknowledges India as a source of Buddhism from where they carried the texts. Buddhist texts in Chinese or Tibetan, indicate which Sanskrit text or Pali text they are translating from. They are respectful of the authentic source. In the West, respect is short lived with the first generation thinkers then digested, diluted as it passes on. Further people start to learn without any feeling of admiration towards the source. Buddhism based clinical therapies on Mindfulness, dialectic behavior, acceptance and commitment, cognitive behavior etc. have come up. Numerous therapies are derived from Buddhism. In the end here I am showing you a movement called consciousness studies. There is a wiki site where they are putting all the knowledge of consciousness. There are thousands of entries. Interesting thing is, they divided the history of consciousness into three periods – the early period, ancient period, the middle period of 2000 years And then there is a last few centuries. In the early period they have six exemplars, who are the original discoverers of consciousness. Five western men and Buddha. They call it the origin. There is no Vedic rishi, Patanjali, Panini, and Bhartrihari. All the great guys not there. From 2000 year from that early BC period to recent times, it concludes an amazing gap of research on consciousness, which they are looking for. They only want to look for western people. If they cannot find it, they create a gap. So all the things which happened in those 2000 years here, doesn’t interest them. That’s not what they are looking for. In the latest period, everyone they had named is a westerner. They include David HJung, John locke, Descartes etc. among eight others. There is not a single Indian. There is also a table of contents of this book, where it documents the history of consciousness discoveries. There are 24 milestones. 23 of them are breakthroughs by westerners. The only Indian is Buddha. That’s how it ends in the curriculum they have created. We have a lot of work to do. They get immense funding. It’s easy to get a medical degree from Universities like Massachusetts. You have an option to study mind body spiritual medicine as an elective in medical school. In that, they teach the history of mind body medicine created by people like Jon Kabat Zinn. Its people like Ben who created. No single sentence speaks about its link or relevance to India in this field. Indian doctors are going there to learn these. My friend’s son went to medical school, and became a big shot doctor. He was saying that he has gone to this mindfulness therapy session training which led to his success. I said I hope you know it is Vipassana. He replies people get suspicious of your character if you start talking likes this. It’s considered impolite to talk like that in parties. If you talk on these lines, the reaction is often like this. I have developed something called U-turn theory. The westerners starts studying and appropriating our culture, calling it their own, disguising it, rejecting the source. It’s a five stage process. In stage one they are good honest disciple, researcher, immersed in the tradition wearing Indian clothes, maybe got a Hindu name, doing bhajans. Some wonderful people stay there. So that’s Stage 1. With stage two they become neutral removing all Indian attire. They turn the ideas into their own new generic proprietary. It’s my discovery. If you catch them and question them they say it’s easier to spread the idea that way. In stage three it’s either repackaged as Judaic-Christian religion or Western Science. There is a big market for Christian yoga and getting repackaged into western science. So, 3 A – path is through the religion, 3 B – path is through the science. Then stage 4 is attacking the source. They name the source as abusive, having caste system, otherworldly impractical, not progressive. They attribute us with only negative psychology. It’s a classic business of escapism trying to look for faults in order to rationalize and justifies the theft. There is a psychology model of thief, not sure if you have studied it. The thief talks to himself to hate the victim in order to justify his act. When there were a lot of criminals in New York, it’s no more like a crime ridden place it used to be. In the 70s there was a talk show explaining this often, that when somebody steals your wallet it becomes necessary to abuse you using vulgar words. It’s a psychological kind of reconciliation. What I am doing is not bad. They were bad people and deserved it. So also, the business of destroying your roots is similar to arsonists who robs the bank and burns it down. This is stage 4. The psychology of arson develops at stage 4 when they want to hit out against the cultural source. In stage 1 they were in love with it. In stage 5 it is made an American idea and re-exported to India. Indians love it like the people from IIT Kharagpur since It was discussed by other people. There is a complex created. There are also different fashions like Ken Wilber and Michael Murphy. There are four methodologies I’m studying as a part of my project. I look at the Indian source of particular things, gurus, lineages and text. Correspondingly I look at the western pioneers following the same trend who are studying the same thing. I try to confront them. Not only individuals, I also study the western Institutions like Esalen, Institute of Noetic Sciences, California institute of integral studies, mind life institute to name a few among 100 others. One came up in Stanford. A fashionable research is being institutionalized. It’s not just an individual writing a book but now it is an institutional mechanism with funding to do this kind of a U-turn project on a large scale. The fourth thing I study are the western assets they have launched in the market. What’s their market and importance? I try to gauge how authentic it is, if it can be compromised. The reaction that it would receive if replaced with the original. Thank you for listening. If there is any post graduate individual who would like to be my research assistant or collaborate with me on my project. Please contact me as I am looking to hire people. I realized I cannot finish all work by myself. I have a huge amount of information. After me, it will fall apart because no one would know how it fits. I want to receive help in organizing these in order to quickly publish them into a large number of volumes on The Indian Influence on Western Mind Sciences. Thank you.

