Making a Cartoon In 2019

Making a Cartoon In 2019

It’s the late 90s. Smartphones aren’t a thing, the internet
is a Wild West of dot-coms and YouTube is just a twinkle in someone’s eye. When I was a kid, all I needed was a beanbag
and a TV to watch cartoons. In 1996, Cartoon Network launched their Cartoon
Cartoon series which featured original shows from indie creators and they were WEIRD. Not as gritty or experimental as Adult Swim,
not as safe & formulaic as other more kid-friendly shows; they existed in a grey area – sarcastic
and off-beat and just downright strange. At the same time, Pixar released Toy Story
to rival Disney – it’s hard to imagine a time before Pixar these days, but even so
I remember my friends dragging me to cinemas to watch it saying you’ve GOT to see this
movie – and rightly so: it blew me away. We’d even line up our toys after that, waiting
for them to move like they did in the film. I had a similar reaction to Into The Spiderverse
– it wasn’t just the animation, it was the quality of the writing that stunned me. There are so many other cartoons and animes
that I could talk about, like how Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon brought anime into the limelight
with serialised storytelling and the tons of other animations I haven’t had the chance
to watch coming out these days. But let’s fast forward. 2019
Hey. I’m Danger Dolan. I’ve done gaming videos, and countdowns,
art & animation. Here is an artist’s impression of what I look
like today. I started Planet Dolan from my bedroom when
I was about 23 years old. It’s been a long, weird journey to get where
I am today and lots of things have changed. But one thing has always stayed the same. Our goal. Our one goal. Make a cartoon. One lousy season. That hasn’t quite happened yet. We’ve made edutainment videos. We’ve done music. We’ve made a visual novel. A book. A video game. We dance around cartoons but we don’t touch
them because YouTube isn’t quite there yet to support them – don’t get me wrong, it’s
CLOSE, but not quite. We want to make things with longevity focusing
on original characters and brands like a film/TV show/cartoon with rewatchability – a new or
existing IP, completely separate from Planet Dolan. In a lot of ways, YouTube is a dream job. You get to make content you love, work from
home on your schedule, interact with fans and be your own boss. I’ll always be grateful to the platform,
it’s changed my life in endless ways. The part I’ve ALWAYS loved is the idea that
anyone can make it, no matter where you’re from (just like the lesson you’ll learn
at the end of Ratatouille). You don’t need to network to succeed, you
just need to make quality content and the algorithm will help you find your tribe somewhere
online. Right now we at Planet Dolan work on the YouTube
treadmill – produce a thing, produce more things, upload or people will leave. As many can attest, it can become a fast-produced,
fast-consumed impersonal burnout factory. Working alone. Words on a screen. I live in Australia far away from our staff
– it might as well be Pluto. Trending on YouTube you’ll find celebrities
on American talk shows, hunky people doing social experiments, movie trailers, apology
& break-up videos, politics, high budget studio music videos, makeup tutorials and vlogs – and
occasionally a storytime animation. You might be tempted to be salty about this
list, but that’s what people like to watch. Tomorrow it’ll change. You can fight the tide or adapt to it. Now, if you’ll permit me to geek out a bit,
there’s already lots of wonderful animated content on this platform, my favourite being
fictional cartoon-like story videos that are just getting started. The same guys who started Cartoon Cartoon
over at Frederator helped Natasha kickstart Bee & Puppycat on YouTube which has since
turned into a cartoon on VRV and a comic series too. Vivienne started Hazbin Hotel on her channel
funded by fans on her Patreon which is shaping up to be incredible. Mystery Skulls which started as a type of
Scooby Doo parody went to extreme with visual storytelling, always a treat to rewatch. I first got introduced to Michael Cusack’s
work through the Rick & Morty episode Bushworld Adventures – the writing was so good I had
to tweet him about it. And I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting
for Ross O’Donovan’s Gameoverse project. Some series were written/boarded/directed
and animated by one person alone over months or years. If you ever want a lesson on how to make an
goal-oriented character, check out Felix Colgrave’s DOUBLE KING on his youtube channel. Jeremey from TerminalMontage’s Something
Series is a super interesting case study on mixing animation with inventive sound design
