Making glitchtrap - live zbrush sculpting

Making glitchtrap – live zbrush sculpting

hey guys I thought we'd stop the stream early so just give me a shower if you can hear me and we'll get going hey everyone bubblegum is how you guys doing weekend this Monday isn't it I've completely lost it this week I went camping this weekend so I'm really behind the times which is why it's a little bit late today the live-streaming 15 minutes but yeah how you got owned yeah but weekend I saw some of you guys been chatting about strange things so don't give anything away because I've only seen the first episode which is already awesome so I'm looking for the rest of that but today we're gonna be doing a glitch trap everyone can hear me that's cool so gonna be doing glitch trap which actually and I feel a bit guilty about this considering that I do a lot of finesse stuff I haven't played Help Wanted VR and he is part of that game and he looks really cool he looks like he's not an animatronic he's more like a character I think is going to be the purple guy kind of thing in a suit original golden Bonnie I think based on that so yeah so we're gonna be doing him I've got some reference and she walks in the house as I know she can make it for a few a few days Rebecca's not here at the moment I don't know she's gonna be joining us later but she wolf is a moderator so be what she wolf says because no caps no sharing things like that so you're gonna be doing a heavier areas I've got some reference I think some of this is FS if SFM made models but it's pretty cool so I'm gonna be doing that the the models quite it's not that complicated so I'll probably be able to do his head I'm just gonna base just doing his head today I'm not gonna do anything else because it takes a long time now if you joined us live last week you would have been witnessing me modeling circus baby now I've managed to do ahead I don't think I can do the rest of her body because she's so complicated but I did manage to her head here she is in silver because what you know why not I actually found a back image fur but this is pre seen the back image of what she looks like he's actually pretty close to what she doesn't like from but there you go I can change this to any any kind of color material I like my kid to look like it's made of a clay or I can make a look like she's made of like plasticy brown color or Chrome so I what I have to say that I won't be free D I won't be freely printing this character the main reason why is because she's kind of super super complicated but if you can see there all the details inside 3d print that would be really difficult to do so I'm not gonna freely print her but anyway what I'm gonna do it is I'm not gonna waffle on anymore you guys can see me in the little top window only it's straight on now and we're gonna start by making a bitch get struck now if you want to win the sculpt I'm still waiting actually for the address from black hood because I need to send he was one of the winners of golden Freddy and also Gio catch needs to send me some other bits to his address so if you guys are in the room at the moment then please can you send me your full address to gallery at right let's get going got a my brains not with it like I said I went camping of the weekend we have Toby and Edie and Billy and we made another little short film it's not a fan f1 it was fun to do and we try and release that in the next few weeks I will be doing another for Nath one as well after my first as kids we will have to find out what happens to spring-trap that hasn't been filmed yet so don't expect that in the next week or so that'll probably be in another sort of 3-4 weeks I will be releasing a tomorrow I'm going to do a comment compilation of all of the flash versus kids in one blodger because I realize I haven't done that other than one reaction video I have done one of every every every single video tie together so I know that they all kind of spread out throughout the channel so it'd be quite nice for thing for some people to go to watch it back to back so I'll be releasing that tomorrow at some point okay so look so I gonna make glitch trap I'm gonna make his head and now so you can win a 3d print of literature I think blue strap would be good to 3d frame and so if you want to win you have to join the channel we have to become a member by becoming a member you'll be supporting the channel it's $5 a month I think but you will be splitting the channel I will get out as many behind the scenes stuff as I can for you guys as well you also get a bad little digital beverage black hood shows off on any comments you can see his badge and also emojis as well so yes there's already been to 3d print winners which is geocache and and black hood someone's gonna win another one today for last week's one I'm gonna pull it out a hat what's a hat and I'm gonna do a will a wheel of fortune' thing so you guys can win the 3d print of glitch trap which others are really cool what I think glitch traps can be awesome especially if he's in this pose we find it here the pose on our hand gotta pose here he's like well the one in the bottom left though is waving I might do him in that pose when I finally when I actually did the finished version of him I think that looks really cool so anyway I'm gonna get on with uh something just get let me just check let me just check you guys are still here with makers sometimes it's very hard to tell what you guys are doing because I have so many windows open and I can't see my chili is my chat window my I've lost you guys wearing hang on I will find out hey are you hidden between two monitors okay I'm making a spring truce and sprinted her costume says that she will check out she-wolf on Instagram she's got some amazed as amazing makeup of lots of different life characters skeletons lots of different things really really good artist she offers so check her out okay let's get going hello grace Hollywood Eve Briana funds here it's good to seize and familiar faces right okay enough of me waffling and I love you guys know how awful so yeah so it what we've been doing is you're playing some games where you can all actually this is this is where I keep forgetting to do stuff so before I start also there is a chance to win let me just find it there is a chance to win also oh now having done dosqueen driver grab a beer or fee yet I should say what I do I do a screen digital slam poster of of circus baby in chrome like you saw like this one here because I think she looks pretty cool in chrome and she I'd a signed copy of that for four winners today there is actually there is also another one I've got to announce from last week signed a digital copy which was of spring-trap infinite world who was one of the people that said pick me after the stream had finished and that's winner I don't know if they're in the stream now but they see this later is Jeffrey fazbear's so congratulations Jeffrey fallen in the last week's digital signed copy but like I say four of you guys because you're watching now so stick with the whole live stream because we will be doing little games where you get to win this spring-trap and circus baby poster but we'll also be doing pull an app hat for the 3d print but it's only available for super subscribe so you won't become super subscriber you have to join you can do that via the card I think up up top I have got a card there and where you can join but it's entirely up to you there's no pressure okay so what am i doing right I am doing ditch trap so as a lot of you viewers know I always start usually with a head and the the eyes and things like that just to get the position so we've got I mean his head is kind of round right it's it's kind of like a fairy roundish shape start with so I will just move this rabbit it's just it sort of maybe slightly oval kind of shape so yeah so you guys um I know a lot of your regulars which is really good and I'm really grateful that you guys can always make it every week and I will be doing these on the Monday I did try Sunday but Sunday doesn't quite work what time because I have to take Toby back to See's mum and on some Sundays and it's just a bit of a rush it was just easier for me to do Mondays and I know it's not ideal because everyone's got sort of like the work or school but unfortunately that's just the way it has to be right so here we go this is his poor head I am going to now make his eyes or at least where roughly I want them just kind of he'll yeah I think that's quite good and you can see these quite blocky but that's just the way the