LUKA BABY PLAYS IN WONDERLAND 💟 Play Doh Cartoons For Kids Animation

Luka is walking on the street LUKA IN THE WONDERLAND Oh. Who are they? Luka’s new friends show their interest in Luka and invite him to the table tea with them Oh no, the Queen of heart appears with her army and attacks Luka’s new friends Luka pulls out his shirt and turns into Spiderman. Luka jumps and attacks the Queen of Heart and her army. That dream is beautiful, isn’t it? Always help others when you can, my friends. Uncle Alien is standing next to his ice cream cart. People scramble to buy Uncle Alien’s ice cream. Oh no Luka. You’ve ruins Uncle Alien’s ice cream cart Elsa thinks up ways to use the cardboard and glue to fix the ice cream cart for Uncle Alien But it seems not okay, kids Luka uses some colors to paint the ice-cream cart for Uncle Alien. What a mess, Luka. Luka, Elsa and Uncle Alien make an ice cream cart with a magnetic ball. It is so creative. When you make a mistake, say sorry, friends Elsa is playing with her bunny. Elsa gives her bunny a lovely princess dress. Elsa and little bunny go out to the park and play together. Spiderman with a car controller walks in.
Spiderman sees the rabbit in a dress and laugh. That’s not good, Spiderman. What makes you so scare, little bunny? Oh no! A bad wolf is bullying Spiderman Elsa tries to protect Spiderman. Stop it bad wolf! Wow. Super rabbit. Super rabbit faces to the bad wolf to protect Elsa and Spiderman. Hurray! Super rabbit. Don’t bully others, and helping people when you can, friends.

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  1. Fact: The novel Alice in Wonderland was banned in China in 1931, on the grounds that ‘animals should not use human language’



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