The more authentic you are with your work the less fear you have of life, and the less fear you have in life the less fear you will have to paint. You dare with anything. Hello everyone I’m the painter Jose Luis Castrillo I have received many requests to one day make a video, or a series of videos talking about me, about my painting technique and a little of my history in general. As I feel a channel through which the energy of the paint circulates, I also open this channel where I’m going to explain a bit of everything even questions, answer questions, remove fears, especially because to paint well you have to remove fears. I’m going to talk about my experience of forty years of painting. How have I gone removing that fear little by little? And I keep taking it off … …because this doesn’t end, this is a life-long task. You never finish learning, and there are always things to solve although we must also get carried away… …by life. You can subscribe and also ring the bell to receive notifications of the videos that are made. Let’s start and I hope that this first video begins to receive many questions. I don’t like nationalisms, claim myself as Sevillian or Spanish … no. I think we belong to a world without borders where we really are all inhabitants and brothers of a same mother that is Mother Earth. Well, I have inherited the culture of our Holy Week, which is pure art. So all that has come to me since I was a child. Although they can tell me that I am a painter of Holy Week, it really is not just Holy Week, for example, there is a work that goes beyond The Virgin of Hope Macarena or the Lord of the Great Powerbut also I also get inspired by certain classics that have been made from Bernini, to the painting of Murillo or Leonardo Da Vinci as a source of inspiration, to later recreate, interpret that form or that image within my world, within my way of seeing. That has meant that over time I have my own way, But it’s also in many things based on the technique of the old masters. From Rembrandt, to the ease that Rubens had, to the transparent glazes that Titan had, for example, that could be up to forty. All that influenced me, although I also have to emphasize that when you really want to make way for your own creation, in a way you have to forget about the technique and not be aware of what you are going to use or how you are going to do it, you have to let yourself go and let a painting come up as it has to come up. There are times that you create a lot of texture, sometimes you use the spatula a lot… …sometimes you don’t … … other times there are more spots … … the paint very dissolved in turpentine, watery type, with touches more intense in areas … In my case there is no precise technique because I work with a spatula, or with a brush to paint walls, or even a brush that has only one hair can also serve me, or even a stick. I think I have a way of conceiving very particular painting, without any pretense, I throw myself on the parachute quickly. Today I paint one way, tomorrow I will paint another. I started to play with paint, I started with wax colors … … with colored pencils. One day my birthday arrived and a friend gave me a paint box about the year 79, forty years ago. And that’s where for the first time I made contact with oil painting. I am really a self-taught painter, I started alone, nobody taught me. I bought some painting learning books from Parramón, I remember perfectly. And that’s where I started to realize what a mix with three primary colors was, oil, turpentine, solvent … all that. And speaking of painting materials I got a book called ” The Painting Materials and their use in Art ” by Max Doerner, a German. I have many things engraved in me from that book it was one thing that made me sick I stayed at night looking at those books it was six or seven in the morning … Thank God I have always been able to live from painting, because since I was alone when my mother died, I was financially helpless and I had to start selling my work and to work with an art dealer. I started with a very difficult work that is the portrait And that was really my litmus test. I charged very little money but anyway, that allowed me to move forward a lot and realize little by little, day by day learn to build a personality to interpret but above all know how to capture the spirit of the person being portrayed. But I also didn’t say that I was a painter, because at that time, being so young, I said that I was a painter when I had no choice because I had nothing else. Really when I got married I understood that I had to devote myself to painting that’s where I really discovered what I wanted in life and what I wanted to show to be to live and pose in my life. I have passed different stages, I’ve had moments when I’ve painted a lot and I’ve had moments when I’ve been through a personal crisis but I have never been more than a month without painting. And currently I paint daily either in the studio or at home. And I will continue. I have always said that painters have no retirement. Art cannot be retired because it is an emanation buzzing within the soul. It’s impossible, because even sleeping I’m painting and I think we are painting all of us who really dedicate ourselves in body and soul to our profession and our … love. I, more than religious, am a spiritual person open to any manifestation of what the source is, of what God is, of what peace is, of what Universal Love is. Although my work fits into what is the Catholic religion or more than Catholic, Christian. I have an unconditional love and a great love, always, towards the figure of the Master Jesus Christ. I am not a scholar in his word but I am a connoisseur of his gesture. I really get the gesture that expression that pain or that peace or that spirituality emanating from the different faces and moments within the life of Jesus or even the Saints who have followed the word of Jesus, who have lived that passion that moment of Glory and Ecstasy which is something spectacular when making a painting. Painting is a wealth and in a way it is a very intense spiritual path it’s a philosophy of life how can it not be useful? of course … From twenty-six until now I have had students I have had students who have gone through very hard times, depression and serious illnesses that before entering the painting studio they were very depressed and then, when they left, they were totally elevated that is, painting is like an awakening of consciousness, it helps you to raise your own vibration, to heal yourself. Understand it … … understand it … It’s like understanding yourself. The painting is nothing more than an extension and a projection of us, in this case on a blank surface that is the canvas. To understand and be constant, you must also be constant with yourself, be patient. Everything you are going to say in a painting is a form of projection to the world where you go out naked. The others will see how you are if you really are not lying when it comes to painting, or saying. Because there are paintings that are not real, apparently those paintings want to mean something but you know that what is said there is really not real, the artist has not opened in channel completely, and has covered a bit. You have to open the heart let you flow let you go It’s very important. When you connect directly with the heart, that expression is touching it is scratching the sky or hell, it depends. If you want to go through the hells … well, take them out and show that hell you have inside … and you take people to an orgasm. Art must produce an inner orgasm an ecstasy. While you’re not dominating that and you’re not pulling the viewer art really … … is dead. You have to be alive too to make a living art. That does not mean: – I will do a painting to make the other feel – first of all you have to feel and that will make others, since we are one, apparently we are separated but we are one, They will feel it for you, they will feel it like you. There are people who may not feel with your work because they are on a different level or because they are on another … mood. Well, this is the first video I’ve made a little bit of my life, today has been a presentation video And in next videos we going to continue because there is much to say yet. Thank you for your attention and you know that here I am from one week to another. Many blessings.


  1. Me ha parecido muy interesante sus comienzos en la pintura y la reflexión sobre qué transmite cada artista. Sigue así!!

  2. Felicidades por este magnífico video de presentación. Tiene muy buena pinta y deseando que lleguen los próximos videos. Gracias por tu aportación Castrillo 🙏🎨😉

  3. Impresionantes tus obras .
    Tus reflexiones y pinturas son un entender de los sentidos .
    Observar tus pinturas es ver otra realidad la verdad del interno .
    Darte las gracias por todo lo que transmites.

  4. I can personally testify that this man is among the Greats of Painters &. a Genius 🙏🏻 Thank God for his Art 🎨

  5. Magnífico trabajo de este gran pintor y amigo que es José Luis Castrillo. Sus obras como él bien dice transmiten esa pasión por la pintura, el dibujo, el color y en definitiva, la expresión de ese mundo interior y espiritual. El vídeo muy bien realizado de sonido, imagen…Un abrazo amigo!!

  6. Te he seguido y continuare haciéndolo. Me identifico contigo. Hermosas tus obras vibra mi alma cuando las veo. Jesús y Maria los Amo

  7. Hola Pepe Luis, me alegra mucho tu decisión de crear este canal, de este modo podremos disfrutar todos de tu arte. Besos

  8. Gracias padre por la oportunidad que nos regalas de entender tu maravilloso mundo. Tu entrega, fuerza y forma de expresar tan auténtica con tu obra siempre me inspiraron. Esta serie de videos promete! Te quiere, tu hijo 💙

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