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  1. Rathi ke chamchoo….dekhlo….ye video ….kon …andhbhakt hai …..pata chala jayegaa……chamchoooo….share as much as u can
    …….. the

  2. Indians especially Hindus suffer from a severe case of inferiority complex and this video is the proof of my claim .

  3. Wow, Rajiv, this was an eye opener. It is hard to believe that
    these westerners are still stealing ancient Indian Hindu wisdom and enriching themselves without acknowledging the Hindu source. It is plain and simple plagiarizing.
    How can these frauds claim to be great scientists and scholars?
    Have they no shame? I already know the answer to that question – they obviously do not have any shame.
    I am so happy that you are writing a book which will expose their utter deceit.
    Would they be able to get away with stealing ancient Chinese or Islamic wisdom the way they are stealing from India? The Indian government should take steps to prevent this kind of thievery in the future.
    I hope you will be around a long, long time to continue this fight for India and Hindus and I hope that you will be successful in causing many of us to come to the aid of your great foundation.
    I look forward to reading your book.

  4. My god you blessed with such critical thinking skills and knowledge !! Impressable !! Bhagwan Vishnu may always bless you !!

  5. I have done my post graduation in psychology and there was nothing much to study about Indian contribution. I am feeling pain in my heart while listening this that not everyone talks about it, not much people know about it. But as said by Buddha that three can never be hidden The Sun, The Moon and The Truth. Also, one thing is i need to update myself regarding my knowledge of my own culture. Thank you sir for so much hardwork and inspiring. 😇

  6. Soo important. Jordan Peterson is a follower of Carl Jung, most of us and westerners are in aww of JBP, but does not know his source materials, that is Jung, got it from India.
    So much we have lost and so much we do not know and we have only one Rajive Malhotra.

  7. Totally agree with Rajiv ji,
    Pattern in which Cristina institute work is 3 generation concept, which they did in South America to convert the South American native.
    In first generation they ask people to practice Cristina along with their native believe .
    In second generation they dilute native belief system and in third generation native belief is totally demanised .
    I have seen lot of Western people who talk about Yoga starting with india reference and then try to dilute Hindu contribution .
    And try to manipulate our history according to Cristina conspiracy then after that in conclusion they says that Hindu philosophy and system is confusing and disguising and try to stablish their Cristina idology
    Unfortunately lot Hindu gurus ,politicians, industrial people and academic people in India Knowing or unknowingly help these people to get petty benefits from Western contries

