Maurice Harris, an artist in full bloom

Maurice Harris, an artist in full bloom

I’m Maurice Harris. I’m an artist And I use flowers as my medium. My whole life I’ve been around flowers My grandmother was a florist And I would love going around my backyard Putting little arrangements together. I’ve been decorating my family’s house Since I was like seven. And I was always trying to be the good guy And make my parents proud. And I’ve always just been drawn to creativity It’s my means of survival. My love of beautiful things Comes from not always belonging or being kind of a weirdo. For so long I didn’t think I was allowed to have a great imagination But as I use my creativity Over and over and over again, I’m realizing that it’s okay to let my mind escape And to let my mind wander And dream. I like to create natural magic I’m looking for chaos and balance, simplicity and too much All at the same time. When people engage with my work, I want people to feel love I want people to feel like there’s a space for them We are what we see And when you’re able to see yourself doing something imaginative Doing something fun And amazing It is so powerful for the next generation. As I put myself out there, I want to Inspire other young black boys, black girls, black trans people To live their best lives and be their best, fullest selves.

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