100 thoughts on “Maintain Growing Hair – How to cut your hair while growing it longer – Men’s Hair”

  1. Yeah, the problem is I already have a more receding hairline, so my hairline is further back thus making my forehead bigger, and as much as I love these types of hairstyles for growing my hair, if it's swept back and has a little more of volume on top, my head looks huge, balding and disproportioned, so I have to stick with the hair going towards the front so it'll cover the hairline but I still leave the fringe to the back/side so I'll get that effect while still covering my forehead a little until it grows enough so when I sweep it back, the fringe and volume will rest more to the side and not at the top of my head.

  2. I always look forward to seeing your videos when I get home. Always puts a smile on my face seeing how much fun you're all having. Stay awesome you guys!!

  3. What a fun video. The music is so good and also the tip is so useful cause I'm growing my hair out. Thanks Slikhaar once again.

  4. Love this! Keep up the great work guys and am really liking the editing.
    Also I would really appreciate it if you did a Jared Padalecki(actor from Supernatural) haircut/hairstyle please

  5. silkhaar tv guys you are awesome and I need your help is their any way that you can help me i want some advice for my hair from you guys because you are professional

  6. Anyone out there🌎 who would like to have a chance of inspire the Slikhaar Tv team🤘😎 to try new ideas or formats🙏🏼 then you should write under this comment, we be more than happy to hear you out😃

  7. It's always difficult to growing the wavy hair always in trouble during the growing process.
    Thanks for video guys wavy hair owners need more videos. 🙂

  8. I never get to grow my hair i always hit a length where it never goes longer anyone got any tips? it also falls a lot

  9. FINALLY! Someone does this! Haha dude, it's a real struggle to grow my hair out and still look good.
    Anyways, keep up the good work! Greetings from Mexico!

  10. Awkward when the first hair cut looked better
    Should've just gone down to a number 2 back and sides with a slight undercut

  11. Hey guys @slikhaarTv please try the Christian Bale hairstyles from The Dark Knight Trilogy. The are just fabulous but difficult to emulate. There are many hairstyles in the movie but this one is just great


    Please make a tutorial for this hairstyle or any from the dark knight trilogy

  12. im a big fan of the sidekick….i would also like to try and use it once….but i am india and i dont know how get a bottle of it…..can u help me 2 get one??

  13. i just watched an older video of slikhaar tv.. and man, they changed alot..the sun used to be so bright and the camera man is holding the camera around like nobody's business.. and now everything is different, the sun is gone and the camera man is doing better in shooting videos. hahaha.. thumbs up for slikhaar tv!! xD

  14. Would love to have this haircut… Will buy your products soon…
    Never let a day pass by without watching your videos… Greetings from the Philippines. 🙂

  15. First of all, the hair before looked better. Secondly, if he was trying to grow it out, you took off way too much. It is meant to be a trim, not a haircut. Horrible.

  16. He has a fine hair and no glossy finish and it will make his hair appear much more thinner. Use a matte finish product

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