  8. Hi Malhotra Sir, I follow your video blog and I have added you to my linkedin as well, 4-5 years back. I usually don't comment but this article of your is the best. I have this feeling that Vipassana was one of your early influences, and maybe one strong reason why you probably might have devoted yourself to the cause of Indian sciences/ Indian culture /Indian grand narrative. If my guess is true then it completely makes sense that one day or next you would talk about Indian culture's contribution to the field of psychology. Being medical doctor and biomedical scientist, I am familiar with the field of psychology/ psychiatry, and I always felt that why we in mainstream medical syllabus we don't think about indigenous methods of understanding psychology. My intention in such thinking was why not have some contribution from Indian voices in the field of psychology. But what you suggest here is far deeper than that. YOu let us know that how central and deep is India's contribution to the psychology ( albeit completely un-acknowledged). Few months back I commented on one of science related seminar you or iswadeshi indology conference posted, I mentioned there what c.k. raju thinks, he talks about india's immense contribution in the field of mathematics. Here you talk about psychology ( very central and very deep contribution, not the sidenote/ footnote, not the also ran contribution but the central). And as c.k. raju tells further , that because western understanding of mathematics is not good enough, this is preventing them from doing good mathematics. I feel the same way related to psychology, as western understanding is borrowed one, without acknolwedging and understanding original sources, their psychology science is not good enough. And you talk this with very important examples in this lecture. I feel that this was the best lecture of yours.

  9. By doing these kind of untruthful stealing and disrespect to the source of wisdom these ignorant fools will not get anything valuable. These thieves are becoming ethiests and their growing generations are lost. So they are the only loosers and nobody can defeat the truth and the dharma ultimately. Pranams to poojya Rajeevji for all your efforts to digging out these truths.

  10. It's interesting how we Indians take pride in eulogising others and being careless of our own culture.
    I guess that's the reason we are in a hapless state today.
    Thanks to you for enlightening us rajeevji.

  11. what is happening to tamil people and to their knowledge and history in india is what happening to india in the world !!!

  12. Thank you for all your effort and cognition, Rajiv Ji. You are that someone who we needed for all these times. It is quite disturbing to assimilate the fact that our knowledge of and contributions to mind sciences have been appropriated. Its high time we studied OUR history and realized WHO we really are to defend and champion Bharath dharma tradition. Jai Hind!

  13. With so much digestion and destroying of the original and authentic, they produce a failed society and leeches at last! What's the use!?

  14. Because of what Steve Jobs said at his deathbed, westerners are suddenly shaken and running towards India to each their sins.

  15. Sir I am impressed by your Buddhist Studies. Being a Buddhist follower I appreciate your research and hard work regarding indology and buddhology. Thanks for video sharing.

  16. Namo Namah, guru Rajiv ji, jiss shuddh atma se aap ye sab kary kar rahe hain, kripaya ashirwaad dijiye hum sabhi ko jo iss dharm yuddh mein aapke saath jude hain, ki hum bhi issi lagan se apne samaj desh aur vishw ke liye nirantar athak kary karein……………….
    aapne apna sarvasv iss kary mein laga diya…aap Swami Vivekanand ji ka punarjanam hain! apko nat mastak. karti hun.
    apne kitni chalaki se herb benson ki gupt baaton ko harvard mahavidyalay se nikalwaya!!!! adbhut hain aap!
    main prati din aap ke video se prerna leti huin aur asha karti hun ki aapke bataye marg pr chal sakuin.

  17. i would request the organizers of the talk shows of guru Rajiv ji to give atleast a chair for him to sit. He keeps standing for hours even at this stage and people younger than him sit nicely!!!

  18. what a speech. thank you Rajiv ji.. Looking forward to reading your book. DO you also include the way to combat with the situation and not acknowledging the original source? would love to hear your plan

  19. आपके विडीयो बहोत ही अच्छे होते है लेकिन प्रोब्लम यह है की वह अंग्रेजी मे होते है और भारत मे ज्यादातर लोग अंग्रेजी नहीं जानते इसलीये वह आपके ज्ञान का लाभ नहीं उठा सकते. आपके सारे विडीयोस को हिन्दी मे भी डब करना चाहीये और अपलोड करना चाहीये जिससे की ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोग आपके बारे मे जानेंगे और आप से जुड सकेंगे.