– another animation channel funded by Patreon and fans. The biggest success story is my eyes is Rooster
Teeth – going from YouTube machinima Red vs Blue to the 3D animation Monty Oum’s RWBY
using nothing but Poser to get started and now Gen:Lock with A-list celebrity voice actors
which I see as a banner over Times Square earlier this year – that is insane. It was a thrill to hear Burnie Burns talk
about this journey in person at PAX Australia 2017. And I’m sure there are tons of new & classic
animations on YouTube that I just don’t know about yet In 2018 at VIDCON Australia I was on an art
& animation panel along with DrawWithJazza, TheAmaazing, JaidenAnimations & Odd1sout feeling
super out-of-place considering these guys all knew each other and I’m the only one
of the group who can’t draw at all – personal shoutout to Jaiden for going out of her way
to chat to me and make me feel welcome before the panel. On the panel we were all asked what our goals
were and I was surprised when the others said they were taking it one day at a time, and
when I said our only goal from day one has been to make a cartoon I was even more surprised
when the audience cheered. James suggested we do a kickstarter to make
it happen and I replied the reason we haven’t? We want to prove ourselves first – and we’ll
need help or it’ll take years and waste everyone’s time. There’s an initiative in Australia called
Skip Ahead which funds story pilots like DrawWithJazza’s Tale Teller, who wrote/directed/animated and
even did the music for himself with backgrounds by another Aussie Greg Bartlett from
– it’s a ton of work to apply for this grant and get accepted, so mad respect there. We’ve been making animations monthly since
2015 with animators like Sweetcommando, GhostToast, ReturnoftheGoo, Spinalpalm, Robo, Jameshark
and the legendary sound design team Epic Mountain Music known for their work on the Kurzgesagt
animations. Recently we released the two part music videos:
Origin of Gooby: Waiting animated by a single artist: Robo, and Origin of Gooby: Searching
which was a team effort of about 10 key-frame/clean-up/board and background artists throughout most of
2019. As you’ll see from board, to roughs, to
clean-up and final comp, we approached it as if it were a studio project thanks in no
small part to our art director Wolfgang, who we met at VIDCON. Likewise our visual novel End of Doopie was
a proof of concept with a shoestring budget and basic dialogue, comic-style key frame
scenes – purely to show handling a longer cartoon-episode-length production from the
ground up. What we learned from a high budget short project
and a lower budget long project is this: animation takes an ungodly amount of time if you want
to keep your vision intact. If you don’t have a network or team (aka
if you’re independent), you will be working around this issue. You can cut corners by rigging characters
or reusing assets. You can lower the scope of the project. You can accept you’ll be working on a short
thing for years, more as a proof of concept, side work or as a shining gem for your portfolio. But unless you’re a human juggernaut like
TerminalMontage, you might be relying on machinima for your 20 minute episode animated series
on YouTube. Let’s talk about a bad awful word that might
offend some people. NETWORKING
Oh. Hey. Another introvert. Welcome. Take a seat. Here’s your complimentary cup of anxiety. Make sure you don’t talk to anyone in the
room or you will be judged, but put yourself out there. Not too much though. Everyone on YouTube has a public persona,
they are experts at interacting with fans, supporting their community and collaborating
with other creators. I’m not. I’m horrible at talking to humans, I’m
the LEAST qualified for this job. In fact, I have no interest in going to events
and I’m most comfortable talking to nobody unless it’s purely for work reasons, I don’t
want to be an influencer or E-FAMOUS – because all I want to do is help make cool stuff. I met Hideo Kojima, famous for the Metal Gear
Solid series of games at RTX Sydney 2017 and on one of his panels when someone asked him
a personal question, he replied “don’t concern yourself with who I am, let my work
and characters speak for me” which I can completely relate to. Most of the PD team came to us through direct
job applications and almost all of the Origin of Gooby: Searching staff were found through
“I know a guy” connections. The few times I’ve reached out I’ve gotten
lovely replies, the CEO of Mercury Filmworks (responsible for Hilda, Mickey, Tangled, Lion
Guard) personally contacted me about our cartoon pilot, and the guys at Next Animation Studio
gave us tons of helpful tips and even some invaluable distributor contacts. No, instead of making connections in the industry,
