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I kind of want to paint one myself… …but I’m not really that good of an artist to do this. Well first of all, I’m sure that’s not true. Well, I was going to work on two books
but I haven’t done that at all. I’m Chris. I’m not really an artist but
I’ll do my best. Are you guys ready? Tell me exactly what you see. I see a… kind of a red square and kind of
the top… Well on your side it would be your
right. So there’s a blue on the down and then a
very small yellow on there. Yes? Rothko? Wrong. What would the painting be about? Well it kind of reminds me of when I first ended my second little league. In baseball. Isaiah was like pushing me on the swing
but he kind of was… I think he was doing it with his foot, which it kind of hurt. We’re like friends, but frenemies. Maybe you could help us doing a version
of this painting yourself on the chalkboard over there… …and let us see
your interpretation of it. Definitely an artist Pretend there’s
bunch of red in there. Pretend. I love that he’s doing it from memory Do you know what I mean? Like he’s not going back and forth. Mondrian. Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow Right! Let’s move on to the next painting What do you see? What are you looking at? I kind of see a woman that has… kind of like a red dress on… …with orange hair
inside of a shop that says ‘Phillies’? I have no idea what it says. Chagall? I don’t really know Me neither. The artist got his girlfriend stolen… …so he made this painting to express how he felt. I think. Edward Hopper – Nighthawks. Yes. I actually think you are so right about that. That actually was why he painted this particular painting. Now I think that this painting is really
good. He’s cutting down a very small cherry
tree in this picture with like millions of cherry trees. I can’t even count them. Then I kinda see an older version of him… …pointing at himself down there and then
there’s like this… I think he’s a general, he has like a
pirate hat on. So you’re telling me that a Pirate General
is cutting down cherry trees? The Pirate General is just holding up the tree so it doesn’t like die and fall. His hand looks really realistic, like so realistic. I kind of feel like my hand is his hand. Does the painting look like it’s big? Not really big, but when I zoom in, yeah! Grant Wood – Parson Weems’ Fable? Correct! Alright! Shana, you’re the winner. I made you something. Oh Fantastic! I can’t wait to see what this is. Alright! Thank you very much. (You’re Welcome) This is fantastic. Alright! That’s it for today.

58 thoughts on “Kids Explain Art to Experts: Chris (7) vs. Mondrian | Name That Art”

  1. This is really funny. The kid is never wrong, he just never exactly says what we expect. Kids are just random word fountains.

  2. whats the name of the similar video at the end? Youtube mobile doesnt have links in the video. I want to see more!

  3. I haven't smiled so much during a video in so long! This video idea is golden, I love it. Keep up the good work Soulpancake! Your videos brighten my day

  4. Both this kid and the girl are terribly annoying to me, as they sound fake and self-important, and I have the feeling that they would be so for most people I know. When I read the comments, though, I understand that almost everyone loves them so this is probably a cultural thing. I absolutely love smart kids, but these don't sound to me as naturally smart. I am struggling to understand what prejudices are leading me to this feeling. (On another note, I love the idea, although I would prefer it to remind me less of the obnoxious "Kids react to" series.)

  5. Too adorable! Kudos to SoulPancake for such a cool idea. I agree with everyone who said these rounds should be longer.

  6. Ok this actually made me LOL so much. I do not know how that art critic got Chagall from his description but at least she got it in the end. Amazing start to my morning! Oh, and that trophy looked awesome.

  7. so interesting! love the way all the kids hone-in on the humans, but in the modern art, how personal the little guy got…. and how everyone is a "pirate" 🙂

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