software works you start with a very blocky shape and as you go along you can refine it and smooth it out and if you guys want to try this at home ZBrush for ZBrush it isn't free it's you have to pay for it but there is a free piece of software called stop trace which is by pixologic as well this is what pixologic so if you're unpicked some logics website if you want to do some sculpting and download a piece of software they've got called sculptress then you can sculpt to your heart content heart's content and you can also then send us the the video or the image you've made or the piece of art what you've made to gallery at bubblegum monster's calm and if it's really cool we may feature it on the community tab and we've got some really cool pieces of art what black hood sent in another really awesome commissioned piece of artwork today of me and him going into a vortex into another dimension which was awesome like I can't remember off the top of my head the artist's name but go check it out on the community tab because it's really cool and they've done like a tile app time-lapse of them creating the model outside of the image okay so I'm now gonna start I think yeah we just we'll just with Scott this outlook so this is like it's like clay so you can kind of just build up its like layers basically and add a little bit more detail here this is called dynamesh you can just the resolution but like on a like you've got a 4k TV kind of thing or 1080 TV this is I'm now up in the resolution to more 4k kind of image resolution if I if you can't the it's uh made of what's called polygons I know some of you guys sort of make games and things like that so you all know what problems are but I know there's a lot of people that don't sew polygons like little squares and I'm just making the model would have more those square so I can add more detail so right so that I'm just bringing out his nose and he's got really horribly big grin which I guess Scott Cawthon wanted because he wanted to make him look as creepy as possible and creepy monsters always have creepy smile so you've gotta make sure that you make you the grin as big as possible so here we go I'm just kind of pulling it out here now I've said this before but always took every angle that you're doing because you might find that when you're modeling it looks absolutely perfect from one from one angle for example the fun here not that this is perfect a moment but you might find that you've got to point you're like it's really good and then you turn my go it looks completely wrong now so always keep spinning your model around don't be afraid to just pull and stretch things and just try things out because the great thing about ZBrush is the fact that it's so flexible that even if you go wrong you've got all these undo top he'll up it'll go all the way back and it's a pretty much infinite so just don't be afraid see they got a oh actually that doesn't know why but it really looks on from there yeah but don't be afraid to just keep playing around with the model okay so I'm just trying to get the limp of his nose kind of ripe it's hard to exactly how much I don't think it comes up much further than that and that's about right somewhere like that but the cool thing about doing these weekly things these weekly live streams is that I end up with a lot models which is cool and about ten minutes I'm going to do a one of the one of the side and now in fact that's what we're going to plat plat of the anunnaki simple and hat wheel into the wheel of fortune on who from the super scrubbers has won the last week's sculpt 3d print but it won't last week's what I'll do actually is our I've got all these scopes behind me I don't you see in the camera and I will get you guys to choose which one I should freely print for the winner because the winner might not be there if the winners there then they can choose but I don't think they're gonna be in the livestream there maybe you never know okay so so his nose I'm just looking at his nose on the reference here and his nose is actually just more like kind of this is what I always do a kind of start looking at different end or so it's up here so I know I need to move this down to about there kind of thing and then in turn and that me still contact as well like that and while I might know how to pull that out but okay I'm just trying to get his nose kind of right first of all before I start working on his mouth and then we'll just put a little blob on the end hit because he's kind of his nose is there kind of thing it's got little tiny nose isn't he absolutely he's one of my favorite character to you and I just love for his evil grin I think for me the best characters were like the relational format characters and then it all kind of just went a bit and what's good I found like I think he over complicated everything like for example baby circus baby that did last week she's a cool character but I think she's almost like just a bit too complicated and so she kind of loses any kind of scariness to that I think I don't find it that scary okay I'm just maybe using those not quite that was far as that and then that kind of goes in like that okay right let's start carving out his mouth and then what do is once I've carved out his mouth I will stop and we'll have a little little game it's pretty very scary looking now another clause here is that the big ela copter going past that I might not get to the point where looks finished even if I'm just in the head because it just takes time I think I'll get like 80% there and then I find that I spend then hours and hours just tweaking stuff to make it look as good as possible so that's another thing to take in mind so even at the end of this stream it might be that he doesn't look right let's move his drawing a bit – he's too far out and mine so I think I don't be afraid to just move stuff around because there's no harmony there's no harm and just playing our own stuff so I think that's somewhat actually lower the resolution of there's been too much just like a move stuffer below the resolutions are basically the bigger the squares the quicker you can move stuff around otherwise you end up it's almost like a place to find your capsule just move it around in bulk you have to keep moving around tiny bits so I can't help you live his top part here I think that's pretty good this part here I think is quite good it's just now but I try and get his bottom part to be more alright so it's I'm gonna do sometimes it's nice to just mask bits off so that they don't get affected so this tall here I'm just masking this off so I can't get affected so now I can just move that bit I like that and I'm not affecting that top part it says it's a shame I've got an actual really good side view of him I don't know what the rest of him looks like but at least he kind of got a bit more of a mouth now okay it's kind of alright don't once there's a helicopter around it's a car that in a bit more it was Joe Brackett big balls we're not that normal in mm-hm just trying to think what his side of his mouth look like it just doesn't quite fit for me it doesn't quite look right don't if it's just because maybe needs to be built on water here I'm sorry just move it and then whilst this bit out so I can just then move that back it's got more of a hollow in his mouth fair okay like that and okay so it's still very basic in shape but you can kind of see it taking shape hopefully so what's going on underneath like say always moving around checking stuff out making sure kind of makes sense mr. knew his job back a bit more probably comes back a bit more here as well yes I saw you guys because I have to sort of constant on this it's very hard to watch what you guys are chatting about but like I always say I think it's quite nice if you guys just chat amongst yourselves while I'm doing this because always so it's a bit like sort of sitting around a campfire or something I'm just watching it takes shape but just feel free to get away he's I can't cash writing my life okay so there's not not detail that's okay I'm just building up the basics he's a bit more of a greenish not dim or not that kind of thing okay so let's do the first giveaway now I haven't actually oh you know we're gonna give away the circus paper you won't read circus chrome baby that's not that crying baby yeah so we're gonna give away a chrome circus baby in a way so that's thing I'll get carried away I start looking so good she's I'm just go I'm not just be on time anyway okay so there we go that's that so far let me now I'll just quickly