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Furfuri nagar dog competition, everyone has to bring their own dogs, the one whose dog will show the best moves will win first prize, Wow! Even I will adopt a dog and win first prize. Hey tea vendor, we are giving proper training to our dogs to participate in the dog show. Where are you roaming with this crook? Hey Dr. Jhatka, can’t you see that this is a trained dog and not a crook. Yes yes, I am asking the dog only my friend, Ha ha ha ha, Dr. Jhatka, this is a thief’s dog and I am sure that he will teach stealing and stuff to this innocent dog. Be careful, something may get stolen Hahaha The name is Chingam, and its impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. impossible. Oh, this means that Chingam sir has caught this dog and brought him here, Tell me sir what crime has he done? Tell … Oh god Motu, this dog is not a criminal, he is inspector, inspector… What? From now on will he be the inspector of Furfuri nagar? Hey Motu, he is not an inspector here, his name is inspector, and I am training him for the dog show, in the name of law, yes… Then it is sure that Chingam sir’s dog will win. What are you saying brother? I am sure that Ghasiaram’s dog will definitely win the prize. Why? This is because Ghasitaram has twenty years experience of dog training. Come on, show us some disco dance moves. Yes! Learn such a dance that will overwhelm everyone. Now I understand that whatever they are asking me to do, if I’ll do then I’ll get biscuits. Tommy sleep Keep sleeping, keep sleeping…..Take, have Calcutta’s biscuits. This is so good, no work no uphill struggle, just sleep and receive biscuits on waking up. It is fun to stay with them. Inspector go and search for the cloth, assume that you are searching a thief and this smell is of the thief, go and search. Is he a mad man? His nuts are loose, His nuts are loose, the handkerchief smells so bad and he says that it is a fragrance, now I understood that he will make me smell this all the time, I need to do something. Oh god what is this? My dog is barking on me only, what are you doing? Saw, this is what we call an inspector’s strike. I have got a brilliant idea in my devilish mind, I won’t let Motu Patlu’s dog win. That day these guys called me a crook, now I will show them the power of this small packet. After this, now let’s see the new move of a new dog. Now it is Motu Patlu’s dogs turn. Hey wait! What are you doing? This is not a football ground, a dog show is happening here, Someone has cheated us. We will be right back with our dog. Please give us time. Do you all know? even if you guys dont then its fine, I will tell you, this dog sleeps and laughs in his dreams. Ok chief fetch, go in the ring and show your move. Oh god what is this? The dog Chief is just like his boss. Hey Disco, where are you Disco? This is not the time to play, come, today it is the matter of Motu Patlu’s reputation. Motu I guess someone has kidnapped our dog Disco, Discoo Disco… give us a call, where are you? Motu, come on fast, there the competition will get over and someone else will take away the first prize. You people will never improve. His name is inspector. He can catch thieves. Go inspector, go and catch the thieves. Thank you, thank you very much. This unique program is indeed successful, all the dog’s moves were good but the first prize goes to….. Please wait Sir. Sir, please give a chance to our dog Disco to show some moves. Our dog is left to perform. Ok , come on Let’s dance disco After watching this move, first prize goes to Motu Patlu’s dog.

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