Men Admit Their Feelings Of Loneliness

– [Voiceover] As a guy I
feel ashamed at how often I feel that deep ache of loneliness. It’s both irritating and disheartening. (sad music) – [Voiceover] I seriously think it’s weird that I can feel so sad just
by being lonely as a guy. It seems that most guys don’t care about the stuff I care about. – [Voiceover] I make a lot of money. It really doesn’t make me happy. I’m a lonely guy. I’m pretty cheap also. – [Voiceover] I feel so alone. I’m a man in a sexless marriage. I love her but I’m so lonely
I just crave being wanted. – [Voiceover] Just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m strong. I sometimes cry myself to sleep at night when I realize how lonely I am. – [Voiceover] I’m a guy
and one-night stands make me feel more lonely than proud. – [Voiceover] Being lonely as a guy gets very little sympathy. Girls can talk to each other. – [Voiceover] Sometimes
I feel like as a guy I’m not supposed to admit I’m lonely when I really wish I had someone
to cuddle with right now. – [Voiceover] As a guy I often
feel so lonely and nervous I mask it with confidence
and try to numb it with sex. – [Voiceover] I’m so
fucking lonely but it’s hard to admit it because I’m a guy and when guys say stuff
like that they’re pussies. – [Voiceover] Even though I’m so lonely, no friends, no one to talk to, nothing, I refuse to cry. I can’t cry. It’s hard and it’s sad but I can’t cry. I’m a man. I just have to endure until I meet someone who has time for me. – [Voiceover] I’m so lonely
I could burst out in tears. I’m a guy. We have feelings, too. (sad music)

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  1. wait, buzzfeed preaches things about how cis, white, men have it so good yet here they are making a video about a bunch of different colored men talking about how hard it is being a guy in a society that tells men that they always have to be strong. Yet, buzzfeed didn't pull the race,gender or orientation card on any of the guys being interviewed. Its almost like it doesn't matter to buzzfeed if they some off as inconsistent twatts as long as they can be relevant to stupid kids who cant see past the ends of their noses and make money doing it.

  2. I love being alone. I don't like being around people but I'm also great at faking a charismatic personality. I just don't like people that much.

  3. I'm so lonely I started developing borderline personality disorder… My body is literally f**** shutting down on me, Mentally and physically… Loneliness is a b** on your health.

  4. I've been through three or four girls… broke up sadly. I even went to prom once. No prom girlfriend. I feel mostly pathetic. Which is why my journal called Real Life Story Journal is starting to go in public someday to know what's happening in my life.
    I've been least loved… I've been mostly hated… I even have rare visits from people. Families of my own commonly spat on me in the past. Other people I know and don't treat me fallaciously. After I graduated, I felt snow trickling down on me. To recent days, there are still some people who have treated me like dirt to where I'm living. I ended him by knocking him down and walked away. Police sent him away after I explained everything including my fault. I didn't care if I was punished. All I cared about is being with someone who won't treat me horribly. I soon realized my hometown, Springfield, Mass, is filled with people who are ruthless. I will soon someday leave my hometown and head to a better place in Massachusetts where I can live a new life. But my depression still carries on until that someone who is my piece, my love, my true close friend has helped me. The only thing left to me now… is nothing.

  5. Men are not just men, we are human beings with the same emotions, reactions, hopes, dreams, desires, as women. We just don't talk about them because we get reactions like those form Mr. George Bingham. It's the Bingham's of the world which prevent the evolution of the male species.

  6. One advantage of having to much on your plate and not enough time to deal with it all, it don't give me much time to think about the bizarre world that i exist in. I am basically just walking through the motions for the so called holidays.

  7. People need to fellowship with the LIVING JESUS ! ! ! This way we learn how to live bigger and not have such bellitled poor me attitudes .
    I'd love to meet my soulmate ASAP as possible.

  8. I'm so lonely, I feel like I am going crazy and that I deserve to be feeling so much pain inside. I want to cry but I find it so hard.  It's like my heart has a fist clenched around it and it's hard to breathe I feel so lonely

  9. being alone has a power that a few people can handle … when u are a loner man … u cant do anything for it …

  10. Im alone but not lonely. I dont want friends because I like my own company more. All I need is a girl to be alone with.

  11. I am alone AND lonely…….it sucks to be this way but i survive because i believe it has a purpose.

  12. I am alone also and sometimes feeling lonely. But I have learned to love myself, and made friendship to myself. That makes being alone less difficult for me!

  13. it really shows you the shame people feel about feeling lonely and talking about it. IE there must be very many people who use youtube and are lonely, but if you do a search about loneliness here, it is VERY rare you will actually see ANY vlogs where people simply share their loneliness. What you mostly get are tedtalks and what not telling you how you don't have to be lonely, or how it is lethal, or short flim clips someone acting being lonely, or cartoons about it.

  14. Damn do I feel you guys, I see where you are going through. Cause guess what, there are many other guys like this in the world, like me. I guess at the end of the day money accomplishments or marriage does not necessarily buy happiness. But maybe if we are able to acknowledge, embrace ourselves and find some other things for us to focus on like hobbies, learning or religious beliefs then we may get distracted from our inner sadness and grief. That is what my pops taught me to do whenever I feel down or alone.

  15. I don't think men naturally love themselves as much as women, and are constantly being beat down and accused of having large egos. I blame liberal feminism for all these problems

  16. i am 24,
    Never been in any relationship
    never been kissed
    i'm so lonely & depressed & suicidal right now…
    Hope Death Come soon

  17. I realize I've been more fortunate than most… but damn. I'm gay, and while in high school I had a few girls that wanted to be my girlfriend. I caved in to one of them and had a "girlfriend" in High School and I admit, she was pretty and funny, but I felt so lonely and wanted the attention of a guy. As soon as I went off to college and put myself out there, I met my first boyfriend. We dated for 3 really good years, but some differences lead to a breakup. It's been 2 years since then and he moved on so quickly and is married now, and I've been so incredibly lonely. I don't even know how to put myself out there anymore because I fear whatever is next won't be as good as it was with my first boyfriend when, for the first time, I never felt lonely.