I just read a ton of books from other people who made it. My bookcase is full of them, filmmaking ones,
behind-the-scenes, tutorials, too many to mention. I’ve scoured bookstores across multiple
continents in non-fiction and biographies. It actually pumps me up to hear from others
who found their break – like Charlie Brooker who created Black Mirror, he did an episode
talking about it on the screenwriting podcast Scriptnotes. Mike Reiss did a book called Springfield Confidential
which goes into deep-dive on what it’s like to write for the Simpsons since the beginning
– one of the best reads I’ve ever had. I joined a screenwriting discord (but of course,
never said anything in it because I’m bad at networking) and as soon as people were
asked what type of screenplays they’d want to work with, I expected them to say films,
TV shows and plays. But a whole slew said ANIMATION. I had no idea so many writers were interested
– glad to know it’s not just me! This has all led me to the conclusion that
YouTube maybe isn’t the platform for the next project we want to do. When Bee & Puppycat kickstarted their show,
they broke down the series into a budget sheet which I’m super grateful for as you wouldn’t
believe how hard it is to find this info ANYWHERE. If anyone’s read To Pixar and Beyond by
their Chief Financial Officer Lawrence Levy, you’ll know Pixar floundered for over 10
years before they figured out how to support and recoup investment for animated films by
a stroke of luck. The dream is to gather our team of writers,
voice actors, editors, artists & animators in a real location for any number of months,
hash out & work on our plan for a years worth of cartoon and spend the rest of the year
working our butts off to make it happen. Every year. Forever, if need be. I met one of our artists Froggywithfries in
Vancouver and he asked what we’d be willing to do to make a cartoon and I had to laugh. My answer was anything: I’d sell my house
to fund production, I’d upend my life and live on the other side of the planet if it
meant a completed pilot, you would be SCARED at what I’d do to make a cartoon. Creating creative works is my big passion
– overseeing writing/music/art/animation/editing/production, most of all writing stories. To be honest most days I’m totally bummed
out. Half the time I feel like I’m not running
my life properly and it’s true what they say, time speeds up faster and faster as you
get older – but the one thing I’m confident about is that I want to work with cartoons. Most of my days are spent at cafes writing
animation screenplays that might never get made and I’ll admit: it’s frustrating
being so close but just not quite there. So I’m going to commit the most dire FAUX
PAS and just ask you guys directly if you have any references or you know someone in
the industry or you have suggestions about what to do next. Show this video to anyone you like, feel free
to share your own story if you’re in a similar situation. And let me finish by saying even if this goes
nowhere and we never end up making anything worthwhile – there are two artists who I dearly
wish this video would help. The first is Honeybits, she’s done almost
all the references for the entire PD cast, the reference sheets, and she single-handedly
did the storyboards for Origin of Gooby: Waiting & Origin of Gooby: Searching. She’s done character designs for our cartoon
pilot and tackled almost the entire board and helped shape it over several years. She’s a massive hidden gem who deserves
a chance to board cartoons even if it’s not from us – she’s based in L.A and I’d
love to see her find storyboarding opportunities, be it local or remote. Jameshark has been our animation rock on SPD
for years now, just like Sweetcommando was before him. He gives the episodes a crazy amount of personality,
he’s a super hard worker, reliable and it was an honour meeting him for the first time
at VIDCON Australia where he drew tons of fan art at our booth just to support the community. His dream job would be a storyboard or comic
artist, even if it’s international and nothing would make me happier than to see this happen
for him. Likewise, there are an endless number of incredible
artists who shared their work for #portfolioday through most of July 2019 looking for work. I get upset when talented artists apply to
PD and I can’t give them the opportunity they deserve – let alone the hundreds and
thousands of them you’ll see in this hashtag alone. Life can be unfair, man. Everything is a dice roll. If you want to get in touch, you can reach
me with the email [email protected] – I read everything that comes through there,
even if I can’t reply to each one. Thanks for listening.

