LEARN QUICKLY How To Whistle With Your Fingers [100% Works] | Learn With Putra

LEARN QUICKLY How To Whistle With Your Fingers [100% Works] | Learn With Putra

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel! “Learn” “With” “Putra” Okay! So today, we will learn how to whistle with your fingers. And as usual, the link for the instructions you can see in the video description. Let’s start! The first step is to form an “A” shape with your index and middle fingers using your both hands. Okay, so.. Create an “A” shape. So, like this. This one “A”. And the second step, is to wet and tuck your lips, back over your teeth. So… Doing something like this.. And after that, we combine the step number one and step number two. We’ll try to push the tongue back into mouth with the fingers. So, the fingers will push the tongue and… Hmm.. Do the cover using the lips. And then push the tongue. And we combine! And after that, we just need to blow it! Okay, so.. We already have the four steps. Let’s try it directly! So.. “A” shape. And, the mouth. So, we will combine the steps. The “A” shape, and then.. The mouth. And then.. Push the tongue. And then blow! Okay? SUCCESS!! SO EASY! So easy, let’s try again! “A” shape. WOHOOHOOO! Success! At least, I successfully did it! Yeah, so the “A” shape. WOOOW! WOHOO! SUCCESS!! hah, I’m dizzy.. So, that’s all guys! I hope you learned something from this video. If you have another idea for learning, with me. You can comment in this video. Thank you for watching my video. See you on the next video! “Learn” “With” “Putra” Byeeeeee!

4 thoughts on “LEARN QUICKLY How To Whistle With Your Fingers [100% Works] | Learn With Putra”

  1. You always telling people on HOW to do something.. can you tell us on WHO is actually need to learn it, or WHY we should learn it, or WHEN these “secret weapons” will be useful? IMO, it will encourage people to learn something with you… btw, where is the intro video you promised earlier? Keren bangat

  2. You also can use one hand with combination of your middle finger and your thumb…or using 2 hands with both pinky fingers. You are sweating bro, means it's difficult…lol, joke. Nice video!

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