switch back let's see what see you guys are safe where's my fullscreen okay so let's see what you guys say I love a lot of desert me I like vanilla cake okay talking about pudding that's good how long is it gonna take for you to make this says Brianna well grandma I'm hoping I can do the head in the next 40 minutes or so about now I believe yet there she will said it i like rainbow cake hold your horses make with a bunny okay I'm reading the way your your comment says get air questions so if you guys I think mister you know how this works but if you don't basically it's a game called family feud's or Family Fortunes and you basically have to name the top answer as quickly as you can by typing it obviously and the first common the first person to answer correctly will win a signed on a yet assigned digital copy of Circus baby in Chrome just to make it even more special and so like I don't know you'd say this is an example so don't answer this but an example be name something you'd find in a pencil case okay I guess the top answer would probably be pencil but anyway that's not it this is that's just a plain one oh you've got digital ashtrays well uncross my fingers that's good right okay so I'm guessing everyone is ready it and yet you can no caps and no only need new caps doesn't make a difference in fact if anything it'll slow you down so you want to type it as quickly as you can if there's a slight spelling mistake that's fine there is a weirdness in that I'm getting before so there's a slight lag on your end sometimes some people seen a different list of who came in first or thing but I what I'll do is I will show you your life stream comes here so there's no kind of confusion if I wonder if I can do that now what if I can add that in here and I'll just see if I go to me and and go to so it's just so that everyone knows that I'm not cheating the system here a window capture okay and I'll go to a clip and I'm just trying to see if I can find it's like this one yes that's it okay okay and I'll stick that just on the side here okay okay there you go there you can see yourselves okay everyone's ready here we go so this is the work when I signed a digital copy of circus papery so the question is name something kids really like about school name something that kids really like about school okay and I'll just leave that there wait and see what comes up are we talking about dessert I don't know Blackberry and I don't know why we were talking about random Bob man thank you Wow yeah I remember you okay let's see what we get Oh friends I'll put his answer that that is on there it's not the top not the top answer I'm being really stupid here recess as the American thing is it's Risa other side the sound of science of stupid is recess the end of school or is it the is it that like there what is recess is at the end of school or is it got break time someone can answer that because I don't know I don't know people just say that is a okay let's have a look oh she a wolf yet thanks for joining me he's 12 I had to see you gang suno here Chris fairly yeah well thanks Steve wolf fence joining and thanks for being moderator as well it's when kiss gets the playground okay that's fair enough then yeah see that's an American term right not an English term but I know we do have a lot of Americans here so let me think who won that let's see so the first person and I assume you can see that on your screens were here I'm scrolling through but the first person to get recess I'm pretty sure was em kid 2 1 3 I'm pretty sure than that now it is actually because this is an English version the game it's play time but I'm giving it to you the same recess because if it means play time as well which it does it's like having a break then I think that's fair enough so there you go that was the top answer there any kind of reasoning but it's a bit blurred but there you go so you win yourself in kid 1 2 & 3 you win yourself a sound copy of that sort of sound of manner but it will be so congratulations M kid 1 2 3 now before we get on I want to do another little thing here so this is if you've joined recently I've put your name into a wheel of fortune so if you are member you will win a free D print in fact I say what let's let's give people a choice of what to win should it be no just shouldn't people should just do it let's say mmm other than which one to choose you could do another golden freddy I guess have the golden freddy print i guess just for max I'm not gonna do sex baby because you still complicate your brain so the oh oh we're doing offset we do another golden freddy so we're going to another one of these golden freddie prinze for someone to win out this draw so here we go I love bendy Mario yes I do remember you actually bendy Mario because you you will mix not the two different things right so I'm gonna go now to hear our OBS and switch to the wheel of the Wheel of Fortune okay here we go so if I now click on this and spin it so this is for this model this one of these models assigned to win a super member to win actually I've just thought I've got black hood in there he's really got one so mmm so it doesn't land black okay so let's speak licked his food it's a Pikachu getcha Pikachu capture has won themselves a 3d print of golden freddy he's not golden but he'll come like this and you can do whatever you want you can sprinkle you can spring silver but Pikachu capture congratulations you won yourself a free D print of Pikachu and offer coking Freddy so if you're watching this now then please send me your address because I'm going to need to address but if you're under the age of 18 please get permission from your parents but we will need your address and send it to gallery at polygon monster's calm and put 3d print winner and your name your details and then might be able to match it up with you so well done okay let's get on so I'm trying to sort of rush things across but let's get on now with the the sculpt so where were we okay so there's gonna be another three winners so keep watching there will be number three winners for the signed digital copy and and then obviously next week will be pull in obstacies Playhouse or play we will be doing the Wheel of Fortune again for for this I things would be really cool one actually for ditch trap you're looking for my reference now okay let's go like so I'm gonna just start adding a bit more details I think I'm kind of happy with where it's at what I might do is make his bottom now make his jaw and everything a separate model just because I think it's easier than just make the shape of one and I don't know leaving from that what was to add in details let's just put his ears in just for the hell of it kind of my belly some way she may be a bit off maybe there so just masking stuff off there I can now move these out like so looks like one of space hoppers on man actually I'm gonna make them separately more than pulling them out I think they work better like that so I'm gonna start with a cube cube always acutely as cube and I'm going to actually first of all gonna save it because if I don't save it mmm might crash so this is glitch trap save so this is a basic rectangular if I squish that down on that in my bat this is gonna be his bomb part busy looks smaller than the top part say that like that yeah in every go it's kind of voice and then while do is I've duplicated on one sews now B's top yeah which is longer say it's top ear top part of your ear like that yeah wasn't bend it a little bit put it in place and then the cool thing about this dynamesh stuff here is I can now go like that and it will blend them together on there make a deliberate more detailed life there you go so I've got kind of an ear because he's a little bit ragged isn't he I guess he's meant to be like a used toy oxen but he's got our stitches and he's just a bit of a ragged old frame build on the back this is the back of his ear I'm doing here I'm just building up a bit there's a bit more curved at the back but okay and then I'm going to go to the front but just rough in some detail for his for his patches here ha nothing to tease out at the moment just to get an idea of where they are there's another one here kind of thing but okay so there are kind of easy is the last time just roughing him in and there's nothing gonna be too detailed and want to pin back to here a bit big at the moment let's countdown ooh back there is someone yeah some are okay and then our waters of GPAs here say 40 duplicate you know that that all the helicopters do now no it's really annoying it's just flying