Learn 2D and 3D Shapes And Race Monster Trucks – TOYS (FULL CARTOON) | Videos For Children

Hologram program activated. Watch out for the rolling circles! No problem! And now we have the falling ovals. Careful! Triangles are coming out of the ground. Watch out for the walls made out of squares. Now we have the sliding gates shaped as rectangles! This is easy, J5! Make sure you only stop in front of the octagons. Now I am ready for the three-dimensional shapes! Here come the spheres! Here is another 3D shape for you—a cube! Go around the cylinders. Do you know what these 3D shapes are? Yes! Pyramids! And the last 3D shape is a cone! Be careful cones are spiky. Hologram program deactivated. I am so excited to see a real monster truck race with 2D and 3D shapes. Oh, hi! This is our friend Robo-J5. Hi. It is nice to meet you. My name is Robo-J5, and I am a robot. Tomorrow we are going to see how the monster truck racetrack is built using shapes. And the day after tomorrow we will watch a real monster truck race! I am so excited! I love shapes! We need one more cylinder over here! O.K. lower the rectangle. Let’s see what 2D shapes we have in stock: circles, ovals, triangles, squares and one octagon. We need more octagons. And what is this? This is a pyramid, and it is a 3D shape. Boss, where do you want these spheres and cubes? Just dump them over there for now. Who put these spiky cones on the road? I almost got a flat tire. And these are the wrong sized cones. They are too small! Hi, Frank! Oh, hi guys! Are you excited to see the monster truck race tomorrow? Yes, we are very excited! It going to be so cool to see them race tomorrow! Frank, is the track ready yet? Tomorrow, Joe. Tomorrow. You guys are slow! Hi. I am a monster truck too, and I am excited to see you all race tomorrow! You! You are not a real monster truck; you are just a TOY! Hurry up, Frank, and finish this track already! I am so ready to win again! Team Cone is the best! I am sorry, Bill. That monster truck was not nice at all. Just don’t pay attention to him. He always thinks he is better than the rest of the monster trucks. Hi, everyone! I saw what happened, and I am sorry for Joe’s behavior. He always thinks he is the best monster truck. It’s OK. By the way, my name is Mike, and I am from Team Sphere. There will be five teams tomorrow : Team Sphere, Team Cube, Team Cylinder, Team Pyramid and Team Cone. -I am very excited to see you tomorrow!
-See you Mike. OK guys I have to go back to work. I still have to reorder the right size cones for tomorrow’s race. These are too small. I can help you! I cannot only lift objects but also I can enlarge them. Great job, robot! Thank you! -Good night, Pete.
-Good night. -Good night, Bill.
-Good night. I am a monster truck. Welcome to the monster truck shape race!
First, let’s meet our team: Mike from Team Sphere, Tracy from Team Cube, Dale from Team Cylinder, Alice from Team Pyramid and our best of the best Joe from Team Cone. Yes! I am the best! There will be three races – a 2D shape race, a 3D shape race and the final two winners will have to face both a 2D and 3D shape race! The first race is the 2D shape race! The shapes you will have to go around are a circle, an oval, a triangle, a square, a rectangle and an octagon. Let the 2d shape race begin! Here come the rolling circles! Look out for the ovals! Triangles are coming out of the ground. It looks like Dale from Team Cylinder is out of the competition. And now we have the squares! And now we have sliding rectangles. You have to stop in front of the octagons and wait until they move out of your way. We have four monster trucks who made it to the end of the 2D shape challenge. The 3D shape challenge will have the following shapes: a sphere, a cube, a cylinder, a pyramid and a cone! Cone! My favorite shape. And now, let the 3D shape challenge begin! You have to push giant spheres into the holes so you can cross. Try not to hit the cubes or you might fall off the platform. Alice from Team Pyramid cannot continue the race. Now they have to go over and around the cylinders! Be careful when you go over the pyramids. Looks like Tracy from Team Cube is stuck on top of the pyramid and cannot continue the race. Two monster trucks are left, and they are going around the spiky cones. Careful, Mike! Watch out for the cones! And now we have two trucks lined up for their last challenge that will have both 2D shapes and 3D shapes! The 2D shapes are a circle, an oval, a square, a rectangle and an octagon.
Looks like I will win soon. And the 3D shapes are a sphere, a cube, a cylinder, a pyramid and a cone! Mike, look out for the spiky cone! Let the race begin! It looks like Mike from Team Sphere cannot continue the race because of the flat tire and he has no one to race for him! -So we have our winner!
-And the winner is… – Stop! I will race instead of Mike.
– A toy?! Not anymore! No way! Wow! Looks like we have a monster truck who can race for Team Sphere. – Thank you, Bill!
– Toys! Let the final race begin! Oh, no! And the winner is Blazin’ Bill! – I will have to shrink you so I can help get you out.
– OK I am sorry for acting like that, guys. Bill, you are not just a toy, you are a monster truck too! Looks like today we did not just learn about shapes. We also learned how important it is to treat others with respect!

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