Man’s Guide To Cold Weather Hats – Cold Weather Headwear – Winter Hat Options Men

Man’s Guide To Cold Weather Hats – Cold Weather
Headwear – Winter Hat Options Men Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about winter headwear, what hat to
choose when it’s cold outside and you don’t want your ears to freeze off. Okay guys, this is in support of my article
over at The Art of Manliness, so I’m going to link to that article right down below and
go to that article. I’m going to go into a lot more detail than I’m going to go into
here in the video, but I wanted to give you guys some visuals. I wanted to talk to you
a little bit about it. I really want to stress here is where function
trumps style. Usually, I like them to mix about evenly, but I’m going to say here, when
you’re talking about cold weather gear or even hot weather gear to some extent, but
cold weather gear, you want to be careful because your extremities, you can get frostbite
on the edges of our ears. I look around here in the United States. I
don’t know what has happened, but it seems like a lot of us, especially younger kids,
don’t seem to ever want to wear hats. My wife sees this coming from Ukraine and she goes
nuts. She says, “Babushka is going to jump out of the trees,” which if you’re Slavic,
you understand this. And they would just yell at you if you do not wear a hat. But here in the United States, literally in
Wisconsin, it is negative 10 degrees outside. And just yesterday, one of my son’s friends,
kids running around with a pair of shorts and no hat on, it’s crazy. So to help you guys understand this though,
you’re looking at different watch caps. You’re looking at, I don’t know, maybe a felt homburg.
You’re looking at all these different hats and you’re wondering, “What should I wear?
What’s going to keep me warm?” Remember, if something’s made out of different
materials, it’s going to have different insulating properties. So thinking with the function,
we always want to lean towards items that are made from wool or specialty man-made fibers
that are made to insulate and keep in heat. Now, the number of man-made fibers, that’s
a little over the board. I can’t give you an exact, but if usually you’re looking at
something and it has like a whole breakdown of how it actually is going to wick away sweat
and it’s going to pull that out in the outer layers, that is usually a pretty good thing. In fact, I’ve got one watch cap here made
by Carol Davis Sportswear out of, I believe, Arkansas. Now, she used to be actually out
in Nebraska, but in any case, she uses out of Malden Mills. They use this really high
tech power stretch polytech I believe is what it’s called, and what it does is it wicks,
so something like this is really great if you’re going to be out in snowmobile trails
and wearing a helmet over this and you’re going to be sweating or you’re going to have
multiple layers and you need something that’s going to wick away moisture from your body. A lot of times though, and let’s just say
you’re out walking around New York City and you’re wearing a really nice overcoat, a simple
dress watch cap is going to work perfectly fine, and this is a dress watch cap for a
number of reasons. One, it’s actually charcoal gray, not black
exactly. Black would work fine and maybe a little bit lighter gray would be fine as well,
but it doesn’t really have any big patterns in it. It does have a bit of a pattern in
the weave, but actually a little bit thicker knit weave is a bit dressier with this dark
weave here. So functionally, it will keep you warm. It’s made from wool, so it will
do a good job insulating, but it has a bit of a dressy look to it, which again is achieved
with the weave and with a solid dark color. Now, this is an example of a watch cap from
my son’s wardrobe and it was the only one I could find with some bright colors, but
you can see all the colors here, not really bright, but anytime you start to introduce
patterns like this — and this one’s cotton. No, I’m sorry, this is acrylic. The great
thing about an acrylic watch cap is you can simply throw it in the wash when it’s dirty.
You can’t do that with wool. Well, with cotton, you can do that as well, but this acrylic
is going to do a better job than cotton in terms of wicking away moisture and actually
retaining heat, so this works well for young men. So this is very informal. As you can tell,
it is a pig, one of my daughter’s hats, but basically this is a chuyo. Anyone from South
America or anyone that does any snowboarding or anything like that, you’ll probably recognize
the design of the hat. Ignore the pig. This was the only example I had in my house, but
the great part about this South American style hat is that it covers the ears. A lot of American
watch caps, they don’t have anything like this. South Americans, maybe they were a bit
smarter and said, “Hey, we’re going to cover the ears and we’re going to have it so that
it wraps around your cheeks.” Now, when it comes to levels of formality,
whenever something starts to cover the ears and wrap around the face, it technically drops
down on levels of formality, and part of that is being able to send signals when you’re
engaging. However, let’s say today actually, the President of the United States, Barack
Obama, he is having his inauguration. If you’re watching this video, it’s probably already
passed and everything, but in any case, if you are out there at that time, I would say
dress for function because this is probably going to be super cold out there. But if the
weather isn’t that bad and you’re just bringing out a hat just to add and you think you’re
going to be just fine, then you would maybe want to look at something a bit more formal. What do I mean by formal? Well, there are
other hats out there which you can consider. I’ve shown you examples of watch caps or watch
caps form around the head. They are informal, but they work out very well functionally.
For more formal hats, we want to look at maybe ushankas or trapper hats. This is not formal.
This one actually is coming out of Eddie Bauer, but it gives you an idea of the ushanka, so
you can see that right there. Now, having lived and spent time in Ukraine
and other parts of the former Soviet Union, I can tell you over there, that’s where a
lot of these winter styles come from because they live and breathe in the cold weather.
If you’ve ever been up to Siberia, you know what I’m talking about. Over there, winter
is harsh. Here in the United States, you can get away with it to an extent, not so much
up in Canada, but if you do not wear the proper gear, you’re going to get frostbite really
fast in those parts of the world. And as they had to dress nice, they came up with a number
of different styles. So we have the ushanka. We have the astrakhan.
The astrakhan, that one is — I don’t have an example with me. Go ahead and I’m going
to link to it in the Art of Manliness article, so go ahead and check that one out. We also have the wool newsboy. That is more
of an American version, but I would say the wool newsboy, it’s more of like a cap on top.
It looks like the traditional newsboy, but it’s going to be made from usually a thicker
weave. And more, it’s not going to protect the sides of the head as well. The nice thing about the ushanka or the trapper
hat is that you can unbutton it. I’ve seen men do this. Most Russians or Ukrainians I’ve
seen, they never do this, but you can bring the hat down like that to cover the ears and
this is what we consider more of the trapper hat, but when it’s up like this — and a lot
of ushankas I’ve seen, I’ve never seen them come down. They all look like they can, but
I’ve never grabbed some random former Soviet guy and tried to pull his hat down to check
that, so I can’t tell you. Okay, so there are also dress hats, so the
homburg, a number of other dress hats, you can get dress caps that are formed on top.
They come in felt and that’s going to be a bit heavier. It’s going to protect more from
the wind and it’s going to have a dressier look. However, it’s not going to cover the
ears or protect the sides of the head, but often it will keep the top of the head warm. Then we also have a particular military winter
wear. A lot of this, I think, which sets it apart is you’ll see it doesn’t always cover
the ears, and this plays into effect as we don’t want to muffle sound, so that’s one
thing you often notice, is they have a little pop-up so that you can still hear pretty well
and it doest muffle the sound. In addition, they’re not going to really care much about
style, but in doing so, because they focus on function, I think a lot of them are pretty
stylish. Different militaries around the world have different hats they come out with. Check
out the article. I show a few pictures and I link to a few as well. Okay, so the hat is just a piece, gentlemen.
There are other parts. Don’t forget your scarf. I’m going to link to my scarf article down
below. I put out quite a few videos and a great article on how to tie different types
of scarves. In addition, consider something like a neck gaiter or a dickie and this is
really nice. Actually, again, I got this from Carol Davis Sportswear. I do a review on it
and I love it because it slips right over. And even if I’m wearing a really nice overcoat,
I can wear this and it keeps my neck warm and it comes up here and basically makes it
look like more of your turtleneck, but it comes right off. I love this little piece
of gear. If it’s super cold and you’re going to spend
some time outside like down in Antarctica, then you see things where they cover every
single part of the body, and that’s where you’ve got a full hood on with goggles, so
if it calls for it, make it happen. All right, guys, this has been Antonio Centeno
with Real Men Real Style. If you like this video, I would appreciate it if you click
on the “like” button. Make sure you subscribe. And if you haven’t already, make sure to grab
my free 47-page e-book on Men’s Style. I linked to that down below as well. I will see you
guys in the comments. Bye-bye.

