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  1. Xi Jinping will prove to be a disaster for China. Under his leadership: (1) Chinese economy has experienced a slowdown & is on downward spiral (2) Senior PLA officers have differences with him & many Generals have been arrested or sacked. (3) His policies have brought deteriorating relationships with all its neighbors (4) He is unable to get along well with his senior colleagues in CCP (5) Because of his policies US could install THAAD in South Korea so close to the Chinese mainland (6) because of his reputation, countries no longer trust his OBOR (Belt Road Initiative). (7) While the US penalized China for IPR violations after prolonged investigations under Sec. 301, Xi arrogantly hit back penalizing equivalent amount trade of Trump supporting America states blatantly bringing politics into trade.

    China's GDP has been propped up by massive worthless capital investments including hundreds of ghost cities and huge manufacturing overcapacity. China is surviving because of external trade. Its massive Forex Reserves hide its internal bankruptcy & Yuan (RMB) is really worth a toilet paper.

  2. By and large not a bad discourse; but a tributary system in the 21st Century?! Seriously mate?! Of course, it could well be an innuendo to defame China, another one of those over reach statement from Rudd?! Most likely! For those whom doesn't know, Rudd is intellectually sharp but has this habit of making over reach statements or promises while he's the PM, a reason for his down fall in politics in Australia; but no one is perfect, least of all a fucking politician! I know, I voted for him twice! Not a bad bloke, I wouldn't mind offer him a cuppa if we meet.

  3. Do you know what really does in China. He is on the board of one of the lagest College group in China. All China Qwned, do you think he will bite the hand that feeds him

  4. I like Kevin Rudd's lecture, but sometimes I have to listen to his sentence a few times to understand what he means.I have to buck up my English.

  5. 37:35 is awesome!!!))) I'm burst into tears with laughter. Oh, please, stop it hahahaaahah xD

  6. Kevin should drop out of public life. He has put Australia in significantly poor position economically. He is crawling up and brown nosing Chinese for relevancy.

  7. After listening to the whole lecture its apparent China's foreign strategy remains pragmatic.One sentence sums it up. On all matters it matters not the cat is black in color or white so long as it catches the mice. On domestic front All the ideological indoctrination has failed due to economic progress it is now done only as a distraction while the real method of control is in control of data of the population. Whenever the state loses the confidence of the population due to its official's misdeeds they immediately backtrack and sooth the population. As soon as they forget they march onward. The pressure release valve is stepping back each time the Govt blunders and then once it calms down move straight back in to restore control.

  8. Maoist though…what a JOKE. All of his ideology was shaped by his place on the low end of the societal totem pole, might as well be called "country bumpkin thought". China needs to let go of communism and socialism. It. Does. NOT. WORK.

  9. What motivate Xi's pragmatic politics? Fearsome of lost ruling status, hiburs out of ignorance of history…

  10. Thank you for this video. As a recent 'China watcher' I find China's transformation post-Hu (Hu Jintao) both alarming and fascinating.

  11. I regard Mr. Rudd the foremost scholar on China. China's DNA, –Confucianism, and Taoism will evolve and restore China to be the top nation state of the world again, eventually.

  12. Hello friends, don't believe this Kevin Rudd what he said or commence About communists China. He cannot fix the Australia problems. When in power he abuse n misuse it. Implement gonsky n give free installation of insulation to household. Whereby youngster was kill. No proper training. Gonsky I really don't know what the shit is he doing. All gone wrong and was kick out by his own party. N also approved the new 457 visa for cheap foreign workers to help his wife company to employed. Look at his face not clean, very shrewd n his eyes wicked n evil. Didn't do any good things for the Australians. He knows nothing About communists China. He still don't know this new president Zi zing ping is not fully control communists China. The previous president ziang Zi Ming n his deputy still very strong. Where the new president dare not to persecuted Ziang Zi Ming and his deputy. So Kevin don't teach Trump. U are far far away.

  13. Hello friends, don't know how much he is paid to give such a speech. In 1992 communists China already got no raw materials to manufacture so they start using all kinds of toxicsproducts to produce mainly food for export. No body knows. Communists are practising one of it's 9 rules. To poison the democratic world. Fake baby milk powder make of malamine. Plastic rice, sea cucumber, can corn beef. N worst are dog food. Which were imported by England, there many dog owners complain their dogs were dead.

  14. Kevin if you are so smart Alex, you already fixing Australia economy n you know you had done a lots of problems for Australia otherwise you won't be kick out of the parliament for not long. You served the shortest period in parliament.

  15. Kevin Rudd you r suck. If you r leader of Australia you will 1000%betray the Australians by selling off Australia to the communists China Chinese. And all Australians will be kick out by this evil monstrous communists China Chinese.

  16. Kevin you doesn't know now inside communists Chinese have two parties in charge. One is Ziang Zi Ming n his deputy Cheng the Chiang. You talk all nonsense. Just read a few lines of Chinese n you think you know a lot. By now no action taken against these two n their cronies for commuting serious crimes. If you know you should mentions about what crimes they committed. You are a preacher. Nothing more.

  17. The other one is Xi zing ping n Wang chi San. They are living in a dangerous environment. Any moment will be poison or assassinated. If happen that's means game's over. Old evils take back communists China. One day these two hasn't been prosecuted it's mean zing ping still not fully control communists China.

  18. Kevin Rudd is a communists belong to Australia Labour party. His ideology same as CCC. Self interest only. Talk nonsense like preacher.