  20. It is Sad to hear that Work of our Yogi's is appropriated by Westerners.Forgetting for a moment what they have dome.What as a Country we are doing to enrich that same science.It appears , we care a dam for that, Being so we should appreciate what westerners are doing . Why this aspect is not bought to Indian decision makers/Philanthropist fo r funding such studies.

  21. Giving India its rightful place on the world stage, Sir you and NaMo are great partners who do not know each other is on the same path.

  22. Thank you for another enlightening talk. I had been aware of the Hindu influences on Jung et al, but your research has brought out the details in sharp relief. You are a great blessing to all who follow the Dharma.

  23. Westerners may have never invented anything on their own. Americans ,especially ,are grand thieves of other people's culture, through shameless cultural appropriation and downright theft, not only from India but also from the Native American peoples. The sad thing is that because they seem incapable of giving birth to anything, when they do it they do more for their own egos' sake than for the improvement of human condition. Ego and greed, truly Asuric forces. I also pray for a long life to you, Sri Rajvi ,so you may rescue all of Bharata Mata's knowledge and give its rightful place on this planet.

  24. Rajivji, commanding hard work. We need to cut our inferiority complex from the root by what we teach in schools. We need to rewrite our history books with our perspective. It is embedded in western culture of self promotion. It's all about self and material one posses. Money is their God. So we got a long battle ahead. That is why we don't have problem in our eastern countries, because we got a culture and mindset to respect elders, sources, teachers, original authors etc. We get also more respect if we mention our gurus. It is our culture. So we got a cultural difference between east and west. Just look what happened to Hare Krishna foundation after A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's death even though he did nice job setting it up so it function properly after he is gone. I hope more people come forward to fund your work. They have no shame in stealing your students either. They will go to any extent to justify their goal. I hope you have a backup of your archives. Protect it properly with secret backup that only your trusted follower has knowledge about it. Wishing you a long healthy life.

  25. Rajiv ji, How about a monthly question answer session with you where people can send questions to you and you can give your comments? Of course, you can filter good questions with the time constraint in mind for that episode.

  26. Well researched materials by honest Swadeshi indologist. A giant thinker vs tiny fake westerners who r actually thieves.

  27. All this has been happening in all fields since invaders entered into our country. They steel our knowledge, destroy original source and claim themselves to discover it with the help of patent system. The word “industrial revolution” is a pseudo term used to cover the stealing of knowledge from vedas and claiming it to their own. That is how westerners who were cave men have developed themselves and destroyed us.

  28. All buddhist universities of past were knowledge store house for humanity.
    The nalanda university is known as ancient Oxford.

    Indian buddhist master arya nagarjuna is known as Indian Einstein

  29. Rajiv Ji I have been gathering some information and have some of them too. You need to know this side of the story what’s going on. These Westerners specially in the South India are spreading like Deemak, getting married to innocent South Indian Hindus who do not have any idea what is actually going on under the carpet. They visit local temples and learn from the priests about Agama and procedure of pujas. I would like to produce some truths as well. These western scholars and writers are all thieves and dacoits. They learn our stuffs and sell them in the golden box. There are most of them having Hindu names and also practicing Jyotish Vidya and earning money. Some are claiming themselves as Sadhus. A bunch of Hypocrites and most importantly there are Indians who are also involved. This is a very dangerous sign and we must unite against this before it’s too late.

  30. Learn from India. Translate it in English .And sell the same think as herbal. Natural organic . Meditation . Mind body. Art of living. …Now I have mastered art of leaving

  31. Have seen the channel getting more and more subscription, it's in a way tells universal consciousness is moving towards the truth and self realisation… Thanks people like Rajiv and internet..!!

  32. If at this modern age the west has done and is doing so much of plagiarism then imagine how much plagiarism they would have done in the medieval and earlier ancient times.

