Learn How to Build an Alexa Skill at Treehouse

Learn How to Build an Alexa Skill at Treehouse

hi i'm andrew and i'm so excited to share with you how to build an Alexis skill Alexa is a voice service from Amazon that paused devices like the Amazon echo echo dot and Amazon tap Alexa has many built-in capabilities called skills from setting reminders alarms or even playing your favorite songs you can also enable custom skills for example you can order a pizza from dominos or even play a game of Jeopardy in this course we'll be creating our own custom skill a dictionary of technical terms here's what we'll build Alexa at the treehouse what does HTML stand for HTML stands for hypertext markup language it's used to organize the structure and content of the web page we're going to use the Alexis skills KSDK Ferno dress in this course but you actually don't need any programming experience we'll show you all you need to know in this course the Alexa voice service is being integrated into countless numbers of connected devices not just in Amazon products it's never been a better time to learn about building skills for Alexa start your free treehouse trial today

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