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Wow! Patlu, look we can see the sky from our house, it looks so beautiful, look at those leaves, how it is flying!! Forget about the leaves, roof of our house has flew away. Where will we stay Patlu? Without the roof we will become wet in the rain. And in summer, we will become like a dry plant. Hey Motu, this is not a time to sit and weep, think about where will we stay? Patlu, my brain doesn’t work while I am hungry, you think about some idea. Idea!! Call Dr Jhatka, we can stay at his place. This is a good idea, let me call big brother. Hello big brother, in this storm, my roof flew away, can we come to your house? Hey Motu, my friend, my brother, I am yours and this house is also yours. But I am tied up with an important research, come after two or three day till then no disturbance. Call Ghasita. Yes, let me call Ghasitaram. Hello brother Ghasita brother, my roof has flew away due to the storm. Oh my lord! Roof flew away, In my twenty years of experience, I haven’t heard anything like this. And brother we are going to come to your house. You want to come to my house, this is your house, but there is a small problem. My relatives have come from native place, there is hardly any space left. Sorry, shall meet you later, bye bye. Paltu, he said sorry, bye bye, his relatives have come, now what ? Let us ask Chingam sir. Oh my god!! Motu, how did this happen? Don’t worry, but yesterday my relative came from native place. Motu Patlu, don’t worry, Chingam is always there. My heart has lot of space for you. But there is no space in the house for few days, ok, bye bye. Ok!! Patlu, he too has got guest at home. Now what to do? Where can we go? Let us search. This is good news, Mayor will go to inaugurate the new bridge build above the river. And many people will be going there by then we can rob their houses. Boss, look there, we started talking about robbing and Motu Patlu have reached here. Beware, Motu Paltu are coming here, god knows what they are up to? Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry, look at them. Brother John!!! Motu called me brother!! Pinch me and check whether I am in sleep or not. I am awake!! Brother John, my roof flew away when the storm came, we have come to stay at your place. It is just a matter of two to four days, till then my roof will be repaired, it is rainy season. What is so funny about it? Our house leaks when it rains. So we try to rob somewhere and go to jail during rainy season. We spend the rainy season in jail, we get free food and a place to stay. You people also do something like us and Chingam will put you in the jail. We can stay there and have fun. Let us go and do some odd job so that Chingam sir put us in the jail. Idea! Let us go and do something so that Chingam will put us in jail. Motu Patlu, who has blocked this road? Remove all these. I have to go to inaugurate the new bridge above the river. We have blocked this road, we will not let you go and inaugurate the new bridge. Today we won’t let you go anywhere. How dare you? We will not let you go, you can send us to jail but we won’t let you go. Driver, drive the car fast. No matter what, don’t stop the car. Driver, stop the car!! Stop!! Hello, Inspector Chingum, come here soon, arrest Motu Patlu, they have stopped me here and not letting me go. The name is Chingam. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Motu Patlu you are under arrest. Sir, hope you didn’t get hurt. I am thinking that why are good people like Motu Patlu doing all this? Wow sir!! You are great, you are the pride of India. You are great sir but born little late sir. Hera Pheri. Yes sir!! Go and arrest Motu Patlu. Long live!! Thank you Chingam sir!! We deserve punishment, we had stopped Mayor from doing his duty. Let go Motu Patlu, they have saved me today. Oh my god! How did they save you? The bridge I was suppose to inaugurate has washed away with the storm. I too would have washed away if I was there on the bridge, thank you Motu Patlu!! Inspector Chingam, let us go. Ok, Hera Pheri, let go Motu Patlu and come with me. Stop please, listen!! Stop yelling, it is of no use, they have left. We have to think of something else. What can we do now? Patlu, you do something, my brain doesn’t work when I am hungry. Motu idea! Let us hide this vehicle which has money. When Chingam sir puts us in jail, we will tell him about the vehicle. Wow Paltu! Look, Chingam sir has come here on right time. Hey stop!! Stop in the name of law, swear you on the law, stop. Chingam sir, now you have to put us in the jail. Motu Patlu, you have done a great job, these are robbers and not the security guards. They were about to loot the money, you didn’t bother about yourself and helped us to catch them. For this bravery I will see to it that you get an award from the government. We don’t want an award, we want to go to jail. Please Chingam sir put us in jail. Motu Patlu will get an award of a free stay in a five star hotel, food, drinks will be free. Patlu by then our roof will be repaired. Long live!!

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  3. Motu patlu are the kings of cartoons๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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