  33. I am a researcher working on Brain and Mind…. I am so happy seeing your video…I feel sad about some of us who don't value their heritage and blindly believe on westernized concepts ..your videos are so insightful…looking forward to your works and books…

  34. Sir..I accept mind science 200% I did my own life 10 -20 times it will out standing.. I Bray to God 120 healthy life.. Tell Truth to new generation..

  35. Indians are proud of their rich heritage only for being stolen and unacknowledged. We are proud as consumers as rightly said..

  36. Pranam sir. Im a western hindu from Brasil, hindutva supporter and student of Indian history and Vedic Hindu knowledge systems as Vedanta Yoga Vedanga Upaveda. Im a big fan of your work. Would love you have videos with subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish so can spread to south America audiences.

  37. Ok I understand a lot of Indian works had been digested and appropriated in such a way so that they fit Judeo Christian values, also as an ardent fan I have also shared this video w/all my contacts, creating. But I would like to know, whats next? What's the ultimate goal of Rajiv ji after having created mass awareness ?
    Does he want western scholars to give the due credit to Indian work next time they appropriate any work of Indian schoral? Or bring changes to the present framework where Jung's ideas are presented completely as his brainchild?? and again what lies next?

  38. All true…unfortunately…I'm a Westerner Buddhist and there are many teachers and scholars trying to purge Buddhadharma of everything they don't see fit with their secular Worldview…I'm disgusted by the way they disrespect the authentic sources, its Truthfulness and Greatness…luckily I've always had the good karma to meet and follow very orthodox and traditional teachers…

  39. Why does this not have a million views or more? Oh Rama. Where have we come to a stage where truth isn't accepted? Pranaams to you Rajiv ji.

  40. So what china is doing to them by intellectual theft is karma coming back to bite. How hypocritical of them to complain about china when they themselves stole and appropriated Indian concepts without acknowledging the original source. Really informative session. You should make a book out of it and put it on record.

  41. Sometimes it feels like education terrorism is going on all around rhe world… All those who were adultering education ideas were definitely in hell…..

  42. I meditated with a bunch of Indians and that session used to be called Satsang. When I referred to it as Satsang this Indian woman frowned and said no no its meditation. When Indians are scared of our terminology, stopping Westerners from digestion/ appropriation is far off.

  43. I am a medical graduate and I always used to wonder why there is a strong similarity between Sigmund Freud’s theory(I’d, ego, and super-ego)and Bhagwan Gita’s updesh on how to control mind by Krishna . Now I got the answer, there must be huge possibility that Freud borrowed this from Gita because except for this part Freud’s work on psychiatry is indifferent however he was a great researcher and was a great neurologist. It’s really sad that all those psychologists and psychiatrists visits Freud’s house in Vienna and London without acknowledging their own heritage. Have to ever wondered that all those great Jewish researchers including Einstein and Oppenheimer acknowledged Bhagwan Gita ?

  44. Sir, we are mainly worried about our thoughts, concepts, knowledge hijacked, contorted and used in domains of Physics, Mathematics, and Hollywood movies.

  45. Naman Shri Pandit Rajiv Ji…I cant even imagine tge amount of frustration, helplessness and anger you would have felt on those Templeton F guys who choose you to filter intellectuals and then buy them….
    Shame on those who are born with instinct of being an item of sale…

  46. People like are the reason why Hindus are more aware of the cultural destruction that was and is taking place by so called intellectuals, the day is not far when those intellectuals will be striped of their powers and Hindu culture will flourish again. The movementum is in our favor now.

  47. As a Westerner (from Spain) I was well acquainted with many of the names, books, and US institutions, etc that Mr Malhotra has mentioned: Paul Tillich, J. Campbell, Heinrich Zimmer (great and credible Indologist), TM, the Bollinger Series – many of which I have read. Having immersed myself in Advait Vedanta for the past 20 years I consider myself fortunate in having discovered the lucid and important work of RM. Early on I realised the distortions and unclaimed borrowings of Freud and Jung from Indian sources. In my experience, however, things are raìdly changing in the West (at least for the past 10 yrs or more).Apart from Buddhism there is a growing interest in Advaita: new translations and publications, like Advaita.Info in Spain. I congratulate you all for having such a powerful and true teacher in your mist.