  19. But China buys Australian commodities. Who else in the world could possibly consume that much iron in a single year?

  20. From Hungary to Africa. Everyone buys Chinese goods. Even with all the hate about China putting plastic into foods. LOL. The people all over the world keep buying Chinese stuff

  21. The 20 countries with the highest trade surplus in 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars)
    Trade surplus in billion U.S. dollars
    China 510.73510.73
    Germany 284.76284.76
    Russia 90.4290.42

  22. Too bad not one question about the triangle Russia-US-China, what's Putin's vision (and fears) — and why should Trump be so fixated on this Russia thing?

  23. Kevin Rudd has been in the speaking circuit since becoming Australia's Prime Minister, with impressive credentials. Fluent in Chinese, visiting professor of Xinhua U, speaking in international forums, apparently is a proponent of the New World Order and seemingly an unofficial representative of the China's Ministry of Public Information. I view him as China's influential propagandist having a view tilted more to promoting China's rise around the globe. I have reviewed his speeches in various forums since 2015, at least. I have noted little or superficial objective solution to what can promote healthy international relations. I see his misperceptions of the U.S. policies addressed toward defending values upheld by the U.S. that had earned them the status as a friend of the democracies of the World, China not being of the same order.

    Question to Kevin Rudd: Do you recognize that in the current economic climate, CIA's assessment is that China has engaged America in a Cold War? Where is your loyalty if you were given a choice – China or America (representing the free democracies of the world)?

  24. Guided democracy.. Singapore is a dictatoriship.. a totalitarian regime.. It is not a government.. because it denies its people a voice.

  25. The US is a warmongering lawless rogue state. Trump is a low life pathological liar and a little Adolf Hitler while Pence from the fascist Christian Right is a little Joseph Goebbels. Read Chris Hedges book, America the farewell tour and check out his, Joseph Stiglitz and Jeffrey Sachs videos on YouTube. Also read 'How Fascism Works' by Jason Stanley.

  26. The speaker is knowledgeable to history of China from his study. Of course, he can not figure out what Chin a wants. It is a complicate matter to figure out what s nation wants. It is a process with so many factors and time consuming together to form it. This is a meaningful interview. Good job.

  27. How can a society that represses free thought and diversity get to the top? It can't which is why CCP has to resort to intellectual theft from the West; uses Debt Traps to enslave unsuspecting countries; concentration camp Uyghurs in East Turkestan; utilizes dystopian Social Credit Systems to repress dissent; imprisons people who disagree with CCP; need to use 50-Cent internet troll propagandists to flood internet comments; Winnie-the-Poo making himself Emperor for Life; Winnie makes $8K USD per year, yet he can afford to send his daughter to Harvard; how is Winnie's family worth $250 Million USD; funny how he is imprisoning Zemin's loyalists for corruption but he can't explain his wealth; why is 70% of the internet blocked in China?; You Tube, FB, Instagram, most social media is blocked in China…why is CCP so afraid of its people?

  28. The real-life Manchurian Candidate. Remember when Rudd was the Stormy Daniels of the 24hr media cycle, well Shorten is the Linda Lovelace of any minority fad, swallowing anything to dupe the good citizens of Australia! Imagine the Politburo with the keys to the treasury coffers. This May 2019, be afraid of Labor, be very afraid!

  29. As a Chinese, I think Rudd has missed to touch on 2 very essential points in his main presentation regarding what shapes Xi's as well as Chinese people's worldview.

    1, The so-called "Hundred Years of Humiliations" in the hands of imperialist West and Japan. These humiliations are so deeply ingrained in the Chinese collective minds in recent era that they not only affect the Chinese people within China, but also influence the Chinese people who have lived many generations outside of China. To understand what shape such Chinese collective mentality, you will have to dig into the history, traditions, philosophies, and cultures of China.

    2, The collapse of Soviet Union has a profound impact on Xi's thinking (as well as general Chinese people's) regarding the future of not just the Chinese Communist Party, but the future of the nation as a whole. Xi once commented on the Soviet's collapse: when Gorbachev signed the death certificate of USSR and let the country splinter, it's so astonishing that not even one Russian was man enough to stand up against it! And Xi is determined, by all means, to not let this happen to China. To the collective mind-set of the Chinese people, the break up of the nation is a huge shame to be avoided by all means. Again, to understand this pysche, you will have to go back to China's history, especially after the formation of the first unified Chinese nation, the Qin dynasty in 221 BC.

  30. It give me a taste of arrogance and blindness wrapped in rationality without too much logic. The problem of all westerners is they are unable to put themselves in the place of the Other: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Latin-Americans, Africans, you name it.

  31. President Xi. Compare on both democracy and communism, I am more care about it is governance or bad governance. You are leading Chinese people on the right track

  32. Every time I see an interview or a commentary or a discussion about Chinese political system, I usually see on the other side, one, or more scared white person worried about their priority being challenged, and shit shoved down their throat by force. First of all I figure they'd be pretty familiar to the idea by now since they've been doing it to others for centuries. Secondly fear is a byproduct of uninformative ignorance or misunderstanding. At least there are some people out there that's open minded about co-existing and further understanding, that mentality should be encouraged more.

  33. I'm quite impressed with Mr. Rudd's elaborate analysis on China. Curious that Mr. Rudd slipped a couple times 'Trumbull' linked to his disrespect of'Trump', ?

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