95 thoughts on “Makeup Artist Recreates Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks”

  1. Her voice is really soothing, I love that euphoria looks are trending because they are really fascinating to watch 💕

  2. for those wondering, there are some makeup looks in the show that aren't super blended on purpose to get a more blocky look

  3. Quality of the video sucks her makeup skills aren't so great her vibe is very chill to the point I'm about to 😴

  4. Go check her IG before y'all judge @Sarah Loranca,She has her own personal style,and that eyeshadow she did it intentionally😑😑.Dont judge to quickly !

  5. The quality of this video is absolutely terrible! They should have had the girls sit on higher stool so she didn’t have to bend over to apply the makeup, you could tell it was uncomfortable and her hand was shaking and she probably couldn’t comfortably blend or see what she was doing

  6. @sarahloranca
    That's her ig. 🆙️
    I don't get all the hate she's getting. Looking at her ig the makeup looks pretty dope. I don't think the lightning for the video was appropriate, they might have only set the lights so that she could do the make up properly not so that it looks good on camera.
    Here is another video: https://youtu.be/hkARH2euoQQ
    If you compare both of them you can really tell the "Editing + Lightning + Filming" is overall much better on the second one. We can never know if she is likeable or unlikeable based on just this footage, there may be unused footage that shows all the participants having fun, being silly… etc. We'll never know. Also the director must've at least tried to make them look dynamic. IDK this could've been astronomically better.

  7. Where do they find these “makeup artists” ? This isn’t the first awful beauty video from Buzzfeed and it won’t be the last. I’m embarrassed for all involved.

  8. Buzzfeed… all this money you have & you stay getting these not-so-great makeup artists. No hate to the artist but I didn’t like the looks

  9. Sorry but even I can do better job than that even though I learned how to put eyeshadow one week ago 🤣🤣🤣

  10. There are schools that teach makeup. Maybe they should start looking for graduates from those because the makeup artists that graduated from makeup school are certified.

  11. This reminds me of the "I went to the worst reviewed makeup artist in my city" videos.

    I don't want to offend the MUA, but did BuzzFeed just get conned, or were they trying to con us?

  12. For everyone in the comments, these weren't that ba- * looks at the girl with rainbow eyeshadow while writing comments*

  13. I feel like my 10 year old sister could’ve done this… I mean I guess some of the looks in the show were kind of like this but her unenthusiastic voice, the bad lighting, and wierd music just kind of ruined the whole video for me.

  14. Oh…oh no. A little practice and YouTube beauty tutorials could go a long way for this one. These looks are rough 😥

  15. Guys.. I think she is one of those insta "markup artist" … Like the one who take decent photo of fun makeup but never really had a proper education nor real gigs that require real makeup skills.. 😬

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