100 thoughts on “Man who ate $120,000 banana art has no regrets”

  1. I wouldn't buy a $120,000 banana when I can go to my local grocery store and buy a thing of bananas for a few dollars…its STUPID people think duct taping a banana to a board/wall is art…ITS NOT!!

  2. the art is to make you think, feel. This event is not at the top of art, but OK. It's not the surrealists catering using nude woman as a plate, or putting up a pissoir as a "fountain".
    But it does challenge you, because you say "no it's not art" and there are responses to your statement. That's enough already. And if you don't want to lose, don't play this game.

  3. I can recreate that in a flash!!🍌🍌🍌🍌
    Just come get it this afternoon!! I'll even offer a discount if the payment is cash!

  4. Here my take, the price for the price was a artistic commentary on the cost of living. Eating the banana evolved the commentary to declare a hungry make with do what he can to survive or soon only the rich will be able to afford to survive.
    I am pulling this out of my duff mind you. The statement is more the art then the piece. But that's the beauty of art it's subjective. Realistically it was probably the a Troll piece because subjectivity anything could be "called Art".

  5. The concept of the "artist" was, "I can tape shit to the wall, and these dummies will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it." But the shit wouldn't stick, so he switched it for a banana.

  6. He did it so he can get on TV now the whole world knows about him even though they think he’s an idiot which by the way he is

  7. It’s at this moment I realized I’m embarrassed to be a human.

    🤦🏽‍♂️🍌 it’s (somewhat) of a joke btw and I do think this is ridiculous

  8. Serious art?I don't think so.Its a gimmick to get attention. Who's the idiot who paid 120k for it? This guy eating it? Big deal. Go and get another banana and a bit of tape and voila you have a great reproduction.
    120k can buy a lot of bananas.

  9. its an indication of how shallow this whole society is when we price a f(*&king rotting banana and some tape at 120000 and call it some sort of valued artwork…..how many months would that money feed in said society or a third world society…smh…

  10. It angers me that while many people are starving and millions of children will go to bed hungry tonight, the wealthy play at buying a banana for $120K and eating it. It rings of Nero and Rome to me and the ever growing divide between the "haves" and "have nots" of the world. So let them play at eating $120K bananas. One day in the not too distant future the world's starving will eat the wealthy.

  11. I don't see the reason people are going bananas! The other artist simply made a split decision to consume what some people consider art.

  12. Story's like this i wish YouTube had the Middle Finger ICON with the thumbs up or down icon. and the ability to click it several times .

  13. The reason the artist duct-taped a banana to a wall is that he knows many art patrons are straight-up suckers. I'd like to know if the guy who ate it is going to get sued for 120,000.

  14. When stupidity is disguised as sophistication… when wealth shows it’s perverted immorality…
    Next someone will pay $250,000 for a pile of shit on a ceramic plate.
    As long as it’s called gourmet cuisine

  15. Fat entitled deuche can't stand spotlight on fruit, decides to ruin other person's expression with childish delusions of grandeur. There, I fixed the title.

  16. If this is what people want to spend thousands of dollars on these days, you can pay me… I'll tape bananas up all day!

  17. The Emperor has no clothes. A banana and a bit of gaffa tape are not worth £120,000. Putting these on a wall is not art!

  18. I’m a time traveler but I only travel through time at the same speed everyone else does but I’m a professional time traveler.

  19. Art is not decided by whether something is artistic. Art is now decided by whether it was created by an "artist". If you are notable, then you already have what you need to make art. You don't need to paint, or draw, or sing, or play an instrument. You just need to drop a coffee cup on a bit of paper, and publish the resulting stain. Don't claim what it is, let the art fans invent their own meaning. Wait for one that sounds good to which you say "Finally someone gets it". Doesn't work for all forms of art, and doesn't explain all successes, but it's shocking and far more dispiriting how many this does explain.

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