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  1. I love these videos, sadly I don’t know anyone who can help but I would love to continue being your reader for scripts. They always make my day!!

  2. Well idk if this is useful but, besides making my own music i also make beats and instrumentals. If you have any questions you can email me or follow me on discord at GOODTRAX1673#1086

  3. Man, I know what this is like. Nearly all my life, I've wanted to be an entertainer of some kind. As an adult, the jobs I'd take up in the entertainment business would be producer, director, and writer. I'd make movies, tv shows, cartoons, etc.
    However, I could never reach that sort of goal, because I am in no such position. I've heard that some of the things I'd have to do is graduate from college and move to California. I didn't plan for any of that. And one thing I have learned, is that even then after that, your success is dictated by a metaphorical role of the dice.

    It would be great of there were alternative ways to achieve your dreams. Ways outside of the norm, which for a lot of people is probably nearly impossible to get through.

    I doubt Dolan will ever see this, but I totally understood what he was talking about when he spoke about people on Discord talking about working with animation. It made me think of one of the things that the Nostalgia Critic brought up in his review for the live action remake of Aladdin. That being how with animation, certain elements are magnified. That is true, there is so much you can do with animation that you can't do with real life.
    Some of the examples he provided is how Aladdin reacted to being told how he was a worthless street rat and that only his fleas will mourn him. In the original film, you see it all over his face as it contorts with emotion, while in the live action version, he's just sorta like "eh." Another example was the beggar children that Aladdin fed bread to. There's other examples, but those are the two that really came to my mind.

  4. hey i know were you can be in a cartoon here: bfb
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    and thats it try to contact them to work im sure they can help even if is not on your show!

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  6. I feel his pain. Since 2013 I've had a series in my head. Two actually but that's beside the point. I can't draw, I can't write, and I don't have the funds or equipment needed. Even for just 10 seconds of animation which could take weeks, or hours if done sloppy. So good job on the work that you have done and keep it up. Top notch job guys … and gals!

  7. I have wanted to be a professional animator for the past 4 years and I have been working hard and just started college a few months ago. But sadly I am having a lot of difficulty getting used to being a college student. I can't seem to make any friends and all the homework is stressing me out and some other problems. I just wanted to learn how to animate better but all I'm getting is stress. I want to leave college and try to just work for myself, I mean what i have made on my youtube channel has been doing somewhat well and a lot of that was self-taught, and help from an animation class in high school. I don't know what was the point in me saying all that so ill just say: I hope you guys at Planet Dolan reach your goal to make your cartoon as I hope I can have a happy life making what I love.

  8. I have a problem with wanting to write a story for an animated series but not having the credibility or resources to get anywhere with it. it makes me feel like I'm in a rut where I'm doing things I don't want to do with my life because I don't have the proper connections to make my dreams a reality.

  9. It's nice to know the plight you guys go through as odd as it may sound, it always feels so frustrating trying to work on a personal project only to have to burn it while trying to learn from it and move on.

    I personally try to write short stories, and as of late I've been trying to develop a table-top game from scratch.

    So all I say is keep doing what you guys do best, make some damn good cartoons.

  10. Sorry, I don’t have a lot of money to give you if you want to do a petition, but what I can give you is my support if that’s enough…

  11. The videos about life answers are teaching me more than an actual school. THANKS FOR NOTHING SCHOOL!

    Btw, I hope you get that cartoon soon ♡♡

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  13. Id figure that the best shot is to form your own network of animators. If you were to multithread several animation pipelines then you could meet the algorithm requirements. However that would require you to reach out and partner with even more animators and scale up your means by a multitude

  14. I always wanted to be an animator but I am horrible at it but I should not be the one talking. As well, I would want to write and to tell my ideas and stories. I'm sure that everyone does and I hope that our dreams come true. Damn.