I are making loads of noise now his ears are in some different positions but for now I think that's fine because I just want to make it if thinks of symmetrical so it's easier to merit win it when I'm working on one side before it would what do the other side whereas if have them at different angles then it won't recognize one side for those I think because I think he's four it's a little bit I've got a bit rounded here so I think I need to just move my mask of that bit just move that a little bit more like that yeah that's a new rebirth something like that and it is might actually be a little bit wider but it doesn't really matter the moment I guess because I can just suggest that whatever it's really just to give me an idea of kind of what I'm looking at in terms of portions so let's go back to this and I'm just going to blob in some eyes like so give me an idea of how big his eyes meant to be in fact nope nope I'm gonna use the spheres I'm actually gonna use sphere so I'm gonna go here and creates fear and then I'm gonna have pinned that she's basically adding it to that and use that just because it's a bit neater and it gives me a way of making sure his eye sockets around as well so I can sort of mould the eye sockets around his eyeball so if we scale that down now and stick that there because he's always pretty big just fire and then move this about it's an out and just adjust the eyes like this to give the rights of a circular shape okay and just because I can I think I'll make his island my litter now so let's just paint in smile it's now I've done this before and a number of the characters but the way I do it is I just mask off an area that's kind of how it is there that and then you can just extract that bit and it'll make it as a separate mesh a little bit smaller mmm it's a lot of what's the word just playing around with it really just to try and get something that I'm happy with and then you can smooth out using this tool here and it makes all tidy there's a wonky before okay I think it might be a little bit higher just exist or just not at all we do know with that wanna yeah can isolated it that one sir and now his eyeball just get an idea where his eyeballs are kind of down kind of love are it's getting there oniy I think he's starting to like him not a big key part of his menacing face I think is the eyebrows the way there's number of ways I can do it let's try the neatest way I guess of doing it would be to do this hang on let me save him just to make sure he's not gonna get lost if it crashes to save that the best way of doing this in fact let's do another quick game before we do that so let's quickly go back so you're gonna do he's oh so I'm all over the place I'm over this festival so that's mirror that deformation mirror got two eyes oh it's quite quickly with just one eyelid they duplicate his eyelid you Kate and remember that and find that mirror okay yeah I love happy berries coming out still my friend the edges but it's looking like him I think anyway right let's go back to you guys and see who can win the next digital copy of Circus baby okay all right where are you there you are as soon as I sounded like Sammy then how did Sammy only been devious da or Ashley Ashley okay so we're done I want to keep on there I left mint chocolate chip who else does this is Elijah I don't want me actually determine can you dab Fiona would Detroit Keith I reckon I can't see how anyone can't dab unless they have a missing arm or arms this is like how can you not dab it's not hard I don't understand it okay I wanted to do a piece of fan out of glittery fazbear since my you can do a bit of artwork we've got lots of cool piece of art will come out so yeah do it oh that's a good one I don't think anyone's gonna get this one but we'll see this is gonna be quite difficult fingers wide to skip I get a feelin okay so if you just joined us you are in with the chance of winning circus of chromes circus baby assigned a digital copy of Chrome circus baby how cause that but what you have to do to win it is you have to play family feud or Family Fortunes it is in England and that is to name the top answer of something so for example the example gave I'll stick with it because it was easy and this is an example to do not answer this it's just either an idea of how this game works name something you'd find in a pencil case and like size top was probably a pencil but that is an example the real one is gonna happen in a second so get ready on your keyboard or on your phone type whatever comes into your head first is the secret I think whatever pops into your head type it as fast as you can if you spell it wrong it doesn't matter as long as it makes sense to me I will give you that so you feel the top common you win a digital signed copy of Circus baby okay I could say I'm sure he's just teasing me okay so thing is black kids you can go right open on that if you're too busy typing that you're gonna miss out on the actual question so the question is name an activity that leaves you dirty okay name an activity that leaves you dirty yellow I think black kid was just playing around I don't think II you really thought that okay let's see we've got Nathan all says hi hello can I get my first shot at his hex can they go Hickson you've got a shout out like your vids says mmm je dark game I thank you did you rush Tracy's running it's good answer it's not actually in there actually but still good hunt sir duh I don't know if that's an actual activity but if it was the near that definitely would levy dirty but no one said yeah I don't know it's difficult one I think planing might would definitely leave you dirty I think I might have to get people all we have got the correct answer here we have a look correct I've still got my bit your comments come after so you can see that I'm not cheating here so the correct answer was made by the strippers weird so I'm just seeing what how far back it goes digging for fossils it's an interesting one can I get my first shoutout have you ever done that but that's what starts okay so video games is Gil caca how is that dirty as you're playing it in the mud right kissing the top answer is so you can see it the top answer is yeah you can see that gardening garden is the top answer and the top person to answer that was fazbear entertainment world i'm as bare entertainment you win yourself a digital chrome circus baby but don't leave yet everyone if you want to get your digital signed copy of of sex papers I keep forgetting to explain this email it email me on gallery a Pokemon sisters calm so that you can win so I can send you the digital signed copy I don't know where to send it so you have to email me let me make a note of everyone that's women is wrong appreciate from us prayers and we also had something one two three was I can look back at the video my copy of the name if they're still here if you can just say I won the first digital but it was something like one two three wasn't it wasn't Elijah was it was something like that but if you can just tell me who you are again so I can make a note but we've got two more copies to most digital sign copies to win so stick by and we'll carry on with glitch trap is this you know where you live says random Bluff fan well not the moment I'll cost see how it's totally dark but it is quite a sort of kind of the countryside so it's quite I like anyway Dan that was hard it wasn't it was a bit a bit random anyway something got it Peter make a video game I know I want so many things I need to do the first thing I need to do is make more videos but part the videos and they'll be making that hopefully we'll have time with a video game but we shall see but so much do in so little time can I have a shower and wins the next says fazbear's understand will you know you'd be just one big push out as well as there you go now first kids out I wouldn't expect it were in another few weeks but haven't filmed it yet but it will be coming soon and fast mr. mark yes do do your deal clicks trap that'd be cool I won that was it em kid saw em kid yet it was on who is one tooth now it's 2 1 3 2 1 3 em get em kid can you email to gallery at bubblegum monsters I'll put it in the I'll put it in the thingy here but also we'll put it on the pin it on the actual video so everyone can see what the what the address is says gallery at Bob understood car so yes so send it to that the two people at war as cinema were first best and why wasn't it and although it sure was it has comment because it buzz-buzz bill cinema yeah was racing my wasn't that one we