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It is such a cute cat. Looks like the poor thing is hungry. Motu, what is this? Patlu, look. It is such a cute cat. The poor thing was really tired. It was also injured. So I brought it home. Cute cat. Cat? Motu, this is a tiger’s cub! What?! Tiger! A tiger’s cub! Motu, my brother, my friend, where did you get the tiger’s cub from? Uncle. Uncle. Don’t be afraid of me. I cannot do anything. I’m scared myself. Motu, my brother, my friend. Take this gadget. With this we can listen and understand what he is saying. Okay, now say son. What do you want to say? Speak. Uncle. My mother and father’s health is very bad. They have become very weak because of that. And now. Five wolves want to kill them and become the king themselves. Save us from those wolves Uncle. Please save us from those wolves. This cannot happen. This can never happen. I have never heard such a tragic tale before. Motu, stop crying. Stop crying. And think of helping him. Even I got emotional. Let’s go. Let us meet his mother and father. Let’s go. Father, don’t loose hope. I’m getting help at once. Uncle, what was that? He was giving a proper reaction after seeing the mobile in your hand. You also keep a mobile? Motu, my brother, my friend. He is the cub of today’s generation’s tiger. Let’s go. Mom. Dad. Look who I brought. (What should I say? How should I say?) Brother Tiger. Brother Tiger. You don’t have to worry at all. We will deal with those wolves. I cannot think on an empty stomach. Patlu, you only think of something. Give us an idea. Quickly. Idea. Dr. Jhatka. You do this. Give Motu a tiger’s get-up. My brother, my friend, Patlu. What will happen with that? When Motu will roam around in a tiger’s get-up in the jungle, those wolves will think that the tiger is well now. After that they will not roam around them. Till then you can give them a medicine and cure them. My brother, my friend, Patlu. This is a good idea. But even you will have to dress up as a tigress along with Motu. Take this now. I will make you both a tiger and a tigress. Now, not only will you both look like a tiger and a tigress, when you open yuour mouth to roar, a tiger’s roar will also come out. Thank you, big brother. Thank you. Let’s go Patlu. Let’s go and roar. Okay, stop. Start. Did the tiger get well? The sound was coming from there. Look there. A tiger and a tigress. Catch them. Motu, run from here quickly. Run, brother. Even the tigers can do this? Do the tigers also commit such stunts? Motu, beware of the traps. They are throwing traps. We shouldn’t get caught. We must run faster. [Ready?] There is a trench ahead. We must jump. Jump! The tigers can do this too? Wonderful. Let’s catch both of them and go. If we give them in a circus, we will get good money. Bye bye. Run. The King saw us. Run. Save your lives. Let’s go Patlu. Our work is done. Those hunters came again. There are the two tigers. What is this? They are running on two feet. Catch them. Drag these two out. But with caution. Let’s see what exactly they are. You are under arrest. Inspector Sir, they are our prey. We have caught it. Don’t you know that it is illegal to hunt tigers? ill ill ill ill ill legal What confusion did you get into? This is not a tiger. This is a fake tiger. This is a human. This is fake. But I, Inspector Chingum, am real real real. And I will put you all in jail. At least get us out. Oh? So you all are fake. The real one is sick. Let’s go brothers. Let’s finish this. No, Chingum Sir. I will not let this happen. Never. Motu, come on. Eat the samosas and start. Samosas. Samosas. Samosas. Hey, wolves. Where did you go? Tiger king, come out. Now we will be the Kings here. Yes, I’ coming. I am the King of this jungle. I am not scared of wolves like you. I will deal with every one of you. I’m coming traitors. I’m coming. The days of you being a King are gone. We know you are sick. And two humans are pretending to be fake tigers in your stead. Your Higness. you are very sick. Pleas rest. I will deal with them. Wow. Wow. Motu Uncle is here. Motu Uncle is here. Usually I don’t raise my hands on animals. But you all tuck your tails between your legs and leave. Or else I will beat you up so much, I will beat you up so much that you will turn into a mouse from wolves. You will make us a mouse? Yes. Yes. Yes. You don’t have a clue about my strength. Oh? Then show us your strength. Go. And show this human. Come! Come! You also take. Sorry. We will never do this again. We are leaving from here. Thank you. Thank you Motu Patlu Uncle. You saved us from those wolves. My brothers, my friends. I have given the medicine to brother tigers. They will be cured by tomorrow. No son. No. This was our duty. Now you stay happily with your mother and father. Okay? Bye bye. Bye bye. Stop staring and subscribe.

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