  15. Nobody told him Machinima was shut down not long ago. also last time I checked all their videos were taken down

    But on a personal note this video hit me in the feels. I still remember when Planet Dolan was first starting out. I would have given almost anything to have been part of the team creating those videos. But i had no discernible skills to add to anything. I guess that was one of the first things to kind of inspire me to create… well something. I've always wanted to bring my own idea to life. But I cant draw or animate. So I open a Google doc and type everything down on my phone in my free time. But I often find it hard to get past the thoughts of imaginary praises I'll never get and the nobody is ever going to see this crappy story to begin with. I even want to create my own let's play channel too. And a channel where I was the host of a svengoolie like show but people submitted their own animated content so they could get noticed and probably networked too. Because YouTube has become advertiserTube and in stead of "broadcast yourself" it's become "broadcast what the advertisers want and we want". But my life is an endless stream of pipe dreams. And like this comment I'll be forced back into obscurity

  16. Also, yeah I'm just as stuck as you are, I want to make a manga universe and translate it to animation but I just too feel like I'm not quite there and I don't have the time, I study and work a fulltime job and don't have much space for myself

  17. wow, I'm glad that you mentioned Meta Runner from SMG4//Glitch Productions, top notch! let's hope for you and your Planet Dolan crew to make an animated series, just for us to enjoy

  18. A bit off topic, but –
    “…like Sweetcommando was before James Shark”
    I love James Shark’s animation style, but Sweetcommando is hands down my favorite artist in the Planet Dolan universe. I really hope I’m misinterpreting this – But is Sweetcommando no longer involved or something? Because I’d seriously be devastated if that was the case.
    IMO, the videos featuring his artwork are absolutely the most bizarre, imaginative, hilarious, and original… simply the best. And that’s saying a lot because there is some major talent in the art department on these channels. But I laugh the hardest when I see the twisted facial expressions or overly exaggerated flailing limbs he comes up with; enough to create a playlist of all his PD videos on my channel.
    Trying my hardest not to be a dick-riding fanboy here, but I’d really love to see him more involved if it’s at all possible. I mean, just take ANY image he’s done of Doopie, and tell me that it isn’t wonderful. Tell me it doesn’t put a smile on your face. For me, the top 5 goes something like this –
    James Shark
    Ghost Toast
    Ursa also is incredibly talented as well, and it was really hard deciding if I like her or Honeybits’ style more. Though very similar, they have their own signature technique. I especially like the way Ursa animated the characters mouths, she really nails the emotional output.
    Wow, I’m rambling. Sorry guys. I truly love the channel, been following since the Danger Dolan countdown days when Zaraganba didn’t even have a name / avatar yet and was just the Mysterious Brother. I didn’t even notice the difference really until the endings when he simple spoke “Have a good one” instead of Dolan screeching “HAVAHGOODONE!” I am excited to see where you guys take this and how far it’ll go. I wish you all luck on any which way you decide to go and will be supporting the channel until I die or it’s not a thing anymore, whichever happens first.

  19. Newgrounds is likely a better place for cartoons than YT these days. And Bitchute is just barely figuring out their ad system.

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    But I don't think I would be ready to see him forced to push out content like what's going in right now but on a larger scale.

    I do love his content and respect his choices. So do as you please and don't push your selves to hard

  22. One of the few thing I wanted to do is a big name project, like a movie or something. But I honestly lack the skill to even try. You have potential. You dont need to be the next picasso to make a big project, just willing to put forth the effort. That being said, I would love to see what kind of cartoon you guys would make if you go through with it.

  23. I totally understand this dream and desire to just want to draw and create stories all day and forever🥺🥺🥺 and well I have no connection and nothing that can help you I really wish you guys all the best and would love to see your cartoon when you make it

    I really loved the 2 gooby video

  24. Awesome video you did, & fantastic job to everyone on being a part of this project, I'm hoping I can help out with this someday, unlike Dolan Kart where that didn't go so well at all.

  25. I tried to apply for the auditions of the Planet Dolan team on multiple occasions but received no response. Not even from a bot that told me to resend the information or something like that.

    In any case right now I am in a position where I want to do something totally relevant to my life but I simply have not found the equipment.
    And to be honest this is the only focus of attention that really interests me. Outside the episodes of Planet Dolan, I don't know much beyond another source of quality entertainment with which I am interested in participating. And it is not for discrediting others but you are simply my favorites.