  18. I also never had a female friend in my life and no girl ever liked me.Never dated,never hugged,never kissed a girl. I am 18 now and I think things will never get better because I think modern feminist women hate men .My friend committed suicide too because of no affection from girl . 🙁

  19. men, lets change this. we dont hv to suffer in silence….lets talk to each other and NOT make it weird…CUZ IT'S NOT #TruthRemovesFear

  20. I wish I had a GF but I dont have much to offer .However that going to change soon .I have been making myself someone a woman would want .

  21. I'm a 16 yrs old boy and I have anxiety, social anxiety and very highly introverted…and that makes me no friends…and that makes me lonely…

  22. What's more disturbing is all this "As A Guy" statements. So many men are pressured into living the male stereotypical life but that's only harming them rather then helping them. Not only are men generally meant to hide themselves to avoid having their masculinity insulted but it prevents them from seeking help when they need it most. So instead of living "As A Guy" how about men being allowed to live "As Themselves Who Happens To Be A Guy" that way his gender doesn't dictate his life. Just saying.

  23. It's a feeling that comes and goes. It hurts, can feel your heart ache. It hurts more when you are literally the only one single amongst everyone you know. Turning 30 this year, thought I would have been married with kids by now. Alcohol helps, so does weed

  24. Men who are lonely should save their money, plan their trips, and go overseas. They can get rid of their problems in other countries. In my blog "Foreign Love Web", I encourage them to become Men of Action and provide them facts about foreign nations, women, cultures, etc.

  25. Iv tried hard in my area and not only does job and mobey determine ur love life ur skin color gets u blocked or fetishsized. No other gays to talk to

  26. I feel the same but we can do to not become a part if that loneliness,

    I am around with many people but still alone.

  27. If you're talking about loneliness in regards to being loved – you need to earn love, like you earn respect. We men can't continue with this idea that it should just be given to us. Yes loneliness sucks but having a female in your life isn't always a blessing.

  28. Like I don’t get myself. I have everything I could ask for and a lovely partner. But I still feel a void.

  29. I'm destined for loneliness because i've always met only bad people who wanted to use me and made fun of me. Unfortunately if you're not physically attractive people treat you like trash and no one likes you

  30. It's okay for a man to cry. I had to let all the internal pain out I couldn't bury any longer, whether that be anger, sadness, and loneliness. Men have feelings, too. If I have a true reason to cry, I'm letting it all out. I just can't hold it in and expect myself to feel better. I just…. can not. There's only so much I could bury.

  31. When I was young
    I never needed anyone
    And makin' love was just for fun
    Those days are gone

    Livin' alone
    I think of all the friends I've known
    But when I dial the telephone
    Nobody's home

    All by myself
    Don't want to be, all by myself anymore
    All by myself
    Don't want to live, all by myself anymore

    Hard to be sure
    Some times I feel so insecure
    And love so distant and obscure
    Remains the cure

    All by myself
    Don't want to be, all by myself anymore
    All by myself
    Don't want to live, all by myself anymore

    When I was young
    I never needed anyone
    And makin' love was just for fun
    Those days are gone

    All by myself
    Don't want to be, all by myself anymore
    All by myself
    Don't want to live, all by myself anymore

    All by myself
    Don't want to be, all by myself anymore
    All by myself
    Don't want to live, all by myself anymore

    All by myself
    Don't want to be, all by myself anymore.

  32. Would you be with me?
    I just want some Company!
    You see! I am so lonely!
    Would you Please be with
    Me?. So I can forget I'm

  33. I'm on my own because the women who loved me I didn't love them, and the women I loved didn't love me, I would rather be on my own than live with someone I dont love, I'm 60 now and been on my own for 25 years, I enjoy my own company and have travelled many places, I get lonely but it's my choice.

  34. Since my career an income ended an my body got worse in 2014, I am alone 90 to 95 percent of the time.. Use to have lots of fun and friends growing up.. Most of my time is spent trying to sale hundreds of items so I don't end up back on the streets. At times, I can even block it out of my mind, while I slowly die inside. Despite all the pain, I am still staying clean and sober, a few minutes at a time.. My social existence is on this machine 😞 Am also dealing with 6 deaths. Yes I cry. Helps keeping me from having another breakdown. I think that technology has made the world more isolated. Forget this macho crap. We have feelings an we hurt!!

  35. I'm terribly lonely. Somehow I feel I will sink into depression again. Been sleeping on the couch the last week. I hardly go to my bedroom. My house is  dirty [I have no motivation to clean]. I just sit and watch TV. I need help.

  36. one of the biggest issues with crying as a guy in my experience is and please dont take this the wrong way. when a girl cries people tend to flock towards them and try to console them. when a guy cries people tend to give them looks like they are afraid that the guy will do something. even crying in my own room makes me feel like a burden on the world. i know as a guy i am expendable, and as i got older i found it was harder to make friends because guys get less emotionally connected to one another, and when you try to make female friends they either think you are hitting on them and find it creepy or their boyfriends dont like it so they cut you off. if you dont have many friends after college or you move somewhere new chances are things will be very very hard

  37. My loneliness is like an open wound, massaged with salt. I don't know if my visage is as reviled as my physical gestalt. I'm dying inside, and I can't tell a soul. Others feast on companionship… All I have is an empty bowl.

  38. The problem is that men are told to man up and never show emotion and that expressing their emotions makes them a sissy this is just sad😥

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