Karlyn Sutherland | Artist-in-Residence at The Studio

So the basis for this residency was an
installation that I completed last year and it’s in Latheronwheel which is about 4 miles south of Lybster where I grew up. And that installation is about tracing light in a space so it documents my own process of getting to know a
space. But my primary focus has been silvering of glass and to make mirror and to understand how I can reflect light and how different treatments can affect the quality of the space and the atmosphere So the first mirrors I made were with distilled water so that I could get a pure mirror–a reflection of the light–silver is the most– willl reflect the light in its truest quality
or as close to that as possible and then I started to think about how I could
alter the chemistry of that dependent on the place so I collected water from
the Chemung River here and substituted it for the distilled water. Then I mixed the mirror to see how the
silver would deposit differently on the surface. And then that started to escalate and people brought me water from different parts of the States when they went on conference trips here from the Museum so I have water from Saratoga Springs and I also convinced my family that they should send me water from home–from the site that I had been working with in mind when I was starting in the process. So I’ve been cutting lots of tiles and made a lot of samples and before I start the mirroring process I’ve been using a UV light with a shortwave bulb to discern which side of the glass the tin is on. So I started out with some very small-scale tests and then once I had begun to understand more
about the process and could see where I wanted to take it I used some of the
information I had gathered from this building, from the smoke house back home,
and had then tried to predict where the light will be on a particular day of the year which coincides with when there was
quite a historic flood in the area which is also why the water is so important in
telling the story about place in the mirror. So I hadn’t been to to Corning before so I was unaware of the history surrounding the river and the flood that had been here so when we got our tour of the Museum from a docent one of
the very first days here, I was really surprised to see this collaborative piece between James Carpenter and Dale Chihuly and it was just a really
striking coincidence for me and then that got me thinking about water and
place and stories. So the smokehouse sits at the mouth of a river where it flows into the North Sea and there was a flood there many years ago which was marked by a sign the level of the water was marked by a sign
and I found the sign when I was in the building illuminated–and it’s a really dark space the inside of it is black just from the smoke. The smokehouse is at the mouth of a river where the river meets the North
Sea and all you can hear is the water and it’s very–it’s a very mysterious kind
of place and it’s kind of foreboding which I quite like I like the mystery around it so I really wanted to kind of to create an experience where it was
about the light and the sound of the water and you’re really aware of the
context in the surroundings.

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  1. @Karlyn via @Corning fascinating to me the play of light and water as well. Would you want water from the west coast?

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