Keep up with Hovering Art Directors | Adobe Creative Cloud

Keep up with Hovering Art Directors | Adobe Creative Cloud

>>Hey Dan, have you got a sec? Uhmmm…yeah Great, because the client is gonna be here really soon. You know I’ve got this amazing ad for the new ginger beer? Uh…. yeah Playful but rough. But also epic but quite modest at the same time. Do you know what I mean? Uhmmm… Great. So what I leave you for about an hour. Is that enough time? Well, it is not finished, but… No clearly. It needs to be more manly. Give him a beard. A long beard, or…a stubbly beard Yeah, long Like dwarf long? No not that long. Well, he’s mother nature, but then he’s also like father nature as well. asexual? Maybe we should add some wolves? No, woah, no, not a whole pack. So, uh Do you know what, I was right. We do, we need a whole pack of wolves. Kim, Kim Kim Kim. What do you think? Check it out Wauw! Really raw. Nice work. Ok, from a strategy perspective though. Millennials are 58 percent more engaged when there is a kitten in the advert. So, can we work that in somehow? Oh, by the way, the client is here. Kittens don’t work. What about a baby bear? Yeah whatever, thank you. Just a baby… baby bear there. Baby baby bear right there. Right there baby bear. Alright, oooh, Ok… Ok, two pixels to the left. Ohhhk… Two pixels to the left. Bigger, 10 percent bigger. Stop. Ok perfect! Yeah? Yeah. Great. Done. What if the bear had a little bit more personality?

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  1. With people like this you have to learn to use the back of your hand – right in the face – and real hard. Even the dumbest ones quickly get the message. 🙂

  2. This cancer is real. It's satire, but for some of us it's not even laughable. So glad I haven't worked in agency in over 10 years.

  3. I dont know why he has a pen is he like painting his screen or what jesus fucking christ this world is driving me crazy just like carrying a bear to a funeral jesus

  4. I actually paused the pre-roll version of this ad and did a search over the top of the video I was about to watch, that's how much I enjoyed this.

  5. Adobe your adverts are terrible, this is the nightmare of creativity. I love all your products and don't know where I would be without Ai, Ps and Lr. but please for the love of sanity stop trolling my youtube advert space, I come here to relax and get away from this exact thing …

  6. amazing that Art directer is a non talented CEO. Feed him to the sharks so you can be an artistic CEO. JAH PROVIDE

  7. In this video the designer is just the dumb idiot who does what his director says. But in reality it's the director who's the idiot. Especially for treating his designer like that.

  8. Not realistic, Adobe should have added the lags, hiccups and sluggishness of every piece of software the make to the video…

  9. Make the font bigger. Ok change it back. Perfect.

    Make that shot a little lighter, try it darker…hmmm…back to how it was.. Brilliant.

    The music isn't working for me. Try a few other options. Returns an hour later, nothings changed This is much, much better.

    Great, let's break for lunch. After lunch together How's that project coming on?

    I think it needs to be more linear.

    Change the music to something sad, but also uplifting and inspiring, with some youth tones thrown in there. Ok, change it to dubstep. Great!

    Can you send me the project instead?

    Is it possible to edit the vocals out of the music, or cut the dialogue out of this mp3?

    Can I have my beautiful 4K film delivered as an SD AVI, under 20mb, so I can play it via powerpoint.

    The audio sounds crackly on my version. Oh wait, that was my speakers.

    The text seems really small when I watch it on my phone.

    I'm watching it in the car and it's really hard to hear what's going on.

    Can you finish this ASAP?! Sends to client… comes in 12 weeks later Can you do these ASAP!?

    Can you edit in some of my images? They're shot on a potato.

    My son makes music, can we use one of his tracks for this sad charity film? He makes dubstep.

    Is there any way around licensing fees? Can't we just take it?

    Can we change this shot to something that hasn't been captured.

    To really engage the viewer we need to add stats. Lot's of stats. Impossible stats.

    Ok, there's only enough budget for 2 days work on this. Is that possible? Here's 72 hours of footage. I want it cut down to an exciting, engaging 1 minute promo. Yes?

    Can you change the text in my logo? Here's a jpeg. I don't have the font.

    For this one, there's a strict budget for 1 day. Delivered in 1 day Here's 6 days of amendments.

    Needs to be more epic. I want to feel really blown away. Try this mellow piece of music. Hmm, it doesn't feel more epic.

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