MINIATURE PHONE CASES DIY How to make clay doll crafts tutorial

I think I glued my fingers way more times than I'd like to admit what's up guys this is Jackie or nerdy crafter and for this week's tutorial I want to show you how to make your very own miniature phone cases the mold methods used in this video is from trigger sharp shot so I will leave a link for that in description box below I absolutely love these little designs I think my favorite definitely has to be the tackle which one is yours this week's video is a collaboration with three other very crafty gals inspired DIY pipe cleaner crafts and DIY lightbox check out their videos and their channel and subscribe while you're there she was crafty as I am and I mean that in the artistic way check them out for those of you on my channel don't forget subscribe to our plenty of geeky generals to keep you entertained equally if you like this project don't forget to leave a like and share all the gleb's are doing it the list of everything we're going to need will be in description box below as well as the clay I'm using is of course always from sculpey the first thing we're going to do is flatten a piece of black cut out the shape of the picture and then we're going to make the ends not pointy we don't want to stab ourselves with a phone that that would be weird of course you can make any color you want and go ahead and add details I didn't want these phones to have any details but it's entirely up to you because my focus were those cute darn phone cases take them for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit once baked you're going to make a mold by taking a piece of scrap clay and pushing in your phone until you have the shape of the back remove the excess clay from the top oh yeah that's that's pretty satisfying it's so satisfying to just remove the excess clay hey hey move yeah I don't know why but it was pretty pretty satisfying removing it now gently remove your little stone from there try as much as possible not to distort the shape so far so good now we're going to bake it for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit once baked we're going to take our mold putty and of course more satisfying shots mandatory yes yes mix them up until they're nice and smushy so smoosh it real good yeah you watch that machinist look at that just getting some pretty smexy schmutzie shots of Smashing nishan there put it inside the mold and then you're going to make sure that the top is as flat as possible and let it cure according to package instructions it kind of looks like a smooshed toad from Mario remove it and voila let's start with the port so we're going to take our tan colored clay and put it on top of the mold until we have that shape so make sure you get it in there and then cut off the excess make a cookie texture with a toothbrush I've always found it so relaxing making that cookie texture so have fun with it cut out the little camera area and optionally if you want to give it some shading use some chalk pastels you don't have to if you don't have any to make the frosting we're going to use some liquid sculpey we I love I love putting that down there put some pieces of white clay and smoosh it again until you have a creamy texture put a drop of white acrylic paint and mix it some more under normal circumstances this would be looking pretty gross but this is frosting so it's delicious now spread that stuff and then we're going to add sprinkles if you want a tutorial on how to make sprinkles I will leave a link for that in description box below and now let's make it raid once it's done you're going to bake it for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit and to remove it just push your blade right underneath and it should pop right out get it pop pop tart okay never mind I'll show myself out now for the chocolate strawberry start with a white base of clay and we're going to make frosting in exactly the same way that we did the white one except with pink clay and pink acrylic paint oh yeah no satisfying alright enough of that okay so now what you're going to do is just place the cream all the way around course you can design it however way you want I just love the drizzle for the chocolate make the outline for where the case would go and then you're going to make indents and cut around those in depth now we're going to cut off a bite by the way anyone who eats chocolates by biting into it like this I think is an absolute monster and place it on the case once you're happy bake it for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit take it out in the same way we did last time time to tackle on the next project all right I think you guys heard enough terrible puns today we're going to make the tackle phone case and let's see if I can cut a full almost perfect circle do I get this yes I get this this is amazing I didn't think that would ever be possible but yeah we don't even need a full circle actually okay so before we go on let's make our cute little taco and put on the face with acrylic paint once we have the face we're going to make the toppings and put them directly on the phone case of course to the outline of your tackle first you put some lettuce termer turn and of course meat or tofu depending on your preference this is not how you pronounce things guys this is not where you learn English it's so cute I absolutely love the face on this little taco bake it and now remove it as we did before for the unicorn cake we're starting with a white base and then we're going to make cute little ears place them on top and blend them in I'm making the horn with skull peas glitter white gold now we're going to bake this for 20 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit I'm using a fluffy cloth for the mane now go ahead and paint on the details for the face this unicorn design is an inspiration of female cows bigger unicorn phone case I'll leave a link for that in description box below here's today's wisdom to not over squeeze a bottle of super glue because you'll get it all over your fingers instead I decided to go with white glue because my fingers were a little too sticky let the glue fully settle and then remove it from the cave now for the final part we're going to put the phone screens on some sticky tape cut them out and then glue them onto our phone again you want to make your phones more details go ahead there are so many great tutorials that I will link to in description box below of how to make a phone that is more than just a stick on here they are the full set of absolute cuteness all done I want to be very transparent with you guys YouTube has been very weird and so I really want to extend a huge thank you to audible for sponsoring this video now I can actually go pick some more crafty stuff if you guys are not sure what audible is it's either an app or from a website that you can download an audiobook and listen to it on the go I absolutely love reading but since I Drive to work now I'd have less time than I used to when I was taking public transit being told the story on the go yes please the book I'm currently listening to is called a wise man's fear if you guys really love fantasy fiction and you thought Harry Potter was great I highly recommend Patrick Rothfuss name of the wind title sounds corny but think of it as Harry Potter but much darker that book is definitely one of my top 3 books ever and the wisemen sphere is the second book from the trilogy if you guys want to try audible for free for 30 days which is pretty cool that it's linked to your Amazon account check out the link audible calm nerdy crafter whatever book you choose you get to keep it even if you cancel your subscription so it's kind of neat because sometimes 40 hours of an audiobook can seem long but even if you don't finish it on time you get to keep it I really love being transparent with you guys and I know that you do understand how YouTube is just weird so to get crafting materials we work with awesome companies of course if I didn't believe in a company you wouldn't be hearing from it on my channel that's just how I roll if you guys have to distance for featured geeky tutorials feeds in the comment section below till then I will see you guys next week you

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