    As someone who says I would rather work with someone I admire a lot and I have a remote idea of ​​how their scripts and works are directed at someone who could give me the opportunity but maybe I don't have the slightest idea that they want to achieve them.

    In a nutshell I would help you without any payment without problem solely in the hope of helping you and allowing one of the heads with the greatest creativity in the universe to have the best team and continue creating these wonderful works that I consume to this day.

    From how in they went through difficult times when one decision From how in they went through difficult times when one of their members who loved most went to the lack of income and public that they had at the time. I have almost gone through many of all the things that you have been through, obviously my support has not been able to be monetary but I have always tried to share your Videos.

    I even want to double one of its chapters in particular so that it can be translated into Spanish. And they can use it to get a wider audience with Spanish speakers.

    I don't know if they will even read my message but I wholeheartedly support them and wherever they are I hope to find out so I can continue to admire their great work.

    Greetings to Dolan, Doopie, Pringle, Hellbent, Paprica, Nixxiom, James Shakk, Sweet Commando, Ghost Toast, Melissa and God all those who my insane egg head I have do not remember at this time.

    A final message is that without you I had not been encouraged to try to draw or produce animations (which I stopped doing a long time ago, why I now invest in paid illustrations for personal projects).

    My strengths are writing and speech as well as audio editing, video is pretty good but I always have trouble getting a video editing program.

    Greetings, good luck and I will continue here: always

  26. I hope you that you're able to make the cartoon you want to make. Hearing your story makes me want work harder in order to reach my goals. I also want to be an animator one day. I still need practice though. I don't know what else to say but, please never give up on your dreams. Keep going and don't lose hope.

  27. This video was both inspiring and depressing. I am quite confuzzled.
    (Fun Fact about me, I like telling stories too, but since I know animation/filmmaking take eons, I decided to stick to story writing… though none of my ideas have gotten past the planning stages yet.)
    As for your faux pas… I see your conundrum. You need support to start the production process, but you need product to gain support. The only way to get off the ground is by either working on something small without support and hope for the best (like most homegrown channels do) or by somehow gaining a foothold from an outside source and working from there (like most company-owned channels do).
    However, "product" and "support" can both manifest in many forms… perhaps your best chance is to get creative with what those are. I know you've done it before.
    And while I know that this really didn't solve anything, I wish you all the best regardless.

  28. im 16 and i put together a group of friends (artists and writers) and we're working on a manga, it's still got a long way to go but i really hope some day i'll get a chapter out

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    Me:well I live in australia I have 1 video and as I'm watching planet dolan so I now know to look around in australia

  33. Admittedly, I'll say this. For the longest time, ever since I was young, I've always wanted to create something with my collective ideas, creativity, and imagination. The most obvious being a cartoon. Eventually, this desire became a video game and even a book. Its been nearly 12 years since I've picked up a pencil and said 'I'm doing this!' and my skills have sharpened significantly over the years and my knowledge has grown with it. I'm writing a book I still haven't finished but still take very seriously and I've come up with several stories, plots, and characters. But the one thing I've never done is animate. To be honest, I've been rather intimidated by the whole process. And my life has taken such a hard turn I'm STILL picking up the pieces. But my love and admiration for art, story telling, animation, movies, and video games is still one of the strongest forces in my heart. I love creating things. And I'll never stop loving it. I've known your work for a long time, Danger Dolan. You and your crew creeped me out but also made my day more than once. Thank you, all of you, for being you. And never stop being you.

  34. YouTube actually led me to Hellbent's channel from watching a few gaming streams and then from there I stumbled across the PD works and members on various YouTube channels and the amount of dedication and time you all put into your many projects is very inspiring to me. back in the late 90's and early 2000's I was one of those random web comic artists who bit off more than they could chew trying to do it all alone and having no clue what I was doing at all, then when I did start to form a crew we spent more time butting heads and putting things on hold until the comic just ended up dead like so many others from that time. When I started watching your channels a couple of years ago the lot of you inspired me to start sketching again and I've been slowly building up the courage to start reworking my comic from scratch. Although I'm still a long way from releasing anything you folks gave me the kick in the pants I needed to try again after all these years so thank you all for just being you and keep up the great work.