just double-check it was I'm sure it was I saw no said garden yeah I subscribe to your channel thanks Louisa playing a plane in a mob the mob I hope you do make woof I don't know he with his so I'm just anyone else she's always wears this gardening thing on no you know what father enough uh okay how about it now that's been entertainment I've put fazbear's cinema sorry fazbear entertainment one as well entertainment see that's the thing if if Rebecca was here she'd be making it if a black hood I don't know if you were like I'm gonna make you a moderator ok don't get banning everyone but if you can just make notes with the next winners and then we'll just put that the end we know then who's won ok cuz black hoods a super member and he's also super also I'm always always supporting the channel so I'll really do appreciate that let's get guerrilla gay ok we're going to carry on with him and we've got two more winners and then we'll go for another twenty minutes or so so ten minutes or two another winner and then at the end I'll do another another winner and also then we need to do a pole for what the next counts to be made it's like a conveyor belt just this constant characters being made okay move on let's get this going so yeah I was kind of happy I think I am kind of happy with the shape like so it needs some work it needs to be tied it up but overall I think it's kind of coming along alright but let's have a bit more detail into his actual into his actual sort of nose and jaw line and everything just because he's got a bit more shape here then what I've got is all a bit basic of men as he got kind of more requite Weasley now uses name and then that's kind of a bit smoother than ass a bit lumpy room maybe like that I'm wondering if he's Joy's even more open than water so let's get some teeth in there just so we've got a kind of reference okay not more details you can add in now the more you can get the portions right because you've got more things to sort of users like landmarks of where things are because I can see here I think maybe that's a little bit more wider than what I've got it it's kind of frightening I think it just keeps bothering me as this little bit here for some reason just because it's a very definite of landmark comment part ways his nose meets his top of his head I just want to get back in there as well just tour around a little bit just to give a bit more of a definition I haven't really got enough resolution now and around to do that but it's kind of going there I'll go ask its teefin so he's just got big boxy teeth and he's got one and we count one two three four five six thing he's got like eight button teeth so we just used boxes for his teeth because that is basically what they are box where's my box we turn that into a so I I do waffle to myself I hate I apologize talked to myself and sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense it doesn't even make a lot of sense to me right so one one tooth there it was first first tooth comfrey be smaller someone that and I think it's actually a bit naturally just tell I think it's a little bit tape it at the top so if I just do a tape on it like so you can name his records which that yeah it's just kind of a nothing Oh Canada like in don't miss that one let's move it yes I'm looking at this I think he's gonna need me but I was thinking maybe his mouth needs to be a bit wider buddy I think it's why I actually just play around Courtney had a bit more sort of definition to his lips his lips need to have somewhere for the teeth to soar sinking – yeah okay okay try make the back of his fare a bit more all the better to swallow people with I'm not on the help evil he is in the game and played it mainly cuz I'm got we are how they are guess you could probably play the rampion I just I'm just trying to make a bit more definition as well that's bad the sign out there back in words with noise and what it is there's a bitch truck coming to get me right mmm if that one just to there I think kind of its kind of in the middle just one shot there and to have one move that crosses over it follows the contour of his jaw and I want brats then I want that guess okay and then he's probably got a few more and just carve out a bit more of his mouth because it's default sinking in there just so that we've got a bit more room to show so he can shove his lovely meshes a bit more right so kitty maybe one more okay so let's just move that last one again make a duplicate of that one that's right and then what I'll do is I'll duplicate all of them together back and then mirror them so yeah a little bit of a jab they're not as T fans so I'll just move this a bit more in new I wonder that's why I say like sight it's a little bit him miss her just to try and get the middle to me there's the chief to look right in the middle super cute that it's bad and then I think maybe his teeth go back a little bit further so I'll just merge these two together match down okay and then he has some top teeth and one that measures on okay before before did that one let me just Nick one of these so I can use it on the top teeth rather than them to recreate whole to figure out just knit that one and we'll take that one round and use it as this bigger teef at the top it's got a huge t for Tom in my position maybe just extended anymore I guess it's right here somewhere so this is what I can see well how far I probably need to move his teeth I need to make his mouth a little bit wider because I think that – probably comes down a bit more flat so it's not far out but I think it just needs this bit here it needs to be just a bit further down stand I'm just working was what yeah and I'm just going to then figure out what so many teeth and a divorce which ones is mean to violent there on it there and then these ones I'm gonna merge down merge down as you can see them all highlighting there and I'm gonna move them just a little bit down I've always wanted one of those just a little bit dance there's a bit of a gap between top teeth and bond teeth and then I'm gonna move his jaw down that way as well just didn't they're doing what a groom like that okay and then we'll then take them and they do what did before well I'll just duplicate them and mirror them mirror now moving again Oh Oh ones that go to know okay to leave that one okay okay did you kill that I know that I built you guys they're so tiny maybe they haven't seen you yet I've been too busy cost ran on this mostly they keep dinner must be oh I don't want yeah cheek again and you know we do another I do another signed a digital copy and it's like okay this one gets teeth done do you get that one I don't really like duplicate mirror so there's a little bit kind of repetitive but then that is the nature of making things generally they just take time and then he has got two more teeth that I can tell just tucked away out there somewhere all the better for biting people's faces off just move that in a little bit more it's just a little bit more bad and like that someone ah hard to tell Zoey but without what are they and then duplicate that one and mirrored that one the mirror mirror boom what again then I think we'll just finish off today with a little bit more detail but I will just do one more question now so let's go back to where where were we we are here transition okay what you guys are you still there hello says chillin oh it's gone drop-top fuzzbutts not pranked you says fazbear's cinema fazbear's smile pranks you there is a what did you do yes if it's cool Wow destructive hound wow you are doing a really good job says the large drunk thank you hi Peter says Fresno Sandra yay says Elijah ok guys so we're gonna do another one of these if you've just joined us datura 3 has deep 201 dunno he's our best we'll do that next little white brows that's that what you mean the eyebrows for hey Peter it looks good Katie Master Wow I've seen you for a while hey Peter it's been a long time I don't know if you remember but told you that in my movie said wow you've been worried that people so I told you it in your older last oh well let's let's check out later on yeah I know that but they said that they were going to fix it at July and they're not gonna do it Dino gaming I don't know what that is that they're fixing by the way how can you please say FAF please off back mr. faff mr. fat pie mr. v nice job destructive hand let's do this this is black good hi it's his funeral tark's our Hut is that high or no I want to be a moderator bene well we don't need to move up like hood why show us but he's doing a