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  3. The Marines have these crazy good trapper hats for cold weather. Not only do they keep your head very warm, they are also stylish. As an added bonus they muffled loud noises! I never had to put their flaps down either.

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  5. I find that in London you can generally wear what you want because most people there come from all over the world bringing their fashions with them – in Manchester the emo look is king, in Birmingham the tracksuit is king, and so when I'm there I tend to stand out in my Barbour or leather jacket, flat caps or woolly hats and boots – but I don't care – in London and the countryside I don't stand out, I always look and feel masculine, I stay warm and dry and I've even had compliments on my style!

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    What age group would you say that hat works well with? (Ex. 10 – 20)

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    Ushanka!!!!! I'm living in Urals mountain region (Yekaterinburg city), it's cold here in winter, so I have one. And sometimes it's very useful, helping to avoid serious health problems.

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  21. A large part of ushankas lack that practical use of ear covering and are manufactured just to imitate the shape of that cap. They are called "formovka" in common slang.

    Btw there is another type of fur cap known as "papakha". It is spherical or cylindric by it's shape and made from sheepskin. Those caps are of North Caucasian and Central Asian origin were adapted by Russians as a part of officer or general uniform. Just for information. )

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  25. Ushanka with a good jacket and leather gloves. I do take the red star off when I take it to college because I don't wish to identify with actual communists/fascists. Some of you may know who I'm talking bout.

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  28. I Can Recall Back In The 1960s And 1970s Men Would Wear A COSSACK hat. In The Eastern Block They Have Got Very Cold Weather Like Here In Canada..

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