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All the snakes This is this is this is no Fuck on me captain man fuck honor that is a favor. No Pamela Co-chief on my paper. No, you can call me what you really want turns corn snakes Cobras Hello guys, I’m George and I’m back today with Bait Nate. How’s it going, Nick? Oh man, you know with the man the coolest motherfucker in London slam all the time With my Jesus just a finger to grab and you know, I have to teach you that one While you’re driving If you it’s your music would be my first question my first very question because I could see your music it’s a bit different Yeah, that’s what I say. That’s that’s what I’ll tell you it’s not rap I don’t like where is my dad is my dad is a musician and it so me and my brothers I’m the youngest of five like I’ve been reading and writing music and perform music from the age of five Get me some my music is different I started off love and music and then rap is what I connected to as Growing up in the hood I’m saying it was the closest like what everything was nice I was listening to Michael Jackson and Prince you get me but when I reached the time like ten years old nine ten years old then having older brothers I was involved in the street a lot and found like There was listen to 2pac and biggie. I found death roll and I got locked on to the 2-pack I’m Makaveli train. That’s what the only two that fam will say. I’m Mack of any chain. I’m like a really chain that’s why the outlaws come over and Certified meat back in 2014. I come all the way for over from America comes a senior I said y’all keep in for a fellow who makes the bits because I make the bits you get me This is a JIT that I’m saying that I don’t get nothing from these guys personally, but from their work ethic from a sound From black Viper music I can take little bits and stir it in a pot you get them saying but that adds on to meet as a personality as my person and then I’m trying to create a star that I’m trying to create my own friend. I branded myself in will brew love my bro This is the video aside now school in the meantime obviously to meet young t-money produce. He’s on the hook a One-month ERT money is young on the track. That’s my brother. That’s Yeah, yeah, let me get some ID before, you know Yeah, what’s up for you mom Racks on racks on racks In the meantime ya Got your wife on my slam, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, cuz she know I’m a bus Guess he’d let her go screamish see my mother kept muff. You can tell smug up. She’s not there and I’m not But you cannot know what week up on the same club These days are hard to find My lady is your mother However, I don’t know just atrocious to see is she really there Any personal so the SEC amateur actor, so he fuckin me captain man for Conor is a paper No panel are still cheaper on my paper. No, you can call me what you really want Something that I don’t know Me that oh I need me that uh-oh. What do you know? What do you know? Tell me now. What do you know? I don’t know Here we handle up this miss yo, what do you know coming in though? Yeah, yeah So I should have checked over before I’ve done it okay get me my first bill so Then what a lot of people are used with and I could say Pioneer because I’m saying that you know what it is, like everyone wants to coffee that you get a hundred thousand Views of people doing the same song and you cater. Oh this through that or if it’s not to draw as the Afrobeat You have to know how to mix it your thing And in an end if it takes off you’re gonna be the Godfather it’s not just call it the dog I wrote The great if a vote I’m the goat the goat or the part the snakes The snakes that’s why I like this is another thing that I saw I was thinking you’re gonna come with us next normally, I would I roll with the snake man, but I was thinking not to ask you because you know, you know, I never But I said, you know what if I’m gonna tell them You might you might know the girl like normally black the girl who’s looking after the snakes let she’s at work So what I was gonna do was I was gonna jump him he’s gonna go collect it and I was gonna bring it as a special in but unfortunately, What next time and we’ll do something exclusive yeah, we could do some exclusive but the snakes Atman how Make but pythons my iPhone’s corn snakes Cobras. Come on, you know only the best Cobra a lot. I handle them. I’ve got a corn snake – yeah Parton, I know it’s not burning it Cobra or have too much squeeze or net liquor Size you up front where they size you up to eat you know But you know what it is what the snakes is like I’m trying to take it back that open crowd boos deeper than just a box. Everyone thinks he has slam snakes It looks cool slippery if I I take it things back like back in the day Egyptian days are not every king of Pharaoh and Queen any strong person and um times always had a representation of a snake Only because the snake never lets anything slide with their eyes They’re always on playing They always shop, you know I mean it it they show that you had the shoulder true character before feel the vibration of your entire body. Just Cutting snakes I’m saying I know snake see that’s the palms the grooves in your hand They