100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Pitch Cartoons to The New Yorker”

  1. The second of last supper was funny that lady from the new Yorker needs to get replaced she dont have a sense of humor

  2. i was thinking he will say at the end that his cartoon was selected for publishing that's why jimmy's cartoon lost…

  3. Wow! Any regular New Yorker readers must be really scratching their heads about this. Why in heaven's name would David Remnick let himself do this? The magazine already suffers from an appearance of elitism and this skit only serves to emphasize it. I don't get it. I mean I get the joke. I laughed. But I just don't understand why the New Yorker thinks being the butt of it helps their image in any way whatsoever.

  4. Great skit! I miss Jon Stewart!! I feel he needs to come back!!! Do a different show or something, I know he left to go do some farm stuff or something, at least that's what i read, but he keeps making appearances on other shows, So why not just come back!

  5. Guillermo looked like he was a rookie thug nervous about the first drug deal. 😅 Should have gone in w/ the construction worker outfit. 😁 Bit would be even funnier w/ Damon hosting the victory party. 😎

  6. "Can you work, alchemically, with the drawing…?" Now there's an interesting turn of phrase. I believe she is one of those, intellectuals.

  7. Too bad you didn't have the audience provide the caption for each drawing. Go out and ask someone 'what is the caption.' Maybe that is too much like Corden for you but audience participation really works for me.

  8. She missed the whole point of Guillermo's cartoons. They're funny because they're stupid/pointless and badly drawn. That is a whole genre of comedy right there, that some people have built entire careers on, like Will Ferrell.

  9. That woman is able to be unbelievably diplomatic when people show her crap cartoons. You can see why she’s the Cartoon Editor.

    My favorite explanation of hers is “I can’t buy any “bad dentist” cartoons, because my soon-to-be mother-in-law is a dentist.” It doesn’t make much sense as a reason, but who could argue with it?

  10. the bit was basically a typical new yorker giving up on his dreams. except not everyone has a handsome man like john stewart to pick them up

  11. How sweet… Jimmy here just wants to be acknowledged as a cartoonist!

    This isn't the first time he's uploaded a video here showcasing his potential for illustration & caricature. Maybe he actually wants to be a comic book artist…

    Hey, don't let us stop you. Leave your day job & pursue that passion!

  12. I had to find out Jon Stewart was in this video from an external site! Seriously, put his photo on the thumbnail!

  13. I personally thought the King Kong “it’s 2019, Jerry. You can’t just go around grabbing women” one was hilarious. That should really be published.

  14. I was quite impressed to see The New Yorker featured on a show that also has a belly flop contest 🌊. Jimmy Kimmel is a man of hidden talents.

  15. The woman with The New Yorker is dressed like the typical female FBI agent in movies that always says "Mr. (fill in blank)?"
    Yes…that's me?
    "We need to ask you some questions. May we come in?"
    **flashes badge**

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