Meet the Artist: Anna Bean

My name is Anna Bean and I’m a freelance photographic artist and a teacher I work around themes that are very surreal I’m really interested in transformation so I like being able to transform the everyday It’s got a touch of vanitas in it as well so the idea of life and death and everything in-between When you make work, I think when I started off making the type of work that I make now I didn’t really have any direct intentions when making it and then years after sort of making it and looking back at it I see all the influences and I think the thing that appeals to me, I don’t know what appeals to me but it’s the idea of things from childhood The idea of dark things, things that maybe hide in your wardrobe or live underneath the bed or, I’m quite interested in the fantasy world that we create that people create for us to watch and what we create ourselves as a child, and still as adults I teach at Hull College, Park Street I’m a lecturer in photography but I also teach in illustration and I teach critical theory as well to foundation students The things I really like about teaching The idea that art can transform people’s lives and quite often the sort of students we get at the college might not have a lot of confidence, might not have a lot of aspiration maybe always and you can see how that be transformed over the two years, three years that they study at our place and you can see the direct influence of kind of creative study on their growing confidence and also it opens up the world in the idea of what they can do with the rest of their lives and I really enjoy that It’s kind of a lovely power that you have to be able to help people grow The thing I like most about living and working in Hull is I think it’s really it’s quite an interesting creative place to live I think it’s really interesting now we’ve got the City of Culture because a lot of people are kind of really getting interested in the arts and in creativity maybe they wouldn’t have been so interested in it before so there’s a real sort of spotlight on creativity in the city so I really kind of love that about Hull but it’s always had a creative history I mean I watched something the other day which was a film made in ’97 about graffiti artists people like Pinky who lives in Brighton now were in the film and it was a really creative time then there was like Dave Mayes who created the room so all of these cultural iconic kind of locations I love that history of Hull, I love that you find out things you didn’t realise existed and you realise it’s always been this really interesting creative place I mean as far as 2D work quite often the newer work that I’ve produced is the favourite I’ve got one that I created which is based on Dr. Phibes the 60s cult horror film and it was my friend, I think it was Vulgaria is his assistant and she wears these amazing outfits and I made this sort of red and gold gown for her to wear and she’s kind of levitating over her partner Carl who is the other figure in it and he’s the clockwork band I think I would like to carry on in that way I do the two dimensional work and I sell prints and also framed prints I’ve got a gallery in Brighton who is selling the work at the minute I really like that, I really like the process of making those things but this monkey house thing has kind of given me loads of ideas of how I would like the work to develop and that would be to develop it as installation work where it’s like three dimensional and you walk into it so you have an experience as you’re in there so I’ve got ideas of how I want to develop that It’s carrying on with the themes like fairytale I like the idea of a haunted house ideas towards that I like the idea of making stuff as well using props and costumes in my work, making masks and costumes I really think I would have liked to have worked in the theatre but I’m kind of creating my own theatres I like the idea of being able to do that

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