Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Architecture as language

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – Architecture as language

Architects as a language and I think you have to have a comma in order to have language if you are go that are two speakers wonderful pose and if you are really good you can be employed architecture belongs to the airport and not even to the time as you say to a real Apple but it's the essence of the epic and that is the only thing they really can express you have to construct something you can make a collage out of the door you can make a catty tall order today the same means the same torture methods we use my idea was always we have to do something together we have to pull the whole thing together we have to destroy these separations between painting and sculpture and architecture and design and so on it is all one and I understood that I would not be for fashion in architecture I would look for more profound principles final aim of the powers for me was a key texture I thought there's only one person I think he could really do it that is Mies van der Rohe fortunately accepted to take over the Institute and he again from his own personal point of view when much stronger into the architectural department and build up a new curriculum for architecture and the Institute that very soon came the end of it the Nazi destroyed it he had to move away from Desa to build in and very provisionally only he put it up in an old factory in Berlin and after a very short while the Nazis closed the house and he couldn't go on most beautiful the best building in New York Washington Bridge you know that that glue but first I had to to conquer the idea and later I appreciated as a duty Thomas Aquinas he says reason is the first principle of our human world under the influence of science and technology I would ask myself you know but can that be you know but result comes from this fact you know can we change it or can we not change it well the answer of this the question you know give me the direction which I followed not what I like I throw often things out I like very much yeah dear to my heart but when I have a better conviction and better idea the cleaver I did by that I mean then I followed the clearer I did amen when he lives progressively very far utopian then when he is getting old he is still fresh enough and young enough from the point of view of the others looking at him now when you have grasped at once you know then you act accordingly so I would throw everything out but it is not reasonable I don't want to be interesting I want to be good

14 thoughts on “Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – Architecture as language”

  1. We enjoy the German architecture arts of Mies van der Rohe still a lot

  2. Fantastic. And I've just found a new channel I love.
    My whole life has been infiltrated with Bauhaus, even though for much of my life I didn't know it. As I ingest what I can find about it I am thrilled that what I have done with my life fits in perfectly with the Bauhaus model. I wish they could see the building I designed for myself to live in. I think Mies would love it.

  3. Really boring when compared to older architecture like victorian era stone mason work or Gothic churches/cathedrals. This is is void of all life and doesn't make me feel good when waling past a glass and steel cubical office tower or a glass and steel house.

  4. wow. "I don't want to be interesting, I want to be good." what a great principle! something many designers and artists today could learn from.

  5. URGENT: Does anyone know the year that Mies, said the quote "Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space"?

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