Minecraft Roleplay | Realm of Aeterna Ep 8 Artifacts!

do some people somebody probably stole it no it can't be closed the door and made a lot and we do you think Hubert came back for it or something or not Hubert buck time guy dude oh my god okey I destroy the carbon we have so many ants no not answers we have like no question I wish we could have losers this is like I don't like this and historic books no comic books well as opposed to being a toilet people like still there oh wow dude this guy just get in from here or stemple's oh my god we can't stop and wait we need to get back another had legendary weapons and he's still tricked this matter you're stronger than we found I found a book which was about artifacts opening that you can open it rules like if you get all the like legendary artifacts there are four of them you can actually open a rift to another world maybe that's what he's trying to do oh yeah but I mean even if you were stronger than he work couldn't defeat him his is trick full yeah I know but what if we get to the artifact before you know that's the idea should probably track it Walter is from two or connect them so we can send this army or whatever is magic something in here and destroy return kind of bad feeling about it it doesn't seem right that I know what I once found one I was trying to have enough money piece of crystal um much whilst I don't know for keeping someplace together I let it Bend no because the cave almost not okay but place almost fell together when I picked it up Leinster back her know everything was fine so and have you heard about the city of use yes city of juice I need to know about I was going there I planted 40 years all it could be hard for it clear crystal clear soul and to do that he can't kill without helping uppers or a saving of a kill one you need to say one before we can enter we will be blown in two thousand and million of pieces you became a black nighter it probably seen some new ores or orbs in the forest those are kind black ones are able to trota and to use without any sort of color of clearance anyways in the use there are two artifacts not one of the four but it ate the other strong in each world to the king of use a long time ago and the other which is one of the home I don't know what it is or how to use it but I know it's the one we'll get control of it good blow of the syllable just one thought or just by saying some sort of weird language code yeah thanks Brian oh you're welcome I'm always here officer yeah one that from see the abuse and we're was like first he talked about yes it was like I can't remember it was memory Chalmers knocks over I'm actually around fifty years old well the hood of the old city trade sitting that's where we came from you were born or it's raced there by a shepherd on in his life I love that he probably should notice the red book evil it was some sort of a small the brewing there little bit far further out than in the city itself well I was there most probably the week is one but very important artifact this is the day's artifact and it was locked behind the door and in front of the door and now it's statue you were placed me and in front of the no it's that's you at bookshelf was placed dragon one book never open this is not effective but it could ever be connected to a fighter's or used it's dangerous but still weakest okay we have this is so confusing well it was what he didn't told us about and I think I know who that is okay oh dude be okay I think the skull he said one for life 114 one for healing and now assists last one his death the skull he placed it around in humid it made like maybe he know you owe or a brother forget what I said maybe he sending us back on a test maybe he's playing again I mean if it is not he he would have killed us and he placed the artifact there to see it we were trapped for him or not because if we was we probably would have seen that or knew it was argument right after I told you this could be enough it disappeared that is my clean nosotros glowing as it could be filled with one of those lightning crystals or finally we are going Conte had to use I mean big company or people and we need to heal persons first and we need to get a mission in a dream from the old king of so what unless we want to die though that American had it there or painfully die but we could search for that cave I mean it and he said it you remember what he said dragon won't book it would we'll open it behind the statue and hidden cave don't you get what he means bookshelf stacked you the human but don't you remember he dragged a shitty book out and then oh my god statue wait so readable art art is it through artifacts notice a woman he said it could even be used on some sort of bling wait we can okay I think we just have to wait here for about to come okay let's just sit yeah I mean it's yeah it's gonna take a long time oh I don't recognize no fish here yeah

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