  35. I would pay so much for you guys to make a cartoon I love you guys so much, you’ve helped me get creative and make characters. I use to dream of being in the super planet Donald where you answer burning questions. I support you guys and love your work! I hope you guys will r dreams and Me and everyone who enjoys your work will be able to see a masterpiece you’ve created.

    I hope you guys have an amazing day and I want you to know people have been inspired by what you do and make. ^^

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  37. you guys are doing a good job but i would like to see you guys do countdowns again but with the work load you guys have i can wait more but hopefully they can happen again God bless and everyone have a wonderful day

  38. Dolan, I think you are trying to hard when you gave an answer in this video. If you want to get to the point of doing animation but already have a story… a visual novel is a great way to go after things! Why not make an actual visual novel and release it on Steam. Maybe do a few visual novels and get a deal from an animation studio for a season of a series, or possibly be able to fun it yourself from the proceeds.

    Try to follow the Key model. They made Kanon, and even though they originally wanted to be able to make a non-Hentai visual novel, they eventually were able to realize that dream and create a "non-H" genre of visual novels that the Japanese didn't think would actually sell, plus more than a few super popular anime as a result! Game Grumps made a seemly for lulz visual novel, but if you had a story good enough (maybe even this "non-Super Planet Dolan" property you'd like to create), maybe turn it into a full video game instead and build up into an animation series offer.. or perhaps be able to self fund it after a few successful games! You could build hype for them on your channels and get people excited, while still creating your normal content on youtube. I know I would be very interested in an interactive story from your crew!

    In short, if you believe in the story, let the story bring the opportunities to you! I thnk you and the rest of the crew can do it. I really want to see this world you have been working on in it's full glory… and a video game of some sort… maybe a VN, an RPG… a combination… maybe that could be the entryway into what you really want to realize! Good luck, I'll be cheering for you.

  39. i accidentally had my tab muted up to halfway through the video so i thought you guys just made it have no sound to be avant-garde
    god im stupid
    my stupidity aside, I've been trying to make a comic for about two years now but I can't get started on it no matter how much i want to because I just don't have the milage in yet in terms of drawing

  40. I have a sugesstion. Why don't you guys get in touch with the Rooster Teeth team and see if you can't collaborate on a series? I bet ol' bernie will be more than happy to work something out!

  41. "Animation takes ungodly amount of time if you want to keep your vision intact"
    OH BOY, Tell that to the team behind REDLINE!
    BUt oh boy, Dolan has makings of great boss, wanting to see his peeps prosper with their talents.
    Gets me very nostalgic, one of my earlier jobs in construction I had boss like Dolan who even came up to me and was "You know you won't get far in this company, you should look for bigger companies, hit the school for extra qualifications and make it big."

    But yeah, I figure PD has shown enough of proof that they can do a cartoon. Could treat as PD's cast as "character concepts" to use and match for whatever ideas you got for a full blown cartoon. Figure the best course action would be to make a pilot, as a final proof of concept that the experiences gained thruoghout the PD videos coupled up with the setup of the cartoon make great entertainment.
    So, it comes down to funding, getting a studio (Virtual or real) and making sure team gets paid so they can focus wholetime on the project (I am under assumption that most of PD works are done with 50% of free volunteering work for sake of creating something!)
    If the question is indeed funding.. Well, that's tons of oopportunties and monkey fist traps..

  42. wait… if the cartoon isn't put on Youtube then you'd be allowed to make it adult, you could swear, show nudity, whatever you want. you could bring your old pal Vimhomeless back for the adult bits, not sure how you'd fit giant asses into the story, but they're real good at drawing those, and dicks, they draw a lot of dicks too… maybe this isn't such a good idea now that I think about it.

  43. Ahhh it annoying seeing my favorite channel and all the others that came gone but. Can some give me all there channel i have a gift for each when I get to where I need to be irl

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