know who you were by the crews in your hand If you handle your pet snake that much then it’s gonna know that’s how it knows you it’s not bad sent awesome I could kill you if you didn’t know the screws in your hand. Well, let me always handle your snake hands first. No But if I handle was like if you don’t know I don’t know. If you saw the documentary. I’ve done that things I’m doing is out of the ordinary like I had a big six foot eight foot Python around my neck in Oxford Street We got some fun at this User that we need a ship yes You have to know how to what you’re doing I’m not Steve Irving. Yeah I’m saying let’s turn pieces So but I’m not that guy like to be handling their along but animals fuck with me like cats are snakes I know I’ve read up on them just to know how to handle them. I’m not going to go with any animal you like yeah, and that guy but I’m comfortable. I ain’t gonna get me that you can put me in a room full of snakes, but I’m a celebrity shit Cool, you get me obviously I’m not used with it they sense that as well that dogs So if you feel if you get that and then a snake a snake lot people don’t know when its mates getting in defense mode because The snake does and you just be thinking you’re handling it this is why I am a bit off like that because if they must feel I’m in that mode they might be This is what I’m saying. My no, you didn’t look are that there’s some instances where? Like people be handling snakes trying to copy my vibe. That’s is what I get as well, bro I got a lot of people that people didn’t go through the phones This is what I’m gonna say people didn’t go through the phones with me Like when me and G money was at head start and it’s lunched in UK And I was telling people wipe their nose on grand daily. And everyone was like what the hell? What the fuck is he talking about? That’s some weird shit and now everyone’s trying to break it No one was in there saying slam or handling snakes or as as Jake and Russ says shooting in the gym They weren’t dead You got them saying so I have to remember everyone who’s the original and this thing when? You walk and we’re saying because if you get guys like this This is this is this is nuts. Yeah You’re trying to You get me like Original bait mate hates UK slavish right certifying your slam wave, then it’s not slant That’s that’s if I certify in your slime or your snake wave, then it’s not slept. We got some balls with snakes. I worry about Doing a whole song on the snake kind of concern but it’s gonna be laughing a snake unit. It’s gonna be Mindful, you’re gonna have to sit down and break down what I’m saying? I want this interview to be cool to go bait me. I want you to say you made the dog. Wait mate hates the goat This energy has to be quit the boat. This is gonna get views because everyone’s gonna know do you know where it is, bro? Well, not you. Any. Peace, our band interviews last year Because I’m an ambivert and I didn’t understand that. Well don’t understand And if anyone don’t know where ambivert is it’s gone Google it. I’ll tell you I’ll tell you amber very actually because you’re Right. So amber is someone who is an introvert and extrovert so you won’t know as a period when you Depends on how I’m feeling. You wouldn’t even got this interview. You would have got me through in a bit more choir You get me at the same time. I still I take my shades up there because I’m a cool motherfucker. That’s what goes up I put a barrier up with Matt with my salt on it. You can’t even get a muscle you get just deeper than that one thing that’s kind of new in my show Would you believer? Like okay No, no, no The one and only on the go team History so I’m gonna live hopes of my cousin becoming from the slum. Yeah. I’m the row from the Nate Tell us a few things about your new projects there what’s cookin bomb? So I Don’t know everyone’s following the fashion and influence that is called contracted buzz So they’re handling on that kind of shit music-wise. I’ve got a distribution though. It’s infinite distribution so that obviously that RG gonna be rich single come out October 2 for Shit, then just come out that four days ago the singles coming out again on my birthday Only one sit December the six then February the southern fizz. I am and then the album drops monster-fighting So everything’s just shut up now All I got to do is keep you from or what? Let George yourself this is going to be lip because it’s got me big it’s gonna be applause the pro-war and I’m gonna let The links for you guys to connect with bacon a pitched music down below and Lola you did Yeah, guys my juice Slab design the flats the boonies lime worse the blue the boonies the big bullies me This is it for today guys, thanks again for coming for being my guest They don’t I’ll get this man not everyone gets a fucking time a biggie money. No, it’s print season and everyone I’m George You know the next episode do not forget to subscribe my channel do not forget to keep the bell To get modified whenever there is a new video artist episode for you guys until next time George Baden 8h How do you have with us So /sl a 18 now SL SL ATT, sir, okay Now I’d like to say as you do Bruce You get the tone

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