really good job I don't know if he is as I have been too busy sculpting well let's get on cuz it's getting late and I need to get to bed soon so the family family fortune is all family feud's and if you're just joining us you get your chance to win a digital science copy of circus baby chrome circus baby like this one here and if we signed by me and would be sent to you and to win it you need to send it to gallery at Pergamon says calm but only if you win and to win you will need to answer the top question to a black family few to found fortunes if you've watched it on TV it then this is an example it will be something like or I tell people another example just because a pencil case one was going to be boring name something you'd find in in an office ok this is not the question this is an example but if it was the question you would quickly type in your Bobo on your keyboard what the top part what top ones in your head we just magically pops into your head of what you'd find in an office for me something just pops in right a stapler so it probably might be number five or something but anyway that was an example but this is the real question coming up here here in a second so get your fingers ready on your mobile and on your keyboards if you spell it wrong doesn't matter as long as it makes sense ok I've heard this one before but I don't think it matters I don't think anyone remember please stop it mr. Pham I don't know people werster dis mystery we haven't done it yet done it so anyway okay you guys ready yeah here we go give me a word that rhymes with flipper give me a word that rhymes with flipper what you guys come up with network Mesilla gamer Marcelo game on Messina oh my god stop what's white were stop what nothing's confer yet laptop says digital astray that doesn't that doesn't rhyme with adversity that doesn't mind me okay so we we've got actually the swap answer already come in but it's passed by and the hammer has bare cinema who has won before I think that's personally you won't fall he's coming with slipper because it was a good one and I think fazbear's cinema was the first person to ever saw the desert race it's lat I wish you notice from office a phasma semi-think is the the yes I'm sorry I'm a little signed copy and this time is of Chrome sister location chrome boss her name remember baby circus baby first thing a very plasma cinema has won the chrome version of circus baby so in my brains now falling apart for me the timer is also good one more to win one more to win and don't worry if you're watching this after the live stream has finished and you're watching our video we you just have to comment below I want to win in fact if you only love swimming you want to win just talk about what I mean and we were randomly select someone to win and we'll announce it on the next classroom but anyway for now we're going to go back to the final bit Witcher which I think digit I was trying to indicate with her eyebrows I did bye-bye eyebrow keyboard symbol was he still needs eyebrows so we're gonna quickly do his eyebrows and the way I'm gonna do that and just double you can see what I'm doing now because some time I've done that before we've started working now half way in and then slowly rise but not let's see what I'm doing okay okay so I'm gonna start going I'm gonna go to a cube okay I'm gonna make some eyebrows from this cube let's see how we make white brows from a cube what we do is we go here and we turn that in to turn that into a cube I hope the cube already it's different cube smaller cube okay just it's a simpler cube and then I go get rid of lots of these little divisions here because I don't need all those divisions so it's like that and then I'm gonna scale it up a bit it's a bit small and oh and then I'm gonna look to see what the eyebrows that Sheila likes he's got a massive eyebrows I mean I've seen girls nights out with big eyebrows but I think he beats more okay through start to extrude this out so we've got its tool here we can just start pulling bits and pieces out and then what I can do with that is I can then start moving the shape into some big eyebrow shape so it kind of big art acht arched eyebrows this another look a bit square at the moment don't worry I will fix that at some point was a knock Street now working hmm it was extrude extrude let's try the code works something so yeah they're kind of very lucky with a lot low on that side so it's not mad yeah kind of works been outside because you might be thinking that looks rubbish beer that looks like a really box the eyebrow and you'd be right it is a very boxy eyebrow but if I now go in and do this magic button here I think is here sudden need some real detail I feel kind of and now I can move it around and shape it a little bit more and do what kind of wish with it just a little bit yes I think kind of now just start molding how I want I just moved out a bit making a bit more pointy maybe slightly more inflated a bomb there when waters would copy that into the main mesh the main face so you get better idea what its gonna look like on his head and he said I put on some white each's now I think it was a bit flatter okay and there's stick that on there that is one big eyebrow big mono brow okay just kind of put it like that a little bit big definitely makes him look a little bit more mean does that all and there is one other thing when he do after that and that is his eyelashes he has got eyelashes as well so and then I will call it a day we will call it a day after that it was prisoned place like so and so there is more details to come on an O of agile I keep looking at all is that as well keep missing things I haven't totally missed out his whiskers as well okay but make his whiskers as well right inflate a little bit more thing okay I mean he's a bit more adjusting no I'm gonna do you become that you know that you know you said okay and then I just won makers knows a little bit about because he kind of got bits which neither knows it's kind of a Burnett yeah and then also we'll add a little bit more detail when he's on this part here good okay and we will add his whiskers because I said a word I wonder if I can do it like this this is quite cool tall and I see if it work it's like a little which one is it it's this nose of them one is it that nice this one right yeah I work so nothing go make it look this morning mm-hmm because it's just got mad whiskers that's a really long whisker give me even look that big starts kind of there yeah that's my most used word is that we'll do try sort of match the shape they've got here but I said I don't even know if I'm using the right model because I think this is just an SF my dog nicked it from anyway on this side this is good fun which is real that was his thicker oh well do for now how do I will correct it I'm fine I get you giving you guys some kind of almost complete model that kind of looks like it should I'm sitting that one okay so he has got one extra thick one I wonder if I'm just thin out lettuce yeah kind of there we go that day I said okay nobody and eyelashes he needs eyelashes okay let's do some eyelashes how should I do them hmm we start with box on them as laughing they just go like this books yep and then just it's hard to see what they look like exactly they're just like little triangles to me so I'm gonna just do what I did before kind of the I was the eyebrows would have tapered it just tape of them I know it was the teeth wasn't it that's why I don't II okay because I'll be his eyebrows eyelashes is one someone I guess so similar to the eyebrows where it kind of looks like they're pretty square I'm gonna round them off limit of my t-shirts with just that we'll do what's that there no that will do I don't always do it why are you doing that okay move yeah that's what wait okay and now if I did that smoothie smoothie tall yes quite thick eyebrows be a lot of people work jealous of his eyebrows and he might wonder wise will multicolored there and that's just there's word compartiment izing in different parts of the object so that I find that all select you can usually hide other go seeking hide parts but anyway don't worry about that use an item and you can turn on and off like that so now let's add that character append us a big home coming over his head is needs to be looked smaller so I'm done for ages is save it that's best stupid amazing save save whew Swee fairs airbrush doesn't crash that often is quite good Lala but it does sometimes question I don't know or sometimes all its that can't disappear Delaney after doing my