Mad Mattr for Homeschooling – a Mix Between Play Doh and Kinetic Sand

This Mad Mattr is a lot of fun. Hello, my name is Ashley. Today we’re going to play with Mad Mattr, the Smartest Dough to Ever Flow. Our friends from Timberdoodle sent it to us. It’s really cool. We got the color called Teal. Look, there’s all the other colors. And let’s snip it open. I’m so excited to play with it. So let’s open it. It feels like Playdough and Kinetic Sand mixed together. You can, like, do this with it. I’m going to play with it. I builded a really great thing. Don’t you like it? On the package, it says when you leave it out for the whole day it won’t even dry out. That’s really cool. I’m going to see if my mom wants to play this with me. Hey Mom! Come play! I’ve played with Playdough and Kinetic Sand. So I’m an expert! Let me tell you the things that are different about Mad Mattr. It stretches really cool. And when you pack it really hard it gets solid. My mom thinks it’s not as messy as Kinetic Sand. This Mad Mattr is a lot of fun. Thanks Timberdoodle! If you want to know where to find it we’ll put a link in the description below. Remember to subscribe to the QuadSquad channel. Thanks for watching my video, bye!

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