  48. There is a comment asking God for long life for Rajivji. I wish Rajivji long life and good health so that he can continue his amazing work.
    However, great personalities come only once in an epoch. Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Vyasa, Valmiki, Buddha, Vivekananda, and many other great personalities blessed India and the Sanathana Dharma. What we do with their creations and teachings is equally important. Their teachings are not merely for listening with pleasure and pride.

    Young people should follow Sri Malhotra’s lead and undertake the work he has begun. They should become his disciples and start schools that continue the work he has been doing. Most others should follow the tenets he has been suggesting. Those with good funds should help his efforts and the future work of those who follow his line of work.

  49. TL;DW Without the ancient Bharatiya Guru Shishya parampara, knowledge will get diluted, appropriated, mis appropriated, mis-used and ultimately destroyed. Wish Rajiv ji good health and worthy shishyas.


    5:40 Ferdinand de Saussure
    8:30 Consequences of Digestion

    10:03 Swami Vivekananda's Impact (Digestion)
    10:15 William James

    12:50 Sigmund Freud

    14:05 Jung

    Aurobindo's Impact (Digestion)
    23:20 California Institute of Integral Studies.
    26:50 Michael Murphy (Esalen Institute)
    29:20 Ken Wilber

    31:04 Maharshi Mahesh Yogi's Impact (Digestion)
    31:37 Herb Benson (TM)
    36:58 Stephen Laberge (Yog Needra)
    40:15 Templeton Foundation

    44:40 Buddhism Impact (Digestion)
    46:00 Jon Kabat Zin
    48:00 Francisco Varela
    50:34 Mind Life Institute
    52:40 Evan Thompson

    Sacularising Buddhism
    54:27 Owen Flanagan
    55:10 stephen Batchelor

    56:40 The difference between attitude of Eastern and Western scholars towards Indian traditional knowledge

    57:55 Distortion of The History of Consciousness Studies.

    1:01:40 U-turn Theory

  51. I would urge every Hindu to donate to his Foundation – The Infinity Foundation. I saw so many of his lectures and dialogues that I contributed to his foundation.

  52. Having lived in the West all my life (as an MD and a student of Philosophy) I was fortunate in not having fallen for the water-downed or distorted views of Eastern philosophy and spirituality that Rajiv Ji speaks about. Often I realised that something was wrong, something missing as to the sources (like in the case of Jung, Freud, Joseph Campbell, etc.). Many years ago I wrote a short article ('What do we mean by Health?') in a Canadian Medical journal basing myself chiefly on Aristotle and the Bhagavad Gita. That was the beginning of my interest in India and Hindu philosophy. Would that I had discovered Rajiv's work and publications much earlier!

  53. Carl Jung doesnt accept Samadhi and the higher Chakras! There is an anecdote of him coming to India and traveling around. Many people all over asked him to see Ramana Maharshi who he himself was extremely praiseful about in his correspondences.. However, he had many nightmares about doing it and couldnt muster up the courage due to that!! As a Jivanmukta who was completely self realized, the 'appropriated' borrowed portions of his theories might have began to show.. Strange though it is that Karma always has its way.. Jung still is celebrated East or West as a towering intellectual figure.. For blessed he is for uplifting Western (and ultimately, human) thought!

  54. Rajiv you are my hero, keep up the great work. I am in NJ and I would like to meet you. I am actually looking to buy a house in the next town. I want to help. I love you and you work for Bharat.

  55. Today Christian Misionaries and Muslim Wakf Board in India are trying to dismantle Hindu Dharmuc thinking to their best advantage instead of being profited or benefited of being staying together here.
    HinduDharmic Thinking is unique and modelustic. Rajiv Malhotra does lots of things on Hinduism and world thoughts these days. Due respects to him. Thank you.

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