name know anyway for now let's just have today still too big still debating hospital a really blocky eyebrow eyelashes because about three as well I mean actually there's one pulling Mideast oil it's a little bit droopy I'd sleep anyway good luck okay – you have to vote it around a bit and move in and then finally three three eyelashes some quite know what places in so the other days eyelets again I thought what's going on there that kind of like eating inside outside as I was going they look right from certain angles which is weird but I don't know what's happened to them something weird happened but I can fix our that's no problem okay and you get that one and remember that there we go let's just make the pupils well these are nobody's finalized by the way I'm just doing something too so it kind of gives you an idea of where the eyeballs will be not I have everything in his face now done so I thought should it be a big but anyway that's fine that will do for now there we go guys I will make his body as well because his body is quite straightforward and it's quite cool just go back to his wrestle you guys can sort of see what I can see with the ref there you go so yeah we'll do his body as well but yeah I hope you enjoyed that modern we're gonna do one more we're gonna do one more signed circus baby which is this one here circus baby which was the sculpture miss a state last week but I want to do a 3d print I'm money gonna do these signed copy because she's super complicated and I just know she'll be a nightmare to 3d print so today let's see what you guys are talking about I've still seen slipper here surely that's not the last thing oh he looks amazing it's his digital ashtray thank you digitally I think he will be really cool to 3d print so kid you must have gotta go bye Peter say hello just do it and Rebecca for me going to go eat my few preserves awesome okay good luck okay do you master and I'll hopefully see you next week make withered Bonnie Assessor Fiona Morgan it oh that's everything what do guys will impo select which we will do in a minute but let's get this cuz yes need twelve like a night well let's get this last question done so you guys can win a digital signed circus baby and so the next one so family feud's if you haven't played it before basically you have to name the top answer for example I'm just go ahead name something that lights up this isn't this is an example name something that lights up probably a light bulb or something like that but this is the answer question coming up now so do not answer the the lights questions that was just an example but that's how the game works and if you answer that you're the first one to comment you win assigned digital circles by me okay so get fingers on keyboards you're gonna have to top this as quickly as you can and let just knit let some naturally pop into your head first thing it naturally pops into your head is generally probably one of the top answers and if you type it just top it as foster care and don't worry about spelling I hopefully I'll know what it is okay mm-hmm yeah this is good right yeah this this work because I've got four I think all the different nationalities we've got hairs works on there people eat different things that gives away kind of what the question is gonna be about about food okay that gives you a little hint but anyway here we go so the question is name something something people eat when they go camping name something people eat when they go camping and yeah first person to talk top answer wins assigned digital copy of Circus baby which is this one here so to speak okay so do the livestream you were promised me sighs briefs and more marshmallows is Blackard that's a really good answer and it's fourth on the list so not the top answer how hard you will be s'mores I don't what s'mores is but it's not the top answer I mean what s'mores must be in America that I know s'mores is a pie why ask you really ask town eating pie we go camping cake sandwiches hot dogs all good answers not the right answers s'mores get it's not small so no need to keep saying s'mores because not wise how many of you ever seen s'mores me and phasma see my friends oh that's called a Paul I think that's Madhvi nope nope nope nope no one said the top what was question again name something people eat when they go camping yes a small snow man that's hard grilled chicken nope maybe people don't eat ease anymore when they go camping I don't know I thought I did I'm surprised is the top answer to be honest but steak well yes you must have some luxury can PE go cookies that's how crackers steak No thank you for as phase this besito thank you your emotions a to go to God BBQ you don't eat the barbecue though do you kill hope not be a bit charcoal II I don't think I'm skiing is I thought was all wood steak I need to link your fan art works like chicken hi it says Conrad marshmallow and chocolate no wow no-one's goodness maybe I can have to go to another question this is a hard one says black hood so question is name something people eat when they go camping dabs pancakes trees I saw them I saw these camping trips you guys go on really bizarre Oh in campion as well good this weekend I'm actually I didn't eat these Ziva but it's the top answer you're the best ever says go gamer thank you go game fish just good answer it's not on there actually but just go answer it's almost ill Fiona what are you ill oh you just feel sick from a I'd have eaten fish maybe nuts makes of fire children what the MAF characters probably blueberry yeah I was glad fish some said they've look picture of his it's none of these though it's none of these none of those raspberries I think I don't think I was gonna get it I think we've gone too far now I don't even I don't get it hot dogs said that Bob's black Bruce I was gonna say maybe maybe Americans don't eat this but they do because I've seen films with don't easy these so I know it's not just an English shame okay let's do another question because I don't think you're gonna get it so the top answer on that and I'm pretty sure I said it was baked beans you once said that or beans it said beans out of giving it to you but no one said it's let's do another one okay banana that's what blonds are good all night it was just really good fruit week because they're so easy easy easy things to eat I think about that one drop on one for you guys that's kind of age-related as well I've had this one for thank you still tone nightmare thank you because I love your channel soup was the one but Bucky it is hard going camping is not when you go with school and you do miss well for starters you miss your bed and then of cea miss family as well I couldn't do another question because no one got it it was baked beans okay it's another question to win a digital copy of Sega's baby okay ready so this is another question forget about the camping one that's been and gone noun 1 next question fingers on keyboards or phones name something people stick pins in ok name something people stick pins in phase does disperse ito I do I work at Pixar no no I don't I'm not that good be good to work with except well I thought it would be good to work epic so I think to hard work I know people that do work at Pixar and like people at work at DreamWorks and if you have a play spot then why don't I quite like just work myself actually I think I that was kind of one of the things I would have liked to have done but back when I was young over now I've actually quite like just working more so ok you know again some some stuff coming in and no one's going to get pillows walls shirts oh ok know if we got a winner we've got a winner we've got a weird yep and some massive thing outside on what it is but it's making loads of noise don't you hear that that's making that leap through the window and in greteman just making those rustle attend okay so the winner is let me just shake that definitely the winner yes that is the winner okay I'll show you I'll show you what it is I just so you can tell I'm not cheating come on focus mmm well anyway if you decides to focus but I think you can just let me get out there and the winner the answer is dulls voodoo dolls and the top answer or the firth the first person to answer it was angel melon Dee's million deaths Melendez Melendez that's right angel Melendez world up congratulations angel Melendez you've won yourself a signed digital copy of Chrome circus bravery and to receive it you need to email me at our Thompson again at gallery our gallery at bubblegum monsters calm yeah gangnet bow gonna serve it craps is Elijah don't worry yo cat gamer and everyone else that didn't wind they you've still a chance to win it on this one actually because if you comment in the video afterwards and say I want to win you might be picked on the random machine that picks people and so you could still win but you need to comment in they are all explaining up in their comment on the video tomorrow so people can understand what to do but if you were one of the winners today and we've got for now me so it's fazbear's cinema 1 I wanna go ending you I think that's personal more one again and we've now got angel angel melon melon Dez angel Melendez she says I think I'll Sumiyoshi I'm not sure maybe or he say yay Melinda so yeah remember to send to Gary iboga monsters comm just say I won and my name is and and we'll send you a digital copy of that and so finally before I forget because I do forget quite a lot but the final thing we need to do guys is we need to decide what we're gonna sculpt next week we'll come up with another character so that I can pole up so you guys can vote so we need 5 5 different ideas so get type in now and give me your favorite character that you've liked me just stopped can be anything it doesn't have to be 5 months for it is it can be any character you like I think we had a few from last week with Snoopy and things like that so your favorite character let's see what you guys come up with them where we pick the first 5 that I think a useful button followed not used for or actually the problem with sex maybe she's she's not very good for 3d printing so buns aren't super complicated other better ice angel good one yep husband losses Alice an angel with a chica okay I think we're good so we've got Alice angel see entered would be too complicated because he has got loads of bits and pieces on him so I'm gonna beat him out but that would be cool of us rent a nice angel like that withered chica withered chica deep black hood okay black hood and so we've got with Bonnie I might do them together got a slash withered Bonnie so with our pick one because they're kind of I know they're different characters but they're both with it so we had fun time for the last week as a social marry I marry I marry I marry I could marry Owen so we've got one more Mario make would she lefty lefty no he was left you know if we had to hit every atom before I can't remember if it's left oh he's the he's the isn't he doesn't he just look like Freddy that yeah he just looks like I'm gonna say no actually to lefty dishwasher just because he looks really similar to what's his name rock star Freddy who I've done and so I can make him for you if you want because he's literally rock star freely with a different hat and and one I as far as I can tell that it's the only difference so I could even just just black one eye out and and it would take a second slew do a stick man Peter water stick but stick main aren't great for for freely because I quite skinny so I think we'll leave him as well Boris we can't we've already got Boise if you've watched the last thing imaging what's got Inc been deer meat machine then you hang on the pole then we've already got him below I we've made but actually made blow already so we've got Mary Mary my spring Bonnie I think I've made as well Tinky Winky that's what I'm totally telly tubby sizzling tinky-winky echoing particular Indian there there you go tinky-winky so that's they were all gonna be on the pole okay so we've got Alice Angel are they saying that she already got actually avoiding swaying I have to scrub a cinch because I've already got ice angel again she's in the she's in the bindi in the machine I already got her so I'm gonna have to go down in the list and we're gonna have to get with Elmo because fun time freely was last week so I want a new list so it got Elmo so I got with a chica or withered Bonnie depending on which I feel like doing it probably be with a chica actually because we've got glitch trapeze a rabbit and anyway black hood Mario tinky-winky or Elmo so I'll put the pole up in the next few days and you guys can start voting between yourselves on who you think should be sculpted next I got a feeling I was wrong last where I thought was fun time filly they would win and it wasn't it was glitched rather won but I got a feeling that next week's one will be withered chica just because we have a loaf and our fans and I think that's why they win but prove me wrong let's see okay guys I think that's it so I hope you enjoyed the stream my note was a bit long and but yeah it was fun I'm enjoying doing spring and let's trap so but maybe if you want to win him if you want to win the actual 3d print when he's finished then you have to be a member and to be a member you can join using a card above or think it's in the description as well but anyway and thank you for all my super members as well because they've grown all the time and I've really support I've really support I really appreciate your support and and yeah so that's right Elijah can you show my fart for an art Nix did you send it I think you did send something I am getting from it will get shown if you sent in if you haven't send it to gallery at both our monsters calm and that's it oh did you actually he's doing a really good job as well she's a moderator so she's doing an awesome job I'm black hood just sent in a donation okay thank you I'll see you in the discord Peter I'm not gonna be there tonight I'll try and get there tomorrow something just because I haven't either them tweet yet and it's 12 o'clock at night here and I need something to eat and then I need to get to sleep but I will try and join you guys I've hope you've been going in on the discord yeah so guys if you want to join the discord I haven't got the link here but black code you can send the link now can't you so send the link now so if you guys wanna carry on talking then go to the discord because there is a discord now but I haven't got quick link to it and I'm sure black hood will do a good job of sending you there so have fun guys have a fun week notice Monday it's not the best day is it no does anyone really like Monday well unless you know you've won the lottery or something I don't know why anyone would lock it lock Monday but anyway let me go back to the quick like the big screen I can find it yeah there is okay guys so have fun and I will see you next Monday at the same time hopefully at 10 o'clock comes a bit late today because I was just running late because I've been doing so many other things so say 10 o'clock but it will be five blocks is it CRT time or something like that whatever you call it in America Ct Thomas online and I will see you then brought it until then I fun

24 thoughts on “Making glitchtrap – live zbrush sculpting”

  1. I'm going to go ahead and give you a subtle hint I'm already been working on animatronic head already based off of Five Nights at Freddy's currently at my current state that I'm gotten to the point I'm working on the arms and probably legs but most of that is built out of junk mostly cardboard wood in only one metal pipe round have 10 small servos originally using Adafruit Pro trinket replaced just recently with a Chinese knockoff Arduino and I haven't gotten the power system up and running yet for running all the servers at once and I haven't set up any form of code for doing the project but if you want to have robot similar to the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's my best guess is you'd have to use Servo spiess using error Hydraulics is not an option cuz you were always bolted down to the floor you have to have a way torta blue to move the animatronic by out on its own power will bleach walk off stage that's the big hint that I'm leaving with you due to the original animatronics from the game with wheat walk off the stage they have to be Electric due to that fact and the funny thing is is I'm already done a investigation into the storyline of Five Nights at Freddy's I find William Afton guilty of several counts of murder and that's going by the book meaning the books that have the laws of this nation or see the original Dragnet show and it's a cop show from way back when you have to see the black and white version

  2. If you want to win a signed copy of circus baby then comment below saying 'pick me'
    Remember if you were a winner to email your details to [email protected] using the title 'I won'
    Also if you'd like to win a 3D printed Glithtrap then